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I’m fascinated by news this past month of exciting results from a quantum physics experiment that according to the MIT Technology Review appears to provide evidence that two people can observe the exact same event, see two different things happen, and both be correct.

Observers Witness the Same Event Differently

Physicists at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh succeeded in bringing a classic Gedankenexperiment (thought experiment) out of the realm of pure conjecture and into the real, physical world of a physics laboratory.  The thought experiment requires two people to observe one single photon–which is a quantum, or indivisible, unit of light.  Quantum particles can behave as either particles, or as waves, settling into one state or the other (particle or wave) at the precise moment it is observed.  All the rest of the time when the particle is not being observed by someone, it exists in a ‘superposition of states’ in which it can be considered to be simultaneously both ‘particle’ and ‘wave.’  When a second person is unaware of the first person’s observational measurement, this thought experiment proposes that the second person who is unaware of the first person’s measurement might be able to to confirm that the photon still exists in a quantum superposition (undecided) state.

Scientists including Caslav Brukner at University of Vienna in Austria and Massimiliano Proietti at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh took this experimental concept and created an experimental apparatus involving lasers, beam splitters, and six photons to be measured by various equipment representing the role of the two observers.  Preliminary results appear to provide real evidence that within quantum physics, our assumption of shared objective reality may be inaccurate.

How Nature Operates

Welcome to the new Quantum Age, featuring quantum logic!  With this new physics experiment supporting the idea that two people can observe the same event, see two different things happen, and both be correct, we are catching glimpses of the way Nature operates.  In Nature, we witness such things as:  instantaneous species mutation to the most advantageous possible adaptation, and plants routinely performing photosynthesis at more than 90% efficiency.  Lactose-intolerant organisms have been observed to adapt to a new lactose-based food source when it was the only one available, by making an evolutionary leap in one generation.  All photosynthesizing plants are performing miraculously efficient feats of storing energy from incoming photons, far beyond any human photovoltaic technologies.

When viewing the way so many natural systems seem able to ‘jump to the best reality,’ I can’t help feeling that we’re witnessing nothing less than some kind of deeper, hidden underlying awareness at work–far beyond what materialists might claim to be in charge.  Philosophers who share my sense that we are witnessing some kind of optimalism at work include Nicholas Rescher, author of a book on this topic called Axiogenesis.  I enjoy taking conscious part in this evolution by consistently asking, “How good can it get?”

The Second Quantum Revolution

I predict that we are now at the dawn of witnessing so-called ‘quantum phenomena’ moving out of the so-called ‘quantum realm’ ever increasingly in view in our everyday macroscopic lives.

When I gave a talk for Marin Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) this past month before having seen news of this experiment, I mentioned the famous EPR paper, as well as Wigner’s Friend, Quantum Zeno Effect and EPR steering–but where all of this gains traction and significance is in the context that we are now officially entering the “second quantum revolution” in which macro-scale quantum technology is being created now.  This new quantum technological race will feature engineering devices bringing ‘quantum scale’ phenomena into the macroscopic realm for applications in computing, communication, encryption and more. Macroscopic quantum systems have been developed recently in laboratories around the world, and with such fierce competition, we’ll soon be seeing astonishing breakthroughs, such as entangled diamonds.

Mandela Effect, Reality Shifts, and No Objective Reality

Physicists involved with this recent experiment, Massimiliano Proietti and his colleagues, state that, “The scientific method relies on facts, established through repeated measurements and agreed upon universally, independently of who observed them.”  Yet we are now glimpsing some of the first clear evidence that such assumptions can be proven false.  We are starting to see that the physicist Eugene Wigner’s idea that two scientists might have two different experiences while witnessing the same event appears to be proving to be true.

News of these experimental results is validating for the work I’ve been doing these past 20 years… and very exciting in terms of the implications for how humans can truly address all seemingly ‘impossible’ problems and situations–of every size, shape, and variety!  After 20 years of waiting for such an announcement, I’m pleased to see these experimental results that provide validation that we can expect to sometimes witness alternate histories from what others observe.  When we recognize that such subjective observation of ‘facts’ is constantly taking place, and that this can help provide a foundation by which we can better understand what is going on with the Mandela Effect and reality shifts, we can gain renewed confidence that humanity can address all seemingly ‘impossible’ problems and situations.

Welcome to the Quantum Age!


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QuantumJumps300x150adCynthia Sue Larson is the best-selling author of six books, including Quantum Jumps. Cynthia has a degree in Physics from UC Berkeley, and discusses consciousness and quantum physics on numerous shows including the History Channel, Gaia TV, Coast to Coast AM, the BBC and One World with Deepak Chopra and on the Living the Quantum Dream show she hosts. You can subscribe to Cynthia’s free monthly ezine at:

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  1. DORON PORTER said:

    Well, I read the paragraph ‘Reality Shifts, and No Objective Reality’, concerning Mandela Effect and I realize this author hasn’t a clue what it’s about, what caused it, or why there is so much residual artifacts in a single media type moving along with us. I find a lot of educated people, not knowing what it’s about, but anxious to lend an opinion. Don’t bother. Of the 1.1-million of us that see it, some of us are intelligent enough to assemble what little information we have to settle on a conclusion. What we can find doesn’t explain the artifacts, other than a mistake was made in the project calculations. So, CERN said they wanted “to perform useful tasks in collaboration with a parallel universe”…I ask; when LHC builds another collider twice the size of CERN, what will happen to all of us then? I don’t expect any meta-crap, make-me-better in my mind nonsense. They relocated us from a solar-system on the outermost edge of Sagittarius down half way to the center of this galaxy. That took a massive amount of energy. They use 13-trillion VOLTS and those PROTON-TRAINS are moving TOWARD each other at 99.99% light speed. What’s coming next? If E=M(C*C), then, M=E/(C*C) and they told us they make thousands of singularities every day but they “drift off harmlessly into space”. That isn’t what Edgar Casey told us. If you don’t see any of the changes we see, don’t speak of it. You can’t help if you don’t know, you just confuse. Do you remember Panama Canal exactly East West? If not, keep your mushy feel-good crap to yourself. I sailed through it and plotted my Nav and, trust me, it used to be. Can anyone explain why U.S.Navy has WWII paper maps of Japan 500KM south of your time line location and how they might have helped in war? I think not. Why are those maps from our original timeline here? How did they follow us and why are so many of the artifacts on paper?…rather than magnetic or celluloid? That is what I want to know. I and the other million people demand an answer..

    • I certainly appreciate how upsetting it feels to observe massive shifts in reality. I have been experiencing such shifts as well, and have been writing on this subject and publishing other first-hand accounts of massive shifts on the scale such as you describe since the 1990s, and publishing these on my website I’ve also discussed this subject with world-class physicists, who agree with me that indeed such things deserve our attention. Numerous experts in fields such as medicine, art history, music and more have written in to publish their very unique experiences with various shifts–many of them quite remarkable (on similar scale to your personal experience with Panama Canal shift), and what I’ve been pointing out for decades now is that this phenomenon is quite real, very much an intrinsic part of our natural world, and something that’s been going on for a very long time (longer than the two decades I’ve been tracking it). I’ve spoken to indigenous elders and shamans, who can verify that this is true as well. Demanding answers is a good start. I hope you can also keep an open mind, in order that you are able to consider answers that may not match our collective consciousness assumptions, or your past assumptions, biases or beliefs.

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  3. Cynthia, Very interesting post and I have many questions to ask you. I pray that you will be patient. My question is in a friendly spirit with a view to advance understanding.

    You wrote, ” the physicist Eugene Wigner’s idea that two scientists might have two different experiences while witnessing the same event appears to be proving to be true.”

    But this applies to everything. For example: When a man stumbles and falls down, then people present there will have different experiences while witnessing the same event. Is it not so?
    To me it would seem to be impossible that any two people can have exactly the same experience while witnessing any event at all.

    I will honestly try to keep an open mind, in order that I am able to consider answers that may not match my past assumptions, biases or beliefs.

  4. Hi! I heard your recent interview on Alexis Brooks’ show and have been watching your YouTube videos for the past few days. I’m looking forward to catching up on older Reality Shifter blog posts. This objective reality evidence is fascinating and so relevant to what we’re dealing with in the world today, as well as experiences I’m having on an individual level. Perception/observation seems to be truly significant.

    • Hi, Jen! Yes, this is extraordinarily good news for everyone who’s experiencing reality shifts and the Mandela effect, with profound implications for the future understanding of quantum physics and consciousness. Indeed, perception and observation is highly significant.

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