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Cynthia Sue Larson

Cynthia Sue Larson

This week I heard from several people who longed to change the past so a loved one wouldn’t have died, a fiance wouldn’t have cheated, and events that caused great pain and suffering could have happened differently somehow.

One woman asked, “Do you really believe we can change our past with enough energy and focus? Have you ever experienced something like that? And if you do, what is  happening then?”

The short answer to these questions is yes, we can change the past and yes, I’ve experienced this. I’ve seen miraculous retrocausality types of reality shifts in which a person diagnosed by doctors to be dying of cancer with just a few months left to live has no trace of cancer. I’ve watched people instantaneously heal who’d suffered from cancer, broken bones, cuts, burns, and blisters in such a way it seemed those problems never existed… as if we’d moved from one reality of disease to another of perfect health.

Reality Shifts: When Consciousness Changes the Physical World

Reality Shifts: When Consciousness Changes the Physical World

I’ve seen a beloved pet cat alive again when I was not expecting to ever see him again, which I write about in my book, Reality Shifts: When Consciousness Changes the Physical World. I found myself in a world in which the cat, named Ashes, had not been hit by a car in the road and died, but instead was just fine. I know many people who’ve reported similar stories of loved ones being alive again on the realityshifters web site. In all the most successful cases, people have focused primarily on love, forgiveness, peace, harmony, balance, acceptance, and oneness.

The key ideas here are that:

• We are most likely living in a multiverse of parallel worlds

• Events can be influenced by both the future and the past in the fabric of spacetime through each parallel world

• We can access other realities through meditation / prayer in oneness consciousness with a feeling of acceptance (a view from nowhen–the mindfulness concept of eternal now)

Each and every one of us can and does change the past, though we are seldom aware this is what is going on. We change the past and the future simultaneously when our consciousness shifts to another parallel world in which another version of ourselves already exists. This transition is usually so smooth that if it weren’t for a few notable changes, we wouldn’t realize we’d made such a jump at all. We frequently change the past with regard to small-scale things, benefiting from not scrutinizing (and therefore doubting or questioning) these changes with our conscious mind. Large scale reality shifts are possible as well, though they require we treat them as equally attainable as the smaller scale shifts, and welcome them as easily into our lives.

Shifting Realities as Easily as Shifting Gears in a Car

A metaphor for the way we shift between various realities is shifting gears in a manual transmission car. Imagine that the different gears in a stick-shift car represent different realities we can select between. We typically shift to an adjacent reality–or an adjacent gear–one which is not so far from our current experience that all that many things have changed. In order to shift gears, we must first move our foot from the gas pedal to the clutch, so we disengage from one gear in preparation to move to the next. This simple process of moving our foot from gas pedal to clutch, moving the stick-shift from one gear to an adjacent gear, and moving our foot from clutch to gas pedal is one we can engage in every time we move our consciousness to a state of disengaging from current reality–such as we feel when dreaming, daydreaming, meditating or praying. We come out of such states of oneness consciousness moving forward again, almost as if nothing has changed, yet actually with the ability to switch gears into a completely different reality than the one we’ve just left.

Acceptance is the Key to Shifting Reality

If you think of parallel worlds of possible realities as gears in a car, and realize that the only way to change between physical realities–between gears–is to move to an energetic state of all possibility by taking your foot off the gas pedal and placing it on the clutch to allow the gears to disengage (to allow yourself and all that is to be between all realities)–then you can see how important it is to reach a state of neutral emotional detachment… a state of unconditional acceptance and non-engagement. From such a place of all possibility it’s possible to quantum jump to an adjacent spacetime reality.

Best results in changing the past come when we can emotionally detach sufficiently to a place that is non-judgmental, accepting, and full of love… and free from a sense of how things “should be,” “would be,” or “could have been.” Just like “watched pots” are hard to catch starting to boil, so too are past events challenging to influence when we are charged up with strong feelings. The more charged the emotions remain, the harder it is for people to successfully switch realities and change the past, since emotions are a lot like keys that unlock certain doors (realities), and often they also hold us in particular realities, keeping us involved in situations and experiences that match the way we feel–even if those feelings are unpleasant. To get a past we like better, we need to change the way we feel all the way down to our subconscious gut feelings.

Being in the pure energy place of acceptance, forgiveness, and love means we are no longer focused on fixing or correcting the thoughts, words, or actions of others… and that we  instead have confidence and faith that everything is working out perfectly, even if we don’t know how that could be so. A big part of being in this pure energy state of mind requires we let go of our own ego-based sense of what is best or right, in order that what is best for all concerned manifests.

Aura Healing Meditations

Aura Healing Meditations

There is an important reason for practicing achieving and maintaining a state of acceptance and gratitude, and that is that such a pure heartfelt mindset ensures our highest order intention for the best for all concerned, rather than for purely selfish outcomes. Only by working with our highest emotional energies can we attain highly favorable outcomes that genuinely feel best, and this means leaving behind ego-centric perspectives that invariably involve some “negative” emotions such as fears, doubts, anxieties and shame. For this reason, Tibetan monks who walk through walls and do other amazing things emphasize the importance of not fixating on ego-desired outcomes, but rather on spiritual growth.

If you would like to experience a sense of oneness and acceptance through meditation, and want to know how to choose what type of meditation is best for you, I highly recommend reading my article, What Meditation is Best for You? and checking out my meditation CD, Aura Healing Meditations.

Listening to Future Selves, Reviewing Our Pasts

If you’re intrigued by the idea of changing the past and want to explore this topic further, you may enjoy reading about some of the physics behind bicausality and retrocausality, and what kinds of evidence we’d expect to see if we truly are living in a multiverse in which events from the future influence the past. I share all this and some amazing first-hand experiences from my life in a powerpoint presentation I presented at the 12th annual Language of Spirit Conference in 2010, Listening to Future Selves, Reviewing Our Pasts.

The good news is that simply by starting on this path to mindfulness and oneness consciousness, you will be making a powerful positive difference in the world. Attaining a state of loving, peaceful, accepting, thankful consciousness is what I recommend as a primary goal… and this is something you can begin right here, right now.

I hope you’ll enjoy watching and sharing my YouTube video summary of Quantum Jumping Tips for Changing the Past, and will leave comments here on this blog or on my YouTube video page.

One of the benefits of asking the question, “How good can it get?!” in every situation you’re in is that sometimes you’ll see evidence that things improve… sometimes even in the past.

Love always,

Cynthia Sue Larson
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  1. Donna lynn said:

    Been wanting to hear about this for a while now. Shirting gears in a car huh….Ok, let’s see how good it can get!

  2. Teri Gormley said:

    Hi Cynthia, It’s been a while since we’ve seen you so I hope all good things are happening for you. I bought Dr. Brian Weis’s medatation tapes and while using them I was in a state of moving my energy into a beautiful garden where I was going to meet my Mom and Dad (who have passed) when suddenly a woman I know that had just pasted (in a horrible accident) jumped into my face. It made me come out of that state that I was in and wanted to go to. “Kat” passed last October. My husband was the best man at her wedding (his best friend Troy married her). Troy found out she had been seeing, and in love with another man when he went to pick up her belongings and read her text messages. He is a very forgiving man and even invited the other man to her memorial. What do you think I should do? I’m afraid to try meditate again. It was abrupt and unsetteling. Any advise? Thanks, Teri

    • Hi, Teri! Yes, it’s been a while since I’ve seen you, and yes I’m doing well! Wow, that experience you had sounds quite startling and unsettling. I’ve also experienced all sorts of things coming through on the “innernet” after meditation, so I do have an idea how it feels when something like this occurs. What’s going on is that your chakras, or energy centers are opening up, allowing you to access hitherto unseen and unknown information. I recommend going through the steps to set energy protection (as mentioned here in an earlier blog post). Some types of meditation and guided meditations don’t ensure that your energy is sealed, and some types of meditation leave people “wide open” to outside influence. If you listen to the Aura Healing Meditations CD I created, you’ll experience a type of meditation in which doesn’t leave you wide open to such things… you can check it out and hear parts of it for free at amazon Lots of love, Cynthia ❤

  3. ”Large scale reality shifts are possible as well, though they require we treat them as equally attainable as the smaller scale shifts”

    This (above) is absolutely essential.
    Ironically, it’s what most people seem to find the hardest mental obstacle to overcome.

    I love your book Reality Shifts (I bought it about six years ago), and I love your writing in general. It’s among the very few that I consider truly inspiring, not just good-sounding fluff.
    (But I do still miss the old website updates so much! : – ))

    • Thank you, V! You make an excellent point here, about most people having trouble overcoming the obstacle of envisioning large scale reality shifts just as easily as the smaller ones. Thanks, too, for sharing your love for my book, “Reality Shifts”! I’m so glad it’s out in print now–I like the way it energizes a room.

      I miss the old website updates, too… I wanted to get more current with social media, and go where people are (blogs, facebook, twitter, youtube)… and it’s a bit much to juggle both (website and all of the above). Maybe at some point I’ll find a way. 🙂

  4. Upon reflection, there is something else I’d like to add to the above. Again, ironically, it could be that it’s the people who think the most about such things – changing the past, what a concept! – who have the most trouble because they are more likely to read about physics (albeit on a “popular science” level).
    Between the “grandfather paradox” and the infamous Schroedinger cat I think their odds of actually accomplishing such a feat are drastically reduced, because people start to ponder on all the paradoxes that would be entailed… rarely remembering that said paradoxes are only a theory, based on another theory (or “cosmology”, if you will). The world may not be what it seems. In fact, I am almost sure it isn’t. At all. So all that pondering acts like a mental brake, forever keeping people stuck.

    Of course you know all this all too well… but it feels good to be able to talk about it here. 🙂

    P.S. I am glad to hear that you are at lats thinking of reviving the old website, too. 🙂

    • Hi, V! I love your point about how the very popularity of some ideas such as the grandfather paradox can have a “brick wall” effect that many people might have difficulty overcoming. Indeed, rather than assuming that such obstacles are in place, it’s much more practical to consider all the ways we currently have tips and hints that retrocausality is and often has been taking place, and can certainly take place in positive ways in our lives!

      The website is still there, and the Events page and other pages are often updated… and of course there is a complete archive there of all past issues of RealityShifters. At some point I may feel up to once again re-activating the old style email newsletter… I’m keeping an open mind about it! 😉

  5. Dear Cynthia,

    I really love and appreciate the lively and intelligent interaction that you make possible here. Thank you for investing so much time and effort in it!

    I am well aware I am becoming something of a pest 🙂 – but it’s such an interesting subject that I can’t help myself but ask one more question:

    How do you see the role of time – the passage of time – in “changing the past”?
    To put it very, very simplistically: would changing something that happened ten years ago be more difficult than changing something that happened a week ago?

    It wouldn’t seem to make sense; in fact, it sounds like a funny non-sense.
    But I think most people – myself included – would tend to regard changing something that happened, say, ten years ago much more “difficult” than to change something that happened or did not happen a month ago.

    It would seem to be a psychological hurdle only (but a major one).
    Still, what do I know? : -)

    P.S. Oh I know the old website is still there! I visit it often, and recommend to it others.
    I don’t anyone who hasn’t been fascinated by it. 🙂

    • Hello again, and thanks for the great question about the role of time in changing the past. I wrote a post on this topic at my realityshifters site, which you can find here:

      I suspect you’re correct that for most people, the very idea of a reality shift influencing events of the distant past seems somewhere between far-fetched and impossible. I might think so myself, if I hadn’t witnessed a few such shifts first-hand.

      In my experience, I’ve sometimes seen reality shifts that apparently influenced an event many years earlier, and so I know these kinds of shifts can occur. The example of the Sun Dial sculpture reality shift is one such shift which I write about in my book, “Reality Shifts: When Consciousness Changes the Physical World.” The sun dial sculpture appeared seemingly out of nowhere one day at a place it had never been seen before by me or my friends…. yet it arrived looking old and time-worn, with a metal plaque and inscription claiming it had been there for decades.

      It may help to consider how such time shifts can occur due to the fact that space and time are really connected–woven together into a shared spacetime fabric, if you will, and this fabric comprises the many parallel realities we travel through.

  6. Right – the sun dial incident in San Francisco.
    I remember it.
    And of course, many have experienced things like tall trees or houses appearing/disappearing, which by implication means a discrepancy reaching back many years.

    Anyway, like I said, it’s just a mental obstacle.that is actually ridiculous once a person accepts that ANY sort of “time shift” is possible. A second or a decade – same thing.

    Perhaps it can be overcome more easily by remembering that memory is – or appears to be – more than just an evolutionary tool to help us remember where to find a source of water or where we stacked our winter time food reserves. :- )
    It seems to be the time-spanning “arm” of imagination, our creative tool par excellence.

    Thank you again for this lovely, lovely space you provide here.

  7. Vivek narain said:

    Hi cynthia, seems i have to agree with most of things you’re saying.yesterday i was shocked to see a girl get metamorphed from my previous memory and the point was that i had not seen for some months and even before that i had seen her only 3 or 4 times.

    • Some people notice reality shifts most clearly in sudden, otherwise inexplicable changes in people they know who they see after returning from a trip, for example. Thanks for sharing your experience–and please include more details of the metamorphosis of the girl if you feel so inspired, as sometimes seeing descriptions such as these help other people recognize they’re witnessing these kinds of shifts, too.

  8. Vivek narain said:

    Well,she was about 5 foot 4 inch and cute looking previously(age about 15 years) and now she is only 5 foot plain jane (after about 6 months).The difference may sound too pat and conclusive(height going down instead of going up)infact if it was not such a profound topic i might call myself trite and a nuisance,but the fact is what i am saying is, a sensastional truth.

    • I agree that a difference between 5’4″ and 5’0″ is dramatic and distinctive–and yes, sensational! This is a pretty huge difference, as is the difference in overall looks.

  9. Vivek narain said:

    Cynthia, a question is nagging my brain,does it imply that if we photograph or record in any other way,an event or person or object and keep that record safely,we are stopping any change or the so called anomaly to take place.In retrospect if we deliberately choose to shun any kind of circumstantial evidence, will it be a first step towards altering a circumstance? or will it be tantamount to self deception?.A way out seems to be to lead a correct and responsible life and not indulge in frivolous behaviour, and give matrix a chance to alter the facts even after an event.

    • Just because we photograph or record an event doesn’t mean that event won’t change (in the sense that it may vanish and no longer be there) in a new reality or realties with alternate histories. Such changes definitely do happen, and physical evidence doesn’t do much to fix a particular given reality in place. I love your suggestion that we lead correct and responsible lives, and not involve in frivolous behavior, allowing events to change all around us in the present, the future, and the past.

      • Arceli Ludong said:

        I’ve already read all the atories in your reality shifters. As what i understand they never meditate or doing something just to go shift, but with out thier knowing it just happened.

        Same with people who is alive again. There is no such thing or explanation how they do it. They just alive again.

        So my basis for this is that as love one wanted them back. The love one change thier own past or travel to the past or their the one who shift to brought back the person alive.

        My own method to go back to the past is asking for help to make me focus to the particular date and time, Like meditate/ hynosis (as you said no need to master). I will prove to everyone that your theories is true. Because if i will travel back to time and change my past it means the present will be change. And my fiancee will be alive. Even it is documented it vanished. Cause we change something in the past every possibilities happen now will be change.

        Cause base on what you said there is no need for time travel machine to go back to time. But a determination, focus and all the guts we can go back to time.
        Its not that i just read your site but i also read your reply to every comments.

        Thank you ms cynthia.

        P.s help me

  10. Vivek narain said:

    Cynthia, sorry to bother you again but the context of alternate reality is of course the basis of the whole discussion.What troubled me was that this memory of girl is not shared by others,it’s a different thing to voice an anomaly in cyber space but if such a thing occurs in personal environs without a resonating partner it may get embarassing for some sensitive souls but thankfully i am endowed with a thick skinned flippancy to ride over it.You’ve kept your ideas open ended to accomodate each and every occurence while fiona broome has made it mandatory for shared memories only,and,i am resonating with both of you.The sri lanka alternate memory is shared by almost everybody who i’ve talked to here in lucknow,and that is, i can presume, spookiest evidence of this phenomena.

  11. Vivek narain said:

    If what Lorenzo Maccone says is taken literaly,could we delete certain files existing in our cereberal cortex to selectively decrease entropy of certain effects,molecular degeneration notwithstanding?.Can’t say i’m being trite or simply applying the concept with a corny logic,but ‘changing the past’ subject can do with some tangible technique if it’s proposed by some one in these fluid times.

  12. Probably not a good idea to use the ‘manual transmission’ analogy if you cannot operate one.
    Right foot for gas and brake, left foot for clutch alone.

    Trying to depress the clutch pedal with your right foot would be pretty dangerous, yet you say this at least twice. ‘Moving your foot from the gas to the clutch pedal’.
    It makes you sound a bit silly.
    Sorry, just saying.

    • Thanks for the clarification! I hope the main concept people get from the gear shifting analogy is that before gears can engage in a different set of gears, they must first disengage. All the details pertaining to various cars with different systems and drivers and so forth are not really meant to be the main focus.

  13. Rick Ralph said:

    (English is not my first language so excuse me if there is any mistakes; commas, periods, grammars, occurs in this comment.)

    Hello, I wonder something if I would like to change the past I broke up with my ex-girlfriend to love each other again, do I need to;

    – Jump to another world (I mean parallel world or universe) that her and I love each other and live in that one. Do I die in the current one? Because I live in another one does it make me disappear or die in the world I leave?
    – Jump to the past (oh! Does past mean another world or current one? Does it matter?) and fix it. Which it makes me wonder do I need to live in the past (literally) untill the present day or fix it and comeback? Does it make different result?
    – Does changing the past will make other people changed in the world I leave? I mean my ex and her friends will be changed if I comeback? Do their memories will be changed after I change the past?

    All I would like to ask is changing something in parallel world (or universe) will change the current one I live after I jump in there and fix it? What exercise should I take to do something like that?

    My honest opinion, the jumping really give me a chance to change something I’ve wished for. It reminds me a movie, X-Men: Days Of Future Past, which is cool. The character travels back in the past by mind and changes the result so bad things have not happened in the future. Does it relate with this jumping? Just asking 🙂

    Rick Ralph, (

    • While changing the past is entirely possible, and on various levels we are likely doing it all the time, the strongest results occur when we are fully aligned with our conscious and subconscious desires. This means for the most part, we do best to first learn how to live according to spiritual practices of compassionate thinking, compassionate speaking, and compassionate actions–with our head, heart, and gut all of one accord. From such a balanced level of being, our lives feel intrinsically satisifying, so making changes to perceived errors of the past become less important. And from such balanced of living, many remarkable changes to reality–including changes to the past–become commonplace. So my recommendation is to first practice meditative exercises that attune you to feeling inner peace, compassion, and harmony first and foremost. Because when you attain such inner balance, reality shifts and quantum jumps you subsequently experience will naturally tend to feel optimal.

  14. […] fact, Cynthia Sue Larson says we’re already doing it, even though we might not realize it: “Each and every one of us […]

  15. Hello,
    i would like to redo the past, or change past actions that I did, I always have in my mind what I should have done in a particular situation, I wish I could restart from a specific date, and do things differently.
    I don t know if it would be better to try to change the timeline instead of redoing the past, the thing is that in my current situation nothing can be done,
    how is it possible to be detached , or even not caugh up in the futur, and regret when the world around us is always reminding us the ”reality”we are in?

    thank you

    • One of the most surprising things I’ve found is that it seems to be becoming increasingly clear that we are experiencing alternate histories or alternate realities on a regular, ongoing basis. While most of us aren’t reliving past events or changing past actions, what does seem to be happening is that sometimes we notice that facts or histories have changed–though typically when asking people about the matter, we hear “that’s the way it’s always been.” In some cases, people are sometimes noticing changes to past histories that are shared with others. Techniques for changing the past are not focused so much on going back in time and redoing things, necessarily, as much as feeling in an emotional way a sense of need and certainty that desired aspects are a certain way. This kind of emotional/mental focus requires practice of meditative techniques. A great way to get started in this is to start a meditative practice you enjoy that gives you regular breaks from reminders of the “reality” we are in.

      • Pretre said:

        Thank you for your answer, honestly I wish I could redo the past, relive it, but I think this is impossible,let s say that I would want to go back in the past to avoid someone to go somewhere,should I meditate on redoing the past? or a reality where the person would be on my side here today?
        Do you think this kind of reality shift is possible? I really wonder if someone passed away months ago, does a reality shift could make me wake up the next day with the person on my side?
        I am really wondering how to meditate, I am always day dreaming about things I would do now if i was back in time, things I would say ….

        thank you

  16. While people can revisit and relive the past in the imaginal realm of possible pasts via meditation, shamanic journeying, hypnosis or lucid dreams–and in so doing in some way experience a change of events leading up to this “now” moment in time–the greatest success in experiencing subsequent transformation of reality rests in that person’s developed ability to know for sure at every level of awareness that they ARE consciousness (ie: be enlightened). Such a development of awareness typically requires some kind of course of study to ‘unlearn’ what most of us think we know from our studies in school, though some near-death experiencers attain such a state of awareness spontaneously.

    • so the meditation should be based on the new reality not daydreaming the past? or is it possible to truly communicated to self past and tell him what to do?if so the timeline should change right away i imagine

      • The meditation is mostly beneficial for the way it enables a person to become enlightened–to remember who they are is much more than just this physical body, but rather an awareness that some of us recall from before we were born. This sense of identity is the key to experiencing shifts in reality. So the true purpose of the meditation is to gain this sense of awareness, from which point all possible pasts and futures become viewable and selectable–to the degree one succeeds in truly knowing one is awareness and not ‘stuck’ in a particular physical reality. There are various techniques and methods to gain such a sense of identity (such as through an NDE, lucid dreaming, hypnosis, meditation), and from there, one can experience first in awareness and then sometimes immediately in ‘ordinary’ awareness / physical reality evidence of immediate change. And again, due to the rather large shift in self identity required for mastery level success of such shifts, most people don’t become able to do this right away. Just about everything in our regular everyday lives informs us that we are our bodies, and that our minds are just our brains–yet for real reality shifting success, we must realize that our true awareness existed before we had physical bodies.

  17. Pretre said:

    thank you, so for you…. to shift a reality you have to meditate, be aware of the present moment ?
    And think about the changement you would like to have? I am really trying to understand the processus to truly change the past, like bring someone who passed away.

    thank you

    • What has actually transpired immediately prior to noticing people who’ve been dead being alive again is that there’s been a passage of time without my obsessing or dwelling on the loss, after my initial sense of feeling that death was too soon for that individual. So aside from my initial reaction that a given person died too soon, followed by in some cases quite some time of not feeling upset, but rather being in a peaceful state of ‘flow’ there isn’t much of a conscious component to this, and you could actually make a good case that the process is primarily subconscious. People who meditate more, who maintain a state of inner consistency/authenticity, and are on a spiritual path often do tend to experience reality shifts of this and many other varieties on a regular basis, whereas people who don’t have historically tended to not experience these things as often.

      • Have you ever explained this as a step by step to make it happen?
        I just would love to explain my self past what to do,or say to that person something in the past.
        how this is manifest? one day you wake up and the dead person isn t dead anymore?

  18. I work on an individual case-by-case basis with people to communicate with past and/or future possible realities as part of my coaching practice. Rather than just following steps, establishment of an optimal mindset is essential. Yes, one day you wake up and the person who had been dead is now alive.

    • Pretre said:

      Does the person who wanted to switch reality knows he or she did, have them 2 memories of reality ? as they switch timeline how do they know they did? because they would not contact you in a the timeline where the loved one never passed, sorry for those questions but it s quite fascinating,

  19. Most people hoping to change the past do end up with two sets of memories–and some sense of confusion regarding what the “real” history is. This can be true regardless what type of alternate history they are working toward–whether it’s healing related, or having to do with some other aspect of their lives. I emphasize with my clients that success is always possible but never guaranteed, and humility and sincere dedication to improving oneself spiritually is truly the main outcome that is best to focus on. Developing the awareness of switching realities is a natural part of pursuing this kind of spiritual path, and historically has been recognized as a normal part of following such spiritual paths for millennia.

    • Pretre said:

      how come we find so little informations about changing the past, switch realities…online there is no explanation on how to to do it really, I honestly would like to change the past decisions or change the present based on new past decisions, but the world around us show us in a daily basis that living in the past is a wall to live the present, and to be honest I have been stuck for months, trying to get back to the past..

      thank you, many people have the same questions as me, and it seems that very very few people know an answer based on real life experience,

  20. Nature seems to provide for all living things to effectively “change the past,” courtesy of the apparent primacy of quantum logic in the natural world. What this means for us is that our simplistic ‘special case’ awareness of classical physics is incomplete, and that quantum phenomena such as superposition of states, entanglement, and coherence are occurring at all levels of reality–in such a way that we might notice alternate histories, when we know to look for them. Until this new dawning of the Quantum Age, mankind has not been looking for such things, so we’re truly at the threshold of a revolution in the way humans can view such things as the mystery of the Placebo Effect, for example.

    With regard to why there are no simple steps to how to change the past–it’s such a matter now of mindset. Different people’s beliefs are different, and so are their levels of awareness, focus of attention, internal energy, entanglement with various other supportive and non-supportive others, and so on. Due to these many variables, there is no simple step-by-step process for changing one’s past just yet. We wouldn’t expect to follow step-by-step processes to become yogi masters, either, and that is a fairly good analogy to what a person is doing when the decide they want to change their past.

    • Pretre said:

      I was reading about someone who wanted to go to the past and not divorce, in this timeline her husband is re married, does changing this timeline, or reality with him, as a conflict of energy with his actual energy and happiness, or our reality only serve us?

  21. Madalasha Thapa said:

    I want to change my one of my past event. It is haunting me real bad. Can you help me Cynthia?

    • While I’ve not (yet!) had an experience to provide a ‘how to’ guide to insert a ‘new’ past experience into one’s life, what I have encountered numerous times is awareness that I am in a reality which clearly does include my having had different experiences than those I remember in my past. We can see that I’m clearly not the only one undergoing such experiences, as increasing numbers of people are noticing such things as previously dead celebrities being reported alive again (thus we have the “Mandela Effect”), books and movies having different titles, characters, and dialogue–and many of the other numerous types of reality shifts I’ve been writing about in my books and articles and website since 1999.

      What clearly seems easiest to occur is for you at some point to find that you and other people remember your having experienced different past events. You might begin having some memories of this (along with your existing memories of what you alternatively had been doing).

      As far as ‘how to’ attain such results, I write about gaining a reality shifting state of mind in my book, “Reality Shifts,” which is for people more interested in the poetry and flow of life than too much of the scientific nitty-gritty, and I write about more of a process approach in my more left-brain-focused book, “Quantum Jumps.” When I work with clients, I provide individualized coaching to help ensure best results based on the unique qualities and point-of-view (aka: divine gift) each person views and changes the world with.

      The key to success lies in attaining a relaxed, grounded, energized state of mind full of love and gratitude with little fear. From this place of positive mindfulness and very high vibratory frequencies, one then envisions the preferred state of reality as a kind of ‘done deal.’ For best results, don’t worry or fret or ruminate further about what transpired, but rather be in a state of acceptance.

  22. Pretre said:

    Hello, I have a question, from what I understood, it s crucial to be in a state of total acceptance and without a will of, I wish, I would have, should have….my question is , if we get into a state of total neutral desire, how to influence the results? I want to go back in time to a specific time where I wish I didn t make a mistake, how to get a result without intention, will or desire?

    thank you

    • It’s important to attain a detached state of mind–something akin to disengaging from one gear in order to be able to re-engage with another. This ‘letting go’ state of mind makes it possible to move from one possible reality to another. So it is essential to care which realities one is selecting, and it’s also essential to be able to attain an open, allowing, detached state of mind. You can think of it like walking, which is actually a state of controlled falling. When one foot is in the air, almost any landing place can be possible–until the foot touches a surface and selects the actual spot.

      • thank you, so basically, you need to have a desire and then let go and be detached?let’s say you want to tell someone not to drive a car in a specific day, you should think he never took it and let it go?
        do you think that redo the past is possible from a specific date?
        thank you

  23. While there are certain steps associated with this, it’s also necessary to be aligned between all your loci of intent–all your chakras. This means if your gut doesn’t agree with what you think in your head you really want, then results will be mixed, at best. “Redoing” the past from a specific date is possible, but results will be best when aligning oneself with Oneness (and collective consciousness) rather than merely self-oriented intent.

    • Pretre said:

      Very interesting, you truly believe it’s possible to restart our life from a specific date?
      I am wondering what kind of process can make this possible, do we have to get into a meditative state, becoming neutral, then becoming sure that we are back in that specific date? thank you

      • From what I and others have observed, we are changing our lives (our pasts) regularly, even without necessarily intending to do so. It’s not so much a matter of ‘going back’ to a specific date, necessarily.

  24. Pretre said:

    thank you, the questions I am asking you are the ones that I read over and over about the topic, I hope others people can read those answers.
    there is a lack of informations online on how to do so….it s seems that it snecessary to be in a peace state, detached like you said, then imagine ourself back then or the actual timeline we would like to be in? does it means redo the mistakes we did in the past in order to get the new timeline?

  25. I strongly recommend against focusing on past mistakes, and rather focusing on positive intentions–along the lines of look where you wish to be going, rather than fixing your eyes on upcoming potholes in the road. We tend to hit what we’re aiming for. Think of the detachment process as a way to detach from a given reality or set of associated realities, in order to reattach to a more agreeable one. This is something we do without conscious intent all the time–it’s a natural process. Learning to work with it is thus something along the lines of yoga where we learn to breathe in ways that influence us energetically.

  26. Pretre said:

    Thank you, so let’s say to get back to a specific date we should focus on being there? feeling it? and /or to be in a different timeline, it’s to focus on what we would have done to be in the new timeline? like not let someone drive on a specific day?
    Personaly I would love to redo the past from a specific date, I focus often on being there, but by doing so I feel attached

  27. Best results come from knowing yourself; this means your best focus is the one that you are most fully and completely aligned with, from your head through your heart to your gut. If you can’t feel all-of-one-mind this way, that tells you that particular focus is off. What works for me is to feel a strong PUSH reaction toward non-preferred possible realities (pushing away), and a feeling of PULLING preferred realities toward me. It is not a step-by-step process, nor is it primarily a conscious process in the way most people hope for tutorials. Success has everything to do with one’s subconscious levels of awareness.

  28. Pretre said:

    Yes I agree with you, it has to be oneness,I totally know what I want, I just don t know what to focus on, I wish I could restart to a specific date, do i have to focus on that day with all of me? what s next you wake up the next day and you are there?have you experiences that?

  29. You can visit other times through imagination / astral travel / dreaming / daydreaming / lucid dreaming / meditation / hypnosis. In that sense you can ‘wake up there.’ In every other sense, the changes to the past become apparent in your current point in time.

    • Pretre said:

      will it just be ireal or will it become my physic reality? I don t want to just dream,I would love to restart my reality….. thank you for your answers

  30. Visiting the past is like a dream. When you are in full alignment with all parts of awareness and consciousness while selecting reality, and return to ‘normal’ state of consciousness, the changes are very real.

    • Pretre said:

      i truly wish i can obtain this state\time….is there a conflict with my desire and the universe or outside will, like a conflist of will?

    • Hello ,Do you think redo the past from a specific date is doable? even if as you said isn t necessary, only swtiching timeline can do the trick, and if so what should be the focus here? the specific date?

      thank you

  31. Hello, happy new year!
    I made a mistake where I threw away my old stories, and I regret it deeply. Is there any way that I can shift reality/change the past so that I can get them back? Like one day I’ll wake up and they’ll be there?

    • This sort of thing is possible for people who can be open-minded at all levels (head, heart, gut) all the way through to the subconscious. If you’re not yet so open-minded, you can become more open by reading people’s reality shifting experiences as posted at the RealityShifters website until such things start seeming perfectly normal. Once you’re feeling accepting that such a change could happen for you, it’s helpful to believe your stories will find their way back to you, and any time the matter of your stories comes to mind, remember to relax, stay open-minded, take a deep breath, and feel grateful and trusting that at some point, they’ll be back somehow. Many people including myself have experienced lost things returning to them this way.

      • Thank you for the quick reply! I’ll keep an open mind as I’ve been “awakened” by reading the stories on this site, and those you wrote about in your book, reality shifters. So I guess now it’s just a matter of belief…

  32. Jodi Jarrell said:

    Great article. I love your work. It really “hits home” within me. I was diagnosed with a rare brain tumor in 2007, a subtype of NHL call Primary Central Nervous System Lymphoma. I have had 3 more occurrences since that time and have had everything from high dose chemo, a stem cell transplant, and most recently partial brain radiation and an oral chemo pill. I accept all that cancer has taught me over the years and know now that I do not have to keep repeating this level of suffering for whatever reasons, I don’t know why it keeps returning. But, with guidance through yourvideos, blogs, and books I look to change that reality and create a healthy life. Thank you for all that you do and your dedication to love.
    Jodi Jarrell

  33. I think that going back in time to the time you posted this blog is still OK. Although going back to 2010 November 7th would be better.

  34. Vivek narain said:

    What i have discovered of retrocausality is that some perplexing and antagonising events of present are,in fact,effects of causes that manifest in future of say 5 years ahead.And these effects,unpleasant in present,prove to be a saviour in future.

  35. Vivek narain said:

    ‘Sezam’ by Stanislaw Lem has some ideas about rewriting past.

  36. Vivek narain said:

    If one keeps a totally open mind,reality shifts might not be very subtle,infact they could be quite obvious and natural,if somewhat perplexing.

  37. I’ve been researching changing the past for a while now. The thing I cannot rectify in my mind is – does the memory of the original past remain or get overwritten to the new envisioned and better past. Sorry if that’s confusing, it’s a tricky topic to put words to for me. I suppose I worry that if I managed to shift realities to one that contained a more preferable past, would my memories of the original past be in conflict with the new past?

    • This is actually a truly excellent question–which of course means I don’t fully know the complete answer. Typically, we mostly notice changes to the past when we do still remember something being rather different than the current official historical account. Yet sometimes, some of us do also notice that as things start changing, our ‘memory’ of how things have always been can sort of make a companion jump as well, and sometimes that does mean we enter a time when two sets of memories both seem possibly true. So it seems reasonable to consider that sometimes our memories also make the jump to the new physical reality–though in such cases, we’d likely not really notice we’d even made a jump at all.

      • Hi Cynthia and thank you for the reply. I had the same thought that we would not notice if our memories changed at all. (See response to Vivek below regarding your roommates cat). I’m trying to wrap my mind around it, and going in circles. Hopefully if I can find an avenue that I can grasp, I can then send it back to both the past and present from my new future understanding – which I guess is all in the eternal now –
        I think I’m dizzy 😉

  38. Vivek narain said:

    Sharon,i’ve been contemplating this for a longer while.What happens is somewhat akin to reverse engineering aka retrocausality,your nightmarish present that soon turns into past is caused by future events that require these ugly happenings to prepare for far graver contingencies.And when these contingencies come to pass the past does get overwritten by the enlightenment.Meanwhile people die and we grieve but in no time we too die and are grieved upon,i have died so many times and the learning has been slow.

    • Hi Vivek,
      I’m familiar with retrocausality. I tend to think of it also as related to The Measurement Problem. In pondering it over the past couple of weeks, I agree, the memories of the past would definitely need to change to reflect the subject’s current present and future. (Hopefully that makes sense).
      I was thinking about Cynthia’s roommate’s cat. I’m going to assume that the roommates past memories got overwritten, however the changing and overwriting process did not alter the memory of the bystanders.
      Since this seems to Not be a totally unheard of experience, (to remember a different past), what would allow some people to escape the overwritting of new reality.
      It should seem that the new reality should keep everything intact and carry over from the changed past for all involved. I may be going in circles…

      • I’ve noticed people’s memories do not necessarily agree–and in fact, when you ask friends or family members to talk about memories you’d expect would agree, you’ll likely find some rather startling disagreements in things you’d think everyone would remember the same way. So it seems reality shifts may actually be illuminating ways that people are not all in agreement about memories and shared history.

  39. Vivek narain said:

    Taken at face value,people’s memories are ghastly.And it’s not necessary that for an objective observer overwriting should be uniformly perceived,the clue here is people are differently stressed out with,what we call,living,the daily struggles with stupid contingencies.Speaking for myself,i have successfully strived to be free of these shackles so that i may have a go at unravelling the enigma of life.And what i have learnt vindicates teleology,the propensity of life to evolve,the self organising tendency of inorganic molecules like that of water.

  40. Hi
    I really want to change my past and how do you know when you have shifted?.
    Do I need to have a out of body experience to change things . Coz I have been I been trying to do that Or do I just need though and power of the mind. I really want my dad alive again.

    • When it comes to changing something packed with emotional charge and energy, best results come for those who are somehow willing and able to get to a state of detached, energized bliss. You might think of it as being in an emotional state of acceptance, and love, and willingness to trust that all is unfolding exactly as it should. Most people grieving deaths of loved ones do not feel such bliss, and thus are not in the necessary place to experience the kind of shifts that people undergoing Near-Death Experiences (NDEs) often report where they do feel detached and energized, and realize they can come back to their body that might have been dying before, and now they’re fine. You can read Anita Moorjani’s book, “Dying to Be Me” to get an idea of how that feels like, and for best success changing any past events, this is the requisite state of mind and being to be in. So you can think of this as some kind of ‘power of the mind’ but many would consider it a kind of extraordinary human experience–like a samadhi, like a spiritual awakening. Practices you can do to get into that state of mind are outlined in Diane Brandon’s new book, “Born Aware,” and I also highly recommend the book “Untethered Soul” by Michael Singer to get into this kind of detached, energized state of being where you will most likely witness historical facts changing much more often.

  41. Iconoclast said:

    Reblogged this on Infinite Shift.

  42. Arceli Ludong said:

    So it is really possible that the diead can be alive again, like with the living body ?

    If i could change my past physically through this theories it would be possible i can be with my fiancee again and he would be alive again in this world with the living body. He can breath, he can be touch, i can hug or kiss him.
    Not just immagination or spiritually but actually alive person?
    Please reply..

    • Most of the ‘alive again’ experiences that I and others have so far reported have involved people (or pets) being alive again that were somewhat on the periphery of our attention. These were, in other words, not immediate household members we expect to see every day, nor were they best friends, our spouses, our parents, nor our children–but rather people ‘on the periphery’ of our attention such as friends of our parents, celebrities who we hear about sometimes on the news, neighbors who live some distance away, colleagues we used to work with, and so forth. This aspect of being ‘on the periphery’ appears to be necessary in order that we stop fixing one particular reality in place, as it seems we are able to do through utilizing the Quantum Zeno Effect (watching a particular area and putting so much attention on it that we ‘lock’ a particular reality in place). So my best advice to you is to move your focus of attention and your heart and your mind on something other than the object of your great desire–feeling as much love and gratitude as possible for something else.

  43. Vivek narain said:

    There is a place that i have mentioned before,about 2 acres in area having assorted land owners,where things are in constant flux.I’ve been associated with the place for 6 yrs and since then a road has disappeared,title of a section of land changed,dimensions of houses varied,the same place where couple of yrs back i reported a 15 yr old girl changing in figure and looks,and today a house owner said to me that the house he bought has 10 inch walls,the same person had vehemently told me 3 months back that the house had 5 inch walls,what’s exactly happening?

    • There do seem to be increased reports of reality shifts in some specific areas. This might have a lot to do with your state of mind while in that place (such as being more relaxed and energized there), or it might have a great deal to do with the energy of the place itself. And there is also the possibility that both of these factors are contributing to what seems to be a rather large number of observed reality shifts happening there.

  44. Vivek narain said:

    People are dismissive of such things,and one reason is that Lucknow has been in a rapid transformation since 20 years that may continue for another 20 years.Could be that actual changes are triggering reality to set its own shifts,inertia being inoperative and anti zeno effect having a field day.

  45. But it all sounds lying to myself or not? I mean we cant change the physical past, that means i lying myself or not?

    • When you honestly are able to believe with the fullness of your being–not just your head and what you think you want, but also you full heart, your entire spirit and soul, and also you genuine gut-feelings of what you sincerely need–then you can view this as scientists currently working in the field of Embodied Cognition assert we can all “act as if” we have the qualities we most desire. This is also what American psychologist William James first pointed out, that we can act as if we have qualities, and then we do. It’s thus only lying when you’re lying to yourself, so inner work is required.

  46. Okey, it means i really changed my past and not living a lie! My memory also changed?

    • When you remember a shift in reality, and notice what you remember is different than the official history, you can sometimes have two sets of memories. I’ve been able to remember something “both ways” as I’ve written about in my books and on my website

  47. Can i write to you e-mail?

  48. If this is real, the it sounds like a i can delete my past to?

  49. or better to say “never happened”

  50. Ishiba aar said:

    does everybody seen Shutter Island? Its similar like a this?

  51. Ishiba aar said:

    What that mean changing past? It means if we can change it, then everything should be overwriten! offical history, memories ,,,,,, also changing become offical! If we jumping another realities and come back then we wake up and thinking it was a bad dream or something like this and we even not remember what happen and its offical past now! Moment it truly sounds like a Shutter Island where Di Caprio imaging his life a cop and he believe it!

  52. Ishiba aar said:

    Just watches many videos if we do all that do the memories change also for other people who were part of the events we are trying to recreate? Cause if not it’s not changing the past really but rather trying to convince and delude ourselves that things happened differently than they really did, It can be called changing the past only if it affects everyone involved and that is what actually would be useful, even my posts should lost! i just wake up and even dont remember that site! Everything should be changed! If you changed your past you cant remember this! This is not changing or what!

  53. I read many comments and answers and i think best way to get simple answers for peoples questions and give peace Cynthia is use this method!

    Q 1: Can past change like a mandela effect, i mean some events from past really dissapear and no longer valid in your life and never happened to you? Yes/No
    Q 2: Can we delete some type of mistakes from past? Yes/No
    Q 3: Do we need relive or we can change another way or alternative past also exists and we can take from that? Yes/No
    Q 4: Does our memories dissapear and been overwriten? Yes/No
    Q 5: How does it all work?
    Q 6: And its really work?
    Q 7: Can histrorical facts change come new offical history? Yes/No

    I also read some posts about “When consciousness changes the physical world”
    In this way many thigs are possible!

    • Answers to these questions depend on who it is experiencing these things. This topic cannot be taught in cookbook, recipe fashion, because there are not so much steps to be followed, as it really mostly matters about who one experiences and views oneself to be. Those who have expanded senses of selves–including a sense of “high self” or spirit, and those who can access and work with levels of consciousness outside of ‘themselves’ have greatest results, compared to those who view ‘themselves’ as being enclosed in physical bodies. Sense of self is something then to become aware of and develop

  54. i think another answers and tips we can find a book!

  55. Vivek narain said:

    According to White Queen we might be having 3 different Sundays to July 15,what happens is,we generally keep to a particular Sunday.But we may,if we try in a proper way,live out another Sunday with equally different Saturday and all other previous days.This,in effect,changes our past,literaly and figuratively.

  56. […] fact, Cynthia Sue Larson says we’re already doing it, even though we might not realize it: “Each and every one of us […]

  57. Patrick cooney said:

    I need to return to the past grealt so I can get my old life back. Please help me!

  58. Vivek narain said:

    What I’ve come to know is,we don’t have to change the past,that traumatic accident or the big fight.Such events are retrocausal,entangled with future happenings of profound importance.A dedicated pondering over the probable future causes and happenings may in fact unravel the future,manifesting the phenomena we call clairvoyance.

  59. On. June. 15. 1972. I. Had. A. Great. Crush. In. High. School. On. A. Girl. I. Knew. As. Jayne. I. Awoke. To. A. Brown. Eyed. Version. Of. Her. Saying: good. Morning. Johnny! I. Notced. That. The. Sun. Light. Was. Coming. From. My. Right. That. Would. Mean. Coming. From. The. West! Then. I. Felt. My. Soul. Separating. From. That. Double. Of. Me. I. Have. Never. Had. This. Experience. Since! I. Know. Whom. Jayne. Was. And. Why. She. Always. Rejects. Me. There. In. Alternate. Reality. She. Likes. Me? Or. Lovrs. Me?

  60. Karolyn Clark said:

    so can I like do this and then make it where I don’t bring my phone out side and when I finish there would be no cracks on it and I wouldn’t have to spend $150 on fixing it or go back to when I was a kid and not get on the app that I did that resulted in me see the pictures I did

  61. […] Often, we use the Law of Attraction for simple things, like a new job, meeting a specific person, or finding a parking space. But sometimes we want to go deeper. We don’t want to create just a new future, we want to create a different past. Cynthia Sue Larson gives you guidance for changing the past here. […]

  62. Vivek narain said:

    Much depends upon the resilience of entropy. Going by Lorenzo Maccone’s postulate entropy can decrease if all information trail is erased Perhaps this reversal of events does take place naturally as well as induced technically. The spacetime might be a witness to this flip flop and this might be the reason we don’t dream of actual past,like what i mentioned in the fb comment. The divine agents see to it that reality as wee know it doesn’t collapse. At the same time these agents might be willing to let the reversal take place naturally. Reality is very malleable when you include divinity,science of Maccone’s calibre simply colludes to give effect. When an Oxford mathematician Lewis Carroll tells of Retrocausality,Spacetime,Parallel worlds,Simulation theory in a 1871 book written in a state of trance,we have to acknowledge those entities of spirit realm. Joseph Delouise the Chicago prophet in fact stated that his fantastic precognitions were gifted by these spirit messengers.

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