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Is Reality a Soul Trap, or a School?

2023-03-01 Cynthia Sue Larson

Is life a series of lessons we can learn and grow from, or a prison or soul trap?
Is the message from Plato’s allegory of the cave true–are we stuck in a soul trap?
This past month, I received a question via email:
“Your friend and colleague Christopher Anatra did an interview with Howdie Mickoski, not sure you know of him or if you saw the interview but my question is basically;
What’s your thought on this whole idea that we the people are being “farmed” for energy in this reality? Basically Plato’s Cave with a layer of energy farming from the Arcons, that we’re being held prisoners in this reality.
I hold you and your thoughts in high regard and i am very curious to what your take on this is, would absolutely love it if you made a video about it and if not, just for you just to give me your thoughts here.
I have a feeling that this idea of Howdie Mickoski can be a trap of its own, it certainly isn’t asking how good can it get, more like the opposite.”
This is a terrific and timely question, especially since so many people recently have been feeling more stuck and trapped, due to a variety of events unfolding globally these days.
Soul Traps and Plato’s Cave
Howdie Mickoski’s idea that humanity is caught in a “Soul Trap”  appears to be a valuable topic of discussion, since apparently so many different people have come to similar conclusions with a sense that this is some kind of prison planet (as David Icke describes), or a loosh factory (as Robert Monroe once mentioned), or that we’re all in something akin to Plato’s Allegory of the Cave–chained and restrained and only able to see shadows moving on the cave walls.
 It seems there may be value in taking a look at the points Howdie is making, with regard to the “Soul Trap” idea.  First of all, I like Howdie’s observation very much that there seems something strange about the configuration of Plato’s Allegory of the Cave, in the sense that it seems weird that people are trapped inside a cave.  Having pointed out this peculiarity, Howdie proceeds to advocate preparing to intentionally leave the existence we’ve come to accept in our lifetime, with an idea that there must be access to something beyond.
What lies beyond 
Plato’s notion that we can step outside Plato’s cave, and Howdie’s notion that we can step outside our current conceptualization of reality provide us with an invitation to rise above current limitations of sensing and knowing true reality.  While it makes no logical sense that we can ever ‘escape’ or leave the foundational reality we are part of, what does make sense is that there may exist levels of conscious awareness within the oneness of consciousness, reality, and All That Is.
The philosopher Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz wrote in New Essays on Human Understanding:  
Conscious perception arises gradually “by degrees from [perceptions] that are too minute to be noticed.”  (ie: unconscious perceptions)
With awareness of such levels of perception, we can envision how higher levels of consciousness steadily arise, as a natural part of how we see the outside world, and how our mind internally represents what we perceive.  Leibniz is sometimes referred to as “the last universal genius,” making brilliant contributions to the fields of metaphysics, epistemology, logic, philosophy of religion, mathematics, physics, geology, jurisprudence, and history.  Leibniz was one of the two people credited with the invention / discovery of Calculus, the other being Sir Isaac Newton, and Leibniz provides further clarity with a bit of a mathematical feel to this statement from Principles of Nature and Grace, clarifying how these perceptions arise: 
“… it is good to make a distinction between ‘perception,’ which is the internal state of the monad representing external things, and ‘apperception,’ which is ‘consciousness’ [conscience], or the reflective cognition of this internal state, which is not given to all souls, or at all times to the same soul.” 
Leibniz has thus provided us with a sense of how consciousness provides both a first-order perception of ‘x’ and a second order reflective perception of the original perception of ‘x.’  And Leibniz posited a unified field of reality and consciousness. In about 1710, Leibniz wrote a letter in response to someone asking him what philosophical school he followed; Leibniz replied that he follows the school of the perennial philosophy, Philosophia Perennis. 
School?  Or Soul Trap?
The idea of the reality of humanity’s existence being one of two things–either a School, or a Soul Trap–seems over-simplified to me. 
I can appreciate how some might narrow down reality to life being a School, based on the idea of reincarnation and people getting a memory wipe so most of us don’t remember past lives.  I observe that the only things any of us truly know are those things that we can never forget. It seems to me that we best learn those lessons that resonate for us emotionally in powerful ways–and these are the true lessons we actually know, and are the basis for us being able to transcend such things as the emotional drama of “playing the part” of:  Victim; Rescuer; or Perpetrator in what Stephen Karpman described as a ‘drama triangle.’  For people caught up in all the drama, it’s easy to feel that the true nature of reality involves both an aspect of it being like a dream (or simulation), and also like there is no free will, and people are trapped and stuck, like the prisoners in Plato’s allegory of the cave.

perennial philosophy GodThe ‘Drama Triangle’ can feel like a kind of trap for people who live their lives mostly at the Egoic level of identity, without reaching a level of connection with higher self connecting to what Leibniz called Philosophia Perennis.  For those feeling trapped in the drama triangle, roles are moved through such that many of us start off feeling like sad, helpless Victims; many of us then move out of that role and move on to becoming anxious Rescuers, concerned about the troubles in the world; and many then proceed on to righteous anger about what they know to be wrong, where they become Perpetrators.  Escaping this unhappy merry-go-round can thus provide freedom from feeling imprisoned or trapped.
To the question, why do we need to suffer in order to learn more, we can see some kinds of what we take to be suffering can be for our benefit, because we are multi-layered conscious beings.  We operate at multiple levels of conscious agency, and this is the biggest secret that’s been right in front of us all along.  We can learn that we ourselves have the ability to rise above the root source of suffering, and this knowledge is powerfully beneficial to us, not just as incarnate beings, but also as spiritual entities when we exist before we are born and after each life.  There is a kind of wisdom known as the Perennial Philosophy, which acknowledges that there exists a sense of highest conscious identity operating outside of space and time.  In this state of changeless infinite eternity, we can experience awareness that there is a Divine Spark within each and every one of us–and this powerful point-source of our being was forged from the pure state of infinite, eternal consciousness.  
The Biggest Question  
One of the biggest clues to what is really going on–Soul Trap? Or School?–lies in one of the biggest questions that usually goes unasked.  It goes unasked by physicists, and it goes unasked by psychologists and philosophers.  It goes unasked because it seems so simple and basic as to be obvious.  Yet, if we really stop to think about it,we can start to realize the vastness of it, and the way it can provide us with a better appreciation about what life and reality is truly all about. 
This question is:  “Who am I?” 
Awareness of levels of conscious agency–levels of self–provides us with the idea that we have both Free Will, and also Destiny.  When we are living our lives from the Egoic (drama-filled) state of being.  Some (high) level of ourselves have the Free Will, and we can operate with awareness that these higher levels of ourselves are who we really and truly are.  When we own this truth, we gain the responsibility of living with Free Will–which lifts us above the feeling of being stuck in a deterministic, pre-planned storyline. 
For those feeling trapped or imprisoned by reality, and wishing to escape boundaries and limitations, where do they imagine they will be, after breaking free?  Might they arrive in nothingness itself?  If so, they may be interested in contemplating the true nature of nothingness.   Leibniz points out:
“It is true that as the empty voids and the dismal wilderness belong to zero, so the spirit of God and His light belong to the all-powerful One.”
Miracle-Mindedness at Higher Levels of Conscious Agency
I feel a sense of intrinsic freedom via my connection with God / Creator / Source of the Philosophia Perennis that was first named by Leibniz.  For those with awareness of divine source, who are open to living in a state of mind of miracle-mindedness, we are operating outside the realm of manipulation by outside forces.  This awareness of sovereignty of spirit arrives thanks to surrendering to living in accordance with our highest principles, ethics, and values.  We can reform those beliefs and assumptions that had been instilled, due to the fact that beliefs can be reviewed and changed, and we can reprogram our beliefs (as I point out in my book, “Reality Shifts”) by noticing what beliefs are circulating in our thoughts and minds, and flipping around and reversing negative beliefs (those that feel sickening or weakening) to their positive opposites.
We can gain a finer sense of who we truly are and what level of conscious agency we are currently operating with by observing our thoughts and feelings, and becoming increasingly clearer that we are not our thoughts and feelings–we are the observer of those thoughts and feelings.  We can gain this awareness through meditation, and these meditations can prepare us to retain a sense of higher conscious agency, even after being “memory-wiped,” as occurs sometimes when we dream, and when we move from this life to the afterlife.
We need not have any karma or shame when facing our full life review, thanks to training ourselves to rise above the drama of guilt, shame, and regret.  Those emotions are so much a part of the Drama Triangle of Egoic self, yet we are capable of witnessing these emotions and feelings, and realizing while we are alive that we are not those feelings.
Practicing lucid dreaming and meditation into silence and nothingness are wonderful ways to train ourselves to access higher levels of our own conscious agency.  From that state of consciousness, we have the ability to practice being in astral / out-of-body form, in order that our lives when we are in material bodies can be the fullest and richest possible.
With respect to an Allegory for reality that I feel best aligned with, I love the idea of Axiogenesis, described by philosopher Nicholas Rescher.  Axiogenesis has been defined as:  A form of metaphysical optimism in which the state of affairs which actually obtains is the one most favorable (of all possible states of affairs) to the development of intelligence and the interests of intelligent beings. Such a philosophy is more in keeping with life and reality providing us all with learning opportunities, rather than being a soul trap.  And for those who are agnostics or atheists, such a positive philosophy can be most welcome.
I personally love the idea of the Holy Spirit; I love the idea of the Tao.  There is a beauty in the silence of nothingness, and there is a fullness of experiencing the bliss of being an eternal, infinite spirit. When we come out of such meditations, we feel recharged, refreshed, and gain a sense of knowing who we truly are.  And this sense of self identity (with associated level of conscious agency) provides us with much deeper and richer awareness of who we truly are, what reality actually is, what we genuinely are living for, and what has deepest meaning to us.
I find there is great value in sovereignty, which seems to be the great gift we can receive from adopting Howdie’s “soul trap” / Plato’s cave view of reality.  I feel we can actually find our greatest sovereignty–and our greatest Free Will–when we live our lives from the highest level of conscious agency identity we can retain.  We can learn through lucid dreaming and meditation how we are doing toward our goal of discovering what we retain even after “memory wipe.”
Some of the daily practices I follow on a daily basis is practicing the meditation of aching with the entirety of my being to experiencing living the answer to the question, “How good can it get?”   By asking this question, we provide ourselves with the opportunity to feel strong emotions that motivate and inspire us, and give us a sense of self identity and meaning, while steadily gaining higher levels of conscious agency, and higher emotional vibrational levels of such feelings as:  compassion, kindness, unconditional divine love, and reverence. 

You can watch the companion video to this blog post on YouTube here:

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QuantumJumps300x150adCynthia Sue Larson is the best-selling author of six books, including Quantum Jumps.  Cynthia has a degree in physics from UC Berkeley, an MBA degree, a Doctor of Divinity, and a second degree black belt in Kuk Sool Won. Cynthia is the founder of RealityShifters, and first President of the International Mandela Effect Conference. Cynthia hosts “Living the Quantum Dream” on the DreamVisions7 radio network, and has been featured in numerous shows including Gaia, the History Channel, Coast to Coast AM, One World with Deepak Chopra, and BBC. Cynthia reminds us to ask in every situation, “How good can it get?” Subscribe to her free monthly ezine at:


Interpreting Mandela Effects and Meeting a Guardian of Time and Space

Are Mandela Effects trying to tell us something?
How can we hear the message?
When we start from the philosophical point of view that the Cosmos springs fundamentally from consciousness, we can then imagine that we might expect that we are in constant communication with All That Is.  This communication happens via our thoughts and feelings, which are constantly engaged in receiving answers to questions that we often don’t even realize that we have asked.  When we learn that we are constantly engaged in asking Nature questions, and that we are receiving answers in the form of events unfolding in our lives, we can bring this conversation out of the subconscious and into the light of conscious awareness.
This past month, I received a question from someone asking me if there might be a message in Reality Shifts and Mandela effects that can often seem quite random.  we sometimes notice things that disappear, and then show up again, or we might notice that they change their color.  This person asked me,
“Is that some kind of message from the universe?  
Because I cannot figure out the message when these things occur on a personal level.”
I love this question very much, because it gets to the core of this beautiful conversation that we can start to begin we are having with nature.  Sometimes we can immediately discern some kind of message from a reality shift or personal Mandela effect, and other times, it’s not quite so obvious.
Mandela Effect Dream Symbol Interpretation
One thing I recommend doing, is starting a practice of documenting and analyzing your dreams. The reason for this, is that it develops a mindset for interpreting real time symbolic conversation with the cosmos. While real-time symbolic conversation is the end goal, actually, it’s enough just to make progress in terms of recognizing the kind of symbolic conversation that we are constantly having with the world.  As I point out in my book, Reality Shifts, reality and life truly is like a dream.  Put another way, we can view it as being a simulation, where material things and events spring forth from hidden, unseen consciousness.   For this kind of dream analysis, I recommend doing our own dream symbol interpretation, rather than looking up dream symbols in dream symbol reference books. The reason for this, is that each one of us is very unique, with particular subjective meanings that likely don’t exactly match with anyone else.
You can start analyzing Mandela Effects by doing a dream analysis approach that includes the following four steps:  writing a descriptive narrative; listing relevant symbols; free-associating meanings for relevant symbols; and reconstructing a new symbolic narrative.  With practice, this process can become smooth and speedy.
(1)  Write a narrative of your experience, much the way you would describe events in full to share with someone who wasn’t with you at the time.  .
(2)  On fresh paper, write each dream symbol word at a time (every significant noun, verb, and adjective) on the far left side, leaving leaving lots of space to the right of each word, and skipping lines to provide additional space.  Be sure to include all key ideas, such as key nouns and verbs.
(3) Go back to the list of words from step two, and utilize a process of free association brainstorming to document everything that comes to your mind in response to each key word, generating many words and phrases to correspond with each of the dream symbol key words.
(4) Covering over the words from step two, read through all of the free association words from step three, and write a new summary narrative.
Practicing this four step analysis method can provide you with a deeper sense of personal ongoing conversations with reality. When I receive first-hand reality shift reports, one of the things I do when documenting them is write back and forth to the experiencer, to find out what they were thinking and feeling at various times.  Extraordinary realizations can happen from going through these experiences with an eye toward thoughts and feelings at various point along the way, and these are important to include.
SundialSun Dial Example:
Revisioning Space And Time
One of the first Mandela effects that I experienced and shared with a couple of friends involved noticing the sudden appearance of a large concrete sundial sculpture at the Berkeley Marina, where it had never been before, one day on April 26, 1997.
After brunch, we continued our conversation with a leisurely stroll around the marina.  I told my friends about some reality shifts I’d seen, and how much I wished that they could see one, too, when one occurred right there on the spot!
We were walking together toward the pier, when one friend asked us, “Do either of you recall ever seeing that statue here before? as he pointed at a giant sculpture of a sun dial.  My other friend replied, “No, I don’t.”  and I felt tremendously excited, because I’d seen that sculpture there, but never before when I was there at the marina with these two friends!  The sun dial seemed to rise up proudly to toward the sun to greet us, as we walked in awed silence, to get a closer look.
ArcherWe walked around the ten foot tall concrete sculpture as children sat and climbed on it.  This sculpture was clearly placed in a central location for people to notice it, right in the middle of a square at the foot of the Berkeley pier.  Amazingly, the sun dial sculpture’s absence had previously allowed us to clearly see another giant sculpture situated up on a hill above the sun dial, when we were on the pier and walking back toward the shore.  But now that the sun dial was there, we noticed that we couldn’t see the other sculpture as well, because it was partially obscured by the sun dial.  The other sculpture is a larger-than-life size oriental archer on horseback, with fully drawn bow, aiming his arrow out over the San Francisco bay–shooting over the sun dial sculpture’s spot.
I told my friends that the sun dial sculpture had always been here when I had come to the marina without them, but never when we were here together, until now.  The sun dial is chipped and worn, made out of concrete, and bears the inscription:  “The peoples of the bountiful Pacific Ocean are brought together by the sweep of time.  This sundial honors the citizens of Sakai Japan, the sister city of Berkeley.  United in warm friendship and goodwill, the peoples of Sakai and Berkeley strengthen mutual understanding and respect through the exchange of visitors and cultural programs.  This sundial is dedicated to the continuing friendship and growing association between Sakai and Berkeley.  1970.”
I was deeply impressed that something as large and majestic as this sun dial had vanished and reappeared, as I realized the magnitude of what must be possible if such large things can so easily be transformed or transported in time and space.  My friends and I marveled in respect and awe at this simultaneously new and relatively old addition to our shared experience of the marina, and I was inspired by the way the three of us were able to share a reality shift experience as we were in the midst of discussing reality shifts.
I subsequently followed up with Berkeley Marina Harbor Master Brad Gross on June 8, 1999, to ask him whether anything had been done to renovate or relocate the sun dial sculpture during the time he was employed as Harbor Master.  Brad replied, “I’ve been here for three years, and it hasn’t changed since I’ve been here.  I’m about to celebrate my third year anniversary on the 16th of this month, and we haven’t done anything to it for three years.  The sun dial does not need adjustment!”
On June 8, 1999, I spoke to Berkeley Waterfront Manager, Cliff Marchetti, regarding the sun dial sculpture at the Berkeley Marina.  Cliff commented, “It’s been here an awful long time, and we haven’t done any renovation on it.  I kind of remember seeing a plaque on it, stating when it was placed there.  I have been here for four years, and it’s been there the whole time, with no changes.”
I’ve learned this year that the Archer statue is a good luck archer god, riding on the back of a good luck lion god.  There is a plaque associated with this sculpture, that reads:  Guardian, Fredric Fierstein–To Protect the Life Spirit.  There is some wonderful historical back story in an article describing the origin of this statue, described in an interview with Fredric Fierstein from 2011.
Sun Dial Interpretation
When interpreting the above narrative, I create a list of key symbols, placing them with lots of room between them and to the right of them, and including them in the order they appear.  These key words would look something like:
Reality shifts
Shooting arrow
San Francisco bay
Sister city
Sakai, Japan
Chipped and Worn
For the third step of interpreting the symbolic meaning of this experience, we can do free-association brainstorming for each of the above key words we have listed from the original narrative.  This process is completely individual and personal, and has less to do with dictionary perfect definitions as whatever seemingly random associations and connections arise.  For example, here are some free-associations for some of the first key words in this narrative:
Brunch – nourishment; relaxation; at ease; resting & digesting; comfort; receptivity
Friends – emotional support; encouragement; confidants; mentors
Stroll – leisurely; moving forward; sightseeing; fresh air; sunshine; warmth
Marina – threshold between land and sea; bridging consciousness and the subconscious; gateway to other lands
Conversation – friendly dialogue; open communication; discussion; sharing new ideas
Reality shifts – mind-matter interaction; miracles; anomalies; metaphysical events; extraordinary experiences
Sundial – connection with time and space; attempts to measure time; connection between time and space
Concrete – solid; material; physical
Children – future; hope; potential; playfulness; learning; imagination
Square – plaza; society; shared area; community space
Archer – warrior; alert; protective; sharp, specific focus; keen perception; strong
Statue – respectfully honoring; legacy; important individual
Horseback – empowered; independent; sovereign; free
Hill – higher vantage point perspective; higher wisdom; ethical standing; spiritual strength
Shooting arrow – focused attention; specific intention; target
San Francisco bay – sheltered access to Pacific ocean; safe harbor; view of Golden Gate
Plaque – official acknowledgement; recognition; credit; honor
Sister city – friendship; community support; international positive relations
Sakai, Japan – seaport; tea; swords; castle; Asia; eastern thinking
Chipped and Worn – weathered; experienced; moving through time

“The Guardian” archer takes aim protecting San Francisco’s Golden Gate

Summary narrative of Sun Dial experience:

In times of ease and comfort, emotional support and encouragement occurs naturally at the threshold between conscious and subconscious thought. In such environments, new ideas about extraordinary experiences and miraculous events can be comprehended as they flow through time and space.  What appears to be solid in physical, material form appears where it had not been before, in ways that foster playful hope, potential, and imagination in a shared community space.  With keen perception and focus, as well as respectful intention, a sovereign sense of higher wisdom and spiritual strength ensures focused attention on ensuring a golden future.  Positive relationships of friendship and community serve to unite eastern and western ways of thinking, in harmonious movement through space and time.
Unfolding Beauty and Richness of Meaning
I am awestruck, humbled, and amazed by the beauty that unfolded as I revisited my experience from nearly 26 years ago, back on April 26, 1997.  After a quarter century, the inspirational message to me–and to all of us–from this Mandela Effect experience involving the Berkeley marina sundial sculpture has developed richer depth of meaning than ever before.  I now recognize greater significance, connection, and relevance of these two statues, with their special message of hope, strength, wisdom and steady focus on ensuring safe passage for humanity into a new Golden Age.

You can watch the companion video to this blog post on YouTube here:

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You can watch the companion video to this blog here:


QuantumJumps300x150adCynthia Sue Larson is the best-selling author of six books, including Quantum Jumps.  Cynthia has a degree in physics from UC Berkeley, an MBA degree, a Doctor of Divinity, and a second degree black belt in Kuk Sool Won. Cynthia is the founder of RealityShifters, and first President of the International Mandela Effect Conference. Cynthia hosts “Living the Quantum Dream” on the DreamVisions7 radio network, and has been featured in numerous shows including Gaia, the History Channel, Coast to Coast AM, One World with Deepak Chopra, and BBC. Cynthia reminds us to ask in every situation, “How good can it get?” Subscribe to her free monthly ezine at:


Quantum Jumping from the Periphery of our Minds

2022-12-28 CSLIs there a connection between how and what we pay attention to–and quantum jumping?  And if so, how does it work?

While preparing to be  interviewed by Brian MacFarland this month, I was pleased that he was particularly intrigued by something He’d heard me say, regarding the way that Mandela Effects and reality shifts tend to occur “in the peripheries of our minds.” Brian asked me to please elaborate on what I meant by that. Perhaps one of the easiest ways to grasp this concept is through some thing known as the shyness effect.  In the simplest terms, we typically only see mind matter interaction outside of our direct line of sight.  Most Reality Shifts, Quantum Jumps, and Mandela effect are witnessed after the edges of our attentional focus, out on the periphery.

The Shyness Effect

Over the last 25 years that I’ve dedicated my professional life to tracking the reality shift phenomenon, one of the most striking aspects to me has been the way that there’s something akin to a “shyness effect” going on.  In 1975, physicist John G. Taylor first began using this term to describe the interesting phenomenon by which demonstrations of mind-matter interaction are often more readily made unobtrusively, rather than under close scrutiny or observation.  This “shyness effect” has provided skeptics with ammunition by which to ascribe the possibility of ‘cheating’ or practicing sleight-of-hand to spoon-bending mentalists such as Uri Geller.

While I can see why people might feel skeptical regarding Uri Geller’s spoon bending occurring just out of visual line of sight, I have witnessed my daughter ‘melt’ / bend a fork at a spoon-bending party in our home.  And I’ve held a perfectly normal quarter in my hand and felt it melt like soft, malleable putty into a curved shape while I was relaxed and attempting to get it to stay firm and solid as I inserted it into a coin slot at our local underground public transportation station.  I can personally testify to neither of those two cases being examples of sleight-of-hand, since there was no possibility of any illusionist practices in either of those instances.

And my first encounter with the shyness effect occurred when I was a young girl of about five years of age, looking out our living room window into the backyard, watching the rain.  I noticed that the rain seemed to directly respond to my thoughts, such that when I thought, “Stop rain,” the rain would immediately stop.  And when I thought, “Start rain,” the rain would start again.  I did this back and forth several times, until I was certain that I was as one with the rain, and with great excitement, I ran to find my mom, to tell her what I’d observed.  I noticed when I found her in her bedroom that she seemed interested at first to hear what I had to say, that is, until she heard me say, “Look, Mom!  The rain stops when I think Stop rain, and starts when I say Start rain!”  She crossed her arms (not the best sign), and try as I might, I could not get this demonstration to work.

When I first met Uri Geller in San Francisco in 1999, I was intrigued to witness something similar to him in one of his psi demonstrations.  He’d asked a volunteer to “think of a color,” and at some point told us he was picking up interference–that clearly, not everyone was sending a clear image for him.  One man standing in the back of the room admitted that yes, he had been telepathically sending a color of his own.

Your Mind is as good, if not better than, Quantum Computers

I mentioned in my book Quantum Jumps that we are starting to observe scientific evidence of macroscopic quantum phenomenon occurring in nature.  It has long been assumed by many scientists that we would not be able to witness any type of quantum phenomenon within the warm, wet, noisy environment of natural biological systems. It came as quite a surprise then,to observe that photosynthesis in plants appears to definitely be happening thanks to quantum entanglement.  it also seems likely that we will soon be able to witness other types of condom phenomena being employed in our own senses such as smell, thanks to quantum tunneling occurring and natural systems that include our noses.  another example of natural systems employing quantum processes includes birds navigational systems, and we can expect to see many more examples in the years to come.

It is clearly not necessary for birds, plants, and our noses to be consciously operating quantum computers in order to benefit from microscopic quantum phenomena.  and it is not necessary for many of us to employ quantum phenomena in our daily lives, when we feel that we are receiving direct intuitive insights from those who are not indirect contact with us at that time. We can certainly envision that thanks to quantum entanglement with others with whom we feel heartfelt connection and coherence, we have some kind of a quantum mechanism by which experiences like telepathy can be enjoyed.

We are also finding that our minds operate very much in a quantum manner, as described in the wonderful book, Quantum Models of Cognition and Decision. I interviewed Jerome Busemeyer in my Living the Quantum Dream podcast, talking about the amazing and wonderful quantum properties our minds demonstrate.

Walking between Worlds with the Quantum Zeno Effect (QZE)

Most of us are familiar with those situations where it seems that the more we stare at a given situation, waiting for a momentous phase change to occur, the less likely it seems we’ll see much of anything interesting transpire. You might have heard your someone say, “A watched pot never boils,” suggesting you find something more productive to do than stand and stare, waiting for water to get hot enough to come to a boil.  Amazingly, the “watched pot” phenomenon is backed up by some pretty interesting scientific studies in quantum physics.  With respect to quantum systems, the Quantum Zeno Effect (QZE) provides a mechanism by which a quantum system consisting of entangled particles can be locked in place, simply by consistently and persistently observing it in whichever state is most desired.

While Alan Turing has been acknowledged as having first mentioned the basic principle behind the Quantum Zeno Effect in the form of a paradox in 1954, physicists Baidyanaith Misra and George Sudarshan were the first to write a paper in 1977, hypothesizing that if a quantum system is measured often enough, it’s state will be unable to progress, and this hypothesis was tested and proven to be true in a 1989 experiment involving laser-cooled ions trapped in electric and magnetic fields. Subsequent tests further confirmed that the Quantum Zeno Effect works, and in 2013, researchers moved a step closer to building quantum computers by demonstrating that objects as large as diamonds can exhibit the Quantum Zeno Effect.

We might envision the possibilities of being able to freeze-frame a given situation–such as a life-threatening experience–in order that we can best address whatever needs to be handled. Some people, including me, have had such moments where we could have sworn that time slowed to a stop–and the Quantum Zeno Effect can go a long way toward explaining what’s going on when that happens.  We also have opportunities to select realities that we most enjoy, on occasions when we witness some kind of flip-flop, back-and-forth between to possible alternative realities.  Thanks to the Quantum Zeno Effect (QZE), we can persistently  make observations of what we must wish to experience, thereby locking a particular entangled quantum system in place.  In practical, down to earth terms, this simply means that when we are riding a bicycle or a motorcycle, we can either fix our eyes on the horizon toward our desired destination, or we can stare at the pothole coming up ahead of us in the middle of the road. We know from learning from experienced instructors to avoid staring at the pothole, unless we truly desire to hit that pothole.  in similar fashion, we know that if we continue gazing at our desired destination, we can best avoid potholes and ensure a safe passage.

Quantum Jumping in the Periphery

Putting all of this together, we can practice making desired Quantum Jumps in our lives by staying focused on desired outcomes when we are focusing our attention, and also by providing relaxed states of mind that wave-like and open to all possibilities, in order to provide an optimal environment for Quantum Jumps to adjacent realities.  For a tip on keeping things at the periphery of your mind, it might help to practice remembering things.

Have you ever tried to remember something, like somebody’s name, so hard that you couldn’t recall it at all?  Most of us have learned that if we want to remember something, it helps to stop trying so hard, and relax.  When we relax and let go of trying so hard, those parts of our mind that are entangled with what we are seeking have a chance to make the connections we seek, and provide us with the answer we were looking for.  This provides us with a sense of how we can move back and forth between ‘locking in’ a particular focus of attention and reality, and entering into a relaxed daydream ‘wavelike’ state of providing opportunity for a quantum jump to occur.

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.  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .


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QuantumJumps300x150adCynthia Sue Larson is the best-selling author of six books, including Quantum Jumps.  Cynthia has a degree in physics from UC Berkeley, an MBA degree, a Doctor of Divinity, and a second degree black belt in Kuk Sool Won. Cynthia is the founder of RealityShifters, and first President of the International Mandela Effect Conference. Cynthia hosts “Living the Quantum Dream” on the DreamVisions7 radio network, and has been featured in numerous shows including Gaia, the History Channel, Coast to Coast AM, One World with Deepak Chopra, and BBC. Cynthia reminds us to ask in every situation, “How good can it get?” Subscribe to her free monthly ezine at:


Envisioning a Positive Future for Humanity

This is the perfect time to envision an alternative to Transhumanism, reclaiming humanity’s wisdom.
I noted with great interest that Dr. Robert W Malone, M.D. is asking a brilliant question that affects us all in his Substack column, Who is Robert Malone: Is the dark WEF globalist transhuman future dystopia inevitable?

I smiled when reading Dr. Malone’s article, for three reasons:

Firstly, I share Dr. Malone’s concern with regard to a possible nightmarish future for humanity, which he summarizes as:

As we begin to emerge from the tunnel of the COVIDcrisis and all of the biowarfare, information warfare, WHO, WEF and US Department of Homeland Security mismanagement which has caused so much damage, we are being presented with a “Great Reset” vision of a fourth industrial revolution, transhumanism, and a new class structure of Physicals, Virtuals, Machines and “Davos Man” Overlords which is being globally pitched by the World Economic Forum and its acolytes as the inevitable outcome.

Secondly, the author Malone heavily cites in this article, Christopher Michael Langan, is a colleague of mine, who has graced events that I have helped to organize for Foundations of Mind, including the 2017 conference where Langan presented the paper mentioned by Dr. Malone, Metareligion in the Human Singularity. In this paper, Langan emphasizes:

… man requires a valid interpretation of the human individual in society, and of the individual and society in reality at large. This interpretation must take the form of an unbroken correspondence spanning the extended relationship between man, as an inhabitant of reality, and reality in its most basic and universal form; man must see himself as an integral part of reality, and reality as an extension of his own being within a single unified ontology or metaphysics. In short, man and reality must share a common metaphysical identity.

And thirdly, because the call to action of finding some kind of common metaphysical identity for man and reality proposed by Christopher Michael Langan is one that I’ve taken to heart and begun working on.

In October 2020, I began writing articles, and giving presentations and interviews about a possible positive vision for humanity that I referred to as Revhumanism. I discussed Revhumanism on Gaia TV, on an episode of Open Minds with Regina Meredith, presenting it as an essential alternative to Transhumanism that is of critical importance to humanity at this time.

What is Revhumanism?

Humanity now faces a choice between Transhumanism, which was named by Julian Huxley in 1927 as part of a belief that, “the human species can, if it wishes, transcend itself,” and something that is much more life-positive. While Transhumanism is pushed by Big Tech and the World Economic Forum—an alternative metaphysics currently seems much more nebulous and unclear, to the point that it’s something akin to “The Road not Taken”—the road referred to in Robert Frost’s poem by that same name as “grassy, and wanted wear.”

At this time when there is such clamor to upgrade to ever-newer gadgetry and technology, so much pressure to comply with new medical procedures and technology, and ever-increasing evidence that the rights of the many are being trampled by power wielded by a few—that “Road not Taken” can start to seem better and better.

Fortunately for mankind, some have kept the “Road not Taken” in their hearts. There are even some people who have walked this beautiful path consistently, despite tremendous pressure to be assimilated by more modern ways. Fortunately, there still exists a philosophy of harmoniously living and co-creating with a living, developing Cosmos, with reverence for the Earth, and other beings. Revhumanism involves relating with reverence, humility, and empathy with others, with the Earth, and with the Cosmos, inviting us to actuate high-level sovereign agency.

These principles can be considered to be central parts of a life-centered alternative to Transhumanism. When pondering what to call such a life-positive alternative, Revhumanism comes to mind. The Latin “rev” relates to ideas of reviving, regaining, recalling, and growing strong and young again. “Rev” also stands for reverence: a quality that inspires us to live up to our truly highest potential of seeing and respecting the inspiration, light, and consciousness that all of creation shares. Revhumanism invites humans to return to honoring the Earth as the source of life and sustenance. Sovereignty is a key concept in Revhumanism, with awareness of incarnational spirituality, which recognizes our sense of living our life with purpose and for some reason. We are not mere automatons whose existence can be summarized as somehow only consisting of information, or bits and bytes of computer memory on a chip. We have an awareness of having meaning and purpose in our life.

Common Metaphysical Identity

In 1992, the Fetzer Institute sponsored one of the highest-level intellectual conferences ever held between the first nations people of the American continent, including Leroy Little Bear, together with quantum physicists, including Dr. David Bohm, and field-experienced linguists, with a goal of translating concepts between indigenous and western scientific worldviews, and finding unifying areas of agreement. Linguist and professor Dan Moonhawk Alford documented points of agreement from between physicists and Native Americans, in his “Report on the Fetzer Institute-sponsored Dialogues between Western and Indigenous Scientists” published in 1993. These points of agreement included:

  • Everything that exists vibrates
  • Everything is in flux
  • The Part Enfolds the Whole (not just whole is more than sum of its parts)
  • There is an implicate order to the universe
  • The ecosphere is basically friendly
  • Nature can be taught new tricks
  • Quantum potential and Spirit mean something similar
  • The principle of complementarity supercedes dualities

One of the most important discoveries of this intersection of linguistics, Native America, quantum physics and consciousness was the realization that there can exist the kind of common metaphysical identity shared by man and reality called for by Christopher Michael Langan. Dan Moonhawk Alford pointed out the realization that Benjamin Lee Whorf made of the way human thinking can be influenced by language, which can be witnessed when considering verb-dominated languages, such as most Native American languages. As Moonhawk writes:

Whereas every sentence in English must properly have a subject, a noun or noun phrase, and a verb, many if not most Native American languages can have sentences with no nouns at all. ‘Rehpi,’ a full sentence in Hopi referring to a celestial event, means ‘flashed,’ where we have to say, ‘the lightning flashed.’ But this goes much further: sa’ke’j says that when he’s speaking mi’kmaq back on the reserve, he can go all day long without ever uttering a single noun. This statement is mind-boggling to most English speakers. So much of our facts and knowledge are wrapped up in nouns, so what would all that knowledge look like in a language that doesn’t value nouns in the same way? This includes all concepts, all the way to ‘god.’

Leroy Little Bear further clarifies:

Aboriginal peoples are forever explaining themselves to non-Aboriginal people: telling their stories, explaining their beliefs and ceremonies, and introducing ideas that have never crossed the non-Aboriginal mind. Western knowledge operates from a linear, singular view; it views the world from order beneath chaos; it is very noun oriented; knowledge is about oneself in relation to everything else in a relativistic sense. Aboriginal knowledge has a very different “coming to know.” It is holistic and cyclical; it views the world from chaos underneath order; its languages are process and action oriented. Knowledge is about participation in and with the natural world.

Revhumanism acknowledges that humanity is part of a living, growing Cosmos, with everyone intrinsically having a transcendant divine nature. Revhumanism invites us to live true to our highest potential of embodying more wisdom than cleverness; more hope than cynicism; more humility than hubris; more empathy than apathy; and more reverence than insolence. Revhumanism represents a radical invitation for each of us to be the highest level embodiment of consciousness we wish to see in the world. When we see everyone and everything from the perspective of reverence, doors to adjacent possible realities open where there were no doors before.

We now have a wonderful opportunity to ask, “How good can it get when we see ourselves as an integral part of reality, and reality as an extension of our own being?”

.  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .


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QuantumJumps300x150adCynthia Sue Larson is the best-selling author of six books, including Quantum Jumps.  Cynthia has a degree in physics from UC Berkeley, an MBA degree, a Doctor of Divinity, and a second degree black belt in Kuk Sool Won. Cynthia is the founder of RealityShifters, and first President of the International Mandela Effect Conference. Cynthia hosts “Living the Quantum Dream” on the DreamVisions7 radio network, and has been featured in numerous shows including Gaia, the History Channel, Coast to Coast AM, One World with Deepak Chopra, and BBC. Cynthia reminds us to ask in every situation, “How good can it get?” Subscribe to her free monthly ezine at:


Mandela Effect, Reality Shifts, Timelines, Afterlife and the Simulation / Dreamtime

2022-11-03 Cynthia pic

What is the relationship between timelines, reality shifts, and the afterlife?  If we exist in a simulation when living, where do we go when we die?  What, if anything, exists outside of the simulation?  When we go within, are we accessing a part of us outside of the simulation? 

These are questions sent to me by my friend, Ross, who also asks:

Since physical reality is an illusion, does everything that I experience exist only in my mind/consciousness, or is it being dreamed by my soul (or some other part of me), or is it all just a part of the simulation or some combination?  Where is the simulation coming from?  Is it being beamed from Saturn’s rings, as David Icke suggests?  Who created the simulation?  Inquiring minds want to know.

Timelines and the Afterlife

The same day that Ross wrote to me, so did my friend, Gina, who has begun hearing loved ones who have passed on, as well as ancestors.  Some of the information Gina receives includes suggestions on how to do things the “old country” way, as it was done generations ago, and can be easily confirmed to be accurate and useful information, since to include such advice in Gina’s home brings instant success.  Gina is able to hear her deceased relatives and ancestors just fine, and can ask questions and get answers that assist her in bringing back what otherwise might have been a long-lost way of cooking, baking, and working with various crafts.  Not only can home-making information be relayed, but perhaps more surprisingly to Gina, so can real-time assistance in Gina’s life in the here and now.  Gina relays how she met a deceased great uncle who asked her, in Italian, if she was okay, showing great concern and caring–in fact, more care than most living people.  Gina replied that she needed to find a house as soon as possible, since she was deep in grief from news of her mother having just died, and needed to leave her cousin’s house, where the family had been staying.  “You need a house?”  he said in Italian.  The next thing Gina knew, he’d gathered a group of family, who discussed what could be done, with the men making arrangements while the women provided grief-support and comfort for Gina.  The very next day after this conversation with Gina’s deceased ancestors and relatives, Gina’s cousin told her that she’d found a house from a friend of hers that was available for her family to rent.
Gina’s question to me is, “How is it Cynthia that I have never heard of anyone else experiencing this in such a real time way?  And are they all ghosts hanging out in their old houses? Or is it like they’re in another plane that Looks like how it was when they lived?  How can they see me and know what I’m thinking? What about people who go straight to heaven? I don’t understand how this is possible.  Yet it’s becoming more and more a part of my daily life! And what they tell me proves itself to be true.  Can you help me grasp where they are? And how they can see and hear ME? Did mom have something to do with this sudden ancestral connection? It literally began the day she died.”
Gina had not heard of anyone else doing this, although of course this is something I’ve done regularly over the years.  One of my recent experiences involved my being interrupted on a rather busy day, on March 17, 2021, as I was preparing go get ready for our IMEC Open Tables episode the next day.  I was scrambling at the 11th hour to prepare for a guest on our show, and was redoing all the power point slides.  In the midst of all this business and mental focus, I was surprised to feel my childhood friend’s (deceased) grandmother, Margaret Hall, whom I’d never met, getting my attention by asking me very softly if I’d like to include her photo in the family genealogical records. Well, of course I would!  I’d never met this grandmother in person, since she’d passed away shortly after giving birth to my friend’s mother.  When I asked her what she had in mind, she indicated I’d be able to find it based on where she was at the time of the 1920 census.  My initial reaction was skepticism, since she lived in a large metropolitan area at the time, and her last name, Hall, was common and ubiquitous–so wouldn’t this be like finding a needle in a haystack?  After all, that’s why nobody had yet found her before.  She reassured me that with my help, I’d find her photo in her high school yearbook with no difficulty.  Because I loved her positive, charismatic energy so much, I set my afternoon tasks aside, taking a chance that maybe she was right, and she’d lead me to find that long-missing “needle in a haystack” of her yearbook and photo.  And sure enough, she indeed directly me clearly to the correct part of the large metropolitan city.  And what a jackpot I found!  There were three more photos in that yearbook of her in performance in a play she starred in.  When I reached out to inform my friend of this news, her phone line was uncharacteristically busy–but when I got through, I was thrilled to be able to share this wonderful news that felt so much like a grandmother’s love for her grandchildren, arriving (as it turned out) at exactly a time when a grandmother’s love–and long-lost missing photos–made all the difference!
when considering the relationship between timelines, Reality Shifts, and the afterlife, the common connection between all of these is awareness of conscious agency being integral to aspects of consciousness itself.  All three of these topics make more sense from the perspective of recognizing that each individual is much more than their physical body, and each individual‘s mind is much more than their brain.  There can be sensed and felt and known An identity as a being of conscious agency who is capable of contemplating decision points between timelines, and who can have continuity between physical lifetimes.  From such an identity as being a pure conscious agent, One can benefit from wisdom, experiences, and knowledge that are accessible through meditation, contemplation, dreams, and prayer.  Reality Shifts can then be known to occur when a person, in the form of conscious agent existing and pure consciousness, makes a jump from one reality to another.  Timelines can be appreciated as Forks in the Road of life, which we can sometimes choose retroactively in ways that for example, might contribute to our experiencing mysterious spontaneous remission of some supposedly incurable condition.

Where do we go when we die?

For those of us who have a memory of being aware and conscious before we were born, in a state of being called born aware, by author Diane Brandon, it is possible to have a foundational sense of awareness based in a sense of being consciousness and awareness outside of ordinary space and time.  With awareness of having come from a place of  conscious awareness prior to existing in physical form, it is not that much of a leap to acknowledge there is a sense of intrinsic being this that transcends space and time. From such a starting point, we can envision the possibility that each and everyone of us is essentially timeless.  And from such a perspective, it is not too big a leap to imagine that this is the same place, that is actually not a place, that we go when we die.

What, if anything, exists outside of the Simulation/Dreamtime?

One of the biggest questions we can ever ask is, “Why does anything exist at all?”  This point was driven home to me by the philosopher Nicholas Rescher, whose excellent book, “Axiogenesis” is one of my favorite books.  We often don’t give this question much thought, since we tend to presume that the material world is the foundation of reality itself, rather than questioning its existence.  When we consider the idea that all of reality might be some thing a kin to a dream, we are viewing the world from a philosophical perspective that has been prevalent going back thousands of years into ancient indigenous wisdom, as well as  ancient yogic  teachings from India.  there has been a long tradition throughout human cultures and civilizations acknowledging the ultimate reality that exist beyond space and time, in the form of what has been sometimes known as the dream time.  The Australian concept of the dream time is one’s strong such example, where we can acknowledge that everything that exists first begins in and comes from the dream time.

When we go within, are we accessing outside of the Simulation/Dreamtime?

When we go within, to a state of meditation, it is possible to experience the cessation of thought, movement, and change. In meditative contemplation, it is possible to gain access to higher levels of self, operating outside of normal typical daily egoic consciousness.  For those who do access these higher levels of conscious agency and conscious self, it is possible to engage in communication and conversation with other conscious agents, who have controlling access to various physical material beings, events, and forms.  There exists such a thing as an experience of nothingness, where we can appreciate a formlessness that exists but he’s form, and a changeless nurse that exists as a foundation beneath change.  this experience of nothingness is available to us through meditation, contemplation, and prayer.  This experience of nothingness provides us with a glimpse of the true reality that supports all of space and time, yet exists outside of space and time.

What is the nature of everything that exists?

We tend to focus on those material forms, and events that we can measure, such that there is some degree of objectivity by which we can reach agreement. These measureables are actually somewhat limited, in the sense that the material realism model cannot accommodate most of the existence of things that we are actually living for.  If you ask yourself what you were living for, it is highly unlikely that your authentic true answer whatever involve anything that can be absolutely measured in terms of its three-dimensional size, its shape, its weight, or its monetary value.  Sometimes people go through phases where some of these things might be given as their answer to what they are living for, but typically as people grow and mature, they come to recognize that what they are really living for involves qualities that do not lend themselves to absolute material realistic measurements.  And those same things that people would probably typically say they are living for, such as unconditional divine love, and peace, are so beloved it’s such a deep levels, that we can feel the probable truth that this indeed is the true nature of everything that exists.

Where is the Simulation/Dreamtime coming from?

The source of the simulation or dream time is one of the greatest mysteries, since intrinsically the answer is not knowable to us from outside of it, because we are so immersed within it.  Our traditional sciences can only hypothesize as to the source of the Simulation / Dreamtime, since traditional science has no means to step outside of the Simulation / Dreamtime to experimentally confirm or discount various theories.  From a purely intuitive sense, it feels to me that we might consider the Simulation / Dreamtime to arise from consciousness itself, which we are a part of.  We seem to gain clues as to how we participate in mind-matter interaction through such experiences as synchronicity, deja vu, reality shifts, and the Mandela Effect.  The Dreamtime / Simulation comes from Divine Source, Creator, God which we are all related to and connected with at a very deep level that transcends material realism, and is at the level of our pure conscious agency, spirit, or soul.
Reality Shifts: When Consciousness Changes the Physical World

Reality Shifts: When Consciousness Changes the Physical World

How Good Can it Get?

I hope you will join me in asking, “How good can it get?” in any and all circumstances, no matter may seem to be happening, so we may each individually and all collectively experience what is truly best for all.
.  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .


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QuantumJumps300x150adCynthia Sue Larson is the best-selling author of six books, including Quantum Jumps.  Cynthia has a degree in physics from UC Berkeley, an MBA degree, a Doctor of Divinity, and a second degree black belt in Kuk Sool Won. Cynthia is the founder of RealityShifters, and first President of the International Mandela Effect Conference. Cynthia hosts “Living the Quantum Dream” on the DreamVisions7 radio network, and has been featured in numerous shows including Gaia, the History Channel, Coast to Coast AM, One World with Deepak Chopra, and BBC. Cynthia reminds us to ask in every situation, “How good can it get?” Subscribe to her free monthly ezine at:


Shambhala and Rainbow Warrior Prophecy and the 5th World

2022-09-29 Cynthia angel 21
Did you know about the Shambhala prophecy, or about Rainbow Warriors helping to usher in a new Golden Age?  With some people sensing we are living in world-changing times, it seems the perfect moment to reflect on past Earth changes and interesting prophecies predicting a Golden Age, ushered in by Rainbow Warriors.
Some of us with high sense perception are noticing a wonderful availability of support from unseen realms.  It feels to me that angelic protection and guidance is extremely accessible now, and helpful for boosting our spirits if we feel down.

From Bodhisattva Blues to a Shambhala State of Mind

I recently felt sad about the overall vibe I’m picking up from collective consciousness of people in the world, and my inability to help everyone.  While I was focused on people suffering, and my seeming inability to do much about it, my blue mood felt to me a bit like Bodhisattva blues–a special kind of blues that empaths and intuitives may feel when longing to be in service for humanity, yet simultaneously feeling overwhelmed by tasks that seems bigger than what any one person can tackle.
Fortunately, I soon felt the presence of angelic guides, reminding me that ultimately, everything is all right.  And they also reminded me about Shambhala.  While some people call Shambhala fictional or mythical, the Dalai Lama acknowledges that it is a real place, although not one that is open for everyone to experience.
The 14th Dalai Lama had this to say about Shambala :
“Although those with special affiliation may actually be able to go there through their karmic connection, nevertheless it is not a physical place that we can actually find. We can only say that it is a pure land, a pure land in the human realm. And unless one has the merit and the actual karmic association, one cannot actually arrive there. “
I love feeling a Shambala state of mind–feeling revitalized and energized, with joy in knowing that when you know Shambala, you are already there.  I love feeling how close Shambala feels to my heart–and how it feels like home to me, so I delighted in finding a video featuring a song by Three Dog Night about the Road to Shamballa.  I love the dancing, smiling people in this video–even when a mountain road encounters a rock slide, and their bus comes to a stop.  People remember that love is here, and that we are love, and with this memory comes joy and peace–and Shambala comes to us!  I love the way this video shows people faced with roadblocks (literally), realizing that heaven is here, and we might as well feel the love and joy and dance!
And today, on September 29th, Michaelmas, I am feeling extra joy in recognizing this special celebration in honor of Archangel Michael and all archangels, at this time following the Autumn equinox, when days become shorter, and there is a sense of relying upon divine love, inspiration and protection when we face whatever might trouble us in any way.

Coral Reefs and Mass Extinctions

Mass Extinctions and Coral Reef GrowthMy seventh grade science report was memorable for me because our science teacher promised us that anyone courageous enough to give an oral report was guaranteed an “A” grade for the assignment. I was very shy, so I asked if it would be OK for me to pre-record an audio tape of myself reading my report (rather than actually giving the oral report in front of the class), and my instructor replied that would be fine, as long as I stood in front of the class next to the tape recorder while the audio tape was playing.  I agreed, and shared my report about coral reefs.  A key feature of my 7th grade science report was a large visual representation I had drawn, showing regular mass die-offs that have occurred on the planet Earth over many years.  I was fascinated by the way these huge changes have occurred with some degree of regularity, yet at that time back in the 1970s, most people did not much contemplate or discuss these radical changes to plant and animal life that have occurred here on Earth in the past.  I was also impressed by the fact that it looked like another cataclysmic change might be coming in the not-too-distant future, based on the regularity of these massive changes on Earth.

Hopi Prophecy of Seven Worlds

ComesTrue1In spring 2000, I published an article for Parabola magazine, “Comes True, being Hoped for: the Hopi understanding of how things change.”  In this article, I share the Hopi conceptualization of the time periods on earth we have experienced so far, and the prophecy of what we may expect in the future.  According to the Hopi legend, before any of the worlds were created, there was only the Creator, Taiowa.
The first world of endless space, Tokpela, was beautiful, spacious, and perfect in every way.  The people were of different colors and spoke different languages; they could understand one another easily without talking, as could they also converse with the animals without talking. After a long time of peaceful coexistence, many people became preoccupied with the differences between themselves and others, and forgot to respect their Creator and each other, and the world was destroyed by volcanic fire.  Before this first world was destroyed, the Hopi followed a cloud of vapor by day and a star by night, and were led to be assisted by the Ant people who opened their subterranean mound to keep the Hopi safe.
When the Earth had cooled down, people emerged from the underground safety of the Ant peoples’ Kiva, into the second world of dark midnight, Tokpa.  In the second world, the people no longer lived simply with animals, and they began to develop handcrafts homes and villages.  Trouble began in this second world when people traded in bartered for more and more goods, forgetting to sing praises to the Creator, and singing praises for their goods instead.  People who still had songs for the Creator in their hearts were once again led underground to the safety of the Ant peoples Kiva, before the twins left their magnetic positions at the north and south poles, so the Earth tilted crazily on her access, and froze into solid ice.
Next began the Third World, Kuskurza, which was full of big cities and amazing technologies such as flying shields made of hide which could attack and flee other cities so quickly that nobody knew who sent them.  There was so much warfare that Spider Woman saw that the thread had run out on this third world, and she put people who still had a song in their hearts safely in the sealed reed boats with water and white cornmeal, before the Earth was destroyed by floods.  The Hopi emerged from their sealed vessels to build reed rafts which they then paddled from one stepping Stone Island to the next.
They finally arrived at the low hot shore of this world complete, Tuwaqachi, after having migrated across the Earth to settle where they live today.  The Hopi believe we will see the signs of the emergence to the Fifth world when life forms from previous worlds spring up from the ground, the stars, and our hearts.

Cree Rainbow Warrior Prophecy

There is a prophecy called Warriors of the Rainbow, from the Cree tribe. Dr. Leilani Fuller Anderson, also known as the Cherokee Lady, remembers being told about this prophecy by her grandmother when she was very young.  In this prophecy, there was an old lady from the Cree tribe, named Eyes of Fire, who prophesied that one day, because of the white man’s greed, there will come a time when the fish would die in the streams, the birds would fall from the air, the waters would be blackened, and the trees would no longer be.  Human civilization as we know it today would all but cease to exist.
There will then come a time when keepers of the legends, stories, culture, rituals, and myths, and all ancient customs would be needed to restore the world to health. These keepers would be mankind‘s key to survival.  They are known as the Warriors of the Rainbow.  Peoples of all the tribes would form a new world of justice, peace, freedom, and recognition of the great spirit.  The Warriors of the rainbow would teach people how to live the way of the great spirit.  They would tell them of how the world has turned away from the great spirit, and that is why earth became sick.  Warriors of the rainbow will show people that the Great Spirit is full of love and understanding, and they will teach people how to make the Earth beautiful again.  Principles of unity, love, and understanding will be taught in all four corners of the Earth.
Those working to bring such revitalization must be dedicated, unwavering in their strength, and strong of heart.  They will find willing hearts and minds to join them on the road of returning Mother Earth to beauty and plenty.  This is a Cree prophecy; there are also similar prophecies from the Hopi, Zuni, and others.

Shambhala Prophecy

In Tibet and Mongolia, there is a prophecy about the kingdom of Shambala, hidden behind the distant mountainous north of the Himalaya. Shambhala is known as the ‘land of a thousand names’ and called: Shangri-La; the land of Radiant Spirits; Land of the Living Gods; Land of Wonders.  This mystical kingdom has been described in Hindu and Buddhist mythology for thousands of years.  “Shambhala” in Sanskrit translates to ‘place of calm’ or ‘place of stillness.’  Like a parallel world or dimension, this place has been described in Tibetan prophecy.
According to legend, the line of enlightened kings is said to be guarding the highest wisdom for a time when all spiritual values in the world outside will be lost in war and destruction. Then, according to prophecy, a great king will come out of the sanctuary to defeat the forces of evil and to establish a Golden Age.  According to the legend and prophecy, the kings of Shambala will rule for 100 years each.  There will be 32 kings in all, and as their reigns pass, conditions in the outside world deteriorate.  Men will become more warlike, and pursue power for its own sake.  An ideology of materialism will spread over the earth.  When the barbarians who follow this materialistic ideology are united under an evil king, and they think there is nothing left to conquer, the mists will lift to reveal the icy mountains of Shambala.  The barbarians will then see and attack Shambala with a huge army equipped with terrible weapons. Then the 32nd king of Shambala will lead a mighty host against the invaders. In the last great battle, the evil king and his followers will be destroyed.
By definition Shambala is hidden. It is thought to exist somewhere between the Gobi desert in the Himalayas, where it is protected by a psychic barrier, so that no one can find the kingdom who is not meant to.  Tibetans believe that the land is guarded by beings with superhuman powers.  Tibetan llamas spend a great deal of their lives in spiritual development before attempting a journey to Shambala.  Those who try to get there who are not wanted are swallowed by crevasses, or caught in avalanches.  People and animals tremble at its borders as if bombarded by invisible rays.  There are guide books to Shambala, but they describe the location in terms so vague that only those already initiated into the teachings of the Kalacakra can understand them. Strange sightings in the area where Shambala is thought to be seen provide evidence of its existence.

Creating Positive Future with the Mandela Effect

At this time of great changes on earth, and awareness of long extinct Lazarus plants and animals returning, we gain a sense that we may now be living through the long prophesied time of transformation and change, and dawning of the golden age. if we seek some kind of mechanism by which extinct animals can be alive again, we come face-to-face with what is now known as the Mandela effect. The Mandela affect itself gets its name from people noticing that nelson Mandela was alive again, after many of us remember that he had previously died while incarcerated.  There is a connection between the symbolism of the rainbow, and the rainbow warriors, and I kind of hope we can feel when we see something as miraculous as the return of long extinct plants and animals. We are indeed seeing that now, with many previously extinct creatures back as if they had never been gone. we need not credit their return within a cleverness of humans, but instead we can feel a sense of awe and reverence for God… for the Creator.  By sharing our experiences with noticing and observing the Mandela effect, we can be part of ushering in a Golden Age.  We can see signs in new blue plants and animals (the color blue corresponding to the 5th chakra, and thus the Fifth world); and in rainbows that we see more often in the sky, in trees, and in plants and animals.
It is understandable in these times of transformation and change, that sometimes we will feel sad, frightened, or angry; these emotions are perfectly understandable.  Any time we notice ourselves getting stuck in any of these heavy emotions, we can remember to feel a sense of awe, thanks, and reverence to God, the creator. This is perhaps the greatest task offered to us, if we wish to except it. The task is simply to stand up for what we know to be right, and good, and true. The task is to remember to the very core of our being what we most love and cherish. The task is to be in highest service each day to the best of our ability. each of us has the ability to feel and no higher truth, through soft eyes, loving heart, and clear mind. each of us has the ability to walk in peace, love, and grace through all events and circumstance. each of us has the ability to help someone close to us.
In all these little ways, we have the ability to be part of the prophecy of Shambhala and the rainbow Warriors at the dawning of this Golden Age of the Fifth World.
Reality Shifts: When Consciousness Changes the Physical World

Reality Shifts: When Consciousness Changes the Physical World

How Good Can it Get?

I hope you will join me in asking, “How good can it get?” in any and all circumstances, no matter may seem to be happening, so we may each individually and all collectively experience what is truly best for all.
.  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .


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QuantumJumps300x150adCynthia Sue Larson is the best-selling author of six books, including Quantum Jumps.  Cynthia has a degree in physics from UC Berkeley, an MBA degree, a Doctor of Divinity, and a second degree black belt in Kuk Sool Won. Cynthia is the founder of RealityShifters, and first President of the International Mandela Effect Conference. Cynthia hosts “Living the Quantum Dream” on the DreamVisions7 radio network, and has been featured in numerous shows including Gaia, the History Channel, Coast to Coast AM, One World with Deepak Chopra, and BBC. Cynthia reminds us to ask in every situation, “How good can it get?” Subscribe to her free monthly ezine at:


Boggling delayed choice participatory universe, horoscopes, and Mandela Effects

Boggling delayed choice participatory universe

When I play the game Boggle with friends, we’ve often been amazed at the way we find some words so consistently.  Sometimes for three consecutive games in a row, we might find the same word, such as “toe” for example.  While playing Boggle via email over the internet during this pandemic, my friends and I noted that there seemed to be a subconscious awareness of health and coronavirus topics–which perhaps comes as not too much of a surprise.

I also noticed that some of the words that I was finding had some kind of fire theme going on.  I figured of course, living in California, fire safety is on my mind with regard to keeping dead woods cleared out of the garden, and getting on top of weed and grass abatement, too.  When noticing the times that my friends and I find the same word for three or four games in a row–that’s so amazing to me when it happens, since it seems to indicate those words might always be there–or perhaps more accurately, it’s our shared expectation of finding them that ensures those words reality shift their way into each and every game.

Physicist John Archibald Wheeler asserted that we live in a Participatory universe, in which the measurements we choose to make, truly matter.  Wheeler also proposed a series of experiments to test the notion that light somehow “senses” the experimental apparatus in the double-slit experiment it travels through, and adjusts its behavior to fit.  While Wheeler’s musings were constrained to laboratory settings only, many of us observing such things as mysteriously recurring Boggle words might well wonder to what degree quantum physics is involved in our regular daily lives.

Participatory personalized horoscopes

Some of us might have already taken a similar look at the accuracy of some horoscopes–or pretty much any kind of intuitive divination system (such as the I Ching or Tarot cards), which can be uncannily specific.  From a quantum physics-operating-in-daily-life point of view, we can consider the idea that the horoscope actually might be tailor-written just for you and me, just for that exact moment when we read it.

I don’t expect the horoscope was written once, and then read the same by everyone at all.  This is such a good example of why individuals can believe in ‘silly things’ such as astrology, when subjective reality rules the universe!  If and when we compare notes with one another, we force an observed system to comply with our chosen entanglement–and at that point, the wave functions can again collapse.  I’d expect those cases of increased entanglement to ‘force the collapse’ of the wave function in such a way that some people would actually notice these reality shifts, with some of their horoscopes changing right before their very eyes.

I expect that is what is occurring with many reality shifts and Mandela Effects—it’s a natural matter of increasing the number of groups of people all ‘comparing notes’ about various observations, and Nature making corrections to bring alignment and agreement of ‘the facts’ to match ever-increasing numbers of populations of people coming to take a look at some particular thing.  Whether that thing is Boggle board, that day’s horoscope in the newspaper, or a brand logo or name, all the increased number of observers is bound to make a difference, and certain to lead to some observed shifts in reality.

All of this, of course, can remind us to keep asking my favorite question, “How good can it get?”


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QuantumJumps300x150adCynthia Sue Larson is the best-selling author of six books, including Quantum Jumps.  Cynthia has a degree in Physics from UC Berkeley, and discusses consciousness and quantum physics on numerous shows including the History Channel, Gaia TV, Coast to Coast AM, the BBC and One World with Deepak Chopra and on the Living the Quantum Dream show she hosts.  You can subscribe to Cynthia’s free monthly ezine at:

Your many levels of mind holds key to selecting realities

Each of us is capable of awareness of levels of self, and the ability to choose the level of self by which we observe the Cosmos.  This power of subjective observation may seem obvious and may seem mundane, yet it holds the keys to mind-matter interaction at all levels of reality.  So you might say your power of subjective observation holds the keys to reality itself. 

Awareness that at an ultimate level, the only actions of substances are changes of perceptions is philosophical, and this was a matter of great interest to the philosopher Leibniz.  Leibniz viewed apperception as “consciousness, or the reflective knowledge of this internal state.” He adds that this is “something not given to all souls, nor at all times to a given soul.”  Some consider Leibniz to be the grandfather of artificial intelligence, since he conceived of human cognition in computational terms, with human cognitive processes following determinable axioms of logic.

This skill of being self-aware can be further developed through meditation.  We can learn that we are not those thoughts nor those feelings.  For example, we can meditate to gain the ability to learn to see our thoughts and feelings go by, like clouds in the sky.

We can practice identifying with being the Observer of those thoughts and feelings–more like the Driver in a car, the Captain of a ship, or the Pilot in a plane.  For those of us who are spiritually oriented, we can experience a difference between our daily, egoic self–the one concerned about personal safety and experiencing various kinds of pain–and our infinite, eternal Self.  

This is also where things get interesting, thanks to the Observer Effect. 

Observer Effect 

In quantum physics, the observer effect is the principle that an observer’s choice of when, where, and how to make a given observation absolutely influences what is subsequently observed.  Scientific experiments confirmed in 2019 that two observers watching the same event at the same place and time are absolutely capable of witnessing two different things, as I previously described, in my blog post:  physics experiment challenges objective reality.

Our decision of how we choose to observe can be viewed as asking Nature a question, as physicist John Archibald Wheeler surmised.

Value of Subjective Reality  

In most cases where we notice a reality shift or Mandela effect, we remember a distinctively different event or thing than is now accepted as being historically true. We do not typically recall several different realities, but usually just one or possibly two.  There appears to be a tendency for most people observing reality shifts and Mandela Effects to be aware of binary (two-option) scenarios. For example, some people remember first hearing of Nelson Mandela’s death while he was incarcerated in prison in the 1980s–while others first remember hearing of his death in December 2013.  Another example is that some people remember the Star Wars character, Darth Vader, saying “Luke, I am your father”–while others recall him saying, “No, I am your father.”  There also exist some examples of Mandela effects and reality shifts where more than two realities are recalled.  One such example appears in the case of the restaurant chain Chick-Fil-A, which some people recall having previously either being:  Chic-Fil-A or Chik-Fil-A.

Our Many Minds

Our assumption that each one of us exists as a unified individual may not be true.  Carl Jung once said, “The so-called unity of consciousness is an illusion… we like to think that we are one, but we are not.”  George Ivanovich Gurdjieff emphasized the point that man has no single big “I”; man is divided into a multiplicity of small “I’s.”  

Carl Jung adopted an intriguing theory of personality, no doubt influenced by his observation of a young cousin who had multiple personality disorder.

 “When Carl Jung was still a university student in Basel, he was intrigued by the behavior of a female cousin aged fifteen and a half who began to exhibit signs of multiple personality.  She would become suddenly pale, sink slowly to the ground (or a chair), then begin to speak in a manner completely unlike her everyday self. Instead of her usual Swiss dialect, she spoke literary German in a smooth and assured manner.  Various spirits claimed to speak through her mouth,* and her mannerisms changed completely as different ones ‘took over.’”  Of the “various spirits” that spoke through her, Colin Wilson tells us, “One of them claimed to be her grandfather who had been a banal and sanctimonious clergyman.  Another was an inane chatterer who flirted with the ladies who came to the ‘séances.’  Another, who claimed to be a nobleman, was an amusing gossip who spoke High German with a North German accent.”   Jung observed that when his cousin held séances, she took on a countenance quite different from her normal appearance and manner: “She could talk so seriously, so forcefully and convincingly, that one almost had to ask oneself: Is this really a girl of fifteen and a half?  One had the impression that a mature woman was being acted out with considerable dramatic talent.”  Jung took detailed notes at the séances, and later—after studying with Pierre Janet in Paris in 1902—expanded them into the doctoral thesis he wrote for his medical degree.  In Jung’s first published work he wrote, “on the subpersonalities and other dissociative phenomena produced by his psychic cousin during her mediumistic séances.”  (Colin Wilson, “Mysteries”)

Jung observed that the tendency to split into various aspects of psyche is not merely a matter of psychopathology, but indeed occurs in normal people, too.   While typically unobserved, complexes can behave like independent beings–like aspects of ourselves with ‘minds of their own.’  Most of us recognize that we adopt various personas, which we is an expression of our ego, rather than our true self.  Problems can occur if we overly-identify with a persona (or mask) over true genuine feelings about who we are. .

Neuropsychologist Roger Wolcott Sperry won the Nobel Prize in 1981 for discoveries concerning functional specialization in the two hemispheres of our brain.  Sperry noticed that patients with split-brain syndrome experienced one side of their body operating separately from the other.  In rare cases, a kind of split personality or dual consciousness has been observed for indivduals with split-brain syndrome, with each brain hemisphere and side of the body responding very differently from the other.  These differences are most dramatic in cases where the two hemispheres are not connected normally through the corpus callosum, but differences between the two hemispheres exist in all of us.  For most people, the left hemisphere of the brain excels at language while the right is better at recognizing images.

Our split brains employ a dual approach to simultaneously appraising situations according to two very different approaches; one very goal-based and rational, and the other more intuitive. While we typically consider ourselves to be of one mind operating with unified conscious agency, this sensation is illusory.  In much the same way that our minds work to give us the impression that sounds we hear coincide with sights we see, our minds usually provide us with a sensation that each of us naturally are of one mind.

Reality Selection  

Thanks to the amazing power of the Observer Effect, we are capable of selecting which type of Observer we wish to be, among a multitude of possibilities.


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QuantumJumps300x150adCynthia Sue Larson is the best-selling author of six books, including Quantum Jumps. Cynthia has a degree in Physics from UC Berkeley, and discusses consciousness and quantum physics on numerous shows including the History Channel, Gaia TV, Coast to Coast AM, the BBC and One World with Deepak Chopra and on the Living the Quantum Dream show she hosts. You can subscribe to Cynthia’s free monthly ezine at:

What is the Mandela Effect, and why is it happening now?

The Mandela Effect

The phrase “Mandela Effect” refers to people agreeing that they remember something differently than is officially recorded as being historical fact.  The reference to Mandela is to the South African political leader, Nelson Mandela, since some people clearly remembered having seen his funeral back in the 1980s, which was decades before he later subsequently died in 2013.

Thanks to online discussion boards and social websites, people have been able to more quickly and easily confirm with others the specific things they remember differently than has officially “always been true.”

Some examples of commonly reported types of Mandela Effect include such general categories as:  celebrities being alive again; changes in words in books; changes in words in movies; lyric changes in songs; some key visual elements in movies being different; product names and logos being different; changes to geography; changes to human anatomy; visual changes to animated characters; changes to buildings; changes to names of various foods; and changes in when songs, books, and movies were released.

The Mandela Effect invites us to pay closer attention.  Like a game of “spot the difference,” we browse our memories of how we remember songs, books, movies, celebrities, TV shows, and news events to have been–and then compare our memories to what is officially recognized as being (presumably) unchangeable historical fact.  We primarily must rely upon our own individual memories of what we had thought to be true, and we can sometimes benefit from comparing notes and checking with others who might remember things similarly to the way we do.  People usually feel relieved to find others who do remember things the same way they do, especially when those memories no longer match the recorded facts.


Mandela Effect Examples

You can check to see if you might be Mandela Effected, too, by taking a self-test, to see what you remember. The idea when taking such a memory test is to go with whatever answer you remember first, rather than trying to figure it out, or think too much–and there really aren’t any ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ answers:

(1) In the animated Disney film, “Snow White,” the wicked witch gazes into her mirror saying, “_____________  Mirror on the wall… “

(2) What color are Star Wars android C-3PO’s legs?

(3) Where in your chest is your heart located?

(4) In Isaiah 11:6 in the Bible, what animal lies down with the lamb?

(5) The famous line in the film Field of Dreams is, “If you build it, ____ will come.”

Once you’ve reviewed your answers, you can check at the bottom of this article to see how your answers compare.  It’s possible that you may remember some things differently than purportedly ‘have always been true,’ and if so, congratulations!  You have experienced the Mandela Effect!


Why is the Mandela Effect happening now?

Some of the possible reasons for why people are experiencing the Mandela Effect have to do with:

(1) dismissing it as an artifact of false memories and confabulation;
(2) attributing it to some kind of conspiracy;
(3) taking it as evidence that we are living inside a simulation; and
(4) considering it as awareness of changes in human consciousness.

My take on the Mandela Effect is that we are experiencing changes in human consciousness, both on a collective and individual scale.  After researching the Mandela Effect and reality shifts for over 20 years, it’s clear to me that false memories cannot account for all of the shifts that I and others have seen.  The scope and scale of the shifts are far larger than any conspiracy.

While each person retains free will to ask questions and to be answered by Nature in such a way that might be completely unique to them, we also can view the Mandela Effect as a beautiful invitation to break free from limiting ideas.  We can see evidence in the Mandela Effect of quantum behavior and phenomena that has long been thought to be confined only to “the quantum realm.”  Such quantum phenomena as:  non-local effects; superposition of states; entanglement; teleportation; bi-causality (going forward and backward in time); and tunneling.  Yet with each passing day, we are finding ever-increasing evidence that quantum phenomena likely exists at every level of reality.

With the advent of the Mandela Effect, humanity is receiving an invitation to think outside the Boolean true-false box, and enter into a wonderfully interconnected, dynamic reality based in quantum consciousness.


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(1) Magic
(2) Gold and silver
(3) the center
(4) the wolf
(5) He



QuantumJumps300x150adCynthia Sue Larson is the best-selling author of six books, including Quantum Jumps. Cynthia has a degree in Physics from UC Berkeley, and discusses consciousness and quantum physics on numerous shows including the History Channel, Gaia TV, Coast to Coast AM, the BBC and One World with Deepak Chopra and on the Living the Quantum Dream show she hosts. You can subscribe to Cynthia’s free monthly ezine at:

Soulfulness, Mandela Effects and Reality Shifts

The Power of Soulfulness

There is an amazing connection between soulfulness, Mandela Effect and reality shifts.

I’ve been re-reading a book by Jacob Needleman, I Am Not I.  A key idea in this book is that Jacob Needleman has written a book about his older self, Jacob, meeting his younger self, Jerry.  The idea here is that different levels of self can–and often do–interact.  This book delves into the concept of soulfulness; it plays with the very concept of true self identity.

Awakening the Sleepwalkers

What Needleman recalls that Gurdjieff recommended most often to everyone was to:

“remember yourself always and everywhere.”

That’s a tall order, because following this directive really takes us out of our sense of self-definition by measurables.  In the realm of measurables, we might think, for example, “I’ve been a teacher for this many years,” or “I’m a student at this level,” or “I earned this many dollars,” or “I’m married,” or “I’m divorced.”

These types of measurable statements might be considered to be accurate descriptors of yourself, but somehow they don’t get to the core of a sense of intense “I-ness.”  There is an intense, transformative “I Am” quality.  When you have this intense quality, you know it.

Loving the Universe

Jacob Needleman writes about the necessity of loving the universe in his book, I Am Not I.

For myself, I feel a necessity of feeling reverence, which is a combination for me of love and real respect–respect at a very real, divine quality.  What Jacob Needleman and I share is that there has to be some level of divinity–of God.  There has to be some recognition of grand ideas, big ideas, good ideas.  This corresponds with my current fascination with the question, “How good can it get?”

The Power of Soulfulness

What happens next is that when we go there when we keep remembering that soulfulness–when we allow ourselves to go there–I’ve observed over and over again that reality shifts occur.  Our needs definitely will be met.

I notice myself in one state of measuring and observing–then I can drift my mind, and I notice that “I am”… with a grand sense of timelessness, infinite, soulfulness, meaning, purpose, value, and reverence.

From there, I’m not making small wishes of things I wish for my own comfort, but instead I’m getting to a place of recognizing that all my needs are being met.  They have always been met.  And when I give back by choosing to be of service to the highest, greatest place of goodness that I can possibly imagine, then indeed I do find out how good it can get.

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QuantumJumps300x150adCynthia Sue Larson is the best-selling author of six books, including Quantum Jumps. Cynthia has a degree in Physics from UC Berkeley, and discusses consciousness and quantum physics on numerous shows including the History Channel, Gaia TV, Coast to Coast AM, the BBC and One World with Deepak Chopra and on the Living the Quantum Dream show she hosts. You can subscribe to Cynthia’s free monthly ezine at:

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