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CynthiaLarson2013jul14 “It always seems impossible until it’s done.”                              — Nelson Mandela

If you’re hearing news that Nelson Mandela is approaching death, and wonder how that can be because you recall him having died in prison many years ago, you’re not alone. Lots of people share this particular memory, and wonder why and how they have such clear impressions of all the international hoopla and attention for Nelson Mandela by presidents and world leaders… yet clearly as of 14 July 2013, Nelson Mandela is still alive. The fact that so many people remember an alternate history in which Nelson Mandela died in prison many years ago provides us with a valuable insight to the nature of reality… and the possible existence of parallel universes.

Many Previously Dead People Noted Alive Again

The “Mandela Effect” aka Alive Again phenomenon is gaining public attention as more and more people make note of people being announced dead by reputable sources such as the San Francisco Chronicle and CBS Evening News, who are later reported being alive. This type of reality shift continues to be one of the most surprising and amazing to me, as I am astonished to see people alive and well again who I know have died. Editorial error can be ruled out, since there are no retractions of false reports. Until you’ve noticed this sort of reality shift yourself, it’s hard to fully understand how shocking this experience can feel. Typically, whatever evidence I’ve had regarding the previous death report is unavailable, leaving me with the usual amount of physical proof that a reality shift has occurred… haunting memories of the other reality.

I wrote about my first “alive again” experience in my book, Reality Shifts: When Consciousness Changes the Physical World. It occurred in the 1980’s when my ex-roommate and neighbor’s cat, Ashes, was run over by a car and killed… only to appear in my backyard a couple of weeks later! I was astonished to see him again. He looked a little less tidy, like he hadn’t been keeping himself quite as clean as usual, but he was absolutely and positively the same cat. My husband reacted normally at first to seeing Ashes, until I reminded him, “Ashes DIED a couple of weeks ago!” My husband rubbed his chin and recalled more details, without any prompts from me. “Oh, yeah… he was hit by a car, wasn’t he?” I spent an hour petting and talking with Ashes, since I never thought I’d see him again after he’d died.

While folklore tells of cats sometimes having nine lives, people can really surprise us when they return from the dead. In addition to noticing Nelson Mandela alive again, as I discussed recently on the Money Laundering/Reality Shifts Coast to Coast AM show with George Noory, I’ve witnessed both actor Larry Hagman and biologist Jane Goodall’s untimely demises mysteriously reversed. Both of them were announced dead, only to show up again in new programs and speaking engagements. When Jane Goodall was reported dead, the news came as a huge blow to me. I had heard of Dian Fossey’s murder, and I recall thinking “How could Jane have died now?!” I was especially sad that we’d lost two women biologists working with primates. When a bit more than a year later I saw that Jane was speaking somewhere, I could barely believe it. I double-checked to confirm that sure enough, it was the same Jane Goodall, and now there was no record that she ever died!

I’m relieved to note that I’m not the only one who’s noticed these alive again shifts. Many people on the realityshifters discussion list have witnessed the alive again phenomenon over the years, and many more have written to me sharing their first-hand accounts of having seen people they know alive again after having previously died. Often these “alive again” people are celebrities, but sometimes they are acquaintances, neighbors, family, or friends.

In July 2005, RealityShifters conducted an Alive Again survey, asking the question: “Which people have you heard reported to be alive again after having heard trustworthy reports of their deaths?” At that time, 26% of respondents recalled having heard that Bob Keeshan (“Captain Kangaroo”) had passed away, yet were startled to see him alive again, 15% of respondents recalled Jane Goodall, 15% recalled Larry Hagman, 10% remembered Bob Hope having already passed away, and 10% remembered Jack Palance. Bea Arthur, Ed Asner, Walter Cronkite and Mariel Hemingway were each remembered by 5% of respondents as having already died. __________________________________________________


Celebrity % Reported
Bob Keeshan (“Captain Kangaroo”) 26
Jane Goodall 15
Larry Hagman 15
Bob Hope 10
Jack Palance 10
Bea Arthur 5
Ed Asner 5
Walter Cronkite 5
Mariel Hemingway 5

__________________________________________________ Reality Shifts

Alternate Histories… Clues that Reality Shifts

Remembering alternate histories–such as Nelson Mandela died in prison–is a great way to discover the truth: that reality shifts. This phenomenon is much bigger than peoples’ seemingly miraculous return from the dead–it also includes changes we notice in books, movies, and TV shows we’ve watched before that occasionally are very different from what we remember having seen before. Have you ever watched a movie a second time and wondered why the ending seemed so different? Consider the possibility that your mind’s not necessarily playing tricks on you–it really might have changed. Our observation that alternate histories exist is exactly in keeping with what a majority of physicists mean when they say we exist in a superposition of states. We don’t always exist in the same reality, in other words, because we and every other thing in this multiverse are capable of moving between possible universes, in accordance with Hugh Everett III’s Many Worlds Interpretation of quantum physics.

When we envision there are other possible realities–other parallel universes–we can get a sense of how it feels to move between them. These kinds of “jumps” are leaps of pure consciousness, and do not require that we pack our suitcases and prepare for a journey of the kind we’re accustomed to planning for. From the point of view of those who’ve made a leap between parallel worlds, many such jumps seem pretty normal at the time. Often only a few things seem different, sometimes only subtly so.

It is possible that when some people die, people miss them enough to retroactively change reality to one in which they are still living–provided we’re not 100% absolutely, positively convinced they’re definitely dead. Many of us who’ve heard news of a death on TV or a newspaper, or from a friend or relative are able to subsequently end up in a reality in which the earlier report was incorrect somehow. It seems to help to not have gone through intense grieving, as that seems to lock us into the reality someone we care about has died.

There is a scientific theory that describes how events can be changed after the fact through retroactive reality shifts, such as the ones discussed in the August 2004 Revise the Past issue of RealityShifters News. Experiments have shown how people can definitely revise the past by focusing their intention on retroactively changing the rate of decay of radioactive material, for example.

If you’ve ever remembered a different history than seems to be the case, including an instance of the Alive Again phenomenon, please leave a comment or email me with your experience. I share many examples of such reality shifts in my book, Reality Shifts: When Consciousness Changes the Physical World, which provides exercises for shifting the world in a positive direction you’ll most enjoy. You can see my video blog post on this topic at:

________________________ OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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  1. Tara Strohmeier said:

    About seven years ago, I recall a long and thorough obituary for Robert Thurman in the L.A. Times. He’d had a terrible fatal accident. There were quotes from his daughter Uma Thurman. It was notable to me because I’d read a few of his books and found them to be worthwhile. And I had been surprised that Uma Thurman was his daughter. Then a few years later I began to read articles quoting him and notice of his giving talks. I was shocked and tried to confirm the past death notice with a family member (who didn’t recall any of it).

    • Wow! I’d have been shocked to have seen Robert Thurman’s obituary and then see him giving talks, too. It’s interesting to me how some of these alternate histories involving celebrity deaths are more on our ‘radar’ than others, yet in most all cases, there will be lots of people remembering the same alternate history as you recall.

      • I remember mohammad alis death clearly around 2009… Then he died again recently. I remember it so clearly because it was a shock to me.

  2. Stuck Sucks said:

    This is fascinating! I have never experienced this, but I want to. Thanks so much for this enlightening post.

    • Thanks for reading and commenting! Now that you’re aware of this phenomena, it’s more likely you will encounter it. I’d love to hear from you if and when you do!

  3. Reblogged this on MetaRead360 Small Press presents and commented:
    I’ve definitely had this experience…with animals and people! Remember a movie called, “Dead Again”?

  4. I’ve had many experiences of slipping between dimensions…normal for folks like us? Thanks for the post!

  5. I posted a story of an experience I had a few months back. It seemed like perhaps I was in another realm. could you read the post and give me your thoughts? Thanks in advance for your support.

  6. There were discussions about this a couple of years ago at Many examples given there.

    • I’m glad to know the topic came up at abovetopsecret. Since first writing about this “alive again” phenomenon in the late 1990s, it seems the topic has been slowly and steadily gaining visibility.

  7. Vivek narain said:

    On 17 september 2002 i was informed that my brother died, shocked, i simply asked how is he and the informer replied he is hurt and in hospital.8 years later on 17 september 2010 he was admitted in hospital situated exactly opposite to the previous one,for kidney failure.He died 6 months later.

  8. I have had experiences where family members will ask me about a certain thing that happened years ago and I have no memory of it. My memory is good so it’s not that, it just seems that I have experienced a different reality somewhere along the way. If it happened only once I would say it was a coincidence but it has happened a number of times now. I hadn’t thought of it as being parallel realities but it sure fits.

    • Sometimes it happens the other way around as well. I’ve recalled things I know for sure happened, and when a I asked people about it (following up on a promise I heard them make to someone else), I’m met with baffled, confused faces and a situation where I am the only one who remembers that entire scenario. This happened with memories I have of when my parents purchased carved wooden furniture from wood-workers in India. The furniture was shipped back home, and would need to be assembled and fitted with glass table tops… and I remembered my parents promising to take photos of the finished furniture in place with the glass tops, and send pictures back to the woodcarvers. Many months later when the furniture arrived, was assembled, was repaired where some shipping damage had occurred, and was fitted with the glass table tops, I asked my parents, “Have you taken the pictures of the furniture yet?” This is the point where my parents just looked at me with blank faces… and it seemed so strange to me they could have completely forgotten such a memorable conversation. It hadn’t meant a lot to me, and I wouldn’t have thought to take the pictures (I was just a child at the time), but I knew my parents kept their promises and usually had really good memories, so the whole incident seemed quite bizarre.

      • I can’t think of an occasion where I remember something no one else does but my daughter has been adamant about a certain thing happening and I supposedly did this or that and I can’t for the life of me remember that experience. By her account it was something significant and so I should remember but I don’t. Just another bizarre occurrence I guess!

    • This simular experience happened to me. I also remember things quite well. A few years ago my mother had told me about a Fine Young Canibals concert she and my sister had seen together at Daytona Beach. My mom went on to complain about the sound not being as good as their recordings because of the lack of equipment. I knew it was her that said it. I asked her just last week about the concert. She said she didnt remember it and i thought it was because of bad memory. So i asked my sister and she too didnt remember going to the concert with mom. Immediately afterwards is when i learned about The Mandella Effect. Many of the names of people that have died and come back i have questioned in the back of my mind at one time or another but have just accepted it as mistakes and until now havent thought about them again. But i vaguely remember questioning the occurrences.

  9. I remember when you first wrote about this and I thought it sounded far-fetched. Then over the years, I started noticing people who I vividly remember reading their obituaries, being alive again and then dying for a second time. Bea Arthur was one, so was Larry Hagman, and the beat poet, Feringhelli?. can’t remember how to spell his name, but I had been interested enough to research him when he died the first time and so when I read about his death again, I was shocked. There have been other instances as well. I too remember Jane Goodall’s first obituary. I mentioned this to a friend of mine who is a social worker and she became very concerned about my well-being, thinking I was delusional. Then she concluded that I had just gotten her confused with Dian Fossey. Since then, I note when this happens, but rarely comment on it to anyone other than my husband. Now my husband is starting to notice this as well. I don’t remember reading about Nelson Mandela’s dying earlier, but do remember reading twice about Richard Dawson dying.

    • Thanks so much for sharing some of the other people you’ve seen reported dead more than once. When I told some people about having heard that Jane Goodall died, they also thought I’d confused her with Dian Fossey. I’d very calmly and clearly explain, “No, I would not mix them up,” but it seems only others who also heard of Jane Goodall’s death really get it. Until a person has had their own “alive again” experience, it does sound a bit far-fetched… more like people getting confused. But I find as with all types of reality shifts that the more I pay attention, the more I notice reality shifting. 🙂

    • Now many years later, I read an article that Ferlenghetti is 99 years old!

  10. I just remembered a few more – Lorne Michaels, Gary Coleman and Ernest Borgnine.

  11. 1) I believe media can report a person dead without verifying it as fact, which could explain a person “dying” more than once
    2) regarding the dead cat, was its body removed from the road and actually buried or cremated? if not, I believe it could have left the road on its own because it was not actually dead..several times I have read accounts of people waking up in the morgue and even one where the dead person opened her eyes in time to prevent a surgeon from removing her organs for transplants

    • When a situation involving any kind of alternate history happens to you, naturally you can explain it all away as ‘they made a mistake.’ I find it interesting when I hear about celebrity deaths, I usually see their obituaries reported in many types of media, including on TV, in newspapers, on the radio, and magazines. This isn’t just a matter of one small mistake, such as a newspaper making an error… it’s a wide swath of reporting, rather than something that later gets reported by just one media outlet. And if so many media outlets made false reports, there would be a great deal of further discussion about how such a mistake could have happened.

      Regarding the dead cat, I only heard the news the cat had died. I’d asked my ex-roommate to see the cat, and she had told me with such pain and sorrow in her voice that Ashes (her cat) had died. I felt sad he’d died, and further sad that I didn’t get to see him before he died. I told my ex-roommate how sad I felt that I didn’t get to see him, and she said she was sad, too, and I could hear her sadness in her voice. So even though I didn’t see the cat dead, the sound of his owner’s heartbroken voice was very clear to me.

      • Vivek narain said:

        Hi cynthia, Reality shift is supposed to have happened when media reports vanish from our reality, not when an event is misreported in which case the wrong report should be in existence.You don’t have to defend your position by any stretch of imagination,your narrative is as simple as take it or leave it.

      • There are a wider variety of reality shifts than most people realize. Just about anything that can shift does shift from time to time. What this means is that even when you think “Oh, that death was just mistakenly reported,” reality shifts could effect the report of the mistake. For any of us (myself included) to think we’ve fully contemplated all types of reality shifts is to make a rather common human mistake of thinking just because we’ve given something a name we completely understand it. Reality shifts are natural, and like all aspects of nature, intrinsically mysterious. The more we learn about nature, the more we realize we don’t know.

  12. Vivek narain said:

    Some what i am getting around to the idea that since there are so few of reality shift researchers, it will be prudent if we sneak view what others are doing. Starfire thor has done a lot of brain work,and for a start we can learn a lot from her. Not that i am against the real experiences but any tangential theory might help in such enigmatic and esoteric experiences.

    • I’m hoping to encourage an entire new generation of reality shift researchers, and to that end I’m writing a book designed to help bridge previous perceived gaps between scientific research, theory, and first-hand experiences. The more researchers, the merrier!

      • Vivek narain said:

        Hi cynthia, Since anecdotal data is the most important source to glean reality,you must start a new thread with expanded perspective and emphasis on the happenings where objects get placed at slightly different locations, or return to the locations where they went missing for an interval.

      • I’ve conducted two “How Do You Shift Reality?” surveys… the first one thirteen years ago in 2000, and the second one this year, which is still live:
        When you’ve submitted your results, you’ll be able to see the
        survey results so far. 🙂

  13. I just had the strangest timeline experience on, lol my Facebook Timeline. A friend, passed away and I was viewing the things I had posted in my Timeline and how if you viewed things in the other direction on the line, that looked like the forward progression. It sounds kooky, I don’t know how to explain it. Yes it was linear but reverse is forward.?????

    • Wow, that is so amazing! Sometimes there can be a palindrome effect in life, so things make as much (or more) sense in reverse than forward. It seems there is meaning in this message–that hidden symmetries exist and persist, and there is grand design in all that is.

      • Good, so I am not loosing it? For a minute I thought I might pop out of existence as I felt in the middle of that ac/dc current or what the heck ever it was. 😀

      • Hopefully you’re not losing it. It seems that you noticed a strong energetic effect concurrent with the awareness of the bicausality (forward and backward causation through time) going on. Make sure you drink enough water, get enough sleep, get some exercise and if possible, sit down on the grass or lean against a tree for a few minutes.

  14. Vivek narain said:

    This matter of australia is full of intrigue.i too remember that australia was remotely located with water all around and newzealand at south west,seems that newzealand exists in all four directions.

    • That’s interesting about New Zealand’s location changing relative to Australia. I recall NZ located to the southeast of Australia, and I just checked a map and sure enough, it’s right where I last recall seeing it.

  15. Vivek narain said:

    Hi cynthia, been doing investigation on the location of sri lanka,9 out of 10 persons said they recall the country further southwards from india and not adjacent to the southeastern flank as it currently appears,one person had the memory concurrent with present reality. All of them are gents aged between 30 to 50 and all of the memories date back to more than 15 years ago. How’s that for a clincher,infact i am more intrigued with the one discrepency than with 9 anomalies.

  16. Vivek narain said:

    Thanks Cynthia, mostly what happens with me is extempore,you can say a brief spell propels me,rest of the time i am a classically mediocre person,nevertheless an idea has been gelling in my active brain protected by the obvious mediocrity.What i have observed for a long time is, that most people are a slave to their inherent traits and half of these traits are detrimental to their evolution.When a person acknowledges those negative traits and forces his will to curb them,he finds himself in a different reality where he has been ridden free of the particular impediment,this change of realities may go on happening or it may stop at some particular plane(universe) depending upon the will of the person.I’ve formed this idea after a long contemplation of the apparent rock solidity of the force of circumstance and its stranglehold on all things living or non living.The force of will (to curb a trait)along with attitude seems to be the only way to break the granite wall and enter a different reality.

    • Our willpower is indeed a powerful thing. This is what American psychologist William James was writing about when he mentioned how we will ourselves to get up out of bed on a cold morning, and how through such willpower we can sometimes act as if we have a quality…. and then we do.

  17. Vivek narain said:

    There are sites like which really queer the pitch.Reality is muddy and there are mud throwers aplenty.

  18. Vivek narain said:

    Hi cynthia, Talking of will power and americans, i have studied life of 4 americans with remarkable will power and they did shift reality like anything,they lived on fast track, died young of eeringly similar disease(lupus nephritis),rose from rags to riches and held world spell bound.They are Jack London, Aimee Semple Mc pherson, Frank C Mars,Elvis Presley.

  19. trishlesage said:

    I definitely recall Bea Arthur having died a long time ago. In a telephone conversation with my father, he told me that she had died. I didn’t know she was dead. So, when he told me, I was surprised. I looked it up on Wikipedia, and sure enough, she had already died. I remember looking up all of the actors from The Golden Girls and was saddened to find that all of the actors had already passed away except for Betty White.

  20. Vivek narain said:

    Hi cynthia, A prominent change of physical attributes of a person and then reverting back to former self another day,has such an event been reported to you before,anyway i am reporting.

    • Yes, I’ve heard of peoples’ eye color and hair color and some facial features making significant changes, and sometimes going back and forth between a couple of different possible realities… other times settling on one or the other.

      • I’ve had that happen with my own body. One day I have a sort of mole on my nose and the next it’s not there. Sounds strange but it’s not one of those things that goes away and comes back once in a while.

  21. Vivek narain said:

    Now what? Any method to know the reactions towards the demise? A major event for the conciousness monitoring project.

    • The fact that so many of us are now “watching the boiling pot,” so to speak, means that the quantum zeno effect is kicking in, and for the time being, Nelson Mandela has (again) been reported dead, and this time is being discussed on numerous media and social media outlets as having passed away… so perhaps this time he’ll stay dead. I know of no existing protocol by which to track what happens next, since every time I personally move to a new reality in which someone is Alive Again, I come with no proof from prior universes that they’d died yet. In fact, I meet some people who swear that can’t have happened, or they would have known. Such things are entirely possible, of course, because not everyone’s consciousness moves through various universes in this holographic multiverse in which we most likely live in exactly the same way.

      • Vivek narain said:

        Seems that different universes have different entropy(rate of decay).The timeline we are in has lower entropy than previous one and that accounts for 50 yr olds looking like 30 yr olders of previous timeline.Lower entropy means lesser emotions and lesser urge for poetry.Could be that that previous universe collapes like a bubble when we move to next bubble but old memories,old books or old media(reels,tapes,discs)remain for the sake of posterity.

  22. Vivek narain said:

    Cynthia, Have you noticed that, most alive again celebrities are of U.S and those who remember are also of U.S. Although here in india, largest free country,geographical anomalies are as spooky but no alive again celebrities.India has always been a movie crazy country and the bollywood is as big as hollywood if not bigger.USA is a big country with a long coastline but so are at least half a dozen countries,couple of them bigger.Please let me know your take.

    • Some of the most personally meaningful alive again celebrities I’ve noted have not been closely associated with the United States. I’m thinking here of chimpanzee researcher Jane Goodall, and human rights champion Nelson Mandela. I’d expect to find some alive again celebrity reports in India as well, and I hope if anyone sees this thread and knows of someone they’ve noticed alive again in India, they’ll let us know!

    • In my post at the bottom of the page I mention Richard Harris who is British and Russell Crowe who is Australian, if that helps.

  23. Vivek narain said:

    Just now i saw a resonating post,so i may as well give the details.Lady(40 yrs old) had slightly largish and slightly hanging breasts,a week later they were quite small with no hang and still a week later they were rounded medium sized firm and girlish,when in fact normally they are of second type i.e smallish.

  24. Vivek narain said:

    Hi cynthia, Two years ago i had a vivid dream indicating a place called “salamandore”,i had never known the word,i searched google but not a single file used to be there, instead,”salamander” files were thrown open.Till a few months back i have been searching,but today when i searched, google is full of them.Will you investigate?

  25. Vivek narain said:

    A similar thing happened in october’13 when i discovered,a celebrity hoax death site.The site indicates its presence since october’12,but nobody amongst us investigating celebrity death anomalies ever detected the presence of this site till a year later.Seems internet itself has become a part of alternate realities and anomalies.

    • We can expect to observe alternate realities on search engine searches which show information that in each reality “has always been there” through the history of whatever events we’re investigating… yet we likely recall quite differently.

  26. Jennifer kwik said:

    I can clear as day remember in primary school baby being spelt babby. I saw and copied it from books and then one day it was wrong. Has always stayed with me.

  27. Vivek narain said:

    Right now there are so many false flags coming up all over, giving a sense of bewilderment as to the coming times.What seems to be pertinent is that the 2 super powers have gained access to some ground breaking technique that reveals future literaly or some futuristic technology that provides abundant energy.After decades of intrigue as to aliens and project stargate,perhaps showdown of some sort is imminent,the air is thick with it and may be the puzzle of alternate timeline is tied with this.

  28. Vivek narain said:

    Salamandore is again being redirected to salamander,at least in my browser,what the heck ?

  29. Hey!!!! I’m stuck on the BERENSTEIN bears name changing to berenstain- that’s insane! I am 100 percent positive it was BERENSTEIN

    • It was Berenstein. I remember it because I thought the design and illustration looked like my own work. I remember thinking that it reminded my of Beer Stein. If it had been STAIN I would have made fun of that spelling. I was shocked to read that when I did. Also Sex IN The City in now Sex AND The CIty I guess having sex with one person wasn’t enough for her and she needed to try on the whole city. 🙂

  30. When is Tupac and Biggie coming out of hiding?

  31. I have had many of these experiences but I will only go into the “dead now alive” phenomena. When I was in high school between 1966-70 I heard in class that Nelson Mandella had died in prison. We had a small little history lesson on him and we had a discussion. Other young people were discussing it on campus. I was shocked to hear sometime in the early 90s on a radio program called “Coast to Coast” with Art Bell that he was very much alive. Other people called into the show saying they remembered hearing of his death, as well. I felt very strongly that I had skipped over to another alternate timeline but this was not the first nor the last time that I would feel this way.

    I also remember hearing many years ago that Jane Goodall had been murdered by what they thought was poachers. This memory is not as clear to me as the Nelson Mandella incident but again I was shocked to see her giving a lecture on a youtube video that had been televised at one time after she was supposedly dead. I kept telling myself, as I listened to her lecture, that I must have been thinking of someone else. Maybe I was, but the Nelson Mandella one was a definite, as much was discussed about it at the time.

    I have been geared into my dreams since a small child and eventually started conducting Dream Circles where I teach others to learn their own dream language and to help interpret them. As others share their dreams with me I am many times dreaming it with them and can fill in detail that they have forgotten to share. I feel that I am very good at coming in and out of time shifts and changing the nature of reality but many times I forget to keep my consciousness on what I desire instead of what I don’t want. I am trying to rectify this at this point in my life. Sometimes being lucid in reality is just as difficult, if not more so, than being lucid in dreams.

    I’m glad I found you to remind me to stay on track.

    Love and Light,

    • I just noticed something after posting my last comment which might just be a computer glitch but the time on my post read 6:39 pm when it was 11:40 am. Perhaps this blog is coming from a different time zone. Not sure. Just thought it was weird.


    • Thank you for sharing your recollection of having discussed Nelson Mandela’s death in your high school class in the 1960’s, remembering how there had been a history lesson on Mr. Mandela, so it was quite clear back then he’d died while incarcerated. What we can learn from such experiences of witnessing a reliable account of someone’s having died followed by clear evidence that they’re alive again, is that there are many possible pasts, just as there are many possible futures. This view of reality has much in common with a quantum physics view of reality.

      With regard to how best to maintain an overall positive focus, I recommend starting each day by taking a checkpoint to see how you’re emotionally feeling, and before you even get out of bed, start doing meditation and deep breathing to your belly until you feel relaxed, energized, and positive. This only takes a few minutes, but has the power to positively transform your life.

    • Shriya, you surely won’t see this, but I just wanted to say . . . two weeks ago someone mentioned to me that Jane Goodall was dead. I thought, “No, that can’t be! I would have heard.”

      So I did a search in the Googler, and I got pages of results about how she’d been murdered by poachers. And not recently, but around 10 years ago! I was horrified and heartbroken.

      Then last week, I mentioned this to a friend of mine, who said, “Jane Goodall is very much alive. She gives talks and posts videos on YouTube.”

      So I went back to Google and entered the exact same search term as before — “Jane Goodall death” — and . . . pages of her current activities, no mention of her death.

      Freaked me out so much I sent Cynthia three emails. 😉 The Mandela Effect is a real thing, for sure!

  32. Vivek narain said:

    This is worth reporting,so i am doing it.A couple of days back i was reading a story with emphasis on calla lily in my mind,i remember reading ‘a hand as soft as calla lily’ but today the story says ‘as graceful as calla lily’.Is it a natural cognition miss, or what?,somehow it gives a creeping feel of reality shift.

    • Reality shifts in movies and books are some of the most startling to me, since I grew up considering such resources to be references we can expect to be there for us consistently again and again. Yet, I’ve witnessed remarkable changes in both movies and books, much like what you describe.

  33. Vivek narain said:

    Assuming reality shift to be a true phenomena,and taking note of Jung’s 3 dimensional theory of synchronicity(coincidence,clairvoyance,precognition) and his fascination with lunar astrology(original indian statistical science)and his frustration with formulating an exact postulate,despite being assisted with the finest quantum physicists,and a first hand experience of occult science,he nevertheless prompted the great world power the US to take notice.Scientists throughout the 20th century have an attitude of reductionist approach,reality shift suits them to explain various esoteric but incomprehensible incidents like precog and clairvoyance,and yet no commitment has come.Is it possible that the famed ‘project stargate’ is a highly censored top secret project that involves occultists of various places ?

  34. Michael Hodgerney said:

    Between 10 and 15 years ago I didtinctly recall seeing on TV the deaths of Little Richard, Michael Deluise and Johnny Mathis all of whom are still among the living as of today, June28, 2015.

    • Wow! Thanks for posting your recollection of these alive again celebrities. I also recall Little Richard and Johnny Mathis having passed away, and am glad to hear they’re among the living as of today!

  35. OK. I’ve told this story on gltch_in_the_matrix on But here goes. In 2001 or 2002 I rented the movie, Gladiator because Russell Crowe was on David Letterman talking about Richard Harris dying of stomach cancer from decades of drinking. I know Oliver Reed died during filming and I’ve been told I may have been confused about that. But, Russell was talking about the slow wasting away of Richard Harris (not Oliver Reed) during the filming and how ironically Richard’s character, was also dying in the movie. I rented the movie and sure enough Richard Harris was terribly gaunt and obviously dying or so it seemed.
    I was living in Colorado but dating a woman in Santa Fe. When I was in Santa Fe I mentioned the story and so we rented the movie and watched it. Everything was the same except that Richard Harris was now no longer gaunt. I was at a loss and my girlfriend said that I must have just made a mistake. But the very reason we were renting the movie was because of Richard dying and paying a character who was also dying.
    Fast forward a few weeks and I’m still in Santa Fe. I went to a coffee shop and saw Richard Harris on the cover of a magazine!I thought it must be an old magazine but if it was why would it be for sale. I picked it up and read the article. It talked about how Richard Harris had quit drinking in his early twenties and had been sober ever since.
    I remembered Russell Crowe talking about Richard dying from drinking and yet here was a recent magazine article saying he was alive and sober.
    At this point I gave up trying to figure out what was going on.
    A few years later I saw on the news that Richard Harris had just died from some form of stomach cancer. It was the same thing that killed him a few years before.

    So, Richard died and came back and died again from my perspective. Also Bob Keeshan, Captain Kangaroo, did a similar thing but years ago in 1973, I think. He died of a heart attack and much to my surprise years later I found he was alive. Years later he finally did die of a heart attack.

    I also remember Sex IN the City and not Sex AND the City. If it had been named with AND I would have had a running joke about that for years in the sense of having sex and then with the entire city later?

  36. Braden Marshall said:

    I remember seeing a scene in The Avengers (The first one) where Agent: Maria Hill was complaining to someone via headset as to why Spider-Man isn’t in the Avengers. Any thoughts on that?( Also, sorry for commenting so late)

    • Wow–that would be surprising to hear, since Spider-Man now apparently came into the world toward the end of 1962, and the first episode of The Avengers aired one year earlier, in 1961! This is the kind of reality shift people often do remember, and all one has is the memory, since all “facts” are coherent with the current reality.

  37. I have witnessed a tinme slip before.. I was in grade 8 going to school and I saw a helium airship…dont remember what they are called but from decades ago…and I was looking at it so confused I thought I was seeing things….then it went behind a biulding and it dissapeared, it was huge and im sure other people must have seen it too….ever since then ive been so curious with dimensions, and time slips!

    • Steven philpott said:

      Just been researching mandela effect, and I had always been curious about an event as a child, and thought I’d search the two together and found this comment. Exactly the same thing happened to me, strange thing was everything went quiet, no traffic around. I even banged on my friends door so they could come and witness seeing this massive airship flying over, nobody came out until it had gone out of sight, and nobody heard me banging loudly on the door!

      • Wow! I’m intrigued that two people have witnessed helium airships flying overhead–and I take it these were not the typical types of “Goodyear blimps” that are somewhat common, but rather something from a bygone age? In current historical documents, the first USA helium airship flight was in December 1921

  38. […] and Mail. I first wrote about having remembered Nelson Mandela passing away while incarcerated in my blog and the August 2013 issue of RealityShifters. Over the past couple of years, increasing numbers of […]

  39. My moment came this evening, cleaning up my kids room and purging items..clothes, toys, movies, and books…and I came across the inevitable and heavily debated Berenstein Bears book ( I spell it how I remember it) because I recall a time in my childhood debating with myself on how it should be pronounced… (Stine or Steen) and thought the show always pronounced it wrong….I am without a doubt 100% positive it was BerenstEin…another is the fact I clearly remember hearing of Eddie Van Halen dying several years ago…and mentioning it in a conversation to discover he was still alive?!? I still cannot wrap my head around that one.

    • Thank you for sharing this moment of reckoning, with the odd-looking “Berenstain Bears” book in hand. I also remember wondering whether to pronounce it BerenSTEEN or BerenSTINE, too! And there would have been no such thoughts for either of us, had we seen the current BerenSTAIN spelling. So instead of wondering “Is it steen or Stine?” I’d have berry-stained bear paws on my mind! I’d love to know if other readers have heard of Eddie Van Halen passing away, too. That particular alive again report wasn’t on my radar.

  40. I am still almost dizzy from recently finding that Looney Toons has changed to Looney Tunes!!!!

    There is no way – no possible way – that it was ever titled Looney Tunes. It was TOONS!!!

    I have a Daffy tatto for over 20 years – I am still a huge fan and it was always Looney Toons.

    This had the same effect on me as if suddenly James Bond became James Pond. I swear. All I can do is shake my head in disbelief and laugh.

    • No no no no no . . . it was DEFINITELY “Looney Toons” in my timeline, as well! =))

      I distinctly remember the anomalous spelling from when I was a child. I remember it as a sort of revelation that you could do those kinds of things with language and with spelling. I mean, I didn’t just notice it, I really thought about it!

      No idea when all this “Tunes” stuff happened! 😉

  41. I learned about the Mandela effect only this morning and realized that there was a term for a phenomena that has happened in my life. I vividly remember going to visit my great grandmother who lived in Columbia, SC twice both in 4th and 5th grade during long weekends. I know exactly what she looked like and her demeanor. I greatly enjoyed my visits with her. When I asked my mom around 6th or 7th grade when we were going to visit her again, she looked at me completely shocked and said “my grandmother from South Carolina? She passed away when you were 1.” She showed me many pictures and there she was, the woman I distinctly remember visiting. She held me as a baby and I apparently hadn’t seen her since. It was mind-blowing to discover this effect this morning.

    • Thank you for sharing your experience with visiting your great grandmother when you were young (perhaps 9 and 10 years old–old enough at that age to have fairly clear memories)–and then subsequently discovering such visits are now considered to be impossible, based on the current facts about when she died when you were one year old. Yes, this does sound like you’ve had quite an impressive alternate history experience!

  42. Vivek narain said:

    Cynthia, Since your blog is all inclusive,the reports are personal as well as the wide spread(mandela effect),you have much data at hand.Tell me how one copes with a tangible reality shift like the one i mentioned earlier,that of shrinking and expanding breasts ?and that includes perceptible change of attitude.

  43. A few years ago me and my mom were talking about VCRs and how we used to record movies off the television back in the 80’s, anyhow we got to talking about the changes Lucas has made in the older films and she mentions to me about a scene that apparent to her got deleted from the empire strikes back film. So I asked her what scene and she tells that there was a scene where luke skywalker gets into a battle with, not one but with several Wampas (the white bigfoot looking creatures).
    She goes on about how the Wampas were systematically attempting to trap both Luke Skywalker and Han Solo in their lair and that a fearsome battle took place. Now I was but a child at the time it was recorded so I brushed it off as though I may have been too young to remember the scene however, I have never witnessed any Wampa battle other than this reality’s scene where the only wampa in the movie gets its arm cut off and supposedly killed.
    Understand that my mother is very conservative and would never lie about such things. She even stared at me with her serious expression and told me that we should watch the VHS tape again. Now at the time I simply said that we should but unfortunately I never made the attempt. However I am going to visit her next week and do a follow though with her on the topic without freaking her out of course.
    By the way I should mention that ever since I can remember I was always afraid of departure from my single mother as she raised me as a single child. My fear of being disconnected from her was so great that I whenever we walked anywhere together I always made sure no tree, post, and any structure got inbetween our path as I believed that If anything did that somehow we would be split by the object into another reality. I never told my mom this until recent years. It makes me question myself as to how a 4 year old child (me) could comprehend such an anomaly.

  44. My apologies Cynthia to both you and your viewers. I would never report a fabricated lie. I did a quick research on youtube and I found the scene my mom mentioned. its here starting at 3:52

    I would appreciate it if you would remove both my comments now but I will leave it up to you.

    I do need to mention that I truly believe in alternate realities and that we are capable of shifting our own reality to some degree (whatever our own reality is). Perhaps the mere mentioning of the deleted scene to you brought it back to my reality as a way of solidifying the illusion to my consciousness. Who Knows.

  45. This happened to me somewhere in the mid nineties. I made a comment to my mother that I thought it was such a shame that Bea Arthur had died as I felt she had so much more to contribute to comedy. My mother insisted she was alive and I was 100 percent sure she had died several years before. Of course, I had to eat crow that day! I couldn’t get over the fact that I had been completely wrong about something that was so obvious to me for so long.

    Did my (and apparently 20 percent of others) timeline change? Did Bea Arthur’s? So intriguing…

    • Thanks for sharing your experience! As you point out, you’re certainly not the only one who was surprised to see Bea Arthur was still with us in the 1990s. When we collectively experience this kind of “alive again” phenomenon or “Mandela effect” with celebrities being noticed alive again after having been previously reported dead by reputable sources–and when we take such alternate histories seriously–we stand to gain a profoundly new worldview of quantum consciousness.

  46. I have never heard about the Mandela effect until now actually, but I just have to share. I am an English teacher in Russia and a few years back (around 8-10, hard to be sure) I came across an article about Jane Goodall in a textbook I used with my class. This article briefly outlined her life and her work with primates and then mentioned that she was murdered by poachers (I vividly remember that, because “poacher” was one of the new words for my students, I had to explain what it meant). And it didn’t just state the fact, but there were some things said about value of her work and loss of a great professional and enthusiast. I am actually amazed to find out she is alive! And I couldn’t have possibly confused her with another person, because I don’t think I had even heard about her until I read that article.

    • Thank you for commenting, and sharing what you recall about this alternate history in which Jane Goodall was killed by poachers. Fortunately for us and the world, that history does not currently appear to be true, but I remember it also, and I’m certain I am not confusing her with another primate researcher, because that was part of what was so astonishing to me–the timing of hearing about two primate researchers dying so close together, both murdered. I’d love to confirm with you that you also, are certain you’re not confusing Jane Goodall with some other primate researcher.

  47. Vivek narain said:

    For me new realities and synchronicities act similarly in manifesting positive outcome for mundane as well as important events.Do they have a common causative factor?


  49. Valerie said:

    Hello. I have synesthesia, which means that I associate (in my case) colors with letters in the alphabet. I am not going to go into detail because I am not some neuroscientist who could explain, so please look it up if you wish to know more. Anyway, I specifically remember reading the Berenstein Bears when I was younger. The spelling was Berenstein, because the color of the word was Brown-Green-Purple-Green-Orange-Yellow-Light Green-GREEN-Pink-Orange. If it was Berenstain, it would have red in place of the green and the word would be brown red overall (because a is a strong color). The word, though, has always been brown green in my memories.

    • Thank you, Valerie, for sharing your synesthetic memory of remembering the “Berenstein” Bears for the brown-green color, which is very different from how you would remember “Berenstain” as overall brown-red. I’ve shared some research about synesthesia (“sensing together”) in my book, “Aura Advantage,” with interesting insights about the way most children experience synesthesia, and how many famous musicians and composers (such as Franz Liszt) also have experienced synesthesia. So I’m especially pleased to hear from you, and very grateful for you to share your experience with the colors of “Berenstein” and “Berenstain.”

      • Vivek narain said:

        Bad memories and bad deeds hound us throughout life even when good memories and good deeds greatly outnumber those bad ones.Can you suggest, how to shift to wipe the slate clean.

  50. Prayer and meditation work best for me for teaching myself how to let go of negative emotions and memories. Some people also find lucid dreaming and hypnosis (and self-hypnosis) helpful.

  51. Vivek narain said:

    Alexandra Wolff 25 of Maryland is one among 55 americans with unerasable memory.If a couple of them are queried as to alternate memories,some tangible facts could emerge.

  52. starsinmyeyes said:

    I’ve only been aware of the ME since late 2015 and I live in Australia. (And I do feel it’s shifted and not as isolated.) I recently discovered (end of March 2016), that the number of points on the stars on the Australian flag looked wrong on the flag behind the Prime Minister in a TV speech. There is the 7-pointed Commonwealth star, and I recall the four stars that form the Southern Cross having 5 points – but ‘today’ there are 7 points on each of those. There is a smaller 5 pointed star now and in my memory. Teacher friends of mine have fuzzy memories about it.
    Also, the New Zealand flag, ‘now’ has red stars with a white border, but in my memory they were white stars w a red border. A NZ woman I asked agreed w me completely.
    These flags were sometimes confused in sporting events, the wrong one being hoisted for the winner. In this timeline, that seems an unlikely event.

    • Thanks for sharing your recollection of a different history for the Australian flag, with the four stars that form the Southern Cross having five points, rather than the seven that now appear–and also the New Zealand flag previously having white stars with a red border, rather than red stars with a white border. I’m intrigued that a woman you know from New Zealand also remembers the New Zealand flag differently, and I’d love to know if others recall this, too.

      • starsinmyeyes said:

        Shortly after noticing this I jumped on the net and found a discussion a year ago about it. I cannot find the site!
        I’ve noticed that as time has moved from my discovery, the different people I’ve quizzed have gone from fuzzy memories (“I never really looked”), to adamant, (“It’s always been like this.”) And when I initially found it hard to even find a physical flag, they’re everywhere I turn now. And it still looks wrong to me.

  53. Not sure if this is quite same thing, but I remember a scene in the Wizard of Oz after Dorothy had been captured. She was in the wicked witches Castle. It was getting late and she wouldn’t take off her ruby red slippers. The witch devised a plan to get them off of Dorothy’s feet and told her she had to go take a bath.

    The next scene shows Dorothy in a huge bathroom. Dorothy is in the bathtub when the wicked witch comes in. The witch is walking slowly towards the tub were Dorothy has her ruby red slippers on the floor. Just as the witch starts to reach for the slippers Dorothy moves and The water splashes. The which jumps back and starts yelling at Dorothy. Something to the effect of, “What are you doing? I can’t get wet!” Or “what are you doing? if that water touches me it will…” and I can’t remember what it is but not good for the witch.

    This is where Dorothy finds out water will destroy the witch. So the ending scene where Dorothy’s trying to help the scarecrow by putting out the fire, when the water hits the witch and we see her melt, it’s not that much as surprised as to why she’s melting. We knew what the water would do to the witch if it touched her.

    I’ve never seen that scene again only the first time I watched it when I was very young between the ages of four and six. I have asked many many people about that scene nobody I’ve asked has remembered it

    • Yes, this definitely sounds like the same thing. One of the great things about the internet is that it provides us with access to others who remember the same histories we do. The “Mandela Effect” is possible thanks to the internet, since before such shared global communication it was much more difficult for people to find out that others remember similar ‘histories that didn’t happen.’ About the only pre-internet Mandela effect incidents were thus cases of celebrities being ‘mistakenly’ presumed to have died while still alive.

      For example, in late May of 1897 the English correspondent for the New York Journal, Frank Marshall White, contacted Mark Twain in London to inquire about his health, since some had heard he’d died. On June 2, 1897, an article was published in the New York Journal that said in part:

      Mark Twain was undecided whether to be more amused or annoyed when a Journal representative informed him today of the report in New York that he was dying in poverty in London…
      The great humorist, while not perhaps very robust, is in the best of health. He said:
      “I can understand perfectly how the report of my illness got about, I have even heard on good authority that I was dead. James Ross Clemens, a cousin of mine, was seriously ill two or three weeks ago in London, but is well now. The report of my illness grew out of his illness.
      The report of my death was an exaggeration.”

  54. Is it silence of the lambs or The silence of the lambs? I m pretty sure it was without the,The.

    • I recall it as “The Silence of the Lambs,” but that’s not to say that lots of other people don’t recall that it used to be “Silence of the Lambs.”

  55. I had a experience where I had this knife and iost itt last year at work but my girl found it at her parent’s house but I know I had it after we left there and haven’t been back since after it was lost there is no way it could have been there

    • Yes! Your experience knowing that you had lost your knife at work, and then your girlfriend later finding it at her parents’ house is an excellent example of alternate histories / reality shift experiences. Thanks for sharing this.

  56. I am just learning about this phenomenon but I have DEFINITELY experienced my share of weirdness, even with the word “definitely”! I recall a time, about 14 years ago on a Saturday morning. My husband, daughter, and I got up and readied ourselves for the day. She we were about ready to leave, my husband went outside and quickly came back in. He told me that our family cat, Nala, had just been hit by a car. The car took off, and there was no saving poor Nala. We cried and buried her. Our sweet daughter, age 5 at the time, took it the worst. After a few hours, we left on our intended destination. While out that day we ran into ppl giving kittens away. Of course, after our loss, I didn’t want one. But my daughter was captivated and we took one anyways. She we were done with our day, we headed home. She pulling up to the driveway…guess who was sitting on our front porch?! Nala. We KNOW she died. We know we buried her. Yet…there she was. Absolutely no explanation. Still to this day…we are clueless. Correction…I’m learning more and more…so…I’m not as clueless as I once was. We buried her. She was the only cat I have ever known with the markings she had. Still to this day have never seen another one like her. She died, we buried her, and when we came home…she was sitting on our front porch.

  57. Vivek narain said:

    Jamie, things don’t usually go to the extent that after a burial you find it alive,what happens is some one tells you your cat died in an accident,later on you find it bruised but very much alive.A tangible event like burial gives your account a sense of surreality,but everything is possible and there is always a first time.

  58. This hit me hard about five days ago and I am finding it to be extremely difficult. Once you wake up everything changes but nobody around you seems to notice. Had a bit of a breakdown on Sunday and ended up handcuffed and in the hospital. That’s not my life. My whole body is different. I can’t eat the same foods, can’t focus. I’m sorry but does anyone know where to find help and support online?

    • The key to getting through this is in knowing that these changes are part of Nature and are completely natural. In other words, we can learn to ‘surf the multiverse’ and find our way through shifting realities. Be kind to yourself, and know that even though things change, your awareness of yourself in the form of consciousness is eternal, and is your true identity. Meditating and watching your thoughts and feelings can be extremely helpful. I wrote my book, “Reality Shifts: When Consciousness Changes the Physical World” to be a guide to learning to walk in different worlds more enjoyably.

      • Thank you! Will go to the bookstore soon. I’m sorry for commenting so much but there are few places to turn and I don’t know anyone in real life that I can talk to. Thank you.

  59. I haven’t seen any comments about the change in human anatomy. That’s been the hardest. My heart is now in the middle of my chest, which is great for chakras, but it used to be on the left and much higher. That’s why when we pledge allegiance we put our hands over our left breast. All internal organs are different. But what’s freaking me out the most is when the doctor listened to my heart he first put the stethoscope where my hearts used to be then slide it down to where it is now! Why would he if everyone’s anatomy is the same. Or am I just a freak?

    • People are noticing changes in human anatomy, as well as geographic changes. Pretty much any ‘fact’ can (and often does) change–but the true understanding of who we really are as consciousness remains the same. Learning to observe your thoughts and feelings is most helpful, so you can better identify not with any particular ‘reality,’ but rather as the observer. You can subscribe to the RealityShifters newsletter and read all past issues also at:

  60. Here’s an interesting Mandela Effect story…I used to work with two sisters that moved to America from Brazil…I myself am a martial artist who has practiced many disciplines…Brazilian jui jitsu being one of them…I expressed to them how cool it would be to go to Brazil to train and inquired about the length of the trip from them…they said it wasn’t too bad if you went through Miami….because it was nearly a straight shot south from there…in fact I think they might of told me that’s the only way to connect to Brazil from America…now when I look at an atlas, it appears to me that Argentina and Chile are east of Florida…I thought those countries were in the same time zone as California?…my mind is boggled

  61. starsinmyeyes said:

    In a similar vein, my cousin lives in Texas and her daughter moved to Argentina in 2010. I remember thinking (but not asking my cousin!) if they were in the same time zone since the 2 areas were nearly in line with each other. Obviously they are no longer aligned.

    • starsinmyeyes said:

      I came across this logo of a test center in Utah in the 60s. The map looks correct to me from my memory. So how did it slip through as a physical image or object – because it’s roughly drawn? The many timelines theory begins to fall down here.

      • You’re right to question physical evidence slipping through, since over the past 17 years of studying examples of reality shifts and Mandela Effects, people have not seen simultaneously co-existing physical evidence of alternate realities. The exception would come from physical evidence created based on a person’s memory of alternate realities. And in some cases, logos go through evolution, so they can be poor examples of reality shifts and Mandela Effects. This was a topic in my most recent YouTube video, “3 Qualities of Genuine Mandela Effects”

      • starsinmyeyes said:

        I wonder if the obscure Deseret Test Center logo, now that it’s brought to the attention of interested people and their viewing of it, will then evolve as you’ve suggested.

      • I’m suggesting that once we notice two co-existing concurrent examples of something, such as an evolving logo, we are seeing examples of logo evolution.

  62. This last 3 days has been a very anxious time, looking into these effects and realizing more than a dozen references made by so many online (and now as I ask people) are not what they were. ( or at least what I definitely remember!) The life after death examples are very “pointed” and notable to discuss.

    As I have read this morning through your site, I began to remember the first possible time I had such a setback in my so-called memory. Yet this was in REVERSE! I am 52 years old with 4 children and a granddaughter. I’ve been self employed most of my life and have enjoyed thousands of relationships through the years. This one memory still hits me hard.

    Growing up while living in Oklahoma, my parents had married and divorced 2 times on each side before finally settling into a stable relationship. My mothers 3rd husband came into my life when I was 9 years old. I lived with both of them for about 3 years before I eventually moved into the home of my father who had just married for the 3rd time and bought a home out on a lake outside Tulsa. From that point on I would visit my mother and stepfather a few times a year until I graduated.

    Coming out of high school I moved to Texas to go to Devry Institute of Technology located in the Dallas area. As I began the classes I went to see my step father for Christmas who was living by himself in Oklahoma City. (My mother and him divorced sometime before) I took with me a friend and roommate on the trip for company just because I felt a little odd visiting just him without my mother present. My relationship with him was somewhat tense being a stepchild over the years.

    We stayed only for the day and our visit went well enough, but on the way back I was pulled over for speeding. An Oklahoma DPS clocked me doing WAY TO FAST! (well over 100) In Oklahoma at that time you would surrender your license until the matter settled. The fine being extremely expensive I couldn’t pay it for some time.

    About 3 months later during spring break I went to visit my mother and grandmother in northern Oklahoma (Bartlesville) which lasted about 3 days. It was at that time I was told my stepfather had died. I was a little shocked thinking and saying that I had visited him not to long ago. My grandmother and I weren’t on the same page as we discussed the matter and it wasn’t until I mentioned “no license” as I was about to leave for Texas that the conversation got strange. She told me that he had died about 2 years before. She produced the documentation and made it clear that some friends that knew my mother had sent over a few things that my stepfather had of hers.

    Not wanting to argue with either one of them over something so strange I left to go home. I chalked it up to them having faulty information. Even though I loved them both very much; both my mother and grandmother lived a somewhat meager life style that was in so many ways dysfunctional.

    As I got back to Texas I finally had to clean up my ticket which was well over do. Not having enough money I called my father who was now living in Florida for financial help. During the conversation I brought up the fact that my stepfather was gone and he confirmed it. He had kept in touch with my mother and her side of the family over the years and remembered being told. I told him that months before I had visited him just before Christmas. He then became confused and unsure not having any real connection to the man.

    I never looked into his death (as in the year) and never tried to contact him again after that. My friend and I were the only ones who wondered what was up? This on top of the fact that I know FOR SURE Billy Graham died and his son Franklin Graham took over completely. I’m from Oklahoma the “Buckle on the Bible Belt”. I was raised my whole life in a church. The 3 people I have asked about this reality knew it too. I only told one that he is still alive. I plan to ask so many more!

  63. I have just recently been awakened to the mandela.effect. my recollection of.jfk assassination is a no.middle seat no roll bar no two people in middle and it’s black and white not color. I just watched this over an over a few years back. Even saw it on the history channel. To me this is the smoking gun proof because all thru out the decades the reenactments the movies and the museums all have 4 seater cars. Not a stretch limo

    • And we have had a conspiracy theory for over ten years that when the limo slowed down the driver turned and shot Kennedy. This would have made that theory laughable.

  64. Look at all the world’s monuments. There are n ow 6 pyramids in giza. Nig ben is not on v the london bridge and much more

  65. Movie “Steel (1979)” huge difference now

    In this movie about construction of a skyscraper, the version from my timeline, has a scene in which the ironwork has been completed and all that is left to do is to burn one last bolt hole so the last beam could be bolted into place. They send a man up with a backpack type portable oxyacetylene cutting outfit and after he finishes piercing the hole, the cylinders on his back explode sending the man plummeting to his death.

    In the version of the same movie from THIS timeline, there is no backpack cutting torch outfit, but rather, the man uses long hoses via a conventional setup with standard sized oxygen and acetylene cylinders located on the floor beneath where he is working, and the project is far from being completed. A steel beam is lifted into place with a crane but the holes in the column don’t line up right so holes need to be burned into the steel column for the bolts. After the guy finishes burning the holes he shuts off the torch, then the scene shows the acetylene gauge reading empty and the oxygen full; remember this is 1979 so no reverse flow safety check valves. The high pressure oxygen reverse-flowed back through the hoses and into the empty acetylene cylinder sending the pressure way above the danger zone and an explosion ensues a chain reaction of more gas cylinders exploding in a domino effect. The guy at this point is unhurt by the explosion but ends up falling to his death while trying to help another man who is frozen with fear.

    I’ve searched and searched for the version i remember but it doesn’t exist anymore to my knowledge.

    • Thanks so much for sharing your recollection of this rather large change to the movie, “Steel.” I’ve seen similarly huge changes to other movies, so I know from first-hand experience how frustrating it is to find a version of the movie that’s changed. In my case, my very own DVD changed, which I know can happen, so therefore it did happen–and now a scene in the movie “Synecdoche, New York” in which a daughter talks about having lied about something of huge importance is no longer in the movie at all, nor is there anything even closely similar.

  66. Bob Keeshan is not right, he was always Bob SHEEHAN. Look for an old Johnny Carson interview with Lee marvin.

  67. I’ve been wondering about alternate histories in relation to the Woody Allen sexual abuse allegations by his daughter Dylan. The thing that I’ve always found so puzzling is that both sides seem utterly convincing to me.

    Dylan has never wavered and her entire family is utterly sure that Woody molested her. I’ve always found her completely believable, and was absolutely convinced that Woody was guilty. I forced myself to watch an interview with him and was stunned that he struck me as absolutely believable as well. I mean, I don’t even like the man, and all my instincts told me that he was wrongly accused. And yet I “know” that Dylan’s truth is true as well.

    So the question has occurred to me: Do you think it’s possible that the Dylan and Woody we’re encountering in this timeline have each arrived here via two different timelines? Is it possible that each is telling the truth as they actually experienced it? And yet their pasts don’t agree?

    This is not about feeling sympathy or wanting things to turn out a certain way. For instance, i have no such questions in the Bill Cosby situation. I am genuinely baffled by the Woody/Dylan situation.

  68. That’s a good question–and it seems that in any such argument, both people could be correct. I co-authored an article about how we can learn to maneuver through life when talking with someone who is convinced they experienced something very different, called “When Worlds Collide: How Parallel Realities Can Heal Interpersonal Relationships”

    • Cynthia, you are definitely the most interesting person I know! I just downloaded it — I caught the term “psychoacoustics” which means I have to read it NOW. =))

  69. […] want to believe that, but if you don’t trust your own gut instinct, whose do you trust? Sources: Alternate Histories and the Mandela Effect […]

  70. Vivek narain said:

    25 years back i used to play with toy fm microphones(costing 1/2 $)they worked beautifully with radios having analog tuners but not with digital tuners like in mobile phone radios(till about 1o yrs back).But now the same 25 yr old mics(i have 4 of them)are working perfectly with mobile phone radios,one of the mobile is old nokia 5300 besides other cheap 20 $ mobiles.

  71. Vivek narain said:

    A couple of years back i used to know that there were three conditions that caused diabetes type 2.They were : insulin deficiency,insulin resistance and misshapen insulin molecule.But now the third factor no longer exists.

  72. What does it mean if you can see both time lines at once ?

    • When I see two (or more) possibilities at once that both feel ‘real,’ I take it to mean that I have a choice of preference in this moment. I notice in those moments I am putting more attention and emotional energy on one than the other(s), and notice this then becomes the singular reality afterward, in most cases.

  73. All those people are still alive? I’m so happy!! I have seen many famous people come back throughout my life. I’m pretty sure I’ve been popping around timelines since I was very young. It intrigues me & leaves me wondering if you could be in the moment of every timeline at the exact same point in time. It would be fun to try to control travel and eventually succeed in multiple lives at the exact same moment of one consciousness. I suspect that if our souls are split into multiple dimensions then we are possibly connected through quantum entanglement. Hmmmm…Goals!! 😜👍

  74. Vivek narain said:

    Rebecca, All the people are always alive,like a video in a memory chip.What we do is for keeps,in a remorseless hard drive,so we better behave now that we realise the analogy.When we grieve on someone’s passing away,we foolishly don’t imagine that soon we too will be grieved upon.

  75. Vivek narain said:

    Devanand,the suavest iconic star of bollywood,made his debut in 1946 movie ‘Taxi driver’.But now google says ‘Taxi driver’ came along in 1954 after several movies,though the debut was in 1946 for a different movie.

  76. Patricia Dunn said:

    For me it as Bea Arthur – sometime in the 90’s. I was shocked years later to learn that she was (at that time,) alive and well.
    Very recently I found myself upset about the passing of Marianne Williamson, whose death came so close in time to Debbi Ford’s and Dr. Wayne Dyer’s. I was devastated at the loss of yet another enlightened soul.
    Well, just the other day, my friend mentioned that Ms. Williamson was scheduled to give a talk in New York City. I was adamant that she had died until she proved unequivocally that I was wrong.
    Here’s what’s been plaguing me ever since: Although this all transpired within the past couple of weeks, I don’t remember the original source of this information at all – that memory seems lost in a fog. There’s a blank space where that memory should be!
    I do remember frantically searching the internet which resulted in the sad confirmation. Of course I didn’t document this research. I had absolutely no reason to do that.
    You can bet that the next time I learn of a celebrity’s death, I will certainly document the information!

    • I’m so glad that Marianne Williamson is alive! And I think I know what you mean about that feeling of shock when hearing the good news someone isn’t dead after all! And now when I do hear about celebrities dying, I often immediately think, “Hopefully this won’t be the first time I hear of their death.” That may seem an odd thing to think, but some of us have been noticing this “alive again” phenomenon long before it became so famous as the Mandela Effect! And many of us noted the surprise about Bea Arthur being alive when several of us were sure we’d heard she’d died, back in 2005.

  77. Very intriguing indeed. My husband and I had an indepth conversation after watching this video and realized we both not only remember Walter Cronkite dying long before 2009 but also remember his name being spelled Kronkite. However, we cannot recall exactly when he had died. I’ve done some digging however I was unable to nail down a time frame for this memory of Kronkite’s death. Does anyone know of any specific dates for Kronkite’s pre-2009 death or other Mandela Effect examples? Thanks!

  78. […] want to believe that, but if you don’t trust your own gut instinct, whose do you trust? Sources: Alternate Histories and the Mandela Effect […]

  79. i heard david cassidy died back in 1994 ,and i was shocked to find out he died 2017,what is going on here!

  80. Vivek narain said:

    Around 45 yrs back mom used to recite the story from the book ‘The Count of Monte Cristoe’,and I remember that she told of one Douglas in the story.Now I find there is no Douglas but a Danglars,and I am absolutely sure because of peculiar pronunciation she used for the name.

    • Thanks so much for sharing this recollection of an alternate history–with your so clearly remembering the way your mother pronounced the word “Douglas” while reading aloud the story “The Count of Monte Cristo” to you. Obviously that word, “Douglas” sounds distinct and very different from “Danglars” which aside from starting with the same letter, “D” is totally and completely distinct. Very cool!

  81. I first heard of this when Starfire Tor spoke about it on Coast to Coast AM and called them Time Shifts. My first real recollection of the experience was when I became interested in the music of Kris Kristofferson be and read about his passing in the 1989s, but now he is still alive. Then it was Shirley Temple dying if old age, when I remember her dying young. Now I was reminiscing on Frank Oz and his highly publicized death about 7 years ago, but now he is still alive. I am happy that they are alive, but I don’t know if I am crazy or the effect is real. I searched for other people who remembered his death and they are out there, so I am not the only one.

    • You are definitely not the only one! I just attended a conference on this topic, the Mandela Effect Conference, which was held in Ketchum, Idaho in November 2019. All the talks and presentations from that conference are being posted on the International Mandela Effect Conference channel on YouTube, where you can see the history, science, and a great deal of supporting evidence to demonstrate that these quantum shifts, reality shifts, Mandela Effects, quantum effects–or whatever you want to call them–are quite real. You can also read first-hand reports from people around the world, sharing their experiences in the RealityShifters ezine, which is published each month for free. You can subscribe at Thanks so much for reading this and commenting!

  82. Hello. Singer Chris De Burgh died in 2009, I Saw on tv news. And I saw his funeral on tv. But ten years later he is active and alive again.

    • Thanks for sharing your memory about having seen Chris De Burgh’s funeral on TV back in 2009. While this particular case wasn’t on my ‘radar’ at that time, I’m sure others will likely recall this, too.

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