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Nelson Mandela Didn’t Die in Prison, and Why it Matters


“The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.”   – Mark Twain

If you remember seeing media coverage of Nelson Mandela having died in prison in the 1980s, and you’re wondering why he’s just this month been reported dead again, you’re in good company. Mandela is one of the most commonly discussed celebrities who has been seen alive after having been reported dead. When we personally witness disparities between events we remember having happened and what reliable physical evidence suggests has occurred, we might at first feel a sense of dissonance. Fortunately, we need not stay confused, since noticing the differences between our memories and evidence in our current reality allows us to gain valuable direct experience of how malleable reality can truly be. Recent scientific discoveries suggest it’s quite likely that both this so-called “Mandela Effect,” also known as the “Alive Again” phenomena, are not new, as shamans and spiritual teachers from every continent and age of humankind have described for millennia.

The Mechanism Behind the Mandela Effect

We are fortunate to be alive at a time when scientists from several different branches of physics are converging on the idea that we live in a holographic multiverse… AND that everything including you and me have a truly quantum nature. When we put these two big ideas together, we see the mechanism by which we can understand and appreciate how things like intuition, synchronicity, the placebo effect, and spontaneous remission can transpire.

Illustration of Holographic Multiverse from "Quantum Jumps: An Extraordinary Science of Happiness and Prosperity"

Illustration of Holographic Multiverse from “Quantum Jumps: An Extraordinary Science of Happiness and Prosperity”

Evidence supporting the concept of many parallel universes being interconnected comes from UC Berkeley’s Raphael Bousso, whose view of reality has been gaining support ever since last year’s discovery of the Higgs boson. And there is further good news for those wondering, “Where are these other parallel universes?” Some of the first hard evidence of other universes was found just this year by theoretical physicist Laura Mersini-Houghton of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Carnegie Mellon professor Richard Holman, through cosmic background radiation data collected by the European Space Agency’s Planck telescope, which indicates the presence of other external universes to our own at the very moment of the Big Bang.

What Happens in the Quantum Realm Doesn’t Stay in the Quantum Realm

In much the same way that some people prefer that “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas,” many physicists have hoped that the weirdness known to happen in the quantum realm would remain safely confined there. This appears to not be the case, as evidenced in recent ground-breaking laboratory experiments over the past few years. Increasing numbers of studies with macroscopic scale objects, such as diamonds, are consistently and repeatedly demonstrating such distinctly quantum behaviors as entanglement–which Albert Einstein once called, “spooky action at a distance.” 

Other behaviors previously presumed to reside exclusively within the quantum scale including: superposition of states, coherence, and teleportation are also being witnessed on the macroscopic scale. This is happening to the point that a growing consensus is beginning to form amongst physicists, such as those surveyed at a recent conference that you and I and everyone and everything around us exists in a superposition of states.

This means that in one possible reality, you have not made a decision that resulted in your catching a cold, but in another possible reality, you have. We can expect to occasionally experience quantum jumps from one possible reality to another, particularly when we are aware that such leaps are possible. These jumps from one reality to another can be a lot of fun, as some of the world’s quantum jumping experts can attest.

And who, might you ask, are the world’s quantum jumping experts? Such experts include most of the world’s top athletes, medical miracle experiencers, heroes, survivors of close brushes with death, experienced meditators, beneficiaries of the placebo effect, and people experienced with hypnosis and lucid dreaming have experienced leaps to better possible realities. These people often trust intuition, and benefit from a sense of there being a connectedness between themselves and everyone and everything else.

Evidence of Possible Futures & Pasts 

As the saying goes, “extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof.” But how can we find evidence demonstrating that alternate histories occur, when typically the only “proof” we have that a change has occurred resides in our own memories? One way to collect such proof is to rapidly document peoples’ experiences immediately following highly memorable historic events like the Kennedy assassination, the Challenger space shuttle explosion, or Princess Diana’s death. Such flashbulb memories provide reference points by which the same people can later be asked about.

Researchers Ulric Neisser and Nicole Harsch at Emory University investigated flashbulb memories of students immediately following the Challenger space shuttle explosion by collecting handwritten student reactions immediately following the disaster. When they followed up two and a half years later with the very same students, Neisser and Harsch were startled to find that students’ accounts of where they were and what they were doing when they heard the news were different from what they’d initially described. One student said, “That’s my handwriting, but that’s not what happened.” 

Kindness Matters 

Discrepancies between memories also often appear amongst people who were all together for a particular event, but later remember what transpired very differently. Chances are pretty good that you’ve encountered disagreements with people you’d usually consider competent and aware… except for when they insist something happened some way you know for sure couldn’t be true.

If we didn’t live in a holographic multiverse in which we’re all venturing in various directions to experience a multitude of different possible futures and pasts, we wouldn’t find the tremendous divergence between peoples’ memories. As we enter the Quantum Age, it’s time that we stop calling such differences in memory “false recollections,” in favor of “alternate recollections,” indicating respect for the fact that each and every one of us exists in a superimposed state, with access to many possible alternate histories, presents, and futures.

And most importantly, it’s time we truly show respect for one another and our multitudes of alternate histories and recollections.


Do you remember Nelson Mandela having died before? Take the poll, and share your recollections with alternate histories in the comments below:

________________________Quantum Jumps

Further details, explanations, research, examples and references about the ideas presented in this article are provided in Quantum Jumps: An Extraordinary Science of Happiness and Prosperity.

Alternate Histories and the Mandela Effect

CynthiaLarson2013jul14 “It always seems impossible until it’s done.”                              — Nelson Mandela

If you’re hearing news that Nelson Mandela is approaching death, and wonder how that can be because you recall him having died in prison many years ago, you’re not alone. Lots of people share this particular memory, and wonder why and how they have such clear impressions of all the international hoopla and attention for Nelson Mandela by presidents and world leaders… yet clearly as of 14 July 2013, Nelson Mandela is still alive. The fact that so many people remember an alternate history in which Nelson Mandela died in prison many years ago provides us with a valuable insight to the nature of reality… and the possible existence of parallel universes.

Many Previously Dead People Noted Alive Again

The “Mandela Effect” aka Alive Again phenomenon is gaining public attention as more and more people make note of people being announced dead by reputable sources such as the San Francisco Chronicle and CBS Evening News, who are later reported being alive. This type of reality shift continues to be one of the most surprising and amazing to me, as I am astonished to see people alive and well again who I know have died. Editorial error can be ruled out, since there are no retractions of false reports. Until you’ve noticed this sort of reality shift yourself, it’s hard to fully understand how shocking this experience can feel. Typically, whatever evidence I’ve had regarding the previous death report is unavailable, leaving me with the usual amount of physical proof that a reality shift has occurred… haunting memories of the other reality.

I wrote about my first “alive again” experience in my book, Reality Shifts: When Consciousness Changes the Physical World. It occurred in the 1980’s when my ex-roommate and neighbor’s cat, Ashes, was run over by a car and killed… only to appear in my backyard a couple of weeks later! I was astonished to see him again. He looked a little less tidy, like he hadn’t been keeping himself quite as clean as usual, but he was absolutely and positively the same cat. My husband reacted normally at first to seeing Ashes, until I reminded him, “Ashes DIED a couple of weeks ago!” My husband rubbed his chin and recalled more details, without any prompts from me. “Oh, yeah… he was hit by a car, wasn’t he?” I spent an hour petting and talking with Ashes, since I never thought I’d see him again after he’d died.

While folklore tells of cats sometimes having nine lives, people can really surprise us when they return from the dead. In addition to noticing Nelson Mandela alive again, as I discussed recently on the Money Laundering/Reality Shifts Coast to Coast AM show with George Noory, I’ve witnessed both actor Larry Hagman and biologist Jane Goodall’s untimely demises mysteriously reversed. Both of them were announced dead, only to show up again in new programs and speaking engagements. When Jane Goodall was reported dead, the news came as a huge blow to me. I had heard of Dian Fossey’s murder, and I recall thinking “How could Jane have died now?!” I was especially sad that we’d lost two women biologists working with primates. When a bit more than a year later I saw that Jane was speaking somewhere, I could barely believe it. I double-checked to confirm that sure enough, it was the same Jane Goodall, and now there was no record that she ever died!

I’m relieved to note that I’m not the only one who’s noticed these alive again shifts. Many people on the realityshifters discussion list have witnessed the alive again phenomenon over the years, and many more have written to me sharing their first-hand accounts of having seen people they know alive again after having previously died. Often these “alive again” people are celebrities, but sometimes they are acquaintances, neighbors, family, or friends.

In July 2005, RealityShifters conducted an Alive Again survey, asking the question: “Which people have you heard reported to be alive again after having heard trustworthy reports of their deaths?” At that time, 26% of respondents recalled having heard that Bob Keeshan (“Captain Kangaroo”) had passed away, yet were startled to see him alive again, 15% of respondents recalled Jane Goodall, 15% recalled Larry Hagman, 10% remembered Bob Hope having already passed away, and 10% remembered Jack Palance. Bea Arthur, Ed Asner, Walter Cronkite and Mariel Hemingway were each remembered by 5% of respondents as having already died. __________________________________________________


Celebrity % Reported
Bob Keeshan (“Captain Kangaroo”) 26
Jane Goodall 15
Larry Hagman 15
Bob Hope 10
Jack Palance 10
Bea Arthur 5
Ed Asner 5
Walter Cronkite 5
Mariel Hemingway 5

__________________________________________________ Reality Shifts

Alternate Histories… Clues that Reality Shifts

Remembering alternate histories–such as Nelson Mandela died in prison–is a great way to discover the truth: that reality shifts. This phenomenon is much bigger than peoples’ seemingly miraculous return from the dead–it also includes changes we notice in books, movies, and TV shows we’ve watched before that occasionally are very different from what we remember having seen before. Have you ever watched a movie a second time and wondered why the ending seemed so different? Consider the possibility that your mind’s not necessarily playing tricks on you–it really might have changed. Our observation that alternate histories exist is exactly in keeping with what a majority of physicists mean when they say we exist in a superposition of states. We don’t always exist in the same reality, in other words, because we and every other thing in this multiverse are capable of moving between possible universes, in accordance with Hugh Everett III’s Many Worlds Interpretation of quantum physics.

When we envision there are other possible realities–other parallel universes–we can get a sense of how it feels to move between them. These kinds of “jumps” are leaps of pure consciousness, and do not require that we pack our suitcases and prepare for a journey of the kind we’re accustomed to planning for. From the point of view of those who’ve made a leap between parallel worlds, many such jumps seem pretty normal at the time. Often only a few things seem different, sometimes only subtly so.

It is possible that when some people die, people miss them enough to retroactively change reality to one in which they are still living–provided we’re not 100% absolutely, positively convinced they’re definitely dead. Many of us who’ve heard news of a death on TV or a newspaper, or from a friend or relative are able to subsequently end up in a reality in which the earlier report was incorrect somehow. It seems to help to not have gone through intense grieving, as that seems to lock us into the reality someone we care about has died.

There is a scientific theory that describes how events can be changed after the fact through retroactive reality shifts, such as the ones discussed in the August 2004 Revise the Past issue of RealityShifters News. Experiments have shown how people can definitely revise the past by focusing their intention on retroactively changing the rate of decay of radioactive material, for example.

If you’ve ever remembered a different history than seems to be the case, including an instance of the Alive Again phenomenon, please leave a comment or email me with your experience. I share many examples of such reality shifts in my book, Reality Shifts: When Consciousness Changes the Physical World, which provides exercises for shifting the world in a positive direction you’ll most enjoy. You can see my video blog post on this topic at:

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Thank you for reading and sharing this blog post! Chances are good that if you liked this post, you’ll also enjoy my books, especially Reality Shifts: When Consciousness Changes the Physical World

Cynthia Sue Larson Interviews Trish LeSage

Trish LeSage

Trish LeSage

Some of the most interesting accounts of journeys to parallel universes I’ve ever heard come from Trish LeSage, author of several wonderful metaphysical books.  I sat down with Trish this past month to learn more of the behind-the-scenes story about her life and adventures.

CYNTHIA: I’m so glad that you’ve written a book about your experiences traveling to parallel universes, because your book introduces a topic that might at first seem impossible to many readers in such a way that by the end of the book leaves people feeling more curious, inspired, and thoughtful… wondering if perhaps they might occasionally have traveled between worlds, too. Have you heard from readers telling you that they suspect this has happened to them, too?

400000000000000624716_s4TRISH: Yes, ever since I published my book, “Traveling To Parallel Universes“, people have been approaching me to share their stories of traveling to parallel worlds with me.  Some of the people are completely sure that they have traveled to parallel worlds or that they are even from parallel worlds.  Others have told me that my book has helped them to understand what they have been experiencing and has made them realize that they have indeed traveled to parallel worlds.  Others have wondered whether they have traveled to parallel worlds, because they have had some unexplained experiences, and my book has opened their mind so that they know what to look for in the future when they have those experiences again.

CYNTHIA: One of my favorite things about your book, “Traveling to Parallel Universes” is the way you describe visiting a universe in which people can easily manifest whatever they contemplate relatively quickly and easily, yet due to lack of character-building through hardships, people are not very friendly, genuine, nor heart-centered. This sounds like a fun place to visit where we wouldn’t want to live, and I would love to know if you believe there may be a universe in which manifestation is fairly easy, yet people are compassionate, loving, and kind?

TRISH: I tend to keep my mind open to the possibilities.  So, I definitely think that there exists a place in which manifestation is fairly easy, yet people are compassionate, loving, and kind.  I have focused my intent on traveling to and living in such a place.

CYNTHIA: What is one of the biggest things you’ve personally learned from your experiences of traveling between parallel universes? 

TRISH: Many times, my desires have never manifested at all or have taken years to manifest.  Sometimes things haven’t manifested in the way that I intended them to or have manifested in ways that were undesirable or unusual.  As a result of this, I never realized that our thoughts can actually manifest into reality until I ended up traveling to the universe in which manifestation was easy.  I learned that our thoughts truly can manifest into reality.  Although  nothing undesirable manifested in that particular parallel universe, it did teach me that I need to be more mindful of my thoughts and try to eliminate the negative ones from my mind so that they don’t manifest into reality.

CYNTHIA: Do you feel that you and others who travel between parallel universes tend to keep moving on, more like gypsies passing through than settlers establishing themselves in a particular reality? Why do you feel that is? 

TRISH: For awhile, I seemed to stay in each universe for several months at a time, and then, it seemed that I was traveling more often.  I went through a period in which I was crossing over into a new universe every few days, never to return to the previous universes that I had visited.  I didn’t stay in any particular universe long enough to establish myself.  I did feel like I was a gypsy passing through several universes constantly.  Currently, I seem to stay in the parallel universes for a few months at a time like I used to, and it seems like I have even been returning to a few of the most recent universes that I had visited previously which rarely happened before.  When I stay in a universe for a few months at a time, I do start to settle in.  I get to know the animals that I take care, and I get used to how things are.  In those cases, I don’t feel as much like a gypsy.

I feel as though I am experiencing all of this in order to gain wisdom and knowledge about the true nature of reality.  I had never knowingly experienced traveling to parallel universes before until I finally began to piece things together and figured out what I was experiencing.  I also never knew that negative realities exist, and because of my experiences, I gained this knowledge as well.  I also seem to be in the right place at the right time to lend a helping hand to people and animals as a result of my travels, and I spread light into dark worlds through my work.  I think that I am sent wherever my help is needed.  Hence, I don’t tend to stay in one place for very long.

CYNTHIA: How would you recommend someone get started traveling to parallel universes–what tips, advice, or guidelines, if any, would you like to share to help ensure their experiences are most enjoyable? Is this something you feel anyone can do? 

TRISH: My travels to parallel universes happen automatically.  It seems as though spirit has been sending me wherever I need to be sent.  I do not use any rituals nor techniques to travel to parallel universes.  I have not even made it a practice to will myself to leave a particular universe, because I often get attached through love to the animals and people that I meet in each universe.  It is hard for me to abandon everyone.  So, I tend to not try to leave each universe.  Because I have traveled to some dark universes that are of a very low energy vibration, in those cases, I have made a statement of intent that myself, my animal friends, and others travel together to a universe that is of positive polarity and is of a higher energy vibration.  Therefore, the recommendation that I can give to others is that they keep their thoughts positive and focused on where they want to be rather than where they don’t want to be, and they keep the faith that they will be where they want to be.

CYNTHIA: How do you differentiate between manifesting and traveling to parallel universes–or do you view manifestation as an indication of having traveled to another world of possibility? 

TRISH: No, I do not view manifestation as an indication of having traveled to a parallel world.  Manifestation has been difficult in all of the universes that I have traveled to except for the one universe in which manifestation was easy and pretty much instantaneous.  So, I have found that manifestation is not a good gauge for me to use to determine whether or not I have traveled to parallel universes.

Many believe that with every choice we make, we are in another universe, but I tend to disagree with that theory because of the experiences that I have had.  The experiences that I have had are much more complex than simply deciding whether to have french toast or pancakes for breakfast and then thinking that I’m in a parallel universe because I chose one over the other.

The experiences that I have been through have been very profound.  Sometimes they have been very extreme and downright uncomfortable. When I travel to a parallel universe, if the universe is of a higher energy vibration, I feel my energy vibration being raised to match that of the universe that I’m traveling to.  I usually feel myself being healed and cleansed by spirit very intensely in order to raise my energy vibration.  When I travel to a universe that is of a lower energy vibration, I feel strong waves of negative and dense energy being sent to me in order to lower my energy vibration to match that of the universe that I am traveling to.

There are other gauges that tell me that I am in a parallel universe such as buildings not being where I remember them to be; people’s personalities, careers, etc. being different; details about the past being different; people who I remember being dead being alive again; etc.  These things are a better gauge for me to use to determine whether or not I have traveled to a parallel universe.

CYNTHIA: Have you ever noticed times that you’ve traveled to a parallel universe after having had thoughts or feelings that might have steered your consciousness to travel in that particular direction? I mention this because some of the times I’ve been to a place and it’s suddenly radically very different, and according to old-timers there has “always been this way,” I could see reasons why that would be. One such example was a time I visited a French restaurant with a friend who has pork allergies, and was shocked to see it was decorated completely differently–with all the previously prominent pig motif artwork now gone without any remodeling or redecorating, and when questioned “no pig artwork has ever been here” according to the waiters and waitresses… except for one small image. 

TRISH: Yes, I have had such an experience.  I have taken walks at least several times per week along the same path for nearly 18 years.  A few months ago, whenever I passed a certain spot on the sidewalk, I kept feeling like something was missing there.  I felt like an object of some sort was supposed to be there, but it wasn’t.  However, I never recalled anything ever having been in that particular spot for the past 18 years that I had been taking my walks along that path.  Shortly after that, I was out taking a walk again, and I noticed that there was an old metal box sitting on a cement slab to encase electrical wires in that exact same spot.  It looked like the metal box had been there for years, as it had some rust on it.  It was also cemented to the ground by a couple of inches of concrete, and the concrete looked like it had been there for a long time too.  Now every time I pass that particular spot on my walks, I always see that old, rusty metal box sitting there.  I am always amazed at how I felt as if something was supposed to be there but wasn’t, and then all of the sudden, something that looked like it had been a permanent fixture there for many years suddenly appeared there.

5235_300x0CYNTHIA: You’ve recently written a book about numerology, “Manifesting Success in Relationships, Career, and Business via Numerology.” What inspired you to write this book, and how did you first get interested in the subject of numerology? 

TRISH: In 2005, I began to go through a profound spiritual awakening, and a result of it, I suddenly became interested in reading books about Metaphysics and spirituality.  I was in a Barnes & Noble bookstore one day when I stumbled upon a book on Numerology that really attracted my interest.  I had never heard of Numerology before.  So, I didn’t know anything about it.  I decided to buy the book and became very interested in the subject.  As a result of it, I started to use Numerology on a daily basis in my own life.  After using it for many years, I decided to begin doing readings for others.  As a result of using it so much on a daily basis in my own life and after doing readings for others, I learned a lot about Numerology.  I realized that some of the information that I had gained as a result of using it so often is not in other Numerology books, and I dreamt while sleeping that I had gained some knowledge that was unknown to humanity up to that point.  So, I decided to share the information with people in hopes that it would empower them and help them to live more rewarding and fulfilling lives of success, happiness, and abundance.

Create_Space_front_coverCYNTHIA: Could you tell us a little bit about your most recent book, “Meditations for Past Lives, Starseeds, Soul Mates and Beyond” and why you feel past lives are important for people to connect with and understand?

TRISH: My book contains scripts for meditations that a person can have a friend read to them as they relax, or they can easily record the meditation scripts using a simple tape recorder, digital recorder, or even free software that’s available online and then listen back to them as they relax.  The book contains meditation scripts that allow a person to explore their past lives, future lives, and alternate reality lives; communicate with their spirit guide and their power animal; visit deceased loved ones; discover the planetary origins for those who are starseeds (originally from another star system); view particular moments in the Earth’s history; view the colors of their soul to determine their level of soul growth; discover who their ultimate soul mate (their twin flame) is, and much more.

Since I am also an energy healer, I have discovered that the root causes of many of my ailments and issues in my current life are actually events that happened in previous lifetimes.  As a result of exploring my past lives, I have been able to eliminate my fears, phobias, negative thoughts, and beliefs, and I have improved my health, and I have removed blockages that have allowed me to move forward in my life.  I have also been able to help others in the same way.  I have also read in several books written by other authors who are Hypnotherapists that use Past Life Regression that their clients have been able to heal and to move forward in their lives as a result of exploring their past lives.  Exploring our past lives can help us to heal and to remove blockages so that we can move forward in our lives.

CYNTHIA: Thanks so much for taking the time to answer all these questions. I really appreciate your sharing some of your amazing experiences in this interview. How can people best stay in touch with you and hear about your latest work and ideas? 

TRISH: Thank you for interviewing me!  The best way for people to stay in touch with me and to hear about my latest work and ideas is to sign up for my mailing list on my website at


Want to know how to tell if you’re living in parallel worlds? Check out my video review of Trish LeSage’s book, “Traveling to Parallel Universes” here:


Dawn of the Fifth World


“There are as many worlds as there are kinds of days, and as an opal changes its colors and its fire to match the nature of a day, so do I.” — John Steinbeck

What I love about the above quotation is the reminder it embodies to us to choose our attitudes wisely and well. The way we respond to situations makes a tremendous difference in what reality… what world… we subsequently find ourselves in.

This reminder to live our lives according to our highest calling and ability is especially important now, as we move through and past the Information Age and toward a new as-yet-unnamed human epoch in history. It may seem hard to contemplate where, exactly, we’re headed when so many things are changing so fast.

If you’ve ever floated down a river on a raft and come to a place where the river narrows, you’ll recall that’s where the water moves most swiftly, rushing fastest through the narrowest rapids. If you’re feeling a bit like you’re speeding through something akin to rapids right now in December 2012, you’re not alone. Not only are we flooded with information, but some of us are noticing that what we focus on is moving from mere idea to reality faster than ever before. Many people have noticed that this past year has been one of the most challenging… and full of unexpected hardships and difficulties, and like me, are looking forward to a fresh start and new beginnings.

If we imagine that we are accelerating down a road in a car instead of down a river, we can visualize how as our speed increases through the rapids, we’d be shifting to higher and higher gears. We can think of the December 2012 gear change as bringing us to a state of consciousness between levels of awareness, while we prepare to move forward. While indigenous peoples such as the Hopi and Mayans see us moving to the transition between long calendar cycles, we might well ask, “Where are we going after the Information Age?’ and “Where do we want to be?”

The direction I’d most like to see us moving in is toward a world based on fundamental core values that make life most enjoyable, such as: compassion, kindness, integrity, harmony, balance, respect, and cooperation. People in this new world will understand the wisdom of making choices and solving problems without fear. Indeed, this is pretty much exactly what optimistic futurists have predicted is coming next, and it is through sharing such intentions that we can best now envision how to arrive there from where we are right now.

Dying to Be MeIf you’re wondering what such a world would be like, or what it would feel like to be in such a state of mind and heart, I’m fairly certain you’ll love a book called Dying to be Me. It’s the real-life story of how Anita Moorjani died of cancer… and then came back to life after an amazing near-death experience in which she realized she could be well simply by dropping all her fears and simply being herself. I love the way Moorjani describes the feeling of pure unconditional divine love she felt–pure agape–and the sense of fearlessness and Oneness she experienced from a state of consciousness that allowed her to watch everything unfolding on Earth… as well as see what was transpiring in the emergency room where doctors were doing everything they could to save her malnourished, cancer-ravished body. This book doesn’t just tell a story about overcoming cancer–it’s really about attaining prosperity and abundance and blessings by letting go of fears and moving into a state of allowing as you are fully 100% yourself. This is a book you’ll likely want to get more than one copy of, so you can loan and give copies away… it’s that good!

 Are you ready to celebrate the end not only of 2012 but the past 7,885 solar years as we move from the fourth to the fifth world at the completion of the long count of 2,880,000 days? Here’s a link to a live countdown to December 21, 2012… all you need for your celebration is your choice of guests, party food, hats, horns and confetti:

Reality ShiftsFor most people, December 21, 2012 and the days soon thereafter will likely feel like most any other day. Even if the biggest reality shifts imaginable occur, most people will  likely adapt to all such changes as if the world has always been this way. This seems to be a big part of the way reality shifts in general, and even with the most remarkable shifts, there is usually such a sense of normalness about all of it, as if some part of ourselves was always conscious to some degree in that other reality. When I’ve noticed reality shifts, as I’ve described in my book, Reality Shifts: When Consciousness Changes the Physical World, there is seldom any truly strange sense of things being wrong or even tremendously different after each reality shift, but rather a sense of “new normalness” about the shifted reality. It will be interesting to see how things continue to change and move forward post 2012, in the fresh new beginning of the new world.

As we ask ourselves and one another, “How good can it get?” we help to collectively envision the most positive imaginable future. This moment in time right here and now is ideal for becoming aware of all our possible selves. This is also the perfect moment to consider how we would most love to live our lives free from fear… and full of love and joy.

You can watch me discuss this topic on my YouTube video, Dawn of the Fifth World… and please feel free to comment with your thoughts and ideas here on this blog and in the comments under the video. I’d love to know how you feel!

Love always,
Cynthia Sue Larson
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Quantum Jumping Beginner’s Luck

Cynthia Sue Larson

The person who says something is impossible should not interrupt the person who is doing it.

Have you ever watched someone try something relatively challenging who inexplicably succeeded on the very first attempt? There can be an almost mystical quality to witnessing an extraordinary case of beginner’s luck, in which someone accomplishes something with apparent relative ease that most people would find difficult, if not impossible.

I watched my daughter throw a perfect twelve o’clock the very first time she participated in a Scottish Highlands game caber toss at age nine. She picked up something that looked for all the world like a telephone pole that was taller than she was, and that seemed to weigh as much if not more than she did, carried it forward balanced on one end, and then tossed it end-over-end so it traveled in a perfectly straight line to fall in what’s known in Scottish highland games as a perfect twelve o’clock position, directly ahead of her. I cheered wildly along with the crowd, in wide-eyed wonder and amazement that my young daughter had done an absolutely perfect throw the very first time she attempted such a difficult feat. The crowd cheered to see such perfect caber toss form, and as soon as I got a chance to talk with my daughter, I asked her what she did to get a perfect result on her first throw.

My daughter explained she’d been coached for a few minutes before she made this throw by one of the Scottish highland games athletes and judges, a dear family friend, who’d shown her the basic idea of the caber toss and demonstrated the optimal alignment, positioning, balance and exertion required… all with a small plastic fork. In my daughter’s mind, the final outcome was crystal clear, and she was more surprised that everyone was so ecstatic at her accomplishing the result she’d set out to achieve. Perhaps it helped that her participation had been a spur-of-the-moment thing, rather than something she’d known about or expected beforehand.

One of the likely reasons that so-called ‘beginner’s luck’ is so commonplace is that beginners typically have few preconceived notions about what they are attempting to do. When we don’t already “know” that what we are about to do is supposed to be difficult or even impossible, our minds are open to envisioning ourselves doing things like: finding a parking spot on a busy street where we need it, making a perfect serve in tennis, or getting a hole in one playing golf. Such first-time success is often referred to as ‘beginner’s luck,’ which recently got me to wondering if it’s possible to nurture on-going beginner’s luck… and if so, how one might best go about it.

If you heard there was a way you could develop boundlessness, limitlessness, and infinite wealth, would you be interested? These are qualities often associated with those who live their lives from a beginner’s mind point of view. There are many possibilities in beginner’s mind, in harsh contrast to experts mindset, where there are few. Beginner’s mind embodies some of the most sought-after emotional qualities, such as: enthusiasm, creativity, zeal, and optimism, as beginners focus single-mindedly on desired outcome without becoming physically, emotionally, or mentally frozen in place by dwelling on fears of anticipated setbacks.

Start at the Beginning

You might be wondering how does beginners mind apply to quantum jumping, and what can beginner’s mind offer those of us interested in consciously selecting realities between many possible parallel worlds? In short, beginner’s mind is the key to everything. Whereas our rational, analytical minds excel at noticing patterns, labeling things, and helping us sort and make sense of a chaotic world, our beginner’s mind exists eternally in a state of organic, holistic flow with all that is.

In the beginner’s state of mind, we know exactly who we are and what we can best be doing right now, and how. There is a Zen sensibility to beginner’s mind, and an guileless innocence with complete freedom from rules, regulations, limitations, grudges, fears, and doubts. Accessing such a primordial state of consciousness is possible through meditation and intention, and a willingness to let go of what we think we know.

The Zen concept of beginner’s mind includes the notion of original face–who we were before we were born. While such a notion might seem mind-boggling at first, that’s exactly the idea–just thinking about such a concept that so defies rational explanation immediately transports us to exactly the beginner’s state of mind we seek to embrace.

Aura Healing Meditations

Aura Healing Meditations

One of my favorite ways to attain a blissful state of beginner’s mind is to listen to Aura Healing Meditations, my meditation CD that transports me almost instantaneously to a relaxed, energized state. I’m not the only one who loves it; people have said this CD, “… automatically brings the listener to a higher octave of receptive openness,” “Float from one relaxed reality to another,” and “took me to a place of deep healing…  it is amazing this is something that can be bought.”

Make the  Leap

Once we’ve attained a blissful state of beginner’s mind, we’re in that wonderful state of consciousness that allows us to see many possibilities beckoning, and we’re able to choose, from a pure place of being, which reality–which parallel universe–to select. Rather than imposing any sense of what we ‘should’ or ‘could’ choose, beginner’s mind reality selection is a much more organic process, centered on a sense of our true self, in ways that may be rather different than we typically view ourselves. In other words, from a beginner’s mind point of view, only what we feel genuinely inspired and enthusiastic about will be perfectly focused upon as a desired outcome and result. From a beginner’s mind point of view, we are thus much more genuinely inspired.

What we find ourselves truly inspired about while in a beginner’s state of mind is likely to resonate fully through us in such a way that there are doubts, hesitations, or uncertainties. There can be a kind of boldness in this state of mind, which assists us in holding a steady vision of our desired outcome as a complete certainty, with nothing else distracting us from our goal.

You might notice yourself feeling a sense of being ‘in the flow,’ relaxed, and totally focused… so that when you make the leap and attain your goal, it’s almost anti-climatic–as you were absolutely certain you’d succeed.

Reality Shifts: When Consciousness Changes the Physical World

Reality Shifts: When Consciousness Changes the Physical World

Do you feel like you could use a little extra help envisioning wonderful success for yourself? You might find it helpful to read true life accounts of amazing shifts in reality in which people experienced quantum jumps in extraordinary ways, such as are described in my book, Reality Shifts: When Consciousness Changes the Physical World. Just knowing such things are possible can make a huge positive difference in one’s ability to let go of all kinds of thoughts about what is and isn’t possible!

I hope you’ll enjoy watching and sharing my YouTube video summary of Quantum Jumping Beginner’s Luck. Please feel free to leave comments either on this blog or on my YouTube video page!

As you explore beginner’s mind, I definitely suggest you continue asking the question, “How good can it get?!” I’d love to hear when you get some pretty wonderful answers!

Love always,

Cynthia Sue Larson
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Tips for Changing the Past

Cynthia Sue Larson

Cynthia Sue Larson

This week I heard from several people who longed to change the past so a loved one wouldn’t have died, a fiance wouldn’t have cheated, and events that caused great pain and suffering could have happened differently somehow.

One woman asked, “Do you really believe we can change our past with enough energy and focus? Have you ever experienced something like that? And if you do, what is  happening then?”

The short answer to these questions is yes, we can change the past and yes, I’ve experienced this. I’ve seen miraculous retrocausality types of reality shifts in which a person diagnosed by doctors to be dying of cancer with just a few months left to live has no trace of cancer. I’ve watched people instantaneously heal who’d suffered from cancer, broken bones, cuts, burns, and blisters in such a way it seemed those problems never existed… as if we’d moved from one reality of disease to another of perfect health.

Reality Shifts: When Consciousness Changes the Physical World

Reality Shifts: When Consciousness Changes the Physical World

I’ve seen a beloved pet cat alive again when I was not expecting to ever see him again, which I write about in my book, Reality Shifts: When Consciousness Changes the Physical World. I found myself in a world in which the cat, named Ashes, had not been hit by a car in the road and died, but instead was just fine. I know many people who’ve reported similar stories of loved ones being alive again on the realityshifters web site. In all the most successful cases, people have focused primarily on love, forgiveness, peace, harmony, balance, acceptance, and oneness.

The key ideas here are that:

• We are most likely living in a multiverse of parallel worlds

• Events can be influenced by both the future and the past in the fabric of spacetime through each parallel world

• We can access other realities through meditation / prayer in oneness consciousness with a feeling of acceptance (a view from nowhen–the mindfulness concept of eternal now)

Each and every one of us can and does change the past, though we are seldom aware this is what is going on. We change the past and the future simultaneously when our consciousness shifts to another parallel world in which another version of ourselves already exists. This transition is usually so smooth that if it weren’t for a few notable changes, we wouldn’t realize we’d made such a jump at all. We frequently change the past with regard to small-scale things, benefiting from not scrutinizing (and therefore doubting or questioning) these changes with our conscious mind. Large scale reality shifts are possible as well, though they require we treat them as equally attainable as the smaller scale shifts, and welcome them as easily into our lives.

Shifting Realities as Easily as Shifting Gears in a Car

A metaphor for the way we shift between various realities is shifting gears in a manual transmission car. Imagine that the different gears in a stick-shift car represent different realities we can select between. We typically shift to an adjacent reality–or an adjacent gear–one which is not so far from our current experience that all that many things have changed. In order to shift gears, we must first move our foot from the gas pedal to the clutch, so we disengage from one gear in preparation to move to the next. This simple process of moving our foot from gas pedal to clutch, moving the stick-shift from one gear to an adjacent gear, and moving our foot from clutch to gas pedal is one we can engage in every time we move our consciousness to a state of disengaging from current reality–such as we feel when dreaming, daydreaming, meditating or praying. We come out of such states of oneness consciousness moving forward again, almost as if nothing has changed, yet actually with the ability to switch gears into a completely different reality than the one we’ve just left.

Acceptance is the Key to Shifting Reality

If you think of parallel worlds of possible realities as gears in a car, and realize that the only way to change between physical realities–between gears–is to move to an energetic state of all possibility by taking your foot off the gas pedal and placing it on the clutch to allow the gears to disengage (to allow yourself and all that is to be between all realities)–then you can see how important it is to reach a state of neutral emotional detachment… a state of unconditional acceptance and non-engagement. From such a place of all possibility it’s possible to quantum jump to an adjacent spacetime reality.

Best results in changing the past come when we can emotionally detach sufficiently to a place that is non-judgmental, accepting, and full of love… and free from a sense of how things “should be,” “would be,” or “could have been.” Just like “watched pots” are hard to catch starting to boil, so too are past events challenging to influence when we are charged up with strong feelings. The more charged the emotions remain, the harder it is for people to successfully switch realities and change the past, since emotions are a lot like keys that unlock certain doors (realities), and often they also hold us in particular realities, keeping us involved in situations and experiences that match the way we feel–even if those feelings are unpleasant. To get a past we like better, we need to change the way we feel all the way down to our subconscious gut feelings.

Being in the pure energy place of acceptance, forgiveness, and love means we are no longer focused on fixing or correcting the thoughts, words, or actions of others… and that we  instead have confidence and faith that everything is working out perfectly, even if we don’t know how that could be so. A big part of being in this pure energy state of mind requires we let go of our own ego-based sense of what is best or right, in order that what is best for all concerned manifests.

Aura Healing Meditations

Aura Healing Meditations

There is an important reason for practicing achieving and maintaining a state of acceptance and gratitude, and that is that such a pure heartfelt mindset ensures our highest order intention for the best for all concerned, rather than for purely selfish outcomes. Only by working with our highest emotional energies can we attain highly favorable outcomes that genuinely feel best, and this means leaving behind ego-centric perspectives that invariably involve some “negative” emotions such as fears, doubts, anxieties and shame. For this reason, Tibetan monks who walk through walls and do other amazing things emphasize the importance of not fixating on ego-desired outcomes, but rather on spiritual growth.

If you would like to experience a sense of oneness and acceptance through meditation, and want to know how to choose what type of meditation is best for you, I highly recommend reading my article, What Meditation is Best for You? and checking out my meditation CD, Aura Healing Meditations.

Listening to Future Selves, Reviewing Our Pasts

If you’re intrigued by the idea of changing the past and want to explore this topic further, you may enjoy reading about some of the physics behind bicausality and retrocausality, and what kinds of evidence we’d expect to see if we truly are living in a multiverse in which events from the future influence the past. I share all this and some amazing first-hand experiences from my life in a powerpoint presentation I presented at the 12th annual Language of Spirit Conference in 2010, Listening to Future Selves, Reviewing Our Pasts.

The good news is that simply by starting on this path to mindfulness and oneness consciousness, you will be making a powerful positive difference in the world. Attaining a state of loving, peaceful, accepting, thankful consciousness is what I recommend as a primary goal… and this is something you can begin right here, right now.

I hope you’ll enjoy watching and sharing my YouTube video summary of Quantum Jumping Tips for Changing the Past, and will leave comments here on this blog or on my YouTube video page.

One of the benefits of asking the question, “How good can it get?!” in every situation you’re in is that sometimes you’ll see evidence that things improve… sometimes even in the past.

Love always,

Cynthia Sue Larson
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Quantum Jumping Reality Selection

Cynthia Sue Larson

Cynthia Sue Larson

I just saw the new Men in Black 3 movie this past weekend, and appreciated how characters in the movie recognized the significance of choosing between possible parallel realities–the idea first proposed by American physicist, Hugh Everett III. One character, Griffin, played by Michael Stuhlbarg,  was particularly skilled in sensing possible realities. Griffin identified real-time cues and indicators that suggested which reality path happened to be unfolding at any given place and time, which is a wonderful talent to have when making life and death decisions.

NextAnother wonderful film featuring a character who sees and chooses between parallel realities is Next. In this fast-paced action-adventure movie, Nicolas Cage plays the role of a Las Vegas magician with the ability to see two minutes into his own future. This future viewing ability is a skill he’s developed to the point he knows how choices he makes in present time will each unfold.

Entangled MindsWhat’s particularly interesting about these two films having to do with parallel universes and our ability to move between them is that in both story lines, the characters with the ability to most freely move between have the ability to see near-term events unfolding in the next minute or two. This may seem to be something amazingly uncommon, yet in actuality, researchers have conducted studies demonstrating that people definitely do have an inner sense of what is about to occur moments before it actually does, such as Dean Radin describes in his wonderful book, Entangled Minds. This skill is typically subconscious, revealing itself when people’s autonomic nervous system responds in advance of a person viewing emotionally evocative material in a slideshow in which images are randomly selected.

Ways We Can Detect Parallel Universes

Precognitive Advance Viewing — Precognitive advance viewing of a short period of time in the near future is currently the most popular method in Hollywood movies for depicting the reality selection process between parallel worlds. This type of awareness of parallel worlds of possibility is typically described as a kind of short-term temporal effect, in which a person is aware of many possibilities opening up in their immediate future, such as the next few minutes.

Future Memory — Future memories are quite literally memories of future events. This type of awareness of parallel universes of possibility can sometimes be confusing, simply because most of us consider our memories to be indicative of what’s already happened, not what may yet transpire. Future memories arise in much the same way past memories do, when some kind of cue or trigger reminds us of something that has happened–or will happen.

Danger Alert — Another way that parallel realities show up to us in real life is through an intuitive sense of imminent danger that sometimes arises for no outwardly obvious reason. We might have a sense of being in a terrible crash when getting into our car, for example, feeling a body-wide sensation of nervousness. We can view this as being given a choice to take (or not take) to a jump to a parallel reality. Considering that many realities exist… and some are much more enjoyable than others, it’s to our advantage to keep our energy up and our imagination tuned to “how good can it get?” We keep moving onward and upward, and things really do keep getting better and better!

Reality Shifts: When Consciousness Changes the Physical World

Reality Shifts: When Consciousness Changes the Physical World

Repeating Events — As I describe in my book, Reality Shifts: When Consciousness Changes the Physical World, sometimes a sequence of events repeats, as if some kind of spacetime eddy current is looping back around to try something out one more time. I attended the first day of a class one time when the woman to my right handed me and the hostess of the event her business cards… and a few minutes later, the hostess returned and asked for her business card again.

I hope you’ll enjoy watching and sharing my YouTube video summary of Quantum Jumping Reality Selection–and please feel free to leave comments either on this blog or on my YouTube video page!

One of the benefits of asking the question, “How good can it get?!” while traveling between parallel universes is that you’re likely to get some pretty wonderful answers. Happy travels!

Love always,

Cynthia Sue Larson
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Living in Parallel Quantum Worlds

Cynthia Sue Larson

Cynthia Sue Larson

While reading an article in Scientific American recently, Living in a Quantum World, I felt heartened to see the article’s subtitle, “Quantum mechanics is not just about teeny particles, it applies to things of all sizes: birds, plants, maybe even people.” 

As noted a few months ago in A Unified Universe of Entangled Diamonds and Altruistic Rats, we are truly living in wonderful times as we see mainstream scientific articles acknowledging that quantum mechanics applies to everything in the universe–even ourselves. What this means for our expanding world view is that we can expect to see signs of such things as quantum entanglement, quantum teleportation, and quantum tunneling around us in everyday life–with no need for electron microscopes.

The Scientific American article  Living in a Quantum World states, “In a quantum world, a particle does not just have to take one path at a time; it can take all of them simultaneously.”  One implication of this idea of quantum behavior showing up on the macro scale includes the notion that we can expect to see occasional signs that the world we see around us and so often take for granted is not the only one. These signs can clue is in to the possibility that we are surrounded by an infinite number of parallel universes that, on some level, we are experiencing in their totality.  

The science behind parallel quantum universes

According to physicist Hugh Everett III’s many worlds theory, there are an infinite number of parallel worlds that exist alongside this one. The significance of this theory is that it allows for quantum particles to behave as we’ve observed them and know them to behave, which is probabilistically.

Experiments mentioned in the Scientific American, Living in a Quantum World, indicate that many macro-scale entities such as birds, plants, and salt crystals exhibit signs of being entangled with one another. Such entanglement is a quantum behavioral characteristic which was previously relegated to the realm of the very, very small–yet now entanglement appears to be a quality of quantum behavior we can now claim also for ourselves.

What is it like to visit parallel worlds?

Any time we see a shift in reality in which something appears, disappears, transforms, or transports, presents an excellent time to consider the possibility that we may have just walked between parallel worlds. There are two marvelous books I recommend reading if you’d really like to know how it feels to visit parallel worlds: Traveling to Parallel Universes, and Reality Shifts: When Consciousness Changes the Physical World.

Traveling to Parallel Universes

Traveling to Parallel Universes

I was thrilled this past month to read a book of first-hand accounts of travels to parallel universes by author Trish LeSage. In Trish’s book, Traveling to Parallel Universes, Trish describes physical changes she often observes days or weeks prior to switching between universes, such as changes in her body temperature, and observing sights, sounds and sensations of other universes. Trish also writes about how she knows when she has arrived in parallel universes, as she observes differences in the way things manifest, and sees changes in people and animals in each parallel world. I especially love the matter-of-fact way Trish describes her parallel world journeys, along with her authentic emotional reactions when encountering such a variety of parallel universes. In one of the more interesting accounts, Trish describes a universe in which people can easily manifest whatever they contemplate relatively quickly and easily, yet due to lack of character-building through hardships, people are not very friendly, genuine, nor heart-centered.

Reality Shifts: When Consciousness Changes the Physical World

Reality Shifts: When Consciousness Changes the Physical World

In my book, Reality Shifts: When Consciousness Changes the Physical World, I write, “Living with the waking dream experience of reality shifting around me feels a lot like walking with my feet in two (or more) worlds.”

“… to all outward appearances, my life seems the same as usual. I still do all the mundane things I need to do for survival, so much of the time I am living a life of habitual response. The biggest change in me is mostly one of attitude and mindset, as my sense of what’s real has changed. My mind seeks a stable place to consider solid or real, and that sense of reality is no longer based simply on what I see in front of me or what seems to be solid. My sense of self is not limited to being confined to my body, since I so often experience feelings, sensations, and realities that don’t happen where my body is.”

“By welcoming a waking dream state of consciousness, I allow for the unexpected to occur. Even ordinary things like cooking dinner have a different feeling for me. Sometimes I’ve opened my refrigerator to get something, shut the door, opened it again a few minutes later, and found a jar had vanished and reappeared in that short space of time. I savor these sensuous experiences of feeling awake in a dream, because I am aware of my wishes, desires and feelings shaping reality all around me. I often find my passing thoughts answered by the universe, as I engage in a continuous dialogue with all that is. I feel this communication best when I also feel how loved I am and how everything around me is here for my benefit and appreciation, surrendering myself as fully as possible to knowing I am love.”

I hope you’ll enjoy watching and sharing my YouTube video summary of Living in Parallel Worlds–and please feel free to leave comments either on this blog or on my YouTube video page!

One of the benefits of asking the question, “How good can it get?!” while traveling between parallel universes is that you’re likely to get some pretty wonderful answers. Happy travels!

Love always,

Cynthia Sue Larson
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