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There’s a common assumption in our modern western world that there is one shared reality, that can be factually verified through time and by people all around the world. This assumption may seem so obvious to be not worth mentioning–except that it’s quite possible that it’s untrue.

One of the things I’ve been tracking over the past 17 years by collecting first-hand field reports of reality shifts and alternate histories, is that just as we would likely all agree that there are many possible futures each of us might encounter, there are apparently also many possible pasts. Recent news reports of newly popularized memes such as the so-called “Mandela Effect” reported by Fiona Broome in 2010 and the “Berenstein Bears” reported by a blogger named Reece in 2012 are but two indicators that the public is becoming aware that history doesn’t always remain the same.

Throughout all of recorded western history, any time that people heard of someone having died, only to later find out they were actually still alive, we tended to consider it something akin to simple mistaken identity, such as American author Mark Twain once reported when writing in 1897 in a note to Frank Marshall White, “the report of my death was an exaggeration.” Most people interpreted discussions about someone supposedly having died and later recognized as alive as some kind of confusion, or mistake. Yet according to my research and surveys as reported in my book, Quantum Jumps, 27% out of 567 survey respondents reported that yes, they have “seen dead people and animals alive again.” If so many people are now reporting they’ve experienced this, what are the earliest documented cases of this phenomenon?


Earliest Reported “Mandela Effect” Cases


First most-reported “Mandela Effect” (aka “alive again”) celebrity, Bob Keeshan as “Captain Kangaroo”

In a small sample size survey conducted in 2005, I reported that nine celebrities at that time were noted for having been reported dead by reputable sources, only to subsequently be reported very much alive again. In a note we might find interesting now, but that didn’t seem surprising at the time, nobody in the summer of 2005 mentioned Nelson Mandela.

Back in July 2005, the celebrity heading up the “Alive Again” list was Bob Keeshan, an American actor who played a TV character known as Captain Kangaroo. A whopping 26% of those surveyed at that time recalled that Bob Keeshan had died before 2004, and then died again in January 2004. The next most-often remembered “alive again” (aka “Mandela Effect”) celebrities back in 2005 included: Jane Goodall (15%), Larry Hagman (15%), Bob Hope (10%), Jack Palance (10%), Bea Arthur (5%), Ed Asner (5%), Walter Cronkite (5%), and Mariel Hemingway (5%).


Where was Nelson Mandela back in 2005?

Mandela2005We might well ask, “Why didn’t anyone mention Nelson Mandela being alive again back in 2005 when that first survey was conducted?” which is an excellent question. At that point in time in 2005, neither I nor anyone I surveyed made a point to mention remembering what many of us would later recall–that Nelson Mandela had died many years earlier than his currently recorded official date of death of December 5, 2013. Fiona Broome’s first mention of the Mandela Effect was still five years in the future, and he was not yet on anyone’s radar–including those who were starting to talk about the “Alive Again” phenomenon.

You might think perhaps Nelson Mandela was “lying low” while alive back in 2005, and not making major media appearances–yet according to current history, we find Mandela got huge media coverage in February 2005 when he came out of retirement from public life to give a speech in Trafalgar Square to 20,000 people. Mandela called for action to end ‘unnatural poverty’ in a speech covered by BBC News as well as most all of the major news networks. This is a speech I have no recollection of, as one might expect from someone like me who’d thought up until a few years ago that Nelson Mandela had died decades earlier. So while our current history shows that Mandela remained politically active and publicly visible off and on over the past decades, I’ve been unaware of all these activities unless I look them up and read about them and watch them now–which for me is for the first time.


The Case of the Missing Bolton Dinosaur

TuojiangosaurusDuring this same time period when I was conducting the first surveys about the earliest reported incidences of the Mandela Effect, a town in the United Kingdom noticed it seemed to be missing a dinosaur. A full-scale model of a dinosaur was an oft-mentioned favorite memory from the 1960s for many visitors to the Bolton Museum and Art Gallery, as a January 2006 article in The Bolton News describes–yet as of 2006, there was no longer any official record that any such dinosaur existed. This was a matter of importance to the community, since restoring the old exhibit would have saved the museum the time, effort and energy required to obtain a new dinosaur exhibit in 2000. Alan Rushton, leader of the Conservative group on Bolton Council, said: “One of our dinosaurs is definitely missing! Am I supposed to accept that my eyes deceived me, or this enormous dinosaur was a figment of my imagination? I remember as a schoolboy going on visits to the museum and standing in awe, looking at it. I raised the matter when I was on the arts committee but we were never able to find any trace of it.”

And Anne Wright, also remembered the seeing the dinosaur when visiting the museum, commenting,  “I remember a huge dinosaur standing in the entrance to the natural history section. One day I went in and it was no longer there. Later on, when I asked about it, none of the staff could remember anything about it, but I know I saw it. Now nobody seems to know anything about–it’s bizarre.”

About half of those responding to the Bolton News story remembered the dinosaur that now has no official historical record of ever having existed at the museum, and the other half don’t remember any such thing.


What’s Going On?

QJArt5x3.76What I’ve been documenting since 1999 are first-hand reports from people noticing changes in reality all around the world. What I’ve noticed over the years is that these reports of people and things appearing, disappearing, transforming and transporting are the very types of phenomena we’d expect to see on the quantum / microscopic scale of the very, very small–yet they’re happening on a grand scale. People are noticing items such as their socks and keys moving around as if by themselves. People are noticing they remember events differently than siblings and friends. And sometimes people notice they’re disagreeing about what happened moments earlier.

0307986810.lifeontheedgeThese realizations come forth at the very point in time that humanity enters the new Quantum Age, in which most every field in science now has the word “quantum” in front, including: Quantum Biology, Quantum Cognition, Quantum Cosmology and Quantum Statistics. While quantum logic and phenomena has long been shunted aside as irrelevant (aside from creating nuclear reactors or nuclear weapons), we’re now at the beginning of the “quantum invasion,” as inventors, engineers and scientists strive to be first to build quantum computers.

1107419883.quantummodelscogAmidst this new gold rush of our times, scientists are finding that people such as Quantum Biologist Johnjoe McFadden and Quantum Cognitive Scientist Jerome Busemeyer who I’ve featured on my radio show, Living the Quantum Dream, are leading the way in demonstrating how quantum phenomena are occurring all around us in Nature in our everyday lives.

What is becoming increasingly clear is that as we seek a “theory of everything” unifying the classical and quantum realms, it seems to be finding us. And many of the seemingly bizarre properties of quantum physics appear to be everywhere around and inside us, including occasionally making surprise appearances where we least expect them.


How to Record Alternate History Reports

Since people reading about alternate histories and the Mandela Effect often begin to experience increased incidences of shifts in reality, keeping records of what’s observed becomes important. Questions about alternate histories need to include descriptions of several points in time, that include three points in space and time. Such a journal entry would be recorded to include how, “Today, on date and time Z we are recording that at at date and time Y we became aware that apparently some kind of change had occurred at date and time X involving ____________ being different in these ways __________________.”


This article will have a short video summary:

QuantumJumps300x150adCynthia Sue Larson is the best-selling author of six books, including Quantum Jumps. Cynthia has a degree in Physics from UC Berkeley, and discusses consciousness and quantum physics on numerous shows including the History Channel, Coast to Coast AM, the BBC, One World with Deepak Chopra, and her radio show, Living the Quantum Dream. You can subscribe to Cynthia’s free monthly ezine at:

Comments on: "Earliest Examples of the Mandela Effect" (14)

  1. twobitcoder said:

    A good TV series created by SyFy addresses this matter, indirectly. It’s called CONTINUUM. Worth a watch. No longer on the air, but on Netflix. I loved it.

  2. Reblogged this on MetaRead360 Small Press presents and commented:
    Mandala was an amazing man by anyone’s account…and a great example of creating ones own reality!

  3. Jim Hale said:

    Hi Cynthia – Thanks for this great update. I wrote to you a few months ago about some of my personal experiences with this effect — you might remember me mentioning my “Reality Wave Transformer” which proved so powerful I had to disassemble it and have been afraid to try it again yet. At any rate, the Mandela Effect has been presenting itself so frequently this year I can’t even keep up with all the names. But movie critic Gene Shallit, actors Max von Sydow and James Woods, plus wrestler Rick Flair are all at the top of the Alive Again list this year. Another recent addition is Tonight Show trumpeter Doc Severinsen, and now I am absolutely dumbfounded to learn that Ed Asner is alive again… An acquaintance that was poo-pahing my recollection of the Berenstein Bears spelling controversy just a few months ago was recently converted when he learned that singer Tom Jones is alive. My friend says he has a clear memory of hearing about TJ’s death on TV news many years ago, and remembers having conversations with others about it at that time. As for James Woods: I happened to be at my girlfriend’s house one day back in the fall when a James Woods movie was on TV. She said something about him being one of her favorite actors which I found surprising because even though I knew I’d seen his face in lots of stuff I wouldn’t have even known his name. Either the very next day, or perhaps two days later, I happened to hear on the car radio that James Woods had died. I immediately called Linda to tell her the news and we talked about what a coincidence this was. That night we had dinner at my house and both of us saw mention of James Woods passing with the typical brief bio on that evening’s national news. So fast forward a few months back around Christmas, Linda was at her family’s house when a movie with JW came on TV and she said something about him having died recently. Her relatives disagreed and checked on the internet — and according to all current sources he is indeed alive. Of many experiences I’ve had with the Mandela Effect this was the first time it was shared in real time with someone else.

    Jim Hale

    On Tue, May 10, 2016 at 7:39 PM, RealityShifters Blog wrote:

    > Cynthia Sue Larson posted: ” There’s a common assumption in our modern > western world that there is one shared reality, that can be factually > verified through time and by people all around the world. This assumption > may seem so obvious to be not worth mentioning–except that ” >

  4. Kathleen said:

    Did anyone besides me hear that Bob Marley died in a plane crash?

  5. Yes my own experiences began just as mentioned with keys suddenly showing up. Wound up soliciting my children as witnesses back in 2003 and they used to call the occurances​ “glitches”. At least it’s comforting to know we’re not alone in what has become a most “spooky” reality.

  6. Beth Bartlett said:

    A well done piece, this article offers “Mainstream Understanding without a Shock-factor” or heavily laden with Physics terms that somehow scare folks back into high school panic over science subjects. Ha – the one science that “speaks to me” / Quantum Physics – oddly I have no high level math skills or noteworthy studies in the general field of science above required credits, other than a Major in Sociology with intensive Social-Psych/Behavioralism/Personality Disorders – and the how to’ s through Sological Standards/Research Methodologies and Statistics, that last one had me in a panic when I walked in class the first day and the formula literally took the entire chalkboard across a 20 ft wall! I literally gasped oh S—, If I pass this class there a party at the Penthouse (I shared with 2 roommates) Thank goodness it was Dr Rebecca Guy’s class (Dpt Head and my Advisor), brilliant woman and Numbers were her fun-zone, a Narcissistic instructor could have played havoc in my 18hr semester and quite literally kept me from graduation privileges.
    As I read this article, the author reminded me a bit of Dr Guy, a truly noteworthy scholar among the Social Scientists, renowned among her peers and my favorite genius Sociologist.

    Had the Party! (Now would this Mandella Effect business be sweet if, positive improvements were experienced, like say – oh, suddenly a 3rd Major appeared, in oh say – Quantum Physics and I had a 4.0, swa-eeeeet thought!

    Thanks for the information- shared on my FB page – with comment of course, and hopefully in this rural backwards burg – I don’t get accused of promoting Witchy materials. lol – a true Harper Vally PTA, Newbern, Tennessee is… ⚛

  7. Beth Bartlett said:

    BTW, I never thought Nelson Mandella had passed, recall him getting out of prison and reuniting with his wife.
    I understand many were under the impression he passed in the 80’s, (I wonder if there was a well known person that may have passed and it got associated will Mandella)?
    Guessing this has been checked, but curious if there were any alternatives found.

  8. Just wanted to point out there there is Fiona Broome, Cynthia Sue Larson, and another woman who goes by the made up name “Starfire Tor”. She claims that she discovered this effect and “planted” the Mandela info as a trap to tell who was not trustworthy. I am not saying that her claims are true and I am not saying that either if true that it is only those 2 possibilities. Just pointing out that while I KNOW for a fact this is a real effect (in general though, I have no memory of Mandela dying before 2013), the origin tale might be a bit strange.

    • Prior to any mention of “Mandela Effect” back in the 1990s, I published an “Alive Again” account in my book, “Reality Shifts: When Consciousness Changes the Physical World” in which I mention noticing actor Larry Hagman being alive again after having died. This was clearly not a planted idea, nor was it a trap–and the subsequent surveys conducted in the realityshifters community provided good summaries at those times of the various celebrities being most often noted “Alive Again.” This research was conducted long before Fiona Broome, and did not include Nelson Mandela.

  9. Jason Hogeboom said:

    Hi Cynthia. I just learned about ME last week. In 1988 Nelson Mandela was moved from Prison to House arrest. This is when I first learned he didn’t die a couple years prior to which I remember seeing the television coverage. I was 16 and didn’t care about politics. I only knew of him because of his highly publicized death. After learning that ME was a thing last week, I started reaching out. I am not a conspiracy guy and stumbled upon ME per chance.

    • Hi, Jason! Thanks for sharing how you first noticed something seemed strange about Nelson Mandela being alive again. I know what you mean about being a teenager and not really noticing politics much–yet noticing some news stories of the time. So when was the first time you recall Mandela having died?

  10. The earliest Mandela effects that changed would be back in the 1980s with the stoplight change, the order from green, yellow, red to red, yellow green

    in the 1990s we lost many states. Most remember 51 or 52 but residue has shown any from 51-67 states at a time. However at some point in the 1900s it changed to 50.

    Those two are the first Mandela Effects to change. Given we saw no Nelson in 2005 we assume his 1991 death changed at a later time and not in the 90’s itself.

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