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Cynthia Sue Larson

Cynthia Sue Larson

While reading an article in Scientific American recently, Living in a Quantum World, I felt heartened to see the article’s subtitle, “Quantum mechanics is not just about teeny particles, it applies to things of all sizes: birds, plants, maybe even people.” 

As noted a few months ago in A Unified Universe of Entangled Diamonds and Altruistic Rats, we are truly living in wonderful times as we see mainstream scientific articles acknowledging that quantum mechanics applies to everything in the universe–even ourselves. What this means for our expanding world view is that we can expect to see signs of such things as quantum entanglement, quantum teleportation, and quantum tunneling around us in everyday life–with no need for electron microscopes.

The Scientific American article  Living in a Quantum World states, “In a quantum world, a particle does not just have to take one path at a time; it can take all of them simultaneously.”  One implication of this idea of quantum behavior showing up on the macro scale includes the notion that we can expect to see occasional signs that the world we see around us and so often take for granted is not the only one. These signs can clue is in to the possibility that we are surrounded by an infinite number of parallel universes that, on some level, we are experiencing in their totality.  

The science behind parallel quantum universes

According to physicist Hugh Everett III’s many worlds theory, there are an infinite number of parallel worlds that exist alongside this one. The significance of this theory is that it allows for quantum particles to behave as we’ve observed them and know them to behave, which is probabilistically.

Experiments mentioned in the Scientific American, Living in a Quantum World, indicate that many macro-scale entities such as birds, plants, and salt crystals exhibit signs of being entangled with one another. Such entanglement is a quantum behavioral characteristic which was previously relegated to the realm of the very, very small–yet now entanglement appears to be a quality of quantum behavior we can now claim also for ourselves.

What is it like to visit parallel worlds?

Any time we see a shift in reality in which something appears, disappears, transforms, or transports, presents an excellent time to consider the possibility that we may have just walked between parallel worlds. There are two marvelous books I recommend reading if you’d really like to know how it feels to visit parallel worlds: Traveling to Parallel Universes, and Reality Shifts: When Consciousness Changes the Physical World.

Traveling to Parallel Universes

Traveling to Parallel Universes

I was thrilled this past month to read a book of first-hand accounts of travels to parallel universes by author Trish LeSage. In Trish’s book, Traveling to Parallel Universes, Trish describes physical changes she often observes days or weeks prior to switching between universes, such as changes in her body temperature, and observing sights, sounds and sensations of other universes. Trish also writes about how she knows when she has arrived in parallel universes, as she observes differences in the way things manifest, and sees changes in people and animals in each parallel world. I especially love the matter-of-fact way Trish describes her parallel world journeys, along with her authentic emotional reactions when encountering such a variety of parallel universes. In one of the more interesting accounts, Trish describes a universe in which people can easily manifest whatever they contemplate relatively quickly and easily, yet due to lack of character-building through hardships, people are not very friendly, genuine, nor heart-centered.

Reality Shifts: When Consciousness Changes the Physical World

Reality Shifts: When Consciousness Changes the Physical World

In my book, Reality Shifts: When Consciousness Changes the Physical World, I write, “Living with the waking dream experience of reality shifting around me feels a lot like walking with my feet in two (or more) worlds.”

“… to all outward appearances, my life seems the same as usual. I still do all the mundane things I need to do for survival, so much of the time I am living a life of habitual response. The biggest change in me is mostly one of attitude and mindset, as my sense of what’s real has changed. My mind seeks a stable place to consider solid or real, and that sense of reality is no longer based simply on what I see in front of me or what seems to be solid. My sense of self is not limited to being confined to my body, since I so often experience feelings, sensations, and realities that don’t happen where my body is.”

“By welcoming a waking dream state of consciousness, I allow for the unexpected to occur. Even ordinary things like cooking dinner have a different feeling for me. Sometimes I’ve opened my refrigerator to get something, shut the door, opened it again a few minutes later, and found a jar had vanished and reappeared in that short space of time. I savor these sensuous experiences of feeling awake in a dream, because I am aware of my wishes, desires and feelings shaping reality all around me. I often find my passing thoughts answered by the universe, as I engage in a continuous dialogue with all that is. I feel this communication best when I also feel how loved I am and how everything around me is here for my benefit and appreciation, surrendering myself as fully as possible to knowing I am love.”

I hope you’ll enjoy watching and sharing my YouTube video summary of Living in Parallel Worlds–and please feel free to leave comments either on this blog or on my YouTube video page!

One of the benefits of asking the question, “How good can it get?!” while traveling between parallel universes is that you’re likely to get some pretty wonderful answers. Happy travels!

Love always,

Cynthia Sue Larson
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Comments on: "Living in Parallel Quantum Worlds" (7)

  1. Over the last couple of years I recently discovered astral projection. I didn’t even know what it was and why I did it? I googled flight dreaming and I got astral projection. It was good to learn I was not a freak, because when I tried to tell a couple of people close to me, they looked at me like was nuts. Then there was some horror movie I can’t remember the name where a little boy got stuck in another plane of existence. When I read about astral projection, it’s me to a tee. Not exactly like other’s experiences, but similar enough. Bottom line is that in these dreams I have total control. Since a child I have been a lucid dreamer and I know the difference. In lucid dreaming I don’t have control and the dreams don’t make much sense. However, when I guess I’m in the astral plane or parallel plane it’s so much different. It usually happens when I take a nap or stressed, which I just did and I am. I get a vibration in my body and then I feel parts of my body lifting up and the I spin. The first time it happened I was terrified. Now I embrace it and in fact today just experience if lift my arms (while dreaming I think???) and put my hands close to my forehead I really take off. Not to sound silly, but like when Buhhdists monks chant. It’s like I’m opening my chest/heart. And after you reading your stories your so right, I don’t stay here very long and I don’t like visit the neighbors. I go to another place, looks a lot like here with people behaving much like us. Shopping, eating, and walking around. The one big difference that I have head in several of theses dreams are elaborate waterfalls, man made and not. I’ve also tried to engage people and that really never works, but dogs seem to sense me (their there too). My dogs (here) seem to see me buzzing around the house too. However, in one dream I asked someone if they could see me and they said I was not wearing a mask so no one could see me (strange). I also spend a lot of time in nature, like the woods, sky, and water. (However, I like that sort of thing in real life). Okay, now it gets really really weird. I’m a nurse and seen a lot of death. In one dream I walked into hospital I had never been too and then in real life got a temporary job there later (spooky) but in my dream an elderly man was dying and very scared. In the dream I laid down next to him and told him to hold my hand it was not scary and to let go. I can honestly say since this whole astral projection thing, I’m less afraid of death because I imagine it’s a lot like my astral dreams “light, freeing, and peaceful”. Only a couple times was I really scared or experienced something dark, which I still don’t like to talk about, but I will say this I was held down and not allowed to freely wake-up. When I astral, in an instance I can wake up, I can make it stop. I don’t care if science or anyone says it’s not real it is! I’m not really into psychic stuff too much and a strong believer in Christianity. However, I found that in I think the book of Solomon the “Silver Cord” is mentioned just like other ancient books, like the Buhhdists “Book of the Dead”. All of which I only read about after I learned about astral projection. It’s a great experience, I just wish I could learn to do it when I wanted to. I only do it in my dreams and not every time I dream. When I wake up, just like now I’m always in the twilight zone so to speak, because I have no one to really share my dreams with and I feel like I just experienced something amazing. Someone once told me it was a gift, I don’t know? I look forward to the day I can tell a patient not to be scared of the actual “dying” because I leave my body all the time and it’s pretty cool (but I might lose my job if I anyone heard me) I have looked for Jesus can’t say that I have found him, but when I’m soaring like an eagle close to the sky and sun…maybe I have? Recently, I put my hand in my husband’s chest and touched his heart, he almost had me committed when I told him. Like noted earlier, my dogs seem to get it? Also today, I seen myself in a mirror, I was younger and had long hair (which I used to)….still a little freaked about that one…it was a first. One day, I want to be tested by some dream lab, those delta waves would be all over the place, if I could induce astral dreaming. There is one thing I’m scared of is that should I ever be in a coma and started to astral, it would piss me off that I would not be able to wake myself up and be locked in….”unable to break away from my body or sever the cord”. That could be frightening. I tell doctors and nurses all the time it’s so horrible to keep people that have no chance of recovering to keep them in that condition, because their spirit is trapped in a sort of limbo and I imagine it could be very scary. Because when I astral, I’m asleep, but also very aware of where I am in this earthly world.

    Thanks Joy

  2. Yesterday I took my father out to lunch. He is 89 and we still play nine holes of golf together most weeks! I had been thinking about time and time travel. As I was doing so some insights materialised with great clarity. I picked him up and as we set off I told him about this.

    I had just realised, I told him that time travel is an impossibility a) because there is no such thing as time and b) the past no longer exists. He looked rathe quizzically at me. He has been interested in these sort of subjects for a long time and particularly since he read a paper by Dr. Ronald Pearson on Quantum Survival :

    Anyway as we sat down to eat I asked him to define time. He thought about it and eventually came up with numerous descriptions basically describing ” motion”. I said yes that is all there is, perpetual motion.

    Time is nothing more than a mathematical concept designed to calibrate/measure points on the wheel so to speak of perpetual motion.

    It does not actually exist but motion does. So everything that exists is materialising in the now and disappearing constantly. As NOW vanishes that moment of motion no longer exists. That NOW was the universe in that NOW. It was replaced instantly by another NOW universe and so on ad infinitum.

    This brings us back to the concept of time travel. How can one travel back to something which no longer exists (except possibly as an image or sound or memory captured on a recording device be it a book, tape, digital recording or film/video)

    Every NOW moment is a unique combination of universal frequencies. It will never be repeated because we are in constant motion which means constant change. Motion is progressive. We know this because you never see an adult reverting to a child or a tree to a sapling.

    Thus as the NOW materialises as a result of a unique combination of energy frequencies it also vanishes as a result of the input of new energy frequencies which are altering the ratio of the band wave thus creating new realities perpetually.

    As I explained this, my father was busy tucking into and enjoying a trifle desert! As he finished I said that is a perfect example of what I mean. A few minutes/NOWS ago there was a trifle on that plate. Its gone and it can never come back because that moment no longer exists. That was another universe in which we no longer exist. He looked at me, smiled and said you are right!

    • Thanks for your thoughtful comments, and I’m so glad you’re still out there playing golf with your 89-year-old father! I’m also grateful to hear about your discussion with him regarding the insight that time is happening all at once.

      I’ve had the benefit of experiencing time travel of a sort in my life on a couple of occasions… and both times while the experience seemed real from my vantage point of recollective experience, there was a sense of other-worldliness to the encounter.

      I’m a fan of John Cramer’s Transaction Interpretation of quantum physics, with its ‘handshake’ between the future and past, in a collaborative type of agreement to select decision paths going forward through a multitude of possible realities…. and with this sense of ourselves continually accessing all possibilities, I wonder how we might more fully become aware of the true nature of fundamental reality.

      • Thanks Cynthia. I deliberately stopped the story at that point. Fortunately because I recorded it I can return in MIND at least to that point in a previous universe! What I cannot do is physically go back to the moment my father was enjoying his trifle unless I can physically wind back the entire universe to that unique combination of energies/frequencies. Be good if one could. One would never have to buy or make another trifle! Just keep going back to eat the same one!

        Because motion is progressive this is self evidently impossible. However, as already stated I can return to it or a version close to it in my mind even though I cannot ever again experience the physicality of that memory. This is really the point. Time travel is in a sense possible mentally but impossible physically.

        Even if it were possible to physically return to that point my father’s experience of it would be slightly different from mine because he experienced it from and in a different energy form/frequency from mine. Therefore even in that same NOW differing perceptions of realiy were in play. There were other people in the restaurant who lived that NOW from their own perspectives. Thus not one of us saw that reality in exactly the same way.

        So which past are we talking about, mine, my father’s or others? Each past is thus a unique NOW. Even if we could go back we can only tune in to our own unique frequency of that NOW and we can only return mentally to it in the NOW that is NOW.

        Having said all this, everything is made up of energy and energy is a vibration which resonates at differing frequencies. All energy forms are both transmitters and receivers of energy. This interchange of information between particles at the quantum level is self-evidently reflected at the macro level. The sum total of this exchange of information is the reality experienced by all energy forms from a unique perspective, since every energy form is a unique combination of waves/frequencies.

        Thus as you can see their is no one past or one future. There are infinite pasts and infinite futures all of which can only be experienced individually in the NOW of NOW.

        Thus unless one can physically rewind the motion of the entire universe and all that it encompasses, physical time travel is impossible. Once the trifle has gone it has gone! One can take a photo of the trifle in that moment of NOW but one can never eat it again.

        No doubt somewhere in the universe is a holographic record of every NOW which ever existed and we may get to go to the universal cinema watch it while eating our popcorn in that motion of NOW!


  3. Sorry my email had an upper case “Y” in it. It is now correct.

  4. Joy, you should write down your experiences. It would be interesting for those with open minds to read and think about and maybe they can contribute their knowledge/experience. In time we may build up a clearer picture of the truth of existence.

  5. Cynthia you wrote, ” I wonder how we might more fully become aware of the true nature of fundamental reality?”

    This is a wonderful question because it also holds out the prospect of wondrous answers. I think that this is what we are all trying to understand by going deep into our minds and hearts. We are in a sense Dr. Livingstone setting out on an exciting journey into the unknown.

    I believe our understanding has been held back by cultural, religious, political and scientific brainwashing. By throwing off these restrictive beliefs we may just free up our minds to look beyond our self made horizons.

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