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Cynthia Sue Larson

“I believe we will continue to find increasingly strong reasons to believe that some of the strange effects observable in the microscopic world exist not only in the exotic realms, but also in more intimate domain of human experience.  I also believe that the implications of all this for understanding psi are sufficiently remote from engrained ways of thinking that the first reaction will be confidence that it’s wrong.  The second will be horror that it might be right. The third will be boredom because it’s obvious.” — Dean Radin

We are fortunate to be alive in this amazing time in history, when scientific discoveries in one field often have parallel findings in another field… such as the fascinating timing of a diamond entanglement study at the same point in time when neurobiologists are citing the significance of empathy and altruism in animals, such as jailbreak rats that spring their pals and share sweets.

At first glance, entangled diamonds and altruistic rats don’t seem to have much in common, yet once we’ve taken a closer look, we can begin to notice how in a universe where everything exists as vibration, some vibrations occur harmonically across space and time in ways that resonance is achieved and information is exchanged.

On the physics front, recent groundbreaking experiments at the Clarendon Laboratory at the University of Oxford in England have successfully demonstrated that two physically separated diamonds vibrated together when only one of them was zapped with an ultrashort laser. This kind of entanglement has been previously witnessed only at the quantum level… which is in a microscopically small realm beyond reach of our ordinary range of sensory perception. What’s so exciting about these experiments is how they move the wild and woolly world of quantum mechanics into our everyday world of objects we can touch, taste, smell, hear and feel.

Quantum entanglement is one of those strange behaviors that physicist Albert Einstein once referred to as “spooky action at a distance,” and like quantum teleportation and quantum tunneling, quantum entanglement is something seldom acknowledged on the macroscopic scale. Scientific successes in observing quantum weirdness with things larger than quantum particles initiates a paradigm shift to better assumptions about our world, such as: the energy of things matters as much as the material; non-local effects can be profound; observers influence experimental results; and some outcomes are best described in terms of probabilities.

Diamonds were selected for this entanglement study for their crystalline nature… yet we see evidence of the biological equivalent of entanglement in neurons. Over the past decade, some neurological researchers have suggested a theory that the presence of mirror neurons might help explain empathy because mirror neurons enable a person to know how someone feels by watching them, allowing that person to literally feel what they are feeling. Psychologists often conduct psychology experiments with rats, which have a special place in my heart, as my daughters had pet rats when they were young and we learned first-hand what wonderful pets they make.

Rats are highly intelligent social creatures that can form strong bonds with rats and people, as my daughters and I learned one day when our lost pet rat came bounding home after four days out in the world on her own. While I was amazed that our pet rat survived four days in the great big world on her own, my daughter explained that she’d never lost confidence in her rat returning, because, “I told her to come back home, and she did.”

The exciting news from recent studies with rats comes from University of Chicago neuroscientists Peggy Mason, Inbal Ben-Ami Bartal, and Jean Decety who conducted an experiment with rats in which rats had an opportunity to free a rat trapped in a plexiglass cage, and a majority of the rats learned how to open the cage and free the other rat. Rats did not free similarly caged toy rats, and when given a dilemma between opening a locked cage containing special chocolate treats and freeing a trapped rat, rats typically chose to free the trapped rat and share the chocolate treats.

The implications of these entangled diamonds and altruistic rat studies are truly profound, as it’s clear that we are now entering a time when we can feel awe and wonder at witnessing “some of the strange effects observable in the microscopic world” that Dr. Dean Radin presciently predicted we’d encounter… which invites all of us to re-envision a more unified universe in which we may be more and better connected to one another than we’ve ever previously conceived possible.

Please watch and share my YouTube video summary of A Unified Universe of Entangled Diamonds and Altruistic Rats.

On a personal level, one of the things I love most about the experimental results with entangled diamonds and altruistic rats is how they drive home the point that no matter how alone or trapped we may feel, chances are there’s someone out there who empathizes with what we’re going through, and truly cares. On a global level, one of the things I love most about being on this threshold of a whole new way of envisioning a more unified world is that humanity is being given a huge opportunity to expand our awareness of who we are and what we are capable of being and doing. And all of this helps expand what we imagine possible when we contemplate my favorite meditative question, “How good can it get?!”

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Cynthia Sue Larson
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Comments on: "A Unified Universe of Entangled Diamonds and Altruistic Rats" (10)

  1. In a holographic sence the whole universe resides within every cell of the human body as is true of all atomic structure at an energetic level.

    In the words of William Blake:
    To see the World in a Grain of Sand
    And a Heaven in a Wild Flower
    Hold Infinity in the Palm of your Hand
    And Eternity in an Hour

    We are Multidimensional vibratory beings, but are like un-tuned Radio receivers only receptive to this 3D reality.
    In fact we are only perceive 0.005% of all the known Cosmic radiations out in the Universe and the Visible spectrum which we see is a fraction of that .. So basically the Human vehicle is blind.
    But by merely changing the station to decode new vibrations we tune into other possible realties.

    • Thanks for sharing the words of William Blake, and for your thoughtful comments regarding the holographic model of reality. I also enjoy physicist David Bohm’s theory of their being an implicit order in which everything is enfolded together, though what we humans see and sense is the explicit order of the material world.

  2. The whole construct of creation is a repetitive fractural representation of vibrating frequencies, that is expressed through geometrical template. … These templates are the basic foundational building blueprints to all matter. They take the form of mathematical geometrical shape that solids can increasingly transmute or crystallize to.
    This ‘sacred geometry’ is so manipulable and pliable to vibrating fields, it receives it’s information to crystallize into matter, from the Cosmos. Cosmic coding emanates from a parent star of a planetary system and is a repetitive program with only minor variants, unique to that star.
    This is an explanation of how matter crystallizes into manifestation and receives it’s programmed coding. This arranges the quantum structure to form atoms which are arranged by the same remote vibratory mechanism.
    Consequently sacred geometry, which are the templates to atomic form, are so responsive to vibration that sound frequencies can manipulate it accordingly. This is exactly how the universe ‘talks’, or ‘sings, creation into existence!!!
    This sound ‘geometry’ as it termed, is a direct metaphor for our co-creative part in this universe, ‘as above so below’. We can manipulate matter directly with sound frequencies, by using our innate higher faculties, through mere voice and sympathetic resonance!
    ‘Energy will follow intent’, as we are all co-creating this universe subjectively, through individual core resonance to it. This alchemy of vibrating fields provides infinite variability to how the blueprint of creative matter will portray. Nothing is ‘set in stone’, as there is a myriad of intercepting vibratory fields that integrate, and provide universal possibilities of cosmic coding. The building blocks of creative matter are there and for us to manipulate accordingly, as we are in essence Co-creative beings within this Universe!!!

  3. I discovered your blog site on the search engines and check several of your early posts. Always maintain up the very good operation. I recently add an additional increase Rss to my MSN News Reader. Looking for toward reading much more on your part later on!

  4. My brother recommended I should like this web site. He was entirely right. This articles actually made my day. You cannot consider just how much time I had spent for this information! Thank you!

    • I’m glad you found this blog, too… and I suspect you’ll enjoy visiting my web site as well. Before I started this blog, I posted monthly ezines which are all still viewable at my site. You can subscribe directly to this blog, and also to my ezine, which is a monthly email I send out.

  5. Do you mind if I quote a couple of your posts as long as I provide credit and sources back to your website? My blog is in the very same niche as yours and my visitors would genuinely benefit from a lot of the information you provide here. Please let me know if this okay with you. Thank you!

    • It’s fine to quote a couple of my posts along with credit and links / sources back to my realityshifters web site. I’m so glad to hear you’ve got a blog in a similar niche, with visitors interested in similar material… it sounds fabulous!

  6. The forthcoming Galactic Alignment – called the ‘Precession of the Equinox’, Galactic Alignment, or just Precession. This is an imminent Cosmic phenomenon of planetary alignment which takes 26,000 .. well 25,920 years to culminate.
    Or less in astronomical terms when the Solar meridian crosses the galactic equator and the solar system reaches the centre of our galaxy !
    This has, and has previously, had massive evolutionary consequences upon our local solar neighborhood and obviously our planet.
    It will not be simply the migrating of our geometrical alignment into one Zodiacal position into another, (which occurs every 2160 years). But it is the end of the long count (Mayan), where all twelve constellations have been traversed by our solar system – heralded by the winter solstice sun as it enters Aquarius once again.
    This is the big one! … And if collectively consciousness tune to the new emanated resultant vibratory radiations it will mean a massive SPIRITUAL AWAKENING, which is long overdue !!
    How can a galactic alignment, our solar system reaching the centre of the galaxy, culminate such change? .. Well …… ITS VIBRATORY !
    .The human vehicle is basically an energy manifestation device, it can receive and transmit cosmic vibrations accordingly, hence it has access to a ‘internet’ if you will – The Universe.
    As energy is consciousness and consciousness is energy, through the transmission and reception of differing frequency message packages from this Cosmic-Internet; It not only recodes all quantum structure, but also enables the latent higher faculties attributed to the Human vehicle to manifest.
    Our present mode of expression is of lowest possible dimensional domain before all monocular motion stops and becomes solid.
    This higher vibratory ethereal component to our being is an expression of our true Spiritual Multidimensional nature, and receptivity to higher densities of expression.
    Its’ up to each individual consciousness the clarity of the response to the vibratory change falling upon our local solar neighborhood – indeed our galaxy, as the present cycle ends.
    We are at the cusp of this transition now, hence the admix of those responding to the ascentional shift in consciousness and those that are not.
    Many are ‘lashing’ out in confusion and violence or hiding behind materialism and possessions, creating a counterfeit meaning in their realities.
    For the forerunners in the awakening process it’s is ‘out with the old’ and ‘in with the new’ .. as they increasingly in number, respond to the new emanated cosmic vibrations.
    This is a ‘choice point’ – and through entrainment via sympathetic resonance, as this vibratory shift escalates, more will respond to the new energies and culmitively expand it accordingly..
    I cannot wait for the massive change in consciousness, where we emerge from separatism to unity .. Where the single droplets within the ocean of infinity realize that the they are, and always were the whole ocean in it’s entirety !!! ………. Long overdue.

  7. […] noted a few months ago in A Unified Universe of Entangled Diamonds and Altruistic Rats, we are truly living in wonderful times as we see mainstream scientific articles acknowledging that […]

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