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csl2016jun25Why Do I Devote My Career to Researching the Mandela Effect, Reality Shifts, and Quantum Jumps?

I’ve been delighted to see the “Mandela Effect” rocket from being a fairly obscure topic in 2010 to a matter of steadily increasing attention in 2016, since I’ve devoted my career to researching discontinuities, shifts, and jumps in reality. In case you’re wondering why I dedicate my life’s work to these topics, here is a short explanation of why I do the work I do.

Witnessing Mind-Matter Influence

I’ve noticed mind-matter interaction since childhood, though I noted this perspective was not mainstream in California in the 1960s when I was growing up. When I was a young girl watching rain falling in the garden outside our house, I noticed that when I was in a certain state day-dreamy state of mind, I could think “Stop rain,” and the rain would stop, and “Start rain,” and the rain would start. After testing this to my satisfaction several times, I ran with great excitement to show this discovery to my mother, who greeted my announcement with a sigh of resignation and evident apathy. Unable to demonstrate for my mother what had been working perfectly just moments earlier, I recognized the power that each of us has to effect mind-matter influence within supportive ‘zones.’ I subsequently made sure that I was quiet about it any time I helped our family’s car to start (back in the 1960’s, it was a relatively common occurrence for cars to not start every time), or other such things. Clearly, mind-matter interaction was not considered to be possible–yet in my daily personal life I constantly found it to be one of the most consistently reliable and supportive pillars upon which I can dependably rely.

In retrospect, I can see I had numerous “Mandela Effect” type experiences while growing up, such as the time in the 1970s following one of my family’s vacations to beautiful Dal Lake, India, when the furniture my parents had ordered finally arrived in California, was assembled and fitted with custom-made glass tops. I reminded my parents that they had promised the woodcarvers at Dal Lake that they would send photographs of the tables in our new home. My parents seemed surprised and confused at my insistence they should take and sent photographs, and I became confused, too, since my parents don’t lie, and always keep their promises. I knew I wasn’t remembering incorrectly, yet I trusted they were not lying to me, either–so I ‘let it go’ without forgetting this bizarre difference in remembered histories had occurred.

Thanks to growing up in a family dedicated to visiting some of the most remote areas in the world before they were forever changed by western expansionism, I spent several months each year of my childhood in parts of the world untouched by western ideas and civilization, able to experience firsthand the way I can communicate directly with people, places and things through intention, thoughts and feelings. And thanks to my close relationship with my most spiritual family member, my maternal grandmother, I gained a clear sense of the reality of unseen angelic and divine realms. My grandmother was a woman of exceptional faith, who frequently conversed with me about spirituality, angels, and God.

My 1982 Physics Degree from UC Berkeley

One of the main reasons I obtained a degree in physics from UC Berkeley was to get closer to the heart of the true nature of reality, after observing mind-matter interaction since childhood. Thanks to my lifelong fascination in the true nature of reality and consciousness, I decided the closest thing to a degree in those topics would be Physics, so I applied to and was accepted to the Physics program at UC Berkeley in the 1980s, and I especially loved my quantum physics classes. I am honored to have received a degree in Physics from UC Berkeley.

Reality ShiftsSearching for Reality Shifts in 1994

In 1994 I experienced a surge in what at the time I called ‘reality shifts,’ involving noticing things appearing, disappearing, transforming and transporting, as well as changes in the experience of time. In the process of exploring this topic and through my intention to experience a wide variety of these shifts, I found myself quickly doing exactly that. I observed many reality shifts without confirmation or validation from other witnesses, but found that shared reality shift experiences to be more enjoyable, since they provided the opportunity to discuss what happened. My searches for information on this topic across the very new world wide web came up empty as I began writing my book, Reality Shifts: When Consciousness Changes the Physical World to describe my observations of celebrities and a pet cat having been reported dead, and subsequently being observed to be very much alive. I included descriptions of how a bird feeder changed without anyone touching it between being empty and full, how the material of a jacket changed without anyone modifying it, and how a children’s book illustration from a book I read to my daughter every week changed to something completely different. Reality Shifts includes first-hand reports of conversations being remembered differently by people involved, and about a person’s name vanishing off a conference speaker’s list between the time of sitting down one morning and a subsequent break. Also included is a description of repeating events, similar to what people would later recognize as a ‘glitch in the Matrix.’ I published the first edition of Reality Shifts in 1999 in a three ring binder, which I made available to people attending my talks and workshops, and later sold through CafePress.

Starting RealityShifters Website and Ezine in 1999

The first version of what came to become the RealityShifters website began at in 1998, before the website had its official name. I chose the name ‘realityshifters’ after prompting on 17 November 1999 from Stein Online radio show host, Elliot Stein, in response to his request that I have a shorter, more easily remembered and spoken website URL. The first RealityShifters news ezine was sent out as an email to dozens of people who had signed the guestbook on my thirdage website, and I added new subscribers one by one, sending each month’s issue out as a regular email until the number of subscribers reached about 700. The RealityShifters ezine now reaches over 8,000 subscribers each month, and all issues are posted online at the RealityShifters News page on the realityshifters site.

The Power of Asking “How Good Can it Get?” 

I’ve been writing about and encouraging people to ask the question “How good can it get?” since I first mentioned it in an article published in August 2000. The big idea behind asking this question is that when we ask, “How good can it get?” we change our perspective on this world, leaving behind petty differences and bridging the gap between the physical and spiritual worlds. Simply put, this question has the power to transform not just our perspective and the future, but it can (and often does) also influence the past. When we recognize the growing body of evidence supporting these ideas of the power of changing our subconscious narrative, we can better appreciate the power of asking my favorite question, “How good can it get?” in every situation, every day. Together, we can re-frame the global narratives of the world, enjoying getting the answers to a question we would all actually enjoy receiving the answer to.

Seeking Scientific Answers

My quest for scientific answers behind the Mandela Effect, reality shifts, and quantum jumps has been the foundation of my work as a life coach and author working in this field since 1999. As I recently wrote in a research paper I presented at the Foundations of Mind, Primacy of Quantum Logic in the Natural World,

While we have long presumed quantum logic to operate either alongside or within the classical realm, we stand to benefit from contemplating classical theory and physics as a special case within the bigger quantum reality. This paper finds support for the view of the quantum logicians who assert quantum logic to be the most comprehensive deductive logic. This is demonstrated by the derivability of quantum theory from one additional fundamental axiom beyond that required for deriving classical theory, and evidence that some fundamental aspects of quantum physics can never admit a classical understanding. Recognition that classical theory and logic is a ‘special case’ subset of the greater quantum whole invites us to completely reassess our assumptions regarding the way we view the world and what we consider to be ‘logical.’

I am delighted to have received this statement of recognition from one of my favorite quantum physics professors at UC Berkeley, Dr. George Trilling, who wrote to me in June 2014, “From looking at your accomplishments, your knowledge of physics has served you well. My congratulations on your achievements.”

Paradigm Shift Evident in the Mandela Effect 

The Mandela Effect is stirring strong emotional reactions in people who, for the first time, are startled to witness their own first-hand experiences of reality shifts, such as celebrities previously reported dead being observed to be very much alive again–including the now-famous example of Nelson Mandela being observed by many to now have died twice.

The remarkable thing about the rise of the Mandela Effect is that for the first time in recorded history, groups of people are agreeing that they collectively recall different histories. This is significant because it marks the beginning of a paradigm shift in our worldview with regard to a ‘static’ sense of historical facts, to one encompassing a new view that sometimes, facts change. This paradigm shift arrives at a point in time when some scientists seek evidence of the many worlds of quantum physics being one-and-the-same as the multiverse.

I’m excited to help facilitate humanity’s paradigm shift toward a realization of the primacy of consciousness and quantum logic in the world, through my free YouTube videos, RealityShifters website, RealityShifters ezine, blog, articles, Living the Quantum Dream radio show, and my books and life coaching.

You can see the YouTube summary of this blog post here:



QuantumJumps300x150adCynthia Sue Larson is the best-selling author of six books, including Quantum Jumps. Cynthia has a degree in Physics from UC Berkeley, and discusses consciousness and quantum physics on numerous shows including her Living the Quantum Dream radio show, the History Channel, Coast to Coast AM, the BBC and One World with Deepak Chopra. You can subscribe to Cynthia’s free monthly ezine at:

Comments on: "My Mandela Effect Life" (17)

  1. Hi Cynthia. Lovely article as usual. I am fascinated by the general misunderstanding (by most people, I have found) of just how vast infinity is. Most folks simply can’t grasp the concept, mentally, that there is a universe, “parallel” to “ours”, where a blade of grass sprouted 1 degree left of the same grass sprout in a similar universe, and that is the sole difference between them–across the billions of planets and stars and galaxies. And even one blade of grass is an enormously complex thing, full of millions of cells.

    Nature is algorithmic. Beneath a certain macro level of our daily experience are the vast interactions of tiny creatures that operate by rules rather than by a brain. Even a tiny brain, in an ant, is complex, but it pales next to a self-aware conscious being. All of these small processes, manipulated by small creatures and natural rules, are further broken down into atoms, and then sub-atomic particles, which are then made of quarks, which are then frequencies of energy. Just a thought exercise…

    Author John Scalzi used the concept of reality shifts in his popular sci-fi novel, Old Man’s War, to describe how warp drive works on a spaceship in his fictional world. The ship trades places with itself in a nearly-identical alternate universe, in the direction it wishes to go. Imagine that implications… That’s infinity. That the universes are absolutely precisely the same except that one spaceship is a few inches ahead in the direction of travel. Multiply that by millions of universes, skipping through them, one after the next, inching along, until you arrive at your destination–in the blink of an eye. Thus, millions of reality shifts have taken place in a fraction of a second, revolving around just that one starship. Because the transitions were so tiny, those universes should all be precisely the same. But, imagine how small the error level must be when making millions of shifts just for one warp jump… Even a millionth of a point could leave the crew in a universe they no longer recognize. In any event, they are no longer in their own universe anyway!

    I found this concept to be brilliant and kind of funny, too. But that’s Scalzi for you…

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts about infinity–and the true vastness it represents. This is likely one of those areas where if one thinks one grasps the concept, then you can be fairly certain you don’t get it yet.

      I like this science fiction concept you mention, which prompts me to recall Douglas Adams’ infinite improbability drive, which seemed to involve both humor and infinity!

    • a little less sad said:

      This was very helpful. I noticed yesterday that all of my family photos have changed. It’s as if they were taken just a few seconds before or after the pictures I remember. But they feel wrong because it’s just off pose. Does that make sense? Like someone said cheese so you smiled and posed but the actual picture wasn’t taken until right after you stopped mugging for the camera. Curious to see how the tangible pictures I have compare to the ones I scanned into the computer. I’m guessing they’ll match.

      • Yes, I can relate to seeing photographs change. I’ve written previously about a time when I went to pick up prints of photos I’d taken, along with the negatives (this was before I’d gotten a digital camera), and between the time I first viewed the prints and a few minutes later, there were photos actually physically missing that I’d viewed minutes earlier. I then checked the negatives, feeling stunned the photos of my friends were now gone (showing them holding the do-it-yourself dinner plates we’d done together) and the NEGATIVES were also gone–completely vanished. So yes, this makes sense to me that you see differences in photos, as if they’ve been taken just a bit differently. And most likely all current evidence will match.

  2. Beverly Guhl Davis said:

    Fabulous blog post Cyn!!!!! Even though I’ve now read two of your books and a lot of posts I keep learning new bits about you (or what I remember I learned is now different, ha!). Such an amazing lady you are. Keep up the world-changing work and I know you will be a Guardian Angel sooner than you envision.

    My psychic abilities took a nose dive when I experienced that missing girl in Austin being taken off the missing list (and no sign of her in the newspaper). It really threw me for a loop since everything was so visit and I felt affirmation about it (still do). I’ve recovered my sense of affirmation, and no longer doubt, but that first hit of doubt really set me back. I haven’t been able to mediate hardly at all and only recently reached trance state again, but no real visions of anything or information. I felt no angels or guides for the past 2 months either, but did in the last day or so. I guess it takes time and having the confidence build back up again.

    love,light, and hugs, bev

    • Thank you, Bev! Sometimes we can temporarily lose a sense of support, passion or purpose–which is why it helps to remember to make time to spend in the beauty of Nature, and maintaining good sleep, eating, and spiritual and/or meditative practices to keep one’s batteries charged. Remember that you have your gifts for a reason, and everything is unfolding perfectly, somehow. Even if it may not seem that way in any given moment. 🙂

  3. A very remarkable posting Cynthia! Here’s some random thoughts in response:

    One detail that stands out to me for some reason is your memory of your parents promising to send pics of the carved furniture back to India when they didn’t remember any such thing. Could easily be dismissed as childhood confusion, but it may also illustrate the evanescent and non-universal nature of reality in terms of human perceptions. I bet everyone has experienced things along similar lines but they usually get brushed aside as a matter of having misunderstood something. Could it be that what we are really failing to understand is reality itself?

    Specifically that ‘reality’ is neither universal nor enduring, but individualized and evanescent.

    Could it be that ‘prayer’ aka ‘intent’, ‘miracles’, and other seemingly inexplicable effects operate by propelling the percipient/experiencer to a slightly different parallel world,much like the warp drive mentioned in the previous reply?

    When I was involved with paranormal investigations (ghost hunting) I rejected the notion that such things were exempt from study by controlled experiments, and I think ‘reality shifts’ should also be subject to experimental analysis. Maybe the biggest challenge is how to document results in a manner that doesn’t itself shift when the rest of reality does?

    What about something as simple as having a group of people choose a color from cards of several different colors, then going back some time later and asking which color they remember choosing vs the one documented at the time. Any other suggestions?

    At any rate, I think you are on the leading edge of something that is about to become a major breakthrough in our understanding of the world. Where will it all lead?


    • My point exactly is that “I bet everyone has experienced things along similar lines but they usually get brushed aside” with the assumption from most social settings being that there has been confusion or misperception (with both parties assuming the other has made some kind of mental mistake). The reason I raise the topic of flashbulb memories in my book, Quantum Jumps, is to share the extraordinary findings of researchers who asked college freshmen immediately following the Challenger space shuttle explosion to write down where they were, what they were doing, and who they were with when they heard the news of this disaster very soon after it first occurred. Then some time later, these same students were again asked the same question before they were allowed to look at their own hand-written accounts. As some put it, “That’s my handwriting, but that’s not what happened.” Thanks to this research and stunning placebo effect results, we now have an opportunity to acknowledge that rather than explaining such reality shifts away as ‘memory lapses’ or confusion, we have always been witnessing the way quantum phenomena occurs at ALL levels of reality, and not only below the so-called “von Neumann cut.” I have a sense that research in these fields is about to lead us to a new level of awareness that facts can change–yet understanding of our true identity as being consciousness can help us best find our way forward in experiencing various possible realities.

  4. Perhaps observing this phenomena, like observing a quantum particle, makes it impossible to measure it. 🙂 You can be aware that it happened but cannot record it scientifically? 🙂 I suspect that will always be the case because consciousness supersedes the physical universe.

  5. Russell Leslie Phillips said:

    Dearest Cynthia,
    I have had the same ‘experience’ regarding the ‘Queen Mother’ of England.
    I cannot remember her dying !
    All my love and blessings,

  6. Reality shifters Hello,I recently learned how the d-wave computer goes 500,00 times faster than any other computer,perhaps it’s just too fast.Perhaps the Government is warming up for a mass hypnosis attempt.Anyway probably the 2nd. time in my life I ever ever commented on anything.Cheers.

  7. Vivek narain said:

    Though i have a physics degree myself,i use the knowledge for fundamentals only.Subjective RS is as important as shared RS,and i have plenty of them.I don’t know how you rate synchronicity as a phenomena,but i have experienced extreme synchronicities with witnesses and very tangible evidence,as tangible as the sun and moon.

  8. I have been having Mandela effects since 1982-83. I was three or four years old. Does anyone else say they started having them early? I am trying to reconcile why I have been having them all my life. Thank you.

    • Yes, some of us have experienced reality shifts for decades–for most all of our lives. This appears to be more common for people who have had near-death experiences (including difficult births, or early-life near-death experiences)

  9. Phyllis said:

    Cynthia, you mention here that you started your website in 1999 and in your article “Quantum Supremacy, Quantum Time, And Quantum Rules”, you mention that you’ve been researching ME since 1998. That rings as very interesting to me, because lately I’ve started taking an interest in the late 90s and especially 1998, due to the spiritual awakening new-age-phenomena suddenly becoming popular and entering the mainstream consciousness around that era even – arguably – more than in the 60s psychedelia haze.

    Consider this: every one of these metaphysical movie classics that basically define our current era of “Mandela” and “Glitches In The Matrix”, premiered in 1998 alone:

    -Truman Show (entire plot is that man finds out his life is a TV-show – solipsism)
    -PI (numerology, mathematics, seeing patterns in reality, paranoia, surrealism)
    -Dark City (similar to the Matrix, with questions about identity and reality, ability to make imagination real)
    -Sphere (paradoxes, existentialism, ability to make imagination real)
    -Virtual Obsession (transferring consciousness to computer – if you’ve seen the better known Johnny Depp film Transference – same idea)
    -What Dreams May Come (afterlife)
    -Big Lebowski (solipsism and psychedelia, existentialism – also the film that spanned an entire new sub-taoism religion called “dudeism” named after the movie’s titular character “The Dude”)
    -Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas (godfather of psychedelia movies, Pineal gland is referenced, White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane (Alice in Wonderland-reference) and hallucinations tie into the plot)
    -Requiem For A Dream (substance abuse, hallucinations, imagination)

    The Matrix – arguably the most influential meta-movie of late 90s and an ME itself (see below) – isn’t here. But that’s because it just barely missed 1998: in premiered only three months after – March 31, 1999!
    (And on MEs and The Matrix: how frightening that the very sentence that started the “Matrix Theory”, the “what if I told you…”-beginning to Morpheus’ speech has been wiped by ME!)

    One wonders, was all this new-age subject matter in mainstream/pop culture a case of popular culture informing people – or the other way around? Where did all these writers got their inspiration to develop these mindblowing plots and scenarios around the same time? Especially note how uncanny the parallels between The Truman Show and The Matrix – finding out your reality is simulated – are!

    I would love to hear your toughts on this and in general read about your experiences in the 90s and how they played a role in, and influenced your spiritual journey and research!

  10. 1998 was a pivotal year for me in many ways. It was four years after my kundalini awakening that occurred in fall of 1994, and it was the year a best friend of mine died, and my first marriage ended. Amidst all of these events, I felt a push of inspiration to start my website, publicly ‘coming out’ to discuss the topic of reality shifts, which I did on my first website on the Third Age platform (prior to starting It does seem that there was something going on in the world at that time, prompting and inspiring many of us to step forward and share what we were realizing independently–that taken together presents a radical revisioning of reality.

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