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csl2016jul2What are your earliest Mandela Effect memories?

The Mandela Effect demonstrates that facts and histories can change, and not everyone remembers things the same way. I’ve received emails from people writing, “I’ve noticed these changes for years, but only just now found out thousands of other people are noticing the same changes,” which gets me wondering how long the Mandela Effect has been around.

Different people pay attention to different things, so we’ll not all be equally impressed by the same changes in history, and sometimes it takes a while before we notice something strange is going on–and has been going on for a long time. There is a tendency once we start noticing something–such as that history sometimes changes–we start seeing examples of it more often. I’ve also noticed that being with others who also notice reality shifting tends to increase our awareness of it. What’s changed since the Mandela Effect became a popular meme is that collectively we now have a mental “File” to label such incidents with, other than ‘we must have been mistaken; that’s so weird.’ Now people like George Clooney and Julia Roberts and Gwen Stefani DO have something to refer to other than “that’s so weird,” when they notice, as they recently did, that the ending of the song, “We are the champions” by Queen has changed. 

My preferred explanation for all this is that we are observing quantum phenomena on the macroscopic scale, and there is no ‘von Neumann cut’ where we can start disregarding quantum effects. Quantum discontinuities can (and do) occur at every level.

Bigger than Mandela

One of the main reasons the “Mandela Effect” is grabbing peoples’ attention is that it is bigger than Mandela. The “Mandela Effect” shows those of us who’ve experienced it that facts change, and histories change. Not everyone remembers things the same way, and sometimes we also notice things change from what we remembered, and then change back again–sometimes flip-flopping more than once or twice.

No Return to Classical Reality

We can look to quantum physics for an explanation as to what is going on when we find more examples of the Mandela Effect. Rather than there being some imaginary line of demarcation where quantum weirdness no longer occurs, some physicists now suggest that quantum logic might hold true at all levels. Rather than ignoring such troublesome quantum phenomena as superposition of states and entanglement by sweeping them under the von Neumann cut, we instead need to consider the possibility that sometimes we will see macroscopic evidence of quantum phenomena in our daily lives.

No Conspiracy Required

The existence of alternate pasts was predicted by scientists such as Stephen Hawking, who has sought evidence of vibratory signatures of many possible ‘big bangs,’ for example. If and when you ever personally experience the presence of multiple possible pasts, such as some college students witnessed first-hand when looking at their own hand-written journal notes about where they were and what they were doing when the Challenger space shuttle exploded–then you might reconsider the notion of a news media or government conspiracy.

CERN came along after the fact, from the standpoint that first nations peoples have long described oral histories about how these same sorts of things (so-called “Mandela Effect”) have been happening since the dawn of time. We can see evidence of the Mandela Effect in years before we heard of it, when we remember times such as I recall having happened to me back in the 1970s, when I wanted to hear a song that I’d been hearing a lot on the radio. I couldn’t find the song any more, and it was as if it had completely disappeared without a trace. Then, many months later, I did hear the song being announced by a radio station as ‘likely to be a big hit’ as they bragged they were amongst one of the first stations able to play it. I heard this and thought to myself, “What!?! This song was being played almost nonstop by many stations earlier this year!” So if you’ve ever seen a movie or TV show or heard a song or read a book before it came out, you’ve had an earlier experience with the Mandela Effect. 

Quantum Mechanics Forbids a Single History

Thomas Kuhn wrote that a paradigm defines “the practices that define a scientific discipline at a certain point in time.”  When we notice that there is a strong possibility we are witnessing macroscopic signs of quantum phenomena as some of us recognize that we’ve been experiencing ‘glitches’ and shifts in reality for years, it becomes clear that rather than a conspiracy, we’re dealing with a radical re-visioning of reality. Thomas Kuhn described how there are four basic ways that a new paradigm influences the scientific process, because paradigms dictate: what is studied and researched, what types of questions are asked, the exact structure of the questions asked, and how research results are interpreted. Thanks to the work of physicists such as Stephen Hawking and Thomas Hertog suggesting back in 2006 that we might live in a “top down” universe which prohibits single histories, people are increasingly becoming more familiar with the idea that we exist in a superposition of states–such as in a holographic multiverse, where we can sometimes experience various other possible realities. Nature magazine reported Thomas Hertog stating,

“Quantum mechanics forbids a single history.”

casablanca-sceneFinding Early Historical Examples

We can find early examples of the Mandela Effect easily enough, by searching through books, newspapers, magazines and research papers with keywords such as “misremembered,” “collective misremembering,” “famously misremembered,” and “historical misremembering.” We can ask elders what kinds of “mis-rememberings” were common in their youth, to hear such examples as differences in historical dates or names, or differences in what people at the same event had heard someone say, for example. We can thus find such examples as a change in dialogue in the 1942 movie Casablanca to “Play it again, Sam,” a phrase which currently is not spoken in the film.

Mandela Effect’s Invitation to Us

The Mandela Effect is inviting us to enter into a new Quantum Age, which also happens to be a new age of awareness of our true identity as Consciousness. People have an opportunity now to become aware that we are not our bodies nor our thoughts nor our feelings–but rather, our true selves and true identities are the observers of our bodies, thoughts and feelings. And as we become aware of this to the point we increasingly observe evidence of this (through witnessing alternate realities and alternate histories), we gain the ability to recognize the primacy of consciousness as creator of experience. I strongly recommend everyone develop a habit of asking, “How good can it get?” in every situation, in order to help ensure best possible experiences–for truly this remarkably unlikely universe can become even more fine-tuned than we’ve yet experienced.


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QuantumJumps300x150adCynthia Sue Larson is the best-selling author of six books, including Quantum Jumps. Cynthia has a degree in Physics from UC Berkeley, and discusses consciousness and quantum physics on numerous shows including her Living the Quantum Dream radio show, the History Channel, Coast to Coast AM, the BBC and One World with Deepak Chopra. You can subscribe to Cynthia’s free monthly ezine at:

Comments on: "The Mandela Effect has been with us longer than we thought" (37)

  1. Julian Dreyer said:

    One time when I was a little kid one day I turned the fossil on the sink in my bathroom and it only turned half way. I had remembered it turning all the way around. I told my parents and they didn’t believe me. Its been that way ever since.

    • Wow, thanks for sharing this! I’ve noticed children have the easiest time noticing and observing these types of seemingly ‘impossible’ shifts. It seems to help that they don’t yet know such things are ‘impossible.’ I do believe you, especially since something similar happened to me that I write about in my book, “Reality Shifts: When Consciousness Changes the Physical World”: the physical action required to turn a dial when doing my laundry changed! This meant that the way the muscles in my hand and arm were used to turning no longer worked quite suddenly. I was so surprised and amazed that something I was so accustomed to could change like that!

  2. Cynthia please check before you take something for granted as a reality shift, or your credibility will be compromized or worse you might expose yourself and those who read you to be fooled by somebody who has an hidden agenda:

    The end of the song We are the Champions has changed only in some videos, the official xones and mostly viewed.

    In these two videos for example the end it is still the same, the original one:

    • Thanks, Anna! For the past 20 years that I’ve been tracking this phenomenon, there have been some reality shifts that have flip-flopped back and forth–such that for a while there are absolutely no other possible options (such as the ending of a song), and later examples show up demonstrating there were. While ‘global’ shifts of this sort are difficult, if not impossible, to verify 100% (simply because there is no way one person or even a dedicated team of people can possibly confirm agreement across the entire world), people do notice experiences of reality shifts in their personal lives where they can see the flip-flopping back-and-forth types of shifts, for example, such as I describe in my book, “Reality Shifts,” and have sometimes covered in issues of RealityShifters. I find it quite interesting that people who live in South Africa as a rule don’t ever tend to have memories that Nelson Mandela died more than once, such as so many of us not from South Africa do. Consistency across the globe is thus not a requirement of reality shifts–these “inconsistencies” are very much a part of the quantum nature of what I believe is evidence of seeing quantum changes on the macroscopic scale. This is the kind of Quantum Logic I’ve described in previous blog posts here. 🙂

  3. The Queen have never been liked by the powers that be, and obvioulsy somebody did not like then singin to be the champions of the world. So now they are only champions.

    Shall I tell you more? Freddy Mercury has been slowly poisoned to death, he was not gay, the media portrayed him like that, a depraved gay having many man at a time.

  4. The Queen did not take drugs and used to say to their millions fan not to take them. They teached sane moral principles to the youngsters. The op posite of what the powers that be were and are attempting to do with their music industry. So the media said Queen were drug addicted.

    Show me that you are not a complice of them and correct your statement about the song, which has not changed because of the Mandala Effect but by dirty hands who have no dignity. Thanks

    • For the past 20 years I’ve been writing about the fact that these reality shifts, quantum jumps and now “Mandela Effects” never require that everyone agree on one consistent history. Quite the opposite! This means people need to start agreeing to disagree. I wrote a paper on the psychology of how to get along with friends and family “When Worlds Collide” and people inevitably disagree on “what really happened.” Entering the Quantum Age means we’ve entered the age of needing to honor and respect that people definitely remember things differently.

      With regard to the matter of being an accomplice of anyone, I have no idea how to demonstrate to your satisfaction that I am not. My funding, such as it is, comes completely from people purchasing my products and services. I am not now and have never been paid by any of the elite ruling class, nor “deep state” secret agencies. I am, in fact, dedicated to interviewing authors who expose such things, such as John Perkins, who I recently interviewed about the new edition of his wonderful book, “New Confessions of an Economic Hit Man” on my Living the Quantum Dream radio show.

  5. Vivek narain said:

    Though i have known and experienced various reality shift events,the steadfastness and rock solidity of sordid past,the memories of nightmarish tragic circumstances,never vary.Katherine Alice Applegate,in one of her everworld books vented such a feeling of frustration.

  6. Vivek narain said:

    What i have perceived is that alternate memories occur beyond a 1000 miles radius from the place of contention and after a minimum period of 15 days,Mandela and Sri lanka are such events though i can’t say about Billy graham case.2 decades back i did a study of conscious rebirth cases of india and found that almost all of them occurred within 100 miles radius of previous birth.

  7. Hi! I’ve just found this site, because I’ve been looking information for what happened to me. It was very strange. In 2010 I was working in a public clinic, in Portugal, and I should take a copy from a document with 250 pages. I left the office, I passed a short corridor, and at the end of the corridor was a photocopier. On the left side, there is a door, which belong to the medical consultory. On the right side is the operator’s room. Before I arrived to the photocopier machine, I’ve looked to the operator’s room, and no one was there. When I was putting the document in the photocopier, the doctor appeared and asked for another copy of the document. I said “okay” and left the document to be photocopied automatically. I returned to my office and about 4 minutes later I returned to the photocopier to collect the document. When I looked at the operator’s room, she was there (I was very surprised)! Is IMPOSSIBLE for her to go to her room without passing through me, and her office is too small, I’m sure she was not there. I looked at the photocopier and it was off, with no trace of document. I asked the operator where was the document I had left to photocopy. He looked at me very surprised and said that he had always been there and the machine had not been used. Soon after, the same doctor, leave the office and ask me for the document, again !! I was very confused, I had no document and I went to see if the document was in the original place where I had come to get it for the first time! It was there!
    I know there was something I can not explain. If you can help me figure this out…!
    Thank you!

    • Thank you so very much for sharing your experience, and I’m delighted you’ve found my blog! The events that you describe are very familiar to me and those who’ve been sharing their similar experiences with me over the past nearly 20 years now, which I have been researching. Such events do not fit neatly into any materialist, classical view of reality and the cosmos, but they do fit beautifully into a quantum cosmological worldview, in which you and I and everyone and everything around us exists in a superposition of states. Which is to say that you and I and everyone and everything around us can be considered to exist in probability states of existence. And sometimes, large things like copy machines and other people can, in a moment, suddenly be in a different configuration. What this looks like to you or I or others who experience such things is that instantaneously, it’s as if we transported or teleported into a parallel possible reality in which we’d not yet walked down the hallway past an office which now is occupied to do the copying. And yet, we remember that we had done these things, and the office we’d just passed had been empty. I write about these things in my books, Reality Shifts and Quantum Jumps, and you can read dozens of similar experiences in the “your stories” pages of the website, and in the RealityShifters ezine at

  8. Vivek narain said:

    The various euphemisms like fugue state or auto pilot or bi-polar might actually be reality shifts,we really need to invent a single word for ‘reality shift’.

  9. Taylor Williams said:

    Hi Cynthia,

    Interesting thing happened to my family and me tonight. We are watching White Christmas (Bing Crosby and Rosemary Clooney) for Christmas Eve, and my mother and grandmother made a comment they make every time we watch it saying “Rosemary is George Clooney’s mother.” I’ve never actually researched it until tonight, and every article I came across listed Rosemary as George’s aunt. I told them what I had discovered and they were getting upset, saying that’s how it’s always been, they claimed even in interviews he spoke of her as his mother. I’m 20 years old so I don’t really know enough about it to speak against them, even with proof all over the internet so I was hoping maybe you or someone you know have experienced this?
    I’m familiar with the Mandela Effect because I too have had first hand experience with it (Berenstein/Berenstain Bears Ordeal) and after reading your article, I would love to hear more from you. I find this all very interesting and am open to the ideas you mentioned in your article. It makes sense when you take into account some of the weird stuff that happens. I often wonder if it applies on an even smaller scale like a time I argued with my sister for 30 minutes because she told me I said something not a minute before that that I definitely didn’t say. In fact, we were just sitting in silence and she started getting so angry with me because she thought I was messing with her/lying to her and I was very confused and frustrated because I couldn’t prove I didn’t say anything.

    All very strange. But kind of gives you a feeling you can’t describe when you think about the possibilities.

    • Thanks, Taylor, for sharing these experiences. My own experience with George and Rosemary Clooney is that I remember Rosemary as being his aunt–though I would tend to believe the possibility that your mother and grandmother might indeed remember something different. With regard to that memorably strange argument with your sister about something she thought you’d said that you know you definitely didn’t say–that is indeed a classic case of alternate history / reality shift. I co-authored a paper on this exact thing, “When Worlds Collide: How Parallel Realities Can Heal Interpersonal Relationships,” to give people a sense of how to recognize such a thing when it’s happening. In actuality, I suspect these sorts of arguments happen rathe often, without necessarily being recognized at the time for what they are, but I hope this will change as people become more aware.

  10. Hello cynthia! I have one question for you that you might have a good answer for… How many people do you think are experiencing the Effect? Its gotta be a low number even though it seems more are becoming aware… Thank you 🙂

    • One thing to note right up front is than when we are determining something like “how many people are experiencing the Mandela Effect,” we’ll be identifying those who are aware of it, rather than those who actually do witness reality shifts, but deny such things could have happened. You can get a rough estimate of what’s happening by looking at some of the surveys I’ve conducted, such as this one, with the results posted online:

      The respondents to this survey included the general public as well as some people who would describe themselves as metaphysical believers. Remarkably, some rather large percentages of people admitted in this confidential survey that they were, indeed, experiencing reality shifts in various ways.

      The closest question to the Mandela Effect was noticing reality shifts with others–and we can see 5% of respondents in 2000 reported witnessing reality shifts with ten or more other people. If we take that 5% figure and extrapolate out to the general populace, we might then get a rough idea of how many people are experiencing the Mandela Effect.

  11. I had an example of this very recently. After a post of a tune from my past appeared on my You Tube feed (specifically ‘Greenwich Chorus’ by Peter Howell), I was delighted and listened to it several times. Now, there are no specific words, but phonetics spoken on a Vocoder. There was a specific part that used to sound roughly like “Don’t shun them’ (though it is just random phonetics), but now has definitely changed to sound more like “Don’t See them” – and since this has happened over a matter of mere weeks, I can be certain of this.

  12. Vivek narain said:

    A ubiquitous and seamless reality shift,happening within fraction of a second,could be very common occurence,changing the circumstance of ‘present’.A similar change of past is hard to accept but not inconceivable.

  13. Jimmy Oliveira said:

    I should no longer get shocked by these things, but… Ana tried to defend Queen from any possible accusation of immorality by making it clear that “they never did drugs” and “Mercury wasn’t gay”. Well, my question is ‘what do those facts have to do with morality’? Should they do drugs or have gay sex, their morality still wouldn’t lower, since those are simple private choices to which they are entitled. Many who are gay or use substances are still pretty decent people who do not harm others. Whatever they care to do to themselves, now that is their own business. We simply should accept it and mind our own life (towards which we also wouldn’t allow any judgement).

  14. Hello everyone. Has anyone noticed that the Sun and the Moon are not in the correct locations that would be considered normal? I have seen the Moon rising in the wrong area of the sky. The Sun, which normally rises in the East, is now rising in the Northeast skyline. I know, where the Sun normally rises, because I could see it from my kitchen window. This started to occur over the past two months. What is going on?

  15. I’ve had this issue for awhile, I never knew it had a name. I’ve been in a new house since July cut the grass multiple times. My daughter noticed me staring outside. Our tree that used to be centered in the yard is now in the path on the side of the of the house where I used to be able to go straight to the back wall back & forth from the front of the house… so now if I try to go on that path I’d run into the tree & obviously have to go around it. I remember Sex In the City not And the city, Looney Toons not Tunes, Fruit Loops not Froot Loops. I buy my 3 kids here Oreos all the time and I swear I’ve always seen Double Stuff Oreos not “Double Stuf”. Then I turn on YouTube and Forrest Gump says Life WAS like a box of chocolates instead of IS & I’m freaking out currently. This has only happened since quarantine, so I believe something has changed & my wife even remembers things the way I do. I feel like someone changed something in the future or past that caused these minor changes that some of us could notice. But I definitely wouldn’t forget living in hot Florida & my route down the side of my house to a back wall and going around a damn tree & now my tree is there. I would love to converse to someone about this so I don’t feel out of it.

    • Hi, Bobby! You are definitely not alone. I’ve been sharing first-hand reality shift reports since the late 1990s on the website, with all newsletters archived online, and links to communities where we’ve been discussing this topic with other experiencers. We’ll also have a weeklong conference on this subject starting June 20th and running through June 26th, live-streaming for free online through the International Mandela Effect Conference YouTube channel, with all fifteen presentations, Q&A sessions and panels archived on that YouTube channel in case you miss anything or wish to view it later.

      • I always wondered what people compared these events to in the early years before T.V. or computers etc. When it happened to people in the 1800’s what did they compare it to? They did not have the terms ‘computer glitch, glitch in the Matrix, Mandela Effect or anything else. They more than likely got put in an insane asylum. These things had to have happened long ago I would think.

      • Yes, indeed! Some people may actually have just chalked it up to being “Just One of Those Things,” and indeed, I just this week discovered that there is a book by that title, “JOTT,” discussing exactly these kinds of incidents, written by a now-deceased author named Mary Rose Barrington, who was born in the 1920s. I know that to my Scandinavian ancestors, such mysterious goings-on were frequently attributed to elves, nisse, or tomte: “the little people.”

  16. I am thinking about getting that book. Thanks for posting the info. I found a link where there is a big sample of the book. I hope it is okay to post it here.

  17. I just created a video, talking about JOTT and another book–and a little bit about how they relate to reality shifts and personal Mandela Effects

  18. Once my son had a bad cold but had to get up to go to work. This was Nov. 11, 2017 on a Saturday around 5:15am. He had walked by me coughing on the way to the bathroom. I told him he really sounded horrible, he said that he felt horrible. He went into the bathroom to take his shower and was in there coughing really bad, then instantly he was in his room coughing. There is no way he could have gone by me without me seeing him (much less had time). I walked in his room and he was using the light on his phone to find his clothes to get ready for work. I walked back to the bathroom and he was not there. He told me he never went to the bathroom at all. I was standing in the same exact spot the whole time drinking my coffee. He is 6′ 2″ and kinda hard to miss walking by me. This kind of thing has happened a lot in this house since we bought it in 1999. It is like living in the twilight zone.
    I have been told we had spirits or a shape-shifter living there but I think it is more of a reality shift or a time shift. Can two parallel worlds merge into each other momentarily?

  19. It does seem sometimes to many of us that we are experiencing the merging of parallel possible realities, each with their own smooth backstories and histories. And as you describe, the merging can happen so very smoothly that unless you are paying close attention to your own series of experiences, you might assume what you thought you saw and heard must be mistaken. Yet in so many cultures around the world, there are names for some of these experiences, such as Vardogr, for example, as I describe in an issue of RealityShifters here:

    • That was interesting reading and I looked up some more stuff online. I wonder if you could die in one reality but still be alive in another one, and would both people have the same soul?

  20. Just had a weird, hair stand up moment. Have always loved Bing Crosby. Saw the movie starring him and Danny Kaye for the first time when I was 4 years old. Watch it every year….am now 70. I had always wondered about its title and recently saw a comment on Facebook that also questioned why it was not named White Christmas as that song is pivotal to the plot. To me this movie has always been called HolidayInn . (The song came out in a previous Bing Movie that was titled White Christmas, so I knew the history). Just saw today it is now titled White Christmas. The movie that was always White Christmas is now Holiday Inn. When guiding people to see it I always emphasized…it is called Holiday Inn not White Christmas. Weirdly unsettling

    • Wow, this is truly fascinating, Mary! Mandela Effects / reality shifts like this can really get us to sit up and take notice, when they involve something we’ve been paying close attention to periodically (every holiday season) for many years. I’ve noticed most reality shifts seem to benefit from periods of time of ‘looking away’ where we don’t ‘stare’ unblinkingly at the matter in question. And then when we do return our attention to this focal point of interest, we can indeed witness some truly jaw-dropping Mandela Effects / reality shifts.

      Thank you so much for sharing this one–and I’d be honored to include it in the monthly RealityShifters ezine and on the realityshifters website if that’s OK with you. I could credit you as “Mary” and if you would be so kind as to send me an email to with your city and state, then I could include that information along with your observation.

  21. Most recent one is requirement for a blood test in New Jersey before marriage, it is part of applying for the marriage license. I remember getting mine done in early 1990’s when I got married and I even worked in a health department at that time and the required blood test was a hot topic of discussion thus why my memory is so sharp. Well my daughter is getting married and I looked up current license application requirements and saw that blood tests have been gone since 1980! Makes no sense, I clearly remember checking applicants to make sure they had their required blood test done when applying for a marriage license in the late 80’s and early 90’s when I worked there.

    • Thanks for describing your clear recollection that you definitely were checking marriage applications for completion of required blood tests back in the late 1980s and early 1990s in New Jersey, despite the current historical records indicating that blood tests have not been required in that state since 1980. Thanks to your careful consideration and sharing this information now, it’s possible that other people may also share your experience.

  22. scifimike70 said:

    I think that one of my earliest Mandela Effect memories, if time shifts can occasionally qualify, was when I was a kid going to school one Thursday morning, and coming home Friday afternoon in the same day. This went on for a few weeks during a winter and each day was sunny. How good can it get?

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