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Meeting My Future Self

"Cynthia Sue Larson"

Cynthia Sue Larson, March 2012

I received an fascinating query via email recently from a woman wondering if she had seen her future self. To experience such a thing sounded shocking, to say the least, and I found her question especially intriguing because it reminded me of how I once met my future self, many years ago. She wrote:


I found your page today and I am sure you get many first hand stories; this is mine.

One day I was waiting for a friend to arrive at our place. She was coming on a ferry and riding the 7 KM from the ferry to our place. About twenty minutes before she was due, it started to rain very heavily, so I decided on a whim to go pick her up.

I took my husband’s car, since he has a bike rack on the back. His car is relatively distinctive–it was at the time a brand new Green Subaru with a high end bike rack on the back that is not too common where we live in Robert’s Creek, British Columbia. I hurried out of the house and pulled on a bright red fleece hoodie, that is very distinctive as it is a kids-sized hoodie; due to my size, I am able to fit into it.

As I drove down the quiet country road (Lower Road, Robert’s Creek, BC) I saw another Subaru coming toward me, and noted it was the same colour as my husband’s. As I got nearer, I noticed a woman wearing a bright red top, and when I passed I looked directly into my own eyes. I was even wearing the exact same bright red hoodie! Unbelievably, it seemed that I was driving the car that passed me on the opposite of the road, going in the opposite direction. I got a good look to see that she (me?) was looking directly at me. She had the same hair, same clothes. Her expression was intent, but showed no surprise. As soon as I passed the car, I looked into my rear view mirror in shock to see the same bike rack on the back–but it was empty–my friend’s bike was not on it. I pulled over immediately, feeling very shaken up, and rationalized that it could not have been me as there would have been a bike on the bike rack.

I drove on, and a few minutes later met up with my friend. By the time I reached her, the rain had stopped, and she refused the ride saying she would dry out faster if she continued to ride. I drove home, with NO bike on the rack! About eight minutes later, I went past the exact spot I believe I may have previously seen my self? This may seem nuts, but I looked for myself, actually believing I might see myself, but no, that did not happen. I have seen many visions, and seen shadow “others” lots. Most of that kind of extraordinary seeing feels like looking into another dimension, but this experience of seeing myself looked and seemed real.

My question, is this possible?

Joan, Sunshine Coast, British Columbia

My response to Joanie began:

Dearest Joanie,

Thanks so much for writing to me about your reality shift experience! My short answer to whether it’s possible that you could have seen your future self is, “Yes, absolutely.” I say this partly because it’s theoretically possible, but mostly because this is something I’ve experienced myself, although in different circumstances.

I’ve sometimes seen images, or visions, if you will, that seemed every bit as real as what my eyes perceive… yet in places (such as the sky) where I know I couldn’t possibly have seen a tree, for example. As it turned out, seeing a tree in the sky in a particular location was exactly the clue I needed at that time to know which way to go through the woods to find that exact spot, so the vision appeared in such a way that it shared information with me. It occurs to me that your experience may have been a vision that shared information with you.

Reality Shifts

Reality Shifts: When Consciousness Changes the Physical World

I had one astonishing experience that I write about in my book, Reality Shifts: When Consciousness Changes the Physical World, that is available now in a brand new paperback edition. I write about a vivid dream I had when I was a teenager, that was so unusual and startling that remember it clearly to this very day. At the time I was dreaming, I felt the experience to be real, and I spoke out loud, expressing the surprise I felt at having a visitor to my room that evening who took something from my room that to this day, I’ve never yet seen again. Of all the people I might have encountered in a dream, I never would have guessed at the one who actually arrived … never in a million years!

Cynthia Sue Larson in 1978

Cynthia Sue Larson in 1978

When I met my future self many decades ago as a teenager back in 1978, I was stunned to see her come into my bedroom, floating through my mirrored closet doors, glide across the room to my desk, reach down into the lower left drawer, retrieve something… soothingly communicating telepathically with me the entire time… then return the way she’d come. I spoke aloud to her, which brought my father to my room to see what was going on… but I didn’t know how to explain what I’d just seen. Some letters were missing from my desk the next morning, and it was hard for me to believe my future self could have taken them like that… but apparently, that is what took place. I have not yet received these old letters, but I wonder if some day I’ll be the one floating through those mirrored closet doors in my childhood bedroom, soothing my younger self as I collect letters I haven’t seen since 1978!

This kind of reality shift experience can leave a person wondering if they’ve imagined something… because there is nothing quite as shocking as meeting another yourself! It’s interesting to note that in both of these examples of seeing another oneself, only one of the two has been consciously aware of the meeting-future-self, and in both cases it’s been the earlier self, rather than the future self doing the observing.

I wrote about a time traveler reality shift last September in this blog, recounting an experience I’d had in which I’d heard a visit from a friend in the future. Two years ago I shared experiences of seeing loved ones before they arrive, in the October issue of RealityShifters. These kinds of reality shifts are sometimes known as Vardøgr (vard-deh-AY-grr), which is a Norwegian word meaning “premonitory sound or sight of a person before he arrives.” What all of these reality shifts have in common is some aspect of time shifting, which is a relatively new term describing the ancient phenomenon observed by shamans, yogis, and other spiritual adepts capable of accessing, experiencing and influencing events in the past, present, and future. Time shifts are reality shifts in which the dimension of reality we know as “time” undergoes some kind of observable transformation. Time shifts appear to us in such a way that we can observe them in the form of time loops, time travel, time slowing down, and retrocausality.
"Cynthia Sue Larson with Reality Shifts"

Cynthia Sue Larson with Reality Shifts

I hope you’ll enjoy watching and sharing my YouTube video summary of Meeting My Future Self — and please feel free to leave comments either on this blog or on my YouTube video page!

Realizing that time loops and meeting our future self could be possible can be a powerful wake-up call, as well as a fabulous way to recognize the possibility that right now, at this very moment, we are being guided by our best possible future self. And all of this helps expand what we imagine possible when we contemplate my favorite meditative question, “How good can it get?!”

Love always,

Cynthia Sue Larson
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Comments on: "Meeting My Future Self" (25)

    • What a fabulous post, Teryl! I love your heartfelt insights regarding time travel that you post on your blog. There is something truly wonderful about just thinking about time travel; it awakens a yearning and an inner awareness deep within. 🙂

  1. laughingrain said:

    greetings. I too met a future self and had dual consciousness, I was aware of both selves as me. I felt as my ego, I was a little jealous of my other self, who was in great spirits, yet was saddened by my other self, ego, that it did not accept her. consciousness was switching back and forth. there were two forms. the higher self remembers coming and leaving. while the ego was stationary and left to ponder the event, that maybe I was a pretty good, together, well balanced person if I was her…and maybe I needed to open up to people like she did.

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  3. This is literally “QUANTUM KOOL” – Happy to be on this journey together with you, Cynthia Sue! Cheers! tomas ♥

  4. Cynthia, I have had many observances of this phenomena throughout my life, and thankfully have had the kind of people in my life that were open. However I feel validated seeing it written about by you. The woman’s story is fascinating. So that whole paradox thing in Sci-Fi is false? Said if you meet yourself it unravels the timeline? Just curious? 🙂


    • It seems on some levels, it is possible to meet one’s future self (or more specifically, possible future self) without incident. One of my favorite interpretations for quantum physics is the transactional interpretation, involving something akin to a ‘handshake’ between past and future selves. According to this interpretation, we’re not unraveling timelines, but rather creating them. 🙂

  5. Gotcha~ Thanks for the explanation. 🙂

  6. Hello, all is going fine here and ofcourse every one is sharing data, that’s truly good, keep up writing.

  7. Siddhi said:

    Greetings Cynthia !

    What a wonderful post ! Enjoyed reading every ounce of explanation 🙂 .
    I do have a query akin to this post. I have had visions of myself which have felt so real that i lived that vision as a reality for weeks!
    I repeatedly have been dreaming and visioning about having an extraordinary son. Or I see myself getting married to a man i already know. Note: the man and my son are related as father and son in some dreams. In reality, I am single btw 🙂 . Most of such dreams and visions are now ingrained in my memory, so easily recollectable. Do you think that my future self had/has been trying to show me glimpses of my future and a son of extraordinary gifts?! Why? What must I do? Must I believe in these visions? 🙂

    Thanku and Regards and much light !
    Siddhi 🙂

    • There is nothing you must do. You are being presented with choices, and in this matter, as with all choices, you have an opportunity to grow with the choice in some way. Being shown a possible reality is a lot like viewing a menu and noticing how your body responds with either apathy or appetite, or perhaps something in between. If you are hungry for a man and son like those in your dreams, I sense such an option may soon become available for you somehow, and thus your dreams and visions are inviting you to be open to such possibility, but only if this possibility is one you are fully aligned with from the top of your head right down to your toes. If this vision feels like the real you… then I sense such a reality is ready to open up for you, and your genuine authentic feelings and response to thinking about it are helping bring it to your life.

      • Siddhi said:

        Thanku so much for your kind prompt reply 🙂 . I am only learning. Cosmos introduced me to those visions much before i hungered for a situation that had begun to show up through visions. I rely on divine timing mostly, meanwhile observe and learn and to interpret the cosmic language. But you see, sometimes situations ask for us to do a little HW before deciding to flow with it completely. Which is what you said, its like a menu card. My visions have been so real that words cant explain- so I will wait and watch how things unfold. Miraculous universe !
        Regards Siddhi

  8. so in theory, some of you will be the future you meeting your past self one day? I have never seen anything in regards to time loops and time travel but like cynthia said it awakens a yearning and an inner awareness deep within.

    Sometimes I feel its this yearning that makes us believe in things that may not be true or possible. Its like death no one wants to think we are dead and gone we all hope to exsist in heaven after. Its just as likely that your future you is your own ghost or that its someone elses ghost or you are seeing a paralele you in another universe. The possiblities are endless.

    either way great post and a great read

  9. Maggie L said:

    I recently happened upon your page.
    I am a profound believer in reality shifts by virtue of either a temporal glitch created by our multiverses, or perhaps a simulated environment. In any case, I think that your site is disingenuous. It really is not cool to basically lie about experiences that you have had. A single person cannot and would not EVER live all of those ostensible experiences. And, then to hawk your wares that, ultimately is your goal- corrupts the perception of others actuality that our universal fabric offers. Just, not cool.
    Thank you.

    • Thanks for sharing that you believe it to be possible for yourself or another to experience a few reality shifts–but not too many. If I had experienced just a few reality shifts and then encountered a website or books such as mine, I’d hope that I’d still have an open mind with regard to how many or what types of reality shifts might be possible–but I can empathize with your coming from a point of view in which such experiences should not be spoken of or written about. While I respect this point of view, I disagree regarding the importance of making public these experiences–since at this point in time in human history, I believe it’s time for humans to learn about the truth of the quantum mind hypothesis, as well as to learn how to embody the quantum paradigm. I am not lying about my experiences, and I would prefer that people know there is something we can do regarding the crises currently facing humanity. What you call ‘hawking my wares’ is what I call earning my living through sharing and teaching essential knowledge and skills at a pivotal time. Which to me is just about the coolest thing and best use of my talent possible.

  10. alysia mcalister said:

    Bravo Cynthia! You are the bravest and coolest person, whom I agree has every right and even duty to present and enable a platform here, regarding unusual experiences along the lines of the paranormal. Truth is far stranger than fiction and of course, will meet resistance in the telling by those who cannot fathom that many among us are undergoing or will, perhaps, transformational experiences in consciousness and there is great need to be heard, and that not necessarily in all cases is the ego arising for mere attention, but simply, like you, trying to bring to the closed mind, an opening in possibilities. The actual conflict lies in the limitation of words to express the unusual, rather than in the experiencer. I repeat, you are COOL! Keep up the good work. thanks for once publishing my own story of a precognitive event in my life.

    • Thank you, Alysia! I’m heartened to hear your words of appreciation, and grateful for your sharing of the precognitive event in your life. It is my sincere hope that by sharing such ‘anomalous’ experiences, they may become better recognized, appreciated, and even more frequently experienced in enjoyable ways.

  11. Vivek narain said:

    Having many and varied reality shifts is impossible,and when i was 9 i used to do 4 impossible things before breakfast every monday and there used to be 3 different mondays to a date.I often dreamed of cavorting with white queen.

  12. hello my daughter that was around 5 or 6 years old have told me that she saw her future self. since i have psychic abilities just wondering if my daughter has them too but could she have different psychic abilities them mine??? or would be the same far as Clairvoyance and precognitive.

    • Many children are able to see auras, energy fields, ghosts, angels, orbs, and witness reality shifts quite easily until they become socialized to accept that such things ‘are not normal.’ Your ability to retain high sense perceptual abilities will likely assist your daughter to retain and develop her own such skills, which may be similar to or different than your own.

  13. Interesting. I never met a future or past self, but I did meet an alternate timeline me. I was on the train going to a meeting with a prospective agent. On the seat across the aisle was someone similar to me, but not me. We got to talking and it turned out she was also going to meet up with a prospective agent. She gave me a synopsis of her story and it was nearly identical to mine. Before I could say anything, the train arrived and we both left on our separate ways. The agent was nice, but he didn’t like the story. Yet, I know that story sold, and that other me became a published author 25 years before this version of me did. Very surreal.

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