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Quantum Consciousness

It’s indescribably refreshing to read a book that challenges us to better understand consciousness by asking the deceptively simple question, “What, if any, is the difference between brain and mind?” of scientists well-versed in quantum physics and consciousness.

Making such careful distinction between brain and mind is important, because the wording of this question  influences our understanding of consciousness by highlighting past assumptions. It might be easy to assume that consciousness resides in the brain, since consciousness is all about thought and thinking. But is it really true that all our thought originates in our brains?

Eva Herr describes how unexpectedly she experienced an extraordinary experience at the time of a very dark night of the soul, in her book, Consciousness:

Eva Herr

“In my case, the experience was completely unexpected and brought with it a sudden and powerful mystical experience that occurred literally overnight while I slept. It rapidly and radically changed what I had always known my life to be into something totally different. Prior to this event, I was caught up in the dogma of materialism, vanity, and self-consumed ideations. When I awoke the next morning, I was a different person with a different agenda in life… to fully understand consciousness—the God force—behind everything that exists. Accompanying this was a powerful but simplistic idea of agape—the love for one’s fellow man as one loves oneself, because we are all one. I no longer cared about materialism, vanity, and my “me-me” attitude. From that moment on, my focus was no longer on what others could do for me, but what could I do for others. This was a new approach for me.”

Clearly, there is something going on that is much bigger than any one of us, and sometimes, we are fortunate to catch a glimpse of this larger reality… this sense of Oneness.

The importance of considering quantum physics with regard to consciousness is that in the realm of the very, very small, it becomes clear that many old assumptions of science are out-dated–which implies our understanding of consciousness needs to be brought up to date. Just as we now understand that seeming solid material objects such as tables and chairs actually consist mostly of empty space with the smallest building blocks of matter existing as pure energy, we know that matter is not all there is. Quantum physics shows us that everything can be viewed as consisting of energy; non-local “spooky action at a distance” regularly occurs; observers definitely and consistently effect what they observe; and we can only predict results in terms of probabilities–never in absolutes.

I love the quiet boldness in the way Eva Herr’s new book Consciousness invites readers to explore different viewpoints from luminaries in the field of consciousness. Ms. Herr has experienced exceptional states of consciousness with corresponding sense of agape and knowing that we are all as one. Ms. Herr writes from a place of understanding that when we reach a level of awareness of Oneness, we are at a place where all is pure undifferentiated energy, and our state of consciousness is fundamentally different than when we see ourselves as separate.

The genius of Consciousness is then as much in the selection of interviewees capable of envisioning the topic of consciousness both intuitively and rationally, as it is in pursuing this age-old subject through the fresh new lens of modern-day scientific insights and discoveries. While each interviewee answers the same questions, their responses provide insights regarding how best we might view the relationship between the mind and the physical world… and the mind and All That Is. Eva Herr interviews: Thomas W. Campbell Jr., Brenda Dunn, Amit Goswami, Robert Jahn, Ervin Laszlo, Rollin McCraty, Dean Radin, Elizabeth Rauscher, Henry Stapp, Christian de Quincey, and William Tiller.

I hope you’ll enjoy watching and sharing my YouTube video summary of Quantum Consciousness — and I hope you’ll feel free to leave comments either here on this blog or on my YouTube video page.

Quantum jumping provides another great opportunity to ask my favorite question, “How good can it get?!” and make good use of whatever wonderful things imagination and inspiration reveal to you!

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