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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

CynthiaHandHere are five things you probably didn’t know about me, even after my writing more than a decade of RealityShifters monthly updates, and my many books:

1. I enjoy making quilts with hand-stitching. It takes me years to finish a quilt (hand-stitching is slow). I’ve completed two quilts, and am working on a third.

2. My favorite foods are fruits…. pretty much all kinds of fruits–especially mango, strawberries, currants, wine grapes and blueberries.  I enjoy fruit in every course of every meal–from appetizers to main course to dessert–whenever possible.

3. I’ve won medals competing in Kuk Sool Won tournaments, which is an ancient form of Korean Martial arts. I’ve been practicing this martial art since 1999, and love its sword, staff and empty hands forms… and the way it helps me feel more vibrant, youthful, flexible and strong.

4. For many years I greeted our dog each morning by saying, “How are you?” and “I love you!” since we first adopted him from the animal shelter. One day, just a couple of years after we adopted him, he began saying these same things back each day to me. We both enjoy these conversations!

5. When I was in elementary school, my parents would receive permission at the end of each school year for me and my sister to leave school a few weeks early in order to travel to places that had been unchanged for thousands of years, such as visiting headhunters living in longhouses in Borneo.

I’d love to know if any of these were a surprise to you… or if they already seemed familiar somehow.   🙂

Wishing you all the best life and love have to offer,

Cynthia Sue Larson

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