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Cynthia Sue Larson Interviews Andy Myers

Andy Myers

Andy Myers

I met Andy Myers at a time travel conference we were both attending in August 2010 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where we had great conversations each morning at breakfast before the conference discussions began. I love meeting people at conferences where it’s clear from the start that we have shared interests, since often it turns out that we have many shared interests–and this was definitely true of me and Andy. I’m so glad that I’ve stayed in touch with Andy these past four years, since I got to be one of the first to read his new book, Flying Paint Rollers from Heaven, and to interview him!
CYNTHIA: First of all, I want to thank you for writing such a wonderful book that I am certain will help a great number of people seeking answers to questions that most people tend to feel a bit too embarrassed to ask, even if they knew who they could trust to answer these sorts of questions. Flying Paint Rollers from HeavenI love how your new book, Flying Paint Rollers from Heaven, is so soothingly down-to-Earth and matter-of-fact about subjects that could otherwise seem unsettling if not outright scary otherwise. What was your initial inspiration for writing this book?
ANDY: My reason for writing this book is very simple. It’s my life purpose to help and inspire others. I hope my book provides easy-to-read answers to those seemingly unanswerable questions that keep us up at night. People are naturally curious and have lots of questions, which is why I wrote my book in a question-answer format. Personally, I enjoy reading a wide array of deep, spiritual and metaphysical books, but I also love to laugh. I intentionally wrote Flying Paint Rollers from Heaven in a lighthearted manner. It’s sure to evoke strong emotions, including humor!
CYNTHIA:  Your book is immediately accessible, and really does feel like the reader is sitting across the breakfast table from you, chatting and asking questions, and enjoying your company. I really love that aspect of the book, because I’ve had the pleasure of your company at the breakfast table when we were both attending a Language of Spirit conference a few years back! You have such a delightfully relaxed and easy attitude about delving into the spiritual world. What (or who) would you credit this to?
ANDY:  It’s funny you say my book reads like a conversation around a breakfast table. While writing it, that’s exactly what I imagined. Although the content of my book is of a deep, spiritual nature, it’s merely a casual dialogue with the reader. My relaxed and curious attitude about metaphysical phenomena stems back to my Grandma Myers. When she was alive, she fostered my interest in the unknown, and always encouraged me to be a truth-seeker. I always feel her with me in spirit when engaged in a thought-provoking discussion.
CYNTHIA: There is such a delightful sense of genuine dialogue with the reader you establish in this book, and I’m so glad to hear that much of your inspiration came from someone you clearly love and respect so much, your Grandma Myers. I had a similarly close relationship with my mother’s mother, and I’d love to know if looking back on things she showed you and talked about with you growing up take on a deeper sense of meaning now that you’re so clearly living the life of truth-seeker and truth-teller?
ANDY: Yes, I wish I could go back in time and act as a fly on the wall to observe some of the things my grandma told me. Her life experiences were always so fascinating, and she was such a good story-teller. I tried to make Grandma proud in writing my book, as I put a lot of emphasis on telling a good story. All the accounts documented in my book are true events I’ve witnessed. I’ve learned first hand (and my grandma would agree,) that reality can truly be stranger than fiction. Living a life with one foot in the spirit world is a good way to ensure you’ll always encounter plenty of interesting occurrences.
CYNTHIA: Would you share one of the interesting events you’ve witnessed?
ANDY: Oh boy, where do I begin? Last year, my wife and I came home from a date night, and were frozen in our tracks as we noticed something odd. Our kitchen table had mysteriously been moved three to four feet, and was practically resting in our living room! We could have dismissed it as an accident, and assumed our dog had bumped into the table. However, all four chairs were neatly pushed back into the table, as if a spirit visitor intentionally moved it across the room and had the courtesy to push in the chairs. There’s never a dull moment in the Myers household, but luckily our paranormal experiences are always humorous and whimsical. They’re never scary.
CYNTHIA: I’ve heard of table-tipping (mentioned in my April 2013 interview with author Pamela Heath), but table relocation is a new one for me! Do you sometimes find there is meaning or significance in some of these odd events?
ANDY: Yes, I believe there is significance in some of these odd events. Often times, these attention-grabbing occurrences act as a little “hello” from our loved ones in Heaven, or even our spirit guides. In other situations, I’ve felt the presence of angels as they intervened to keep me safe from harm. Then again, angels are everywhere. Cynthia, I’m sure you would agree with me that human beings can often act as angels in disguise. God works in mysterious ways.
CYNTHIA:  I often find significance in these events as well, often as a kind of a “Hello, there!” kind of wake-up call to be more attentive. One of the things I love so much about you and your book is how your sense of faith and love and that everything is just fine comes right through every sentence and page! How have you gained and deepened your faith in God?
ANDY: As I’m sure you would agree, Cynthia, “faith” means different things to different people. I have always believed in a higher power, and my connection with God has always been a personal one. I often pray, and when I speak to God, I talk as if I’m conversing with my best friend. I know that not every prayer can be answered, but it never hurts to put a request in God’s “inbox.” Like others, my faith has gotten me through some pretty tough times. But I also enjoy seeing God in the little things. I see God in the loyalty of my dog, in the vibrant colors of a sunset, and I hear God through inspirational music. These seemingly insignificant parts of life deepen my faith in God every single day.
CYNTHIA: I also find miraculous beauty and inspiration in the “little things,” and the immeasurable things, like heartfelt connections to loved ones and nature. I get a sense from reading your book that you truly love sharing spiritual and intuitive insights with people in ways that help them feel less afraid of and more comfortable about topics such as angels and ghosts. What general advice would you offer someone who wishes they could be more certain that, for example, their loved ones who’ve passed away can hear what they’re saying?
ANDY: Well, think of it this way. Most of us humans can hear each other and communicate, even though we may not be able to see one another. We do this through e-mail, text messages, and phone calls. I often say that whenever you talk to a loved one in Heaven, they instantly receive a “spiritual text message.” They stop what they’re doing, and tune in to what you’re saying. They’ll find creative and unique ways to communicate back with you, as long as you’re open-minded. In my book, I provide plenty of examples of how those in Heaven speak to us on a daily basis.
CYNTHIA: As an intuitive person myself, I truly appreciate how you encourage readers to keep an open mind to signs, messages, and signals that can come through in a variety of ways. I’m able to receive direct communications as clearly as if my deceased loved one is sitting right next to me and telling me something in their familiar tone of voice and choice of words… but I know many people feel frustrated that though they may sense a presence, no clear message comes through. Would you be willing to share a tip or suggestion for those who feel like they’re carrying on one-sided conversations, and wish they could get some kind of real communication from their loved ones who’ve passed on?
ANDY: Cynthia, from one intuitive to another, I have to say that your genuine nature and bubbly spirit are easy to see. I know you are a tremendously gifted (and busy) person, so I want to pause here and thank you for your time in conducting this interview. I agree with you that some people feel frustration when they can’t directly “hear” messages from their loved ones in Heaven. I would have two pieces of advice for these individuals. First of all, remember that there are many modes of communication between you and those in Heaven. Messages can be heard, seen, smelled, felt, and even delivered through your nightly dreams. Secondly, have patience. An uplifting sign from a deceased family member may come ten years after their death, but in Heaven, ten years may only seem like a few days to them. Have faith that in time, you’ll get your message. We all do.
CYNTHIA: Thanks, Andy! Yes, my life can get busy, and when it does, I do my best to remember to slow down and simplify. Ironically, it seems when we feel the busiest is when we most need the reminders to stay focused on what matters most. One thing I’ve noticed can help us stay on track is being mindful of good selections of books and movies when we have some rest and relaxation time. I’d love to know if you have any favorite books or movies that are special favorites of yours that you’d recommend?
B00005JKIS.kpaxANDY:  I LOVE movies! A guilty pleasure of mine is sneaking off to an afternoon movie on weekdays, when theaters are practically empty. As far as movies, I like anything that involves the big picture. You know, films that really make us question our place in the universe. I like the movies Contact, K-Pax, The Day The Earth Stood Still, and the classic, Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Of course, comedies are also good at the end of a long day. Regarding my favorite books, I’d have to say Conversations with God by Neal Donald Walsch. It’s my all time favorite. I also like any books written by Robert Fulghum. He has a knack for making common life events humorous and inspirational.
CYNTHIA: I feel truly honored to have interviewed you, and I’m really grateful for all the tips and insights you’ve shared! How can people find out more about where they can learn more about your new book and how they can stay in touch with you?
ANDY:  It’s been a pleasure having this dialogue with you, Cynthia. Please keep up the good work, as this world desperately needs your services and positive energy. People can learn more about my book on my website: I love to stay in touch with my clients through social media. You can find me on Facebook under “Psychic Medium Andy Myers” and on Twitter: @AndysIntuition. Thanks again Cynthia. God bless.
CYNTHIA: Thanks ever so much–you’ve been a true joy and delight to interview!


Quantum Jumping Time Travel

Cynthia Sue Larson on William Shatner's Weird or What Mind Control episode

Cynthia Sue Larson on the History Channel: William Shatner’s Weird or What, Mind Control

I’m delighted to announce that the Mind Control episode in which I talk about quantum jumping on  William Shatner’s Weird or What aired on Canada’s History channel August 14th, 2012. You may be able to view this episode now, if you live in Canada, through the History channel web site.

The synopsis for Weird or What: Mind Control reads: Three spine-tingling stories about mind-control: a man with a mysterious implant believes aliens have been monitoring his every move; a séance turns a housewife into a literary genius; and, a California woman suspects she is the target of a sinister government experiment.

All three segments on the Mind Control episode are fascinating, as they raise pertinent questions regarding how we interpret unusual situations and experiences. I love William Shatner’s playful sense of humor that provides just the right comic interlude between serious investigations into mysterious phenomena.

I was interviewed for the segment investigating the amazing true story of how Pearl Curran, an uneducated housewife, wrote detailed and accurate accounts of places she could not have known about which she published under the name, Patience Worth. These books were remarkable for how well they were received by literary critics and the general public, and indeed many of these books, such as The Sorry Tale are still in print and remarkably popular.

When I first heard how Pearl Curran had initially connected with Patience Worth in 1913 through an Ouija board, I was especially intrigued by the fact that as Patience Worth, Pearl’s vocabulary and diction were thoroughly transformed from her ordinary manner of speech. Curran’s vocabulary was not consistently of any one historical period, but rather moved through many times. Even more astounding was the report of the first-person account of the sights, smells and sounds of many ancient places in Oriental marketplaces, wildernesses, Roman palaces, and halls of justice in The Sorry Tale about Jesus Christ’s last days. The detail in this descriptive narrative was so comprehensive and complete that many reviewers marveled that no other written account gave as clear a view of customs, manners, and character of people at that time.

The theory that I presented in the Weird or What: Mind Control episode about Pearl Curran is that Pearl Curran jumped back through space and time to live the experiences of Patience Worth, encountering various events in Worth’s life and traveling through time and space back to the first century A.D. where she conveyed in emotionally evocative detail a full-sensory first-hand account of an assortment of everyday and historically famous events. Worth’s book The Sorry Tale was written the way an observer would describe people, places and things of the time – as one who was literally there.

While we don’t have much information about Patience, it’s obvious from Pearl’s limited travel experiences and educational background that something extraordinary happened to allow her to so effortlessly generate a rich body of literature from other eras. A requirement for quantum jumping is that a kind of bridge from one time and place to another be established. Clearly, Pearl felt motivated to make a connection to someone from another reality … from another place and time. Even though we haven’t yet been able to verify the identity of Patience Worth, we can sense her humanity, passion, and inspiration through her words. The fact that this information was transmitted across hundreds of years of time and thousands of miles through space provides us with a clear sense that Curran made a quantum jump that bridged completely separate worlds.

An Ouija board provided Pearl Curran with a method for attaining the requisite meditative state of mind for establishing and maintaining a connection with another world, place and time. When Curran felt a visceral connection with a witty, wise woman from the 17th century, Patience Worth, she was entering an alternate world – experiencing an alternate place and time. She thus experienced this other woman as another self living in a uniquely different place and time.

How Quantum Jumping Works

Quantum jumping can be envisioned as occurring in a multi-verse of many alternate realities, in which each one of these realities exists another possible “you” that you are connected to. Just as electrons can make leaps from one energetic level to another, people can quantum jump through alternate realities to experience dramatic shifts in physical reality.

• On the atomic level, a quantum jump or quantum leap is the change of an electron from one state to another within an atom. When quantum particles make such leaps, they’ve been observed in the laboratory to literally disappear and reappear in another location.

• Entangled quantum particles move in simultaneous synchronization across great distances.

• According to the “many worlds” interpretation of quantum physics, there are an infinite number of alternative realities existing alongside our own universe, in such a way that all possibilities exist, and movements of quantum particles can be determined in terms of probabilities.

• Physicist John Cramer’s “transactional interpretation” of quantum physics gives us a model by which we can expect communication forward and backward through time, with a kind of handshake.

Quantum Jumping Time Travel

Usually when people think about time travel, they imagine one steady timeline of events that unfolds from a definite beginning and traceable past, to some unknown future. While it’s possible to travel through time through quantum jumping, the difference is that there are many possible pasts, as well as many possible futures … and also many possible “nows.”

Quantum jumping can be regarded as time travel, in the sense that one proceeds by jumping to an alternate reality – by establishing a connection with another place and time. The best way to envision time travel is to imagine space and time always existing together. Physicists consider space and time to be inextricably connected, so one cannot exist without the other. You can think of spacetime as being a lot like a fabric that can ripple, warp and bend. Spacetime consists of three spatial dimensions and one dimension of time, and it describes four-dimensional space as gravitational curves whose points represent events.

Physicist pioneers currently working toward establishing a Theory of Everything believe our universe most likely consists of many more than just three dimensions of space and one of time, and that many more dimensions exist alongside those four inside us, curled up.

In quantum jumping, the past one visits is one of many possible pasts, rather than the only past at a particular point in space and time. These many pasts exist in the same way that at this moment right now there are many possible concurrent realities.

There have been recent successful studies demonstrating macro-level quantum behaviors occurring above the quantum scale, meaning that some of what Albert Einstein once called “spooky action at a distance” is now being witnessed in scientific laboratories. Quantum particles are capable of being entangled in such a way that they move in tandem even across great distances – and recently, physicists in Oxford, England have demonstrated long-range entanglement of small diamonds at room temperature across a distance of 15 cm.

Now that quantum theory is being shown to apply to macroscopic objects, we are re-evaluating the entire way we view how the world is constituted. It’s one thing to see a quantum particle disappear in one place and reappear somewhere else as it makes a quantum jump, and quite another thing to acknowledge such jumps are also possible for people to experience on the macro scale.

Everyday Examples of Quantum Jumping

Anyone who can relax, clear their mind, and envision being different in some way – such as more successful, funny, healthy, wealthy or wise – can quantum jump. When making these kinds of quantum jumps, one can feel immediate benefits from such positive thinking.

Quantum jumps are relatively common, though most involve small changes and jumps through space and time. While anyone is capable of quantum jumping, and most of us have made quantum jumps, these jumps often go unnoticed because they’re not enormous leaps from one possible reality to another – they involve something as small as keys or socks vanishing in one place and reappearing in another, or feeling suddenly more confident. Any time you’ve talked yourself into something by overcoming negative self-talk with positive suggestions, and noticed you suddenly had a great deal more success, you may have experienced a quantum jump.

While anyone can quantum jump, it’s unlikely most people would experience such a radical jump as Pearl Curran that so thoroughly transformed her literary skills that her writing was and still is considered some of the best prose ever penned.

Pearl Curran’s Quantum Jumps

Pearl truly desired to make a connection with another reality, and found a way to relax with an open mind and experience alternate realities via the meditative, relaxing yet energizing usage of an Ouija board. The Ouija board acted as a kind of bridge or doorway which allowed Pearl to make a huge leap into an alternate space and time.

Pearl had such a strong desire to experience a radically different reality than the one she’d been living prior to connecting with Patience Worth, and her ability to hold a clear vision of Patience Worth made this connection as long-lasting and remarkable as it was.

I hope you’ll enjoy watching and sharing my YouTube video summary of Quantum Jumping Time Travel — and I hope you’ll feel free to leave comments either here on this blog or on my YouTube video page.

Quantum jumping provides another great opportunity to ask my favorite question, “How good can it get?!” and make good use of whatever wonderful things imagination and inspiration reveal to you!

Love always,
Cynthia Sue Larson
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Time Traveler Reality Shift

Cynthia Sue Larson


Our heirs, whatever or whoever they may be, will explore space and time to degrees we cannot currently fathom. They will create new melodies in the music of time. There are infinite harmonies to be explored.“- Clifford Pickover

I’ve been fortunate to have had numerous unusual experiences involving time in my life. One of the most extraordinary occurred on a seemingly ordinary day in August 1998.

My daughter and I were waiting for our friend to visit us at our home, and the front door of the house was open as my daughter saw him arrive, pulling into the driveway. I could hear the sound of a car’s tires crunching on loose gravel in our asphalt driveway, and I heard my daughter call his name out to me, shouting that he was here. A few minutes passed, and I again heard the sound of a car’s tires crunching across gravel in the driveway, and my daughter’s voice yelling, “WAIT! Why are you going?!”

My daughter later told me he said something to her that she couldn’t quite hear, and then drove away. From where I was inside our house, I clearly hard a car pull into the driveway, and drive away a few minutes later as my daughter called out.

About ten minutes later, our friend returned in a completely different car, with his two children.

Now that our friend had arrived at our house (this time with his children) and appeared able to stay for a while, my daughter came to talk to me. I could see that she was deeply troubled by something, so I asked her what was wrong. She asked me, “Why did he drive away?”  I replied that I had no idea. Perhaps there had been some problem with his children, and he’d decided to talk with them privately. My daughter instantly commented, “But the kids weren’t even in the car the first time… and it was a different car.”

I brought my daughter to talk to my friend about this, and he was quite intrigued. He explained, “I once drove here by myself in the other car. I had been wishing to see you and wishing I could be here when you were here… especially your daughter, and her implacable, unbeatable, ungovernable love. She goes right to my heart.”

My daughter told our friend he’d said something to her she couldn’t quite understand as he spoke directly to her, as if he could see her… but he drove away anyway. Our friend told us that he’d sensed someone’s presence as he was thinking of my daughter, and had spoken aloud his wish to see us when we were home. My daughter said that even though she didn’t know what our friend had said, he had obviously been talking directly to her.

I feel extremely fortunate to have witnessed another kind of reality shift… a time travel variety of reality shift, in which our friend had somehow successfully held a conversation from the past into the future with my daughter, and that they had both sensed one another’s presence.

I am intrigued to note that while my daughter was able to clearly see our friend, he merely sensed my daughter’s presence. Perhaps this might be because my eight-year-old daughter’s beginner’s mind better allowed her to see what adults would tend to assume could not be happening. Due to our friend’s desire to be here and our desire to see him, he actually arrived from the past into our present (his future), and for a brief time they held a conversation together.

I share some thoughts and feelings about this time travel reality shift in this video:

As people increasingly experience more reality shifts, thanks to more people meditating and following spiritual paths than ever before, time travel shifts such as this one may become commonplace.

Love always,
Cynthia Sue Larson
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