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How to Choose and Benefit from a Spiritual Life Coach

CSL2013dec2I feel very blessed and fortunate that I had the benefit of a spiritual life coach in all the years of my life while I was growing up, though at the time I probably would not have called her that. The person I trusted to share uplifting, life-affirming insights and ideas that helped me feel connected to the Divine was my grandmother, who I called “Mor Mor,” meaning “mother’s mother” in Swedish.

What Spiritual Life Coaches Do

Imagine being able to say anything without being judged, where you feel accepted and safely wrapped in love. In such a supportive environment, you can break free from fears–both spoken and unspoken–that may have been holding you back for years, and start to see an expanded horizon of possibilities from which to choose.

A good Spiritual Life Coach helps you feel positive emotions from connecting with the unseen animating power that brings meaning and inspiration to your life, discovering a deeper sense of who you truly are, and a clearer sense of what you need most at this time in your life. You can gain a sense of empowerment and passion from living your daily life according to your unique path of personal and spiritual growth, without judging you based on attributes such as age, gender, race, or religious affiliation.

A good Spiritual Life Coach guides you to feel fully engaged in life and in positive service in the world, recognizing ongoing communications between you and the universe happening each moment of every day. It’s wonderfully exciting to explore your most beneficial options in a multiverse of infinite possibility, with supportive guidance each step of the way!

What to Look for When Choosing the Right Spiritual Life Coach for You

Because working with a Spiritual Life Coach can be such an intensely personal experience, it’s essential to select someone you feel safe with, whom you can trust. You can view a selection of Spiritual Life Coaches rather quickly by conducting an internet search for the search term, “Spiritual Life Coach,” in order to find websites with informational pages. Once you’ve screened potential Spiritual Life Coaches for all requirements you feel are mandatory, measurable and realistic, it’s time to evaluate how you would rate the Spiritual Life Coaches you’re considering according to the following considerations:

* Experience – How many years of experience does each coach have in Spiritual Life Coaching? While it’s true that Spiritual Life Coaches can be quite good right from the start, there are benefits from working with Spiritual Life Coaches who’ve been working with a wide variety of clients for many years, and who have a correspondingly large number of tools in their Spiritual Life Coaching toolkit to help people with. While some spiritual coaching certification programs exist, excellent coaches don’t automatically spring forth by passing such programs.

Testimonials – How many testimonials for each Spiritual Life Coach resonate for you? While not everyone writes testimonials for Spiritual Life Coaches, it’s safe to assume that for each person who does write glowing words of praise there are many others who feel similarly. You can often learn quite a lot about prospective coaches based on how others appreciate them.

Philosophy – How harmoniously does each coach’s philosophy match yours? Because it’s so helpful to work with a Spiritual Life Coach you can trust, it’s a good idea to find one whose philosophy is similar enough to yours that you feel comfortable. Look for Spiritual Life Coaches who specifically state their philosophy, background and beliefs, and pay attention to whether or not each one is open-minded with regard to assisting those from different religious and spiritual paths.

Methodology – How do each coach’s stated methodologies resonate for you? Some of the most experienced Spiritual Life Coaches have a large variety of possible ways to work with clients, whereas newer Spiritual Life Coaches might have just a few. It’s a good idea to find out what a typical session includes, and what kinds of methodologies are typically employed. While trademarked special processes sound flashy, the best coaches understand that their value comes from the very simple–yet powerful–connection that each of us has to the Divine.

Freedom – What commitments or conditions are required by each coach of their clientele? While most people benefit from continuing Spiritual Life Coaching for a minimum of several months, and preferably several years, beware of coaches who require that you work exclusively with them. Ideally, you should always be free to continue or discontinue working with a Spiritual Life Coach whenever you feel inspired to do, as well as free to work with other advisors as you deem to be best for you.

Availability – How will you communicate with your Spiritual Life Coach? Thanks to telephones and the internet, it’s now possible to work with a Spiritual Life Coach from anywhere in the world. If you feel most comfortable working with someone in person, then look for recommended coaches living in your immediate area. The majority of clients for most Spiritual Life Coaches practicing today are through telephone and Skype connections, and these sessions can be every bit as powerful and productive as the in-person kind.

• Price – How clearly are coaching prices stated, and how affordable are they for you?

How to Prepare for Your Spiritual Life Coaching Session

Spiritual Life Coaching can bring you substantially greater insights and rewards if you do a couple of simple things to prepare yourself prior to each session.

• Initial Status – Take a few minutes to write down the areas you’d most like to see transformed, along with whatever roadblocks or obstructions currently appear to be in the way.  Such a pre-session initial status report serves to remind you of your commitment to gaining a clearer sense of who you are and what you most need in life, and later can provide you with a record of how you are transforming and growing.

• Meditate – Meditate for between five to thirty minutes immediately prior to your coaching session. Breathe deeply and fully to your lower abdomen, while relaxing your muscles and clearing your mind.

You can see my video blog post on Spiritual Life Coaching at:

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Thank you for reading and sharing this blog post! Chances are good that if you liked this post, you’ll also enjoy my books, especially Reality Shifts: When Consciousness Changes the Physical World

How to Change the Past

Cynthia Sue Larson

Cynthia Sue Larson

The future can only effect the present if there is room to write its influence off as a mistake.” – Yakir Aharonov

Most of us have at one point or another in our lives wished that there was something in the past we could change… yet most of us have been raised by adults who assured us that it’s not possible to change the past. Such beliefs are summed up beautifully  in the Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám,

“The moving finger writes, and having writ, moves on: nor all thy Piety nor Wit Shall lure it back to cancel half a Line, Nor all thy Tears wash out a Word of it.”

People who’ve experienced reality shifts are much more open to considering the possibility that the future and present can change the past, and that there’s some credence to physicist John Cramer’s Transactional Interpretation of quantum physics, and the notion of a “handshake” between future and the past that allows for the kind of symmetry in time we expect in space. Considering that space-time is a continuum, and physics fully allows for time-forward and time-reversed causality, a whole new world of possibility begins to open up.

A point worth contemplating is that in fact, quantum physics forbids a single history. This deceptively modest statement belies the enormity of its impact, which is that we never have just one agreed-upon history. We tend to not be aware of multiple histories, nor do we often accept the possibility of their existence… yet when we think about how it would feel to us if we were influenced by the future, we’d realize that we could experience Déjà Vu, future memory, precognition, premonitions, intuitive hunches, synchronicities, and exceptional situational awareness… as well as spontaneous remissions from injury and disease.

I got a wonderful email from a reader this month, who asked a practical question about changing the past:


Hello Cynthia
I am focusing on communicating a message to myself in the past using meditation and the mind techniques from your eBook and other sources, to alter a  choice that I regret. My regret is moving home and I wish to alter that decision. My work is about raising my vibration and activating my Pineal Grand in an effort to achieve this. I would appreciate any advice from you.

Here is my response:


Thanks so much for writing to me regarding making a change to the past. Every situation is unique, yet there is something you can do to give yourself the best shot at experiencing a changed past… and that is to meditate daily to raise your energy & stay grounded.

Meditation is actually the most important thing you can do. Your goal in meditation is to attain a state of mindfulness in which you feel detached from any particular outcome, with a sense of acceptance of yourself and the universe.

I recommend that you keep an open mind considering the past — especially with regard to any upsetting details — and stay focused on what you are grateful for.

View time as every bit as balanced as all of space, with a sense of being able to maintain a sense of hope for the past as well as the future. We are hopeful for the past when we feel gratitude and appreciation.

If you haven’t yet seen the slides from my talk on “Listening to Future Selves, Reviewing Our Pasts,” you can download the slideshow of my talk at:

I wish you all the best, and hope this helps!

I share some additional thoughts and feelings about why we might want to change the past, and how we might go about it in this video:

I’d love to hear your comments and questions about what you’d most like to change from your past… and any experiences you’ve had with retrocausality!

Love always,
Cynthia Sue Larson
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Time Traveler Reality Shift

Cynthia Sue Larson


Our heirs, whatever or whoever they may be, will explore space and time to degrees we cannot currently fathom. They will create new melodies in the music of time. There are infinite harmonies to be explored.“- Clifford Pickover

I’ve been fortunate to have had numerous unusual experiences involving time in my life. One of the most extraordinary occurred on a seemingly ordinary day in August 1998.

My daughter and I were waiting for our friend to visit us at our home, and the front door of the house was open as my daughter saw him arrive, pulling into the driveway. I could hear the sound of a car’s tires crunching on loose gravel in our asphalt driveway, and I heard my daughter call his name out to me, shouting that he was here. A few minutes passed, and I again heard the sound of a car’s tires crunching across gravel in the driveway, and my daughter’s voice yelling, “WAIT! Why are you going?!”

My daughter later told me he said something to her that she couldn’t quite hear, and then drove away. From where I was inside our house, I clearly hard a car pull into the driveway, and drive away a few minutes later as my daughter called out.

About ten minutes later, our friend returned in a completely different car, with his two children.

Now that our friend had arrived at our house (this time with his children) and appeared able to stay for a while, my daughter came to talk to me. I could see that she was deeply troubled by something, so I asked her what was wrong. She asked me, “Why did he drive away?”  I replied that I had no idea. Perhaps there had been some problem with his children, and he’d decided to talk with them privately. My daughter instantly commented, “But the kids weren’t even in the car the first time… and it was a different car.”

I brought my daughter to talk to my friend about this, and he was quite intrigued. He explained, “I once drove here by myself in the other car. I had been wishing to see you and wishing I could be here when you were here… especially your daughter, and her implacable, unbeatable, ungovernable love. She goes right to my heart.”

My daughter told our friend he’d said something to her she couldn’t quite understand as he spoke directly to her, as if he could see her… but he drove away anyway. Our friend told us that he’d sensed someone’s presence as he was thinking of my daughter, and had spoken aloud his wish to see us when we were home. My daughter said that even though she didn’t know what our friend had said, he had obviously been talking directly to her.

I feel extremely fortunate to have witnessed another kind of reality shift… a time travel variety of reality shift, in which our friend had somehow successfully held a conversation from the past into the future with my daughter, and that they had both sensed one another’s presence.

I am intrigued to note that while my daughter was able to clearly see our friend, he merely sensed my daughter’s presence. Perhaps this might be because my eight-year-old daughter’s beginner’s mind better allowed her to see what adults would tend to assume could not be happening. Due to our friend’s desire to be here and our desire to see him, he actually arrived from the past into our present (his future), and for a brief time they held a conversation together.

I share some thoughts and feelings about this time travel reality shift in this video:

As people increasingly experience more reality shifts, thanks to more people meditating and following spiritual paths than ever before, time travel shifts such as this one may become commonplace.

Love always,
Cynthia Sue Larson
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Truth, Observation, Perception, Listening and Dialogue

Cynthia Sue Larson

Cynthia Sue Larson


“Truth only reveals itself when one gives up all preconceived ideas.”- Shoseki

One of the most transformational experiences in my life has been attending SEED Graduate Institute‘s Language of Spirit Conferences with indigenous elders and scholars, scientists, and linguists.

I felt something amazing happen as I  listened deeply to dialogue driven not by personal agendas, points of view or platforms… but instead purely by inspiration flowing through the people gathered there. Most of one’s time at this conference is spent listening, and a beautiful thing happens as the dialogue begins with a sharing of individual views, and develops into heartfelt community. Beyond witnessing the magic of this harmonious coming together, the thing that amazed me most of all was noticing what happened inside myself while listening.

While listening, I noticed the way my mind so often attempted to sort ideas and concepts into “facts” it could label, identify, and categorize. Even though I remembered how facilitator Leroy Little Bear pointed out that the point of this dialogue has more to do with the process of dialogue than any particular statement, I often caught my mind crafting a “perfect response.” Within this deep struggle inside myself to simply listen… rather than strive to prepare a point I might later make, I eventually found balance, harmony, and peace. I learned to relax, and become one with the continuous flow of inspiration available to each and every one of us which graced me with gradually increasing awareness of the overall gestalt of truth, beauty, and awareness at this enlightening conference.

The practice of deep listening I experienced at the Language of Spirit dialogues is one that defies rational explanation, since dialogue participants and attendees experience something much more profound than simply a calming of the “monkey mind.”

I share some of my thoughts and feelings about truth, observation, perception, listening and dialogue — and how the Language of Spirit conference has changed my life for the better — in this video:

The improvement in deep listening I’ve experienced after attending Language of Spirit dialogues has helped me gain a “bigger picture” perspective, helped me see beyond limiting viewpoints, and inspired me to more deeply connect with everyone and everything I relate to in my life. Best of all, this expanded state of mindfulness stays with me long after the conference ends.

The topic at this year’s Language of Spirit conference, is “Science, Technology, and Creativity.” If you can attend this month’s dialogues in Albuquerque, New Mexico, I’d love to see you there!

Love always,
Cynthia Sue Larson
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Personal Prosperity Feng Shui

Don’t be pushed by your problems.

Be led by your dreams.

One of my favorite ways to remind myself that all is well and right with the world is to wear something that gives me a sense of prosperity and well-being every time I see it.

When I was ten years old, I had a favorite bracelet I wore every day because it felt good on my wrist and brought a smile to my face every time I saw it. I felt loved and cared for when I wore it, even though it was made of stainless steel, and not classically beautiful or intrinsically valuable, because my parents got it for me. I felt calmed, soothed, relaxed and energized whenever I noticed that bracelet, and like a good luck charm it seemed to help me weather the various ups and downs of life.

One simple thing you can do to bring more abundance and prosperity into your life is featured in the following video:

RealityShifters Guide to High Energy Money
High Energy Money

The big idea here is based on a concept in my book, RealityShifters Guide to High Energy Money about prosperity feng shui. When you place meaningful symbols where you will see them and where their energy will remind you of feeling prosperous and abundant, you’ll gain the benefit of feeling grateful for what you have. Taking the notion of prosperity feng shui to your personal space, you can wear jewelry or clothing that symbolizes prosperity to you.

You can provide yourself with a daily reminder of abundance and prosperity by wearing something spiritual that was designed from sacred geometry principles, such as the gold merkaba pendant or abundance ring I love to wear… or something meaningful you already possess. The important thing to remember is that whatever you select genuinely boosts your energy in a powerful, positive way.

Merkaba pendant and abundance ring by Ka Gold Jewelry

Merkaba pendant and abundance ring by Ka Gold Jewelry


Another simple thing you can do on a regular basis to boost your prosperity is to remember to ask “How good can it get?” in every situation, no matter what is going on and no matter how you may be feeling at that particular time and place. There is great power in asking questions you truly wish to know and experience the answers to, and “How good can it get?” will consistently bring good things to you!

Love always,
Cynthia Sue Larson
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A Secret to Happiness

Cynthia Sue Larson
Cynthia Sue Larson

“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.”
– Mahatma Gandhi

When I spent one delightful childhood summer with my grandmother, she offered to make an angel food cake for my sister and me. We loved most any kind of cake, and were delighted to see such a marvelous project underway, as our grandmother whipped up some egg whites, added flour, eggs, vanilla, and a dash of salt. I gazed with wonder as she poured the heavenly smelling batter into a very special cake pan with raised sides… and gasped as she picked the pan up by its breakaway bottom… allowing all the batter to gush down her arm.

I’ll never forget what happened next, as it was most remarkable to me… in this moment of cake disaster, my grandmother laughed and said, “Oh, Fiddlesticks!” I gawked in astonishment at her remarkably laid-back response to a serious culinary setback… wondering how she could find or feel any happiness in such a terrible moment.

Cynthia with her grandmother

My grandmother was a marvelous spiritual life coach long before life coaches were popular, and she showed me an amazing secret to happiness… something so simple almost anyone can learn to do it! Please watch this short video to find out how you can make use of this simple concept, finding happiness almost any time, anywhere:

My grandmother often talked with me about God, angels, and paying attention to signs, symbols and dreams, so I knew she was a very spiritual person… but until the moment of the angel food cake disaster, I had not known just how thoroughly she could personify such spiritual qualities as acceptance, forgiveness, love, and joy.

At a time when we hear more and more about things like the Happiness Index and Gross National Happiness, it’s not necessary to pack up and move to whatever place is supposedly the happiest on Earth. We can make a positive difference in the world when we start making changes in every aspect of our lives right here, right now.

Remember to ask “How good can it get… when I choose happiness?” in every situation, especially ones where you can benefit from seeing a bigger picture.

Love always,
Cynthia Sue Larson
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