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Tips for Changing the Past

Cynthia Sue Larson

Cynthia Sue Larson

This week I heard from several people who longed to change the past so a loved one wouldn’t have died, a fiance wouldn’t have cheated, and events that caused great pain and suffering could have happened differently somehow.

One woman asked, “Do you really believe we can change our past with enough energy and focus? Have you ever experienced something like that? And if you do, what is  happening then?”

The short answer to these questions is yes, we can change the past and yes, I’ve experienced this. I’ve seen miraculous retrocausality types of reality shifts in which a person diagnosed by doctors to be dying of cancer with just a few months left to live has no trace of cancer. I’ve watched people instantaneously heal who’d suffered from cancer, broken bones, cuts, burns, and blisters in such a way it seemed those problems never existed… as if we’d moved from one reality of disease to another of perfect health.

Reality Shifts: When Consciousness Changes the Physical World

Reality Shifts: When Consciousness Changes the Physical World

I’ve seen a beloved pet cat alive again when I was not expecting to ever see him again, which I write about in my book, Reality Shifts: When Consciousness Changes the Physical World. I found myself in a world in which the cat, named Ashes, had not been hit by a car in the road and died, but instead was just fine. I know many people who’ve reported similar stories of loved ones being alive again on the realityshifters web site. In all the most successful cases, people have focused primarily on love, forgiveness, peace, harmony, balance, acceptance, and oneness.

The key ideas here are that:

• We are most likely living in a multiverse of parallel worlds

• Events can be influenced by both the future and the past in the fabric of spacetime through each parallel world

• We can access other realities through meditation / prayer in oneness consciousness with a feeling of acceptance (a view from nowhen–the mindfulness concept of eternal now)

Each and every one of us can and does change the past, though we are seldom aware this is what is going on. We change the past and the future simultaneously when our consciousness shifts to another parallel world in which another version of ourselves already exists. This transition is usually so smooth that if it weren’t for a few notable changes, we wouldn’t realize we’d made such a jump at all. We frequently change the past with regard to small-scale things, benefiting from not scrutinizing (and therefore doubting or questioning) these changes with our conscious mind. Large scale reality shifts are possible as well, though they require we treat them as equally attainable as the smaller scale shifts, and welcome them as easily into our lives.

Shifting Realities as Easily as Shifting Gears in a Car

A metaphor for the way we shift between various realities is shifting gears in a manual transmission car. Imagine that the different gears in a stick-shift car represent different realities we can select between. We typically shift to an adjacent reality–or an adjacent gear–one which is not so far from our current experience that all that many things have changed. In order to shift gears, we must first move our foot from the gas pedal to the clutch, so we disengage from one gear in preparation to move to the next. This simple process of moving our foot from gas pedal to clutch, moving the stick-shift from one gear to an adjacent gear, and moving our foot from clutch to gas pedal is one we can engage in every time we move our consciousness to a state of disengaging from current reality–such as we feel when dreaming, daydreaming, meditating or praying. We come out of such states of oneness consciousness moving forward again, almost as if nothing has changed, yet actually with the ability to switch gears into a completely different reality than the one we’ve just left.

Acceptance is the Key to Shifting Reality

If you think of parallel worlds of possible realities as gears in a car, and realize that the only way to change between physical realities–between gears–is to move to an energetic state of all possibility by taking your foot off the gas pedal and placing it on the clutch to allow the gears to disengage (to allow yourself and all that is to be between all realities)–then you can see how important it is to reach a state of neutral emotional detachment… a state of unconditional acceptance and non-engagement. From such a place of all possibility it’s possible to quantum jump to an adjacent spacetime reality.

Best results in changing the past come when we can emotionally detach sufficiently to a place that is non-judgmental, accepting, and full of love… and free from a sense of how things “should be,” “would be,” or “could have been.” Just like “watched pots” are hard to catch starting to boil, so too are past events challenging to influence when we are charged up with strong feelings. The more charged the emotions remain, the harder it is for people to successfully switch realities and change the past, since emotions are a lot like keys that unlock certain doors (realities), and often they also hold us in particular realities, keeping us involved in situations and experiences that match the way we feel–even if those feelings are unpleasant. To get a past we like better, we need to change the way we feel all the way down to our subconscious gut feelings.

Being in the pure energy place of acceptance, forgiveness, and love means we are no longer focused on fixing or correcting the thoughts, words, or actions of others… and that we  instead have confidence and faith that everything is working out perfectly, even if we don’t know how that could be so. A big part of being in this pure energy state of mind requires we let go of our own ego-based sense of what is best or right, in order that what is best for all concerned manifests.

Aura Healing Meditations

Aura Healing Meditations

There is an important reason for practicing achieving and maintaining a state of acceptance and gratitude, and that is that such a pure heartfelt mindset ensures our highest order intention for the best for all concerned, rather than for purely selfish outcomes. Only by working with our highest emotional energies can we attain highly favorable outcomes that genuinely feel best, and this means leaving behind ego-centric perspectives that invariably involve some “negative” emotions such as fears, doubts, anxieties and shame. For this reason, Tibetan monks who walk through walls and do other amazing things emphasize the importance of not fixating on ego-desired outcomes, but rather on spiritual growth.

If you would like to experience a sense of oneness and acceptance through meditation, and want to know how to choose what type of meditation is best for you, I highly recommend reading my article, What Meditation is Best for You? and checking out my meditation CD, Aura Healing Meditations.

Listening to Future Selves, Reviewing Our Pasts

If you’re intrigued by the idea of changing the past and want to explore this topic further, you may enjoy reading about some of the physics behind bicausality and retrocausality, and what kinds of evidence we’d expect to see if we truly are living in a multiverse in which events from the future influence the past. I share all this and some amazing first-hand experiences from my life in a powerpoint presentation I presented at the 12th annual Language of Spirit Conference in 2010, Listening to Future Selves, Reviewing Our Pasts.

The good news is that simply by starting on this path to mindfulness and oneness consciousness, you will be making a powerful positive difference in the world. Attaining a state of loving, peaceful, accepting, thankful consciousness is what I recommend as a primary goal… and this is something you can begin right here, right now.

I hope you’ll enjoy watching and sharing my YouTube video summary of Quantum Jumping Tips for Changing the Past, and will leave comments here on this blog or on my YouTube video page.

One of the benefits of asking the question, “How good can it get?!” in every situation you’re in is that sometimes you’ll see evidence that things improve… sometimes even in the past.

Love always,

Cynthia Sue Larson
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