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Reality Shifting on TikTok

2022-08-20 Cynthia TikTok RS
I first heard about the booming TikTok reality shifting trend in early 2020, when my daughter told me that realityshifting–my life’s work–was taking the world by storm on TikTok!   Investigating further, I saw how TikTok realityshifting videos were primarily focused on lucid dreaming and astral traveling their way into focused imaginal realms.  These can be good skills to hone, as part of an integrated approach of developing one’s character and spirituality. My take on goals of focusing on lucid dreaming as a way to experience imaginal realms via this TikTok version of reality shifting is that can potentially veer into escapism. If utilized as a kind of lucid dreaming skill practice on a spiritual path within imaginal realms, there may be some value in becoming proficient with these skill-sets.

TikTok Reality Shifting Techniques

Some TikTok channels invite viewers to practice entering into lucid dream states via various techniques that encourage relaxation of the physical body while maintaining lucidity of the conscious mind.  One such technique being popularized now is called “star fish,” with the main idea of this lucid dreaming position being to keep one’s arms and legs stretched out and not touching, a bit like impersonating a star fish, with the five points represented by:  head, two arms, and two legs.
Many TikTok reality shifters work with scripts that keep their lucid dreaming reality shifting focused.  Often, such a focus is held in imagination while keeping the rational, analytical mind occupied with some activity such as counting backwards from 100.  The so-called “Raven method” starts with adopting the starfish position, and then counting down from 100 while keeping mentally focused on shifting into one’s desired reality.
These TikTok techniques help realityshifters access levels of identity that are more foundational–more true–than seeing ourselves as existing purely within a paradigm of physicalist material realism.  Just as people can learn to astral travel and gain a sense of self identity beyond egoic physicalism through meditation, or going to a facility such as provided at the Monroe Institute, practicing putting one’s body in a position so that arms and legs are not touching while feeling tired can help facilitate moving into a state of higher level conscious agency.

Reality Shifting key ideas

We are all reality shifters, occasionally noticing things seem to move without anyone having moved them.  We may have noticed socks missing after we do the laundry, or keys or coat not being where we know we put them. We also sometimes notice we have different experiences and memories of experiences than those of other people who were also there.
We, as conscious agents and observers, are the ones who shift or change, and we witness different physical realities.  We can ascribe reality shifts and Mandela Effects to our ability to move between levels of observer identity and causal agency.  If seeking some ‘mechanism’ behind these shifts, we can note the possibility that the many worlds of quantum physics and the cosmological multiverse may be one and the same–providing us with occasional quantum superpowers such as:  bilocation, tunneling, superposition of states, coherence, and entanglement.
Reality Shifts: When Consciousness Changes the Physical World

Reality Shifts: When Consciousness Changes the Physical World

Our experiences with reality shifts are natural, and can be appreciated as an experience of consciousness. I suggest remaining reverent toward all aspects of the reality shift phenomena, with respect for encountering and aligning with ever-higher levels of self. reality shifting truly invites us to ‘bring our A game’ to life, in terms of becoming ever more aware of who we are, as intentional beings and conscious agents.

I’ve been documenting and curating first-hand reality shift reports for over twenty years, investigating what people were thinking and feeling prior to witnessing reality shifts–and the archives of Your Stories on the realityshifters web site is now hundreds of pages long, containing first-hand reports from people in dozens of nations and on continents all around the world.
For those starting out writing scripts for their desired reality, or creating affirmations and vision boards, all these focusing tools can be good starting points for overcoming social conditioning that has gas-lighted “magickal thinking,” as I mention in my book, Reality Shifts. Our assumptions and beliefs play such a huge role in creating our perceptual framework that playing with these initial focusing tools and methods can help people realize the true power of consciousness to literally create seeming miracles in physical events in spacetime.
If you have concerns regarding safety with trying reality shifting, I suggest adopting a practice of setting energetic protection that incorporates the focus of intention on maintaining sovereignty of your conscious agency, free from negative interference.  Such a practice can simply consist of several simple Qi Gong (energy work) exercises that combine intention with breath and movement to help ensure you feel your best, and that what you experience in your reality shifting exercises feels enjoyable and positive.

Reality Shifting is part of the Great Awakening

With the recent reality shifting TikTok trend, I see resonance with this time of Great Awakening. To put it another way, through ‘writing scripts’ for desired reality shifts, people can witness positive results, and thus begin to override a lifetime of socially conditioned restrictive thinking regarding the chicken-and-egg Zen koan between consciousness and the physical world. We may wonder which came first–the chicken or the egg? And similarly, some scientists are designing experiments to ascertain whether consciousness or neurons and brains arrived first.
Thanks to first-hand experimentation with reality shifting, people have a chance to witness how when we change our consciousness, we see changes in the physical world.
I see some beauty in the encouragement from some TikTokers to those feeling frustrated and discouraged with lack of perceived progress in lucid dreaming and reality shifting–and I sense a similarity here between reality shifting and the Kundalini experience. Both of these are guided by levels of higher conscious agency–by higher levels of self–and this is why both journeys are so individual and unique.
My first impression of this trend when I first saw it a few years ago was a mix of joy to see people interested in the topic, combined with a concern that people may fixate on escapism–the way some people fixate on “manifesting” as a be-all, end-all. Any such short-sighted approaches will eventually lead to disappointing results, though it’s likely that many people need to go down every detour and dead-end first, just to make sure they’re not missing out on something. I have faith that just as with other types of “psychonauts,” there is divine spirit guiding all of us, and ultimately, people will discover that this reality shifting journey is best appreciated and enjoyed as a spiritual journey.
And I hope you will join me in asking, “How good can it get?” in any and all circumstances, no matter may seem to be happening, so we may each individually and all collectively experience what is truly best for all.
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