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Choosing Timelines, Shifting Timelines

2022-02-03 Cynthia purple

In this time when we may feel we have limited choices, awareness that we can choose and jump between Timelines can be priceless.  There is advantage in working in collaboration with our higher consciousness when making such jumps, which is why I recommend asking the question: “How good can it get?” rather than overly micro-managing the manifestation details.

Timeline Questions

I recently received questions about Timelines:

“On a metaphysical level, what is a timeline, how are they created, and do we create them, or are they already in existence, because you teach about quantum jumping. I presume we can jump timelines, correct? But how were they created so we are able to jump them? I mean, can an individual create a timeline, or is it just the collective. I guess I wonder who created the dimensions as well?”

The basic definition of metaphysical Timelines starts out corresponding fairly well with conventional Timelines, which is that we recall sequences of events that we experience in the form of ordered events in linear time.  For example, we might recognize the sequence of events in our typical day, starting with waking up and doing our usual morning activities.  Such sequences of events are generally taken for granted as being part of a linear, unchanging timeline.

In this time when many people feel we do not have the level of choices we used to have, the awareness that we can jump and shift between timelines is very exciting.  Such timeline jumps usually happen between levels of consciousness.  Typically, timeline jumps happen at a subconscious level that we’re not consciously aware of.  We might be focusing primarily on a to-do list, with activities we intend to complete for the day.  When we choose to allow our intuitive higher self to run the show today, then we are giving ourselves permission to set down the to-do list in favor of new opportunities that we might sense arising, accompanied by synchronicity, a sense of deja-vu, or goosebumps.  With such awareness, we are thus acknowledging that we can make a Timeline jump at any given point.  Our self awareness benefits from our accepting higher levels of emotions such as: gratitude, thankfulness, forgiveness, respect, reverence and ecstasy–and being in love with being alive.  Even asking a simple question such as, “How good can it get?” is enough to activate this internal process.

Metaphysical Timelines are different from the linear quality of conventional Timelines.  We might recognize a divergence between conventional and metaphysical Timelines any time we sense a perception of being adjacent to parallel possible realities.  We can experience these other possible realities when we notice reality shifts and Mandela Effects, where we notice that a past sequence of historical, recorded events does not match what we remember.  We can also experience these other realities when we make a choice to make a quantum jump.

We are now witnessing shared experiences of Timeline quantum jumps in the form of the Mandela Effect, where groups of people have shared memories that are different from historical records.  We thus may find others who remember, for example, that the term “kidney punch” used to have meaning and significance when the kidneys were actually situated in our lower backs, and were thus vulnerable to injury if struck.

When we consider the idea that the reality each of us observes is continually in a state of ‘collapsing’ out of having been smeared in a blur of quantum probability wave functions–then we can start to appreciate that we are each ‘creating’ the reality we experience in the way we make a choice of what and how we are observing.  Our individual observations may not necessarily always agree with the subjective observations of others, and this is very much at the core of the quantum paradigm.  All possibilities might thus be considered to already exist in the form of pure potentiality–only to be experienced in the form of reality when we invest our observational attention and energy in a particular choice of what we are focusing on, and how we are focusing.  Wisdom keepers from indigenous traditions appreciate the concept of original thought being that all ideas already exist–and there is an excellent book, Original Thinking, by Glenn Aparicio Parry that delves into this concept.

Individual Timeline Shifts

Individuals can choose and select Timelines, and to the degree that we are choosing Timelines that are aligned with our higher dimensional levels of consciousness, we can sometimes witness instantaneous positive results. It can help to know that there have been physics experiments that challenge objective reality, demonstrating that two observers at the same place and time can witness completely different observations.  These versions of the double split experiment were conducted with six entangled photons and two experimental recording devices in a collaborative project involving scientists Physicists at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh and the University of Vienna in Austria.  They succeeded in conducting the Wigner’s friend classic Gedankenexperiment (thought experiment)–meaning there is an observer who is watching another observer.

The philosopher Leibniz originally defined consciousness as involving a second order awareness of a primary, first order perception–such that there exist levels of awareness providing one with a sense of individual consciousness.  As a fascinating side-note, both Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz and Sir Isaac Newton independently ‘invented’ Calculus at the same time, providing us with a glimpse of how the Indigenous concept of all ideas already existing might operate.

Leibniz’s concept of consciousness can be viewed as working a bit like dimensional consciousness, from the sense that we gain levels of instant understanding when viewing “Flatland” on a piece of paper from our usual 3-dimensional perspective.  If there was something concealed or hidden from view to “Flatlanders” living in 2-dimensional space on the flat plane of a piece of paper, they would not easily be able to know what else was depicted on their 2-dimensional space that any person living in a 3D world could easily view at a glance.  When we acknowledge that we can gain additional levels of information and awareness via higher dimensional levels of ourselves, we similarly can effortlessly “think outside of limitations” including linear time.

The ability to experience individual Timeline Shifts often starts by first feeling a close proximity to an adjacent reality–one that we feel attuned to and affiliated with.  This awareness might come through awareness of seeing a possible future reality in a dream or daydream, or it might appear as a knowingness. Some of the best ways to practice such conscious Timeline Jumps is to make a jump to a reality that feels within close reach–something that feels possible to your subconscious mind.

You can start asking questions like, “How good can it get?” as you are sensing that there might be a reality where you have more prosperity, better health, and better relationships.  I recommend starting with focusing on what truly matters most to you, and that you feel are attainable, for best results.  Then you can start experiencing the sort of reality shifts I describe in my books, Reality Shifts and Quantum Jumps.  Then you can have experiences such as the one I had where I ran out of nutmeg in my kitchen cupboard–it wasn’t there.  Since I knew I could experience a reality where the nutmeg was in my cupboard, I shut the cupboard door, walked down the hall, and came back to the kitchen and looked again.  I knew if I kept doing that, I might see it.  This is an example of quantum jumping, of timeline jumping.  When I walked down my hallway, I was aware that I can literally walk into another reality in my own home, so that when I come back to that cupboard on the fourth or fifth try, I can open the cupboard and there will be what I need and what I was looking for.

To start playing with Timeline Jumps I recommend going for things that your subconscious can believe might happen.  You can prompt your subconscious to be more open-minded with regard to what kind of Timeline Jumps are possible by reading first-hand reports of people making quantum jumps, as reported in the Your Stories section of RealityShifters.

Collective Timeline Shifts

Each and every one of us is constantly quantum jumping and reality shifting, as this is the way Nature operates.  Each time we make a choice, based on what we feel we truly need, we are experiencing a slightly different version of reality than we had been just a moment before.  Sometimes on a collective level, we may notice that groups of us are remembering things differently than the official version of history.

Groups of people can join together with shared observational attention and energy–for such things as prayer or meditation groups, for example.  The International Mandela Effect Conference (IMEC) has been tracking some such positive collective Timeline Shifts in the form of “mandanimals” that have returned from extinction (noted as “Lazarus” species), or are Golden or Rainbow or White colored, or have other remarkable qualities.

As to the source of Timelines and Dimensions, this becomes a philosophical question.  Some of my favorite book sources to address these matters are philosopher Nicholas Rescher’s book, Axiogenesis, and Tarthang Tulku’s book Space, Time, and Knowledge.

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