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Dreaming of a New World with Conscious Agents

2022-06-06 Cynthia 15Amidst obvious chaotic transformational worldwide changes, what’s less evident is how the new world will differ from what we’re currently experiencing.
While I was mulling this over, a friend informed me that she’d just had a dream with me.  We’d been setting up a table for some kind of event being held in a courtyard in England, when I walked out to a central place featured with red dirt, and suddenly the Earth opened up and I began to fall into a deepening chasm with spiky stalagmites down below.  In the dream, my friend moved as if in slow motion, and managed to catch me and pull me back up to safe ground.  We did our best to create a warning barrier so people wouldn’t fall into the hole, but some children were playing on some terraced steps that emerged around the edges of the hole.
I told my friend that if this was my dream, I’d do a four-step analysis process on it, starting with the full narrative she provided (a fair bit more detailed than my brief summary above), then separating out every significant dream element, then free-associating what those dream elements mean to me, and then putting together a narrative based on the free association.  The end result of that was:
Good friends, supported by deep foundations of loving family travel on an adventure together to a large community gathering event and experience.  The friends are well prepared for this adventure, with strong foundations and support–and with assurance that this adventure will be protected, with any possible adverse events being cushioned along the way.  Thanks to the presence of angelic support, protection, inspiration and guidance, healing and balance is possible throughout.  As the friends reach out to communicate with the rest of those around, it becomes clear that something big and central is about to happen that involves native indigenous wisdom and Mother Earth/Gaia herself.  This is a time of breakdown and breakthrough–a time of awakening through some shocking developments that catch people by surprise, with sudden revelation of deep chasms of subconscious issues appearing suddenly.  The nature of how this is felt is between the 4th and 5th energy centers–moving from heart to throat–requiring mastery of respect and communication with all conscious agents (people, animals, plants, angels, God, Earth). A process of coordinating collective subconscious issues now begins, sometimes being felt in uniquely subjective ways in space and time.  Thanks to supporting one another, and sharing information, safe passage can be made.  New generations can thus flourish in the new 5th world. 

Choosing Revhumanism at the Dawning of the 5th World

This topic of the dawning of the Fifth World, and the global awakening to the Golden Age feels like the long-awaited crossroads that humanity has been expecting for millennia.  This long-prophesied decision point has been visually depicted as a choice between two paths that is carved in stone on the Hopi Prophecy Rock near Oraibi, Arizona.  The two options can be known by the names:  Transhumanism and Revhumanism.
Revhumanism is a philosophy of harmoniously living and co-creating with a living, developing Cosmos—with reverence for the Earth, and other beings.  The Latin “rev” relates to ideas of reviving, regaining, recalling, and growing strong and young again. “Rev” also stands for reverence—a quality that inspires us to live up to our truly highest potential of seeing and respecting the inspiration, light, and consciousness that all of creation shares. Revhumanism invites humans to return to honoring the Earth as the source of life and sustenance.

AmplituhedronSpaceTime is Dead

In a conversation we had recently for the International Mandela Effect Conference with Dr. Donald Hoffman, I’m inspired to hear that he is noticing some scientists declaring that space-time is dead. On the face of it, this may not seem like such an important statement to make. And it might seem meaningless, or ridiculous, or impossible. To most material realists, that would indeed be the case.
Dr. Donald Hoffman is not the kind of scientist who believes that consciousness arises from neural activity, but rather he asserts it is very much the other way around.  Space-time is dead precisely because the mathematics and science to support an assumption that all of reality is based on material matter is overly complicated, and inadequately elegant. Ever since the discovery of some new foundational mathematics involving geometry’s that we have yet to fully comprehend, we can see that there must exist some thing prior to what we know is space and time. The amplituhedron is evidence of a much more elegant mathematics and underlying physics to the cosmos.

Consciousness is Fundamental

Physicist Max Planck has been quoted as saying that you cannot get behind consciousness, and that consciousness if fundamental. When we start from such an understanding of reality, it becomes clear that this must be the case.  Within this realm of consciousness, we know ourselves to be conscious agents.  This idea of conscious agency is one we can experience every time we see a newborn baby’s smile.
This idea of conscious agency can also give us a clue about where humans can next evolve.  We are at across roads at this time when some people imagine taking their consciousness into some kind of electronic cloud where it can be transferred ad infinitum to an ultimately endless string of robotic artificial intelligence host vehicles. This notion of trans humanism casts some kind of seductive spell for many material realists.  For those of us who have a sense of consciousness that exists before we are born and after we die, the idea of fundamental conscious agency presents breathtakingly positive possibilities for us all.
I feel a sense of connection, optimism, compassion and support when I greet the conscious agency that I feel in birds trees and other plants and animals.  This past year I have made friends with a squirrel who has brought the best apples on the tree to me, and a gopher who is working on soil improvement programs in the garden. There is a scrub Jay who flies into my garden when I am outside, and sometimes rests on the closest tree branch next to me. When I lovingly care for redwood trees at the edge of my property on hot days, I feel a sense of love and connection between the trees and myself, and quite often weather patterns change.  In some cases a dry spell ends, and much-needed rain arrives.  These connections that I feel so closely in my heart seem to me to be a manager of one conscious agent recognizing another.  Through such respectful connections and communications, I can feel the beginning of a new world.
For those seeking the science behind relationships of conscious agents, we are just now at the Dawn of this new golden age. Philosophers, mathematicians, physicist, and consciousness researchers have much to discuss. We can see the beckoning wonder of the amplituhedron, with its breathtakingly elegant mathematics.

Prepare to Exit the Machine

This period of time in human history seems especially turbulent and divisive, with many discerning people noticing that some people are “trusting the science” and coming to very different conclusions than other people who say that they are also “trusting the science.”  Wherever your trust has been or currently resides, we can all hone our skills of intuitive discernment to ensure that decisions we make in our personal lives reflect what we are truly living for, who and what we genuinely love and care about, and what we honestly need and require.
We can co-create a new world together, thanks to respecting relationships that acknowledge that we are conscious agents, who exist at a deeper level of reality than spacetime.  We can work together harmoniously on this co-creation aligning the neural centers in our brains, our hearts, and our guts–so that each one of us can know and feel that what we need and love and desire.  We can ensure we are living a life of reverence with ourselves and one another and all of our relations, so we can co-create a beautiful world based on heart-felt genuine connections.
And for the very best results, I recommend that we remind one another and ourselves to initiate and maintain positive onward-and-upward intentional guidance by asking, “How good can it get?” every day and in every situation.
.  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .


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