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Tune in Realities like Radio Stations

2022-01-05 CSL

Many of us feel we’re living in surreal times, where facts don’t seem to matter, and divisiveness threatens harmonious relationships with family, friends, and neighbors.  Fortunately, we can tune between realities like radio stations, helping shape the world we collectively co-create.

Tuning between Realities

I recently heard someone comment that he felt like he was moving between different realities these days, as if he was driving down the freeway and hearing different radio stations coming in as he drove along.  He said it felt unpleasantly surreal, since there seemed to be no sense of agreement, free from contentious divisiveness.  I love this analogy about experiencing life as if we’re like picking up different competing stations on the radio–tuning between the channels we hear, and the realities we acknowledge as factual and true.

First of all, this description matches what I sense when I feel a presence of simultaneous possible realities.  I sometimes literally witness reality shift “flip-flops,” where for example, I feel like I’m coming down with a cold one minute, and the next minute I feel like I’m just fine.  I’ve also witnessed real-time flip-flops in computer search engine results, and with cataracts in our family dog’s eyes being there one minute, and gone the next.

Secondly, I can relate to the stress so many of us have been feeling recently with regard to experiencing certainty of various sets of “facts” pertaining to heated topics du jour.  Even to mention some of these topics is to risk being de-platformed from social media sites these days.  Such censorship doesn’t seem in keeping with the kind of transparency, integrity, and ethics required of authentic scientific discussion–yet it has somehow become normalized. I sincerely hope that people can respect one another and listen to those who have different perspectives and information in open public discussions.

Quantum Coherence & Entanglement

We can get some hints about what might be going on from recent quantum physics experiments. There are a couple of characteristics of quantum physics that influence reality on all levels:  Entanglement and Coherence.  Quantum coherence has to do with the way quantum states exist in a kind of energetic blur or superposition of states, coming out of this probability wave state (decoherence) when observed, and the quantum wave function is collapsed.  Quantum entanglement has to do with the way that even far-flung quantum particles, once entangled with others, move in sync with others.

We can glean some intriguing insights from considering ways that Entanglement and Coherence operate in natural systems, on the macroscopic scale and in our daily lives.

Several years ago, physicists successfully conducted experimental demonstration of everlasting quantum coherence–a phenomenon that occurs when a quantum system exists in a superposition of two or more states at once.  Maintaining such a state of persistent coherence is significant, since typically such states are destroyed within a fraction of a second, due to interactions between the quantum system and its surrounding environment.  We now know that Nature likely employs some kind of natural mechanisms for coherence protection, so that plants, for example, can benefits from quantum coherence they depend upon for photosynthesis.  In our daily lives, we can think of this state of being in quantum coherence is something like being aware that we can tune in various radio stations–various physical realities.  One way this is openly acknowledged is the science of the placebo effect, which I describe in my book, Quantum Jumps.

Mental Radio

When Tuning between Realities, Choose Respect, Sovereignty, and Love

Think back on a time when you might have experienced something akin to picking up two simultaneous realities–like two radio stations–at the same time.  Hopefully you were able to determine which station was broadcasting something you enjoyed, and hopefully you were able to establish connection with that broadcast.

With awareness that the choices we make shape us and our subsequent experiences, we can “tune in” realities that have a better long-term endgame potential.  We can make choices based on respect, sovereignty, and love–thus steering our life experiences (and those we’re entangled with) in positive directions.

This past week I heard from people feeling angsty after having watched the Netflix film, “Don’t Look Up.”  When we are thinking about what we can do to be part of a positive future for our planet, we can tune in the radio station/reality that has an idea of a long-term positive endgame potential, such as the “Life Economy” (as opposed to “Death Economies”) proposed by John Perkins, author of New Confessions of an Economic Hit Man.  I interviewed John to discuss what that might look like in the episode, Creating a Life Economy with John Perkins on my podcast, “Living the Quantum Dream.”

We can already start to see evidence that this approach of creating a Life Economy and making a positive difference locally, right where we are, is already having global impact, when we see news that the Monarch Butterfly is making a comeback.  Some estimates show that the Monarch butterfly population has soared by 4,900 percent since last yearDixie Layne, president of Friends of The Monarchs summed up this good news by saying, “So we have to understand that we individually we can’t do anything, but together we can. We can change the planet. It’s not too late to bring them back in the right numbers.”

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