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Find, Develop, and Share Your Gifts

Cynthia Sue Larson

Cynthia Sue Larson

While watching the movie X-Men First Class the other day, I felt inspired to think about the central premise of the film–that humans are evolving, and some of us have extraordinary special gifts. The gifted so-called X-Men in the movie conceal their special gifts, in order to avoid being socially ridiculed. Conformity with socially agreed upon norms thus tends to isolate people who feel they are different from everyone else.

When people are asked if they believe they have untapped skills and abilities, a majority agree that this is definitely true. Deep down, we intuitively know we are capable of being and doing much, much more–if we could fully tap into our hidden talents. Have you ever thought about what gift you’d most love to have? How about what super power you’d best enjoy? Americans picked favorite super powers in a recent poll, and the top two choices turned out to be Telepathy and Time Travel, with 28% of respondents picking each of these, followed by Flying, Teleportation, and Invisibility. I’m delighted to see these two super powers listed so high on the popularity list, because I’ve had some involvement with both of them, and consider them to be within range for some people to experience.

So if each of us has untapped special gifts we are not fully utilizing, the next question we might ask is, “What’s the best way to bring these gifts into the world?” How do we recognize what our gifts are, so we can share them with the world?

Most people avoid situations where we might feel embarrassed, so we don’t make it a habit to constantly try something new. Yet it helps to accept the fact that any time we learn something new, like walking, we occasionally fall down.

Acknowledge Your Gifts

In X-Men First Class, one of the main characters recognizes a need to find talented individuals, and a process of active recruiting begins. While it’s marvelous to be spotted by a talent scout and taken under a mentor’s wing for training, it’s more likely for a person to be the first one acknowledging their own divine gifts … their own unique calling.

Can’t think what your gifts might be? You can ask friends and family what they love most about you, and what they feel is uniquely different and special about you and get some clues that way. You might find further insights by considering what you like to do that most energizes and delights you.

Chances are pretty good that you may feel simultaneous excitement and a little bit of the good kind of fear … like butterflies in the stomach before going up on stage to give a talk or perform. These kinds of signals indicate that you have a unique kind of interest and involvement in that area.

Develop Your Gifts

Once you’ve recognized your gift, you face the question of whether and how best to develop it. One of the things I love to do with my spiritual life coaching clients is help to identify and explore their unique gifts, providing a safe sounding board and developmental area by which people can feel validated and increasingly confident in their particular unique set of skills and abilities.

Thanks to the internet, it’s easier now than ever to find others with similar interests in order to further explore articles and videos in your particular areas of main interest. Regular daily meditation is one of the best things you can do to help develop your gifts, whatever they may be.

Share Your Gifts

The best way to get most satisfaction from your gifts is through sharing them. When I first discovered my gifts for being a spiritual life coach, my first reaction was to not tell anyone about my unique abilities to get intuitive messages from spirit–because I didn’t know how to reach out to people in the world and let them know how I can help. Fortunately for me, three women who were highly intuitive got my unlisted phone number and found me somehow, each one asking me if I could talk to their angels for them. It occurred to me at the time that with abilities such as they had, what did they need me for–but I also saw some value in their receiving validation and confirmation in their lives. It helped me early on to take note of mentors who are doing something similar to what I wanted to do, so I could learn from their example A couple of inspirational authors who write about how they found, developed, and put their unique gifts into service are Elizabeth Herrera, author of Shaman Stone Soup, and Joan Charles, author of An Angel Walked Beside Me. Both of these remarkable women describe in their autobiographical books ways they help others heal and communicate telepathically with loved ones.

"Cynthia Sue Larson with Reality Shifts"

Cynthia Sue Larson with Reality Shifts

I hope you’ll enjoy watching and sharing my YouTube video summary of Find, Develop, and Share Your Gifts–and please feel free to leave comments either on this blog or on my YouTube video page!

Realizing that you undoubtedly have many amazing gifts you’ve yet to fully utilize, I hope you’ll start giving some thought to which of those gifts you’d most love to acknowledge, develop, and share. When each and every one of us shares our amazing gifts, we’re well on our way to finding out the answer to my favorite meditative question, “How good can it get?!”

Love always,

Cynthia Sue Larson
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