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Teleporting Bottle and Feeling Resonance

Something amazing that happened to me the other day–I let go of a bottle of furniture polish, and it vanished without a trace or a sound!  I suspect I was able to find it again, thanks to feeling resonance with it.

On March 22, 2021, I had been watching a presentation by Dr. Dean Radin for the Institute of Noetic Sciences about Manifesting and Magic, and was contemplating some of what he had discussed in his talk covering some of what he writes in his book, “Real Magic.” I walked around the house, and got an almost empty bottle of Howard Feed-N-Wax and a rag, preparing to clean the dinner table.

As I walked into the kitchen, I closed the door behind me, and shook the bottle with a powerful downward shake, intending to move the contents of the bottle down toward the cap. The bottle slipped out of my fingers, and…. vanished without a trace or sound. I spun around and searched the entire kitchen, including the area where I expected it might have gone, toward the oven, where it surely would have made a loud sound if it had hit, but it was nowhere in the entire kitchen. I shook my head with amazement, smiled, and commented aloud, “That’s AMAZING!” At the time this experience unfolded, my mind was wandering, as I was walking and daydreaming about the topics that Dean had discussed about the power of mind-matter interaction, and a replication of his original intentional chocolate experiment (that I’d been a participant in) with intentional tea. So I had no primary intention in that exact moment.  I was in that optimal relaxed, energized state, while daydreaming about what Dr. Dean Radin had been talking about–‘real magic.’ Pretty much perfect conditions for teleporting take-off!

teleporting bottleMy first thought upon noticing the bottle had vanished was, “Well of course it can disappear like that when it’s out of my sight for an instant.”  My next thought was to search every place in the immediate vicinity where it might have ‘tunneled’ right through solid objects.  I opened the oven door and looked inside the oven.  I opened the refrigerator, which was not in the flight path, but was nearby, and checked inside.  I even looked inside the garbage container.  The bottle was in none of these places.  I checked down low, to see if perhaps the bottle might have gotten wedged under a cupboard, or down low by the oven.  In the process of looking where I would have expected to find the bottle, I did not find the bottle, but I did locate some magnetic rings that had been missing, and had somehow attached themselves to the underside of a baking sheet pan.  I realized with this discovery that I would not have checked this area for some time–until I next used that particular baking pan–so this part of the teleporting bottle experience now had a silver lining. 

Feeling in Resonance

Once I’d thoroughly inspected the kitchen area where the bottle had disappeared, and I wasn’t finding it anywhere, I realized that I might not see that bottle again.  I realized that would be OK, and not the end of the world, and smiled at the way I valued this event just as it was–which I was experiencing in that moment as a bottle that vanished.  I even laughed with the Cosmos, that such a thing could happen, and with this laugh, and acceptance, and relaxation, I also felt how much I appreciate that bottle of Feed-N-Wax, and how it would be nice if it showed up again somewhere, some time–and of course there would be no questions asked. 

I’ve often noticed the benefit of feeling in resonance with others when setting out to facilitate seemingly impossible outcomes.  I once promised a lost stray dog, “We’ll find your owner,” even though the dog would not let me touch its identification tags, nor pet it.  We did have moments of eye contact, and more than that, I felt a heart-centered connection with this canine.  This dog looked tired, as if it had been walking for hours, and it’s fur was damp with dew from its paws up each leg, along its belly, and part way up its chest.  I asked this dog out loud, “Where did you come from?”  After gazing at me for a few seconds, the dog turned its head quite deliberately to point toward the far-off city of Orinda, on the other side of this gigantic park.  The dog then turned its head back to gaze at me once more.  Thanks to feeling a sense of heartfelt resonance between the two of us, there was a palpable feeling of shared intention, based on genuine need.  Once I’d felt a sense of resonance and coherent, shared intent with this dog, I also felt a sense of certainty and inevitability that with two of us requiring that possible reality, then of course that will be the only reality that we will walk into.  I was not forming any elaborate plan in mind, but rather chose to walk with the dog, toward a solution for it to go home.  I could feel how much this dog needed to find its owner, and I shared that vision totally, to the point that I made a spoken promise aloud: “We’ll find your owner.”  And sure enough, that’s exactly what we did.  Within a few minutes of walking side-by-side along a hiking trail in our local park, relaxed in our shared company, we heard a woman’s voice on the paved road above us, just beyond some trees, “Derby?  Derby, is that you?”  Derby looked up at her, and with a sudden rush of joy and renewed vigor, bounded up the hill to meet her.  It turned out this woman had driven to the park from her home, many miles away in Orinda–exactly the direction that Derby had pointed out with his nose, when I asked where he was from! 

One of the wonderful aspects about contemplating the primary role of consciousness with regard to the physical world is that we can sometimes gain insights into the way we are always in conversation with the Cosmos, and that we have the ability–through our Free Will–to choose to be in resonance with others.  I remembered this, and renewed my sense of resonance with the bottle.  I then opened the kitchen door, walked across the hall into the living room, and was stunned to see the bottle there on the floor! Which was technically impossible, since it was too far for me to have flung it, and also the kitchen door was closed at the time.

The feeling of sharing intentions with others, and feeling kindness, compassion and reverence for others seems so deeply intertwined to me with experiencing positive reality shifts that I’m glad to be able to bring a focus of attention to it here today. 



I had been watching an IONS special presentation featuring Dean Radin. It would be great if they post it on YouTube. I just looked and didn’t find it there, but I did find a fairly recent and equally fascinating interview with Michael Sandler interviewing Dean Radin on the “Inspire Nation” YouTube channel, discussing topics of resonance, effortless striving (with a sense of not being alone, but inviting support from others), and the intentional chocolate experiment, the intentional Oolong Tea experiment, and the blessed water and plants experiment results–as well as the possibility of a “PSI gene,” located in human so-called ‘junk DNA’ that is not particularly rare, but can be epigenitically expressed in some people who do have the gene.  You can view this excellent interview at:

I invite you to listen to my “Living the Quantum Dream” podcast episode, Real Magic with Dean Radin, about the science behind real magic of:  mental influence in the physical world, perception of events distant in space and time, and interactions with nonphysical entities.  Dean discusses parapsychology studies involving mediumship and channeling, and provides explanation for why if magic is real, we don’t often see large-scale evidence of magic in the world.  Dean shares some of the most surprising results he’s seen when experimental subjects have observed and interacted with photons, demonstrating how our scientific understanding of the world benefits from unexpected findings.

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I invite you to watch the companion video to this blog at:



QuantumJumps300x150adCynthia Sue Larson is the best-selling author of six books, including Quantum Jumps.  Cynthia has a degree in physics from UC Berkeley, an MBA degree, a Doctor of Divinity, and a second degree black belt in Kuk Sool Won. Cynthia is the founder of RealityShifters, and is president of the International Mandela Effect Conference. Cynthia hosts “Living the Quantum Dream” on the DreamVisions7 radio network, and has been featured in numerous shows including Gaia, the History Channel, Coast to Coast AM, One World with Deepak Chopra, and BBC. Cynthia reminds us to ask in every situation, “How good can it get?” Subscribe to her free monthly ezine at:

Conversations with Edgar Dean Mitchell



Cynthia Sue Larson and Dr. Edgar Mitchell at an IONS event in February 2010

One of my first and most influential mentors as an author and consciousness researcher has been Edgar Dean Mitchell, the sixth man to walk on the moon, founder of the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS), and author of Psychic Exploration and The Way of the Explorer.

I felt blessed to be able to see Dr. Mitchell in person at an IONS event in California in February 2010, where he was the guest of honor. I loved chatting with Edgar that chilly evening at the Chabot Space and Science Center in Oakland about the remarkable speed of technological advances over the past hundred years. He told me how amazing it is that his grandfather had crossed the United States of America in a covered wagon, his father was born soon after the Wright brothers made their historic first flight, and then Edgar walked on the moon and made it safely back home to Earth on Apollo 14. This was even more amazing, because Edgar’s Apollo 14 mission immediately followed the nerve-wrackingly problematic Apollo 13.

I first got to know Dr. Mitchell via email correspondence that began sixteen years ago, in March 2000. When we first began our correspondence, we commiserated about the challenges of the publishing world, and shared our ideas regarding the connection between consciousness and the physical world. Dr. Mitchell provided me with his honest assessment of my manuscripts, and helped me envision a positive future for humanity on our beautiful blue-green planet, Earth.

“We went to the moon as technicians; we returned as humanitarians.” 

I was moved by the way that Dr. Mitchell had a positive vision for humanity that he shared through his commitment to creating an organization dedicated to exploring consciousness, at the Institute of Noetic Sciences. He frequently referred to the epiphany he’d had while in space, returning in his Apollo capsule to the Earth from the moon, as he looked up in the sky to see a full Earth. He describes in The Way of the Explorer that at that moment he felt, “I am one of a growing handful of human beings to have seen the Earth from the point of view of an extraterrestrial. In the heavens there is no up and down, no east or west. Earth is but a beautiful blue speck in the midst of a vast emptiness marked by luminous celestial bodies. We inhabit but one of those celestial bodies; one of the most organized-for all we know.From the heavens, in 1971, the Earth looked peaceful and harmonious, but of course all was not as it appeared. Conflict that threatened our very survival lay below. Weapons were poised, ready to annihilate life as we knew it at a moment’s notice; environmental crises were lurking just beyond public awareness. The common root of these mushrooming dilemmas, I believe, has been conflicting, out-dated, flawed ideology and dogma, with roots in antiquity.”


WayOfTheExplorerOn the Difference Between the Map and the Territory

While Dr. Mitchell and I didn’t always see eye-to-eye, we certainly shared a mutual love for exploring the nature of consciousness. We both had witnessed experiences of mind-matter interaction which we wrote books about, and Dr. Mitchell on occasion would remind me of the importance of always remembering that the map is not the territory. He describes what he means by that in The Way of the Explorer, where he says, “This leads to the point that our beliefs are our map of reality. We do not perceive reality directly, but only the information our senses present to the brain at any given moment, which is then compared with the existing remembered experiences to obtain meaning. Because this map is the only reality we humans know, we often make the mistake of thinking that our map is reality itself, when in fact it is just an incomplete portrait painted from memory.”

Dr. Mitchell viewed psychokinetic mind-matter effects to be a way of managing patterns of energy that we would consider to be information, and he considered epiphanies–such as the one he had in space, and the sort of experience that can transform skeptics and “non-believers” to suddenly become concerned with spirituality and the nature of consciousness–to be “an abrupt organization, or reorganization, of information in a way that produces new insight at the level of conscious awareness.”

Edgar and I shared a common view of the role of beliefs for humankind. He writes in The Way of the Explorer“This leads to the point that our beliefs are our map of reality. We do not perceive reality directly, but only the information our senses present to the brain at any given moment, which is then compared with the existing remembered experiences to obtain meaning. Because this map is the only reality we humans know, we often make the mistake of thinking that our map is reality itself, when in fact it is just an incomplete portrait painted from memory.”


1616405473.psychicexplorationOn Consciousness and Healing

Within a couple of years after I got to know Edgar, he informed me that after receiving a medical diagnosis that he had cancer, he’d opted to go the natural/alternative healing route rather than standard “slash or burn.”  Edgar told me that the IONS board had surprised him in March 2002 with an offer to do a shamanic style healing ceremony for him, which he agreed to. He wrote to me, “I had been on the giving and observing end of such efforts many dozens of times, but never the recipient. What a wonderful experience. We did do some shape shifting!! Subsequent high definition ultra sound sonogram showed the malignancy was gone. I trust that by some diet and life style change, meditation and such wonderfully good thoughts from folk like you that we can keep it that way. Thank you again for your kindness, love and caring.”

I was immensely grateful to hear this good news that one of my heroes and mentors was able to walk his talk and experience for himself the healing power of positive shared intentions, energy, and consciousness.


On the Matter of UFO Disclosure

Dr. Mitchell grew up within 40 miles of Roswell, New Mexico, in a small town where the old-timers talked about what they’d observed. Though Edgar never mentioned to me any direct experience that he’d had with UFOs or extra-terrestrials, he did tell me that with regard to the matter of UFO disclosure, “Press has called me on couple of points, to which I have responded, but I >do concur this subject should be opened up and obfuscation stopped.”


On Consciousness & Reality

Dr. Mitchell was a marvelous mentor for me, through his creation of IONS, his excellent writing, and his willingness to converse with me about his thoughts on the topics of consciousness and reality. He was a proponent for quantum holography being the basis for consciousness and mind-matter effects. Here are a few highlights excerpted from my emails with Dr. Mitchell in which we share our thoughts about consciousness and quantum physics:


Edgar Mitchell (1 April 2000): The Bohmian approach that Sarfatti uses and calls post quantum mechanics has a lot of merit, but consciousness events only reach maturity in the complexities of group theory and Lie group algebras with macroscale objects, not theories of individual particle (although the phenomenon must find its antecedents at the particle levels).

The fact that “information” is now finding its rightful place in physics, on a par with energy, as I suggested in “Explorer”, is being anchored by the quantum hologram research which is an information mechanism that allows one to say that the quantum hologram is the wave side of the wave particle duality for macro scale objects–it is non local, geodesic form (3 dimensions) that carries the event history of the macro scale object in its phase relationships, and remains in phase conjugate adaptive resonance not only with its associated object but can be perceived nonlocally by other sensing objects that can create the phase resonance relationships.

If we begin to understand that “information” in form of the quantum hologram is nature’s answer to quantum nonlocality in the macroscale world, then we are getting close to why we have subjective experiences. Nonlocality is the key that no one really understands well,– yet. All these weird “realities” you are discussing have a nonlocal component.


Cynthia Sue Larson (4 April 2000): 

I just finished reading your excellent article titled, “Nature’s Mind: the Quantum Hologram.” This article is the most coherent and convincing case I’ve yet seen for the quantum holographic model, and one of the best papers I’ve ever read on the subject of consciousness. Your paper seems to effortlessly weave together current threads of thought from recent research, making for very easy reading. I am quite impressed with it, and very thankful to you for sharing it with me!

I am also pleased to see that you included reality shifts in your paper as the “more puzzling” case for creating remote physical effects in inanimate objects (and I presume you’d also acknowledge for animate beings as well). While we may not yet understand the
energy transfer mechanism for these shifts in macro reality, I am hoping that a better understanding of clusters of entangled quantum particles… and also a better understanding of string theory, with it’s many “curled” dimensions… will soon provide us with a better idea of what this mechanism might be.

I am feeling the greatest sense of optimism about the physics experiments being conducted to show how entangled pairs and clusters of quantum particles move simultaneously across great distances of space. Perhaps we’ll soon see that there are similar connections across time. The beauty of the quantum holographic model is that it provides us with a very clear visual analogy for how these unseen forces may be operating around us.

I also am very curious to know how we might expect reality to behave when we begin with the assumption that there are ten dimensions around us… most of which are tightly curled and for the most part, invisible to our normal senses. An uncurling of curled dimensions simultaneously in two locations may be at the heart of the mysterious mechanism behind reality shifts.

I also greatly enjoyed your shorter article, titled “Space Flight as an Anticipatory Computing System”. This article was wonderful, because of the powerful human interest component. It’s always a sheer delight to read about your experiences with the Apollo missions!


Edgar Mitchell (4 April 2000): 

Cynthia, thanks for the nice comments. You are right, there is still a lot of mystery going on at that level. But let me give you my slant on it.

1) the inanimate object case is even more tricky than the living systems case. Why?, Because it is easier to imagine (picture) resonance between two living objects, than between vastly dissimilar objects–humans and rocks, for example. With humans, for example, if resonance is established, information may automatically be transferred without significant energy exchange, and the energy of the recipient is used for healing (for example)–just like in the case of a musical sound causing a glass to break at a distance—–it is not the energy transfer that is important, but rather the frequency that causes the glass to resonate faster than the chemical bonding of the glass can tolerate.

So thought can create a resonance at a distance so that information is available. However, physically, displacing an macro object in 3 D space seems, (at first glance) a little more difficult because we are accustomed to thinking that it requires energy to move things around.

However, particle nonlocality, between similar particles, is also just resonance–but they are similar particles and it doesn’t matter which one is A or B, they are each equally causal and entangled with the other. How that same principle applies to objects of dissimilar scale size is still a bit murky.

Perhaps you are right that multidimensional strings may provide some answers. I will state strongly that I am not convinced about that, as I think multidimensional concepts, while exceedingly brilliant mathematics, elegant and satisfying, can’t really be validated. Even Einstein’s curvature of space is really more easily explained by a non-isotropic, non- homogeneous Zero Point Field. At least at the macro level, there is nothing to curve. I believe we are still in large measure confusing the map with the territory in physics. But you are completely correct, nonlocality, resonance and entanglements are clearly the subjects for the next few years of study.


Cynthia Sue Larson (7 April 2000): 

Thank you also for sharing your perspective on difference between inanimate and living systems reality shifts. I certainly feel much more affinity for people and animals and plants I love than for inanimate things, and the reality shifts I’ve managed to “perform” have so far been confined to this realm of those I love who are alive. On the other hand, I know of people who routinely shift reality with inanimate objects (such as spoons), so I’m still investigating both kinds of reality shifting.

I definitely agree with your sense that it’s important to not confuse the map with the territory being explored! That’s a great analogy, and so true. Very often it’s hard to notice when our own beliefs and assumptions are interfering with perceiving reality as it truly exists. The very words, ideas, and metaphors we use for comprehending the world can hamper our complete understanding by unnecessarily limiting our world view.

I’m intrigued by your sense that we may find it difficult to experimentally validate string theory. I’m feeling optimistic about that right now, since I’ve heard that there are currently a few possible ways that such experiments could be conducted. One idea, proposed by Giovanni Amelino-Camelia of the University of Oxford and the Institute of Physics in Neuchatel Switzerland, suggests that gamma-ray bursts can be used to check whether the speed of light in a vacuum depends on its wavelength. Special relativity theory states that light has the same speed in a vacuum regardless of wavelength… so if wavelength-dependent speed of light is observed, we would be witnessing a level of physical law more fundamental than relativity.

A second way to experimentally validate string theory would be to detect minute variations in gravity. We’d look for a time difference in the range of 10 microseconds for gamma rays that have traveled for some 10 billion years… which our current instruments may be able to detect.

Yet another way that string theory may be able to be proven is if we can use the Large Hadron Colliders at CERN to make strings… taking advantage of the lower unification scales which would be expected from the ten dimensions, since the new dimensions could lower both the Grand Unification scale (as shown recently by Keith R. Dienes, Emilian Dudas and Tony Gherghetta of CERN) and the Planck scale (according to Arkani-Hamed, Savas Dimopoulos of Stanford University and Gia Dvali of the Abdus Salam International Center for Theoretical Physics in Trieste).

Perhaps these ideas for testing string theory won’t work out, but the fact that there are so many experiments being considered is quite heartening to me!


Edgar Mitchell (7 April 2000): 

I need to correct my self. I agree with what you said about the experiments to validate string theory through speed differential of different light wave lengths, etc. I do agree that strings may be the form of basic matter. I am only objecting to the “interpretation” of the mathematics as multiple physical dimensions, just as I object to the Copenhagen and Many worlds “interpretations” of the equations of classical quantum theory; and just as I (now) agree with Halton Arp is his dissent from the Big Bang interpretation of red shift as being the sole reason that we observe red shift.

Mathematics and certain basic theories can be and must be validated by experiments as “fact”. However, interpretation of what it all “means” usually is a map masquerading as a territory. And unfortunately, that happens continuously, and is communicated to the less knowledgable public which does not have the means to understand the errors.



At the time of Edgar’s death, we had just been planning for him soon to be a guest on my radio show, Living the Quantum Dream. I miss Edgar Mitchell tremendously, though I am grateful that his legacy of thoughts, ideas, and community of consciousness researchers lives on. Thanks to Edgar’s foresight in recognizing a continuing need to explore not just the far reaches of space–but also the far reaches of mind–our world is an immeasurably better place for having had him in it.




QuantumJumps300x150adCynthia Sue Larson is the best-selling author of six books, including Quantum Jumps. Cynthia has a degree in Physics from UC Berkeley, and discusses consciousness and quantum physics on numerous shows including the History Channel, Coast to Coast AM, the BBC and One World with Deepak Chopra. You can subscribe to Cynthia’s free monthly ezine at:

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