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For All Sons and Daughters… Imagine How Good it Can Get

For All Sons and Daughters… Imagine How Good it Can Get

If I could share 500 words to inspire, this is the important wisdom I’d want to pass along to others. If you like the way this starts, please click the link to read the entire poem and leave comments about what touched you most at


Reignite longing for the love you sought with first breath in this life;
Recall the dream that called you here, the call you recognize.

You are not what others label you, nor can you be unloved;
Your path through life is blessed by Earth below and sky above.

Even feeling weak and troubled, your words and smiles heal;
You are the very conduit by which dreams become real.

You are not the triumphs nor the troubles you or others think you caused;
Nor are you bad or evil, nor can you ever be truly lost.

The purest essence of your being is infinite, eternal love;
The quiet voice inside you is a compass guided from above.

Feelings of joy, love, fear, anger, sorrow–your true self sees them all;
Emotions come and go like words written, then rain-washed off a slate wall.

Hold fast to your highest values–the ones you treasure best;
Know that by life’s hardships, challenges and dilemmas you are truly blessed.

Your character becomes you as thoughts and habits shape who you are;
Choosing words and actions wisely has the power to take you far.

Keep kind counsel of others’ foibles, doubts, misgivings, and fears;
Knowing regretted words can later cause needless suffering and tears.

There is no way you can ever fail nor ever truly fall;
Your inner light of being will learn and grow through it all.

Serve fully and give your best in everything you do;
And most of all be gentle, kind, compassionate and loving to you.

With hope you change the future, with gratitude the past;
You heal the world when thankful for the first and optimistic for the last.

True strength comes from kindness; courage only thrives with love;
There is no greater honor than showing this is what you’re made of.

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Q and A with Lynn Robinson on her Divine Intuition Blog Tour

Lynn A. Robinson

Lynn A. Robinson

It’s my great honor to share a conversation I had this week with Lynn Robinson. Few people know she’s the one who mentored me when I was first getting started as an intuitive coach. Thanks to Lynn’s warm down-to-Earth advice and personal example, I learned it really is possible to make a huge leap from a “left-brain” rational-based career to a right-brain career utilizing intuition. If you’ve never been fortunate enough to experience Lynn’s work, you’re in for quite a treat! I highly recommend her books and readings.

Cynthia: In your book, Divine Intuition: Your Inner Guide to Purpose, Peace and Prosperity, you offer a lot of practical ways for helping us develop our intuition. Could you share a few of your favorite techniques?

Lynn: One of the best ways is to ask your intuition open-ended questions. A question that evokes more than a “yes” or “no” answer will elicit a more helpful response. For example, “How can I get more fun and interesting clients this month?” Or, “What could I do to find work that I love?” Or, simply, “What’s my right next step?” Spend your remaining time writing any and all answers that pop into your mind. Don’t censor or judge the response until you’ve completed the exercise.

Divine IntuitionYou might also ask for an image of the answer. If you’re trying to make a decision about something and your logical, rational mind is running amok, close your eyes and ask for a symbolic picture of the solution. Intuitive answers often come through a visual representation.

I also love to encourage people to daydream! I suggest you think about the challenge, decision or problem you’re facing. In your mind’s eye visualize yourself in a situation where you’re dealing with this issue and expect an answer. Perhaps someone comes up to you and provides the solution in a conversation. Or you might see a book, banner, note or some other communication that gives you a clue to the response you’re seeking. While it may seem odd or silly, you’d be surprised how many wonderful solutions come forth this way.

Cynthia: You’ve created a successful business giving intuitive readings, writing and speaking. You were even voted, “Best Psychic” by Boston Magazine. Do you use your intuition to grow your business?

Lynn: Absolutely! I’ve never had a traditional business plan in the twenty-five years I’ve been in business. I have an intuitive one! I simply begin my day by spending about five minutes visualizing the outcome that I want. Then I ask my intuition a question. “What three things can I do today to grow my business?” I wait until I have three ideas that feel interesting or exciting and then I take action on them. I believe that when something feels compelling, that’s intuition saying, “Go in that direction!” The reverse is also true, if an idea feels draining or boring, I know that’s not the right answer.

Cynthia: I understand that your intuitive reading business began in one of those “Reality Shifts” kind of moments.

Lynn: Definitely! I was the Operations Manager of a software company near Boston and hated my job. I was visualizing having a successful business where I was using my intuition to counsel people who were in the midst of change and transition. However, I had no idea where to begin. I jokingly told friends that if there was a “Psychic Wanted” job in the Boston Globe Newspaper, I’d apply. Shortly afterwards, I was at a funeral and felt strongly guided to sit next to a woman I didn’t know. We chatted a bit after the service and I told her about my psychic reading business idea. She asked for an appointment. She turned out to be a reporter for The Globe! She wrote an article about me, and I got more than 500 clients over the next several months. The Universe certainly works in mysterious ways!

Cynthia: I love that story so very much, Lynn! As you know, I was similarly inspired to become a spiritual life coach, thanks to three women calling my unlisted phone number and each asking me, “Can you talk to my angels?” I took that as my sign to be more open about my work, and I so appreciate your assistance in mentoring me in my earliest days as I also switched gears from working with computers and technology into intuitive coaching. I’m so grateful to you, Lynn, for setting such a marvelous example of how to live true to one’s inspiration and intuition.


Lynn A. Robinson is a leading expert and best-selling author on the topic of intuition. She is also a professional speaker and intuitive consultant who teaches individuals and businesses how to use their untapped intuitive abilities to change their lives and grow their companies. She uses her own highly developed intuition to provide powerful, transformative insights for her clients. She has written seven books on intuition that have been published in more than a dozen languages. Her latest books are Divine Intuition: Your Inner Guide to Purpose, Peace and Prosperity and The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Psychic Intuition, 3rd Edition. Her popular Intuition Newsletter has become a must-read for thousands.

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