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Interpreting Mandela Effects and Meeting a Guardian of Time and Space

Are Mandela Effects trying to tell us something?
How can we hear the message?
When we start from the philosophical point of view that the Cosmos springs fundamentally from consciousness, we can then imagine that we might expect that we are in constant communication with All That Is.  This communication happens via our thoughts and feelings, which are constantly engaged in receiving answers to questions that we often don’t even realize that we have asked.  When we learn that we are constantly engaged in asking Nature questions, and that we are receiving answers in the form of events unfolding in our lives, we can bring this conversation out of the subconscious and into the light of conscious awareness.
This past month, I received a question from someone asking me if there might be a message in Reality Shifts and Mandela effects that can often seem quite random.  we sometimes notice things that disappear, and then show up again, or we might notice that they change their color.  This person asked me,
“Is that some kind of message from the universe?  
Because I cannot figure out the message when these things occur on a personal level.”
I love this question very much, because it gets to the core of this beautiful conversation that we can start to begin we are having with nature.  Sometimes we can immediately discern some kind of message from a reality shift or personal Mandela effect, and other times, it’s not quite so obvious.
Mandela Effect Dream Symbol Interpretation
One thing I recommend doing, is starting a practice of documenting and analyzing your dreams. The reason for this, is that it develops a mindset for interpreting real time symbolic conversation with the cosmos. While real-time symbolic conversation is the end goal, actually, it’s enough just to make progress in terms of recognizing the kind of symbolic conversation that we are constantly having with the world.  As I point out in my book, Reality Shifts, reality and life truly is like a dream.  Put another way, we can view it as being a simulation, where material things and events spring forth from hidden, unseen consciousness.   For this kind of dream analysis, I recommend doing our own dream symbol interpretation, rather than looking up dream symbols in dream symbol reference books. The reason for this, is that each one of us is very unique, with particular subjective meanings that likely don’t exactly match with anyone else.
You can start analyzing Mandela Effects by doing a dream analysis approach that includes the following four steps:  writing a descriptive narrative; listing relevant symbols; free-associating meanings for relevant symbols; and reconstructing a new symbolic narrative.  With practice, this process can become smooth and speedy.
(1)  Write a narrative of your experience, much the way you would describe events in full to share with someone who wasn’t with you at the time.  .
(2)  On fresh paper, write each dream symbol word at a time (every significant noun, verb, and adjective) on the far left side, leaving leaving lots of space to the right of each word, and skipping lines to provide additional space.  Be sure to include all key ideas, such as key nouns and verbs.
(3) Go back to the list of words from step two, and utilize a process of free association brainstorming to document everything that comes to your mind in response to each key word, generating many words and phrases to correspond with each of the dream symbol key words.
(4) Covering over the words from step two, read through all of the free association words from step three, and write a new summary narrative.
Practicing this four step analysis method can provide you with a deeper sense of personal ongoing conversations with reality. When I receive first-hand reality shift reports, one of the things I do when documenting them is write back and forth to the experiencer, to find out what they were thinking and feeling at various times.  Extraordinary realizations can happen from going through these experiences with an eye toward thoughts and feelings at various point along the way, and these are important to include.
SundialSun Dial Example:
Revisioning Space And Time
One of the first Mandela effects that I experienced and shared with a couple of friends involved noticing the sudden appearance of a large concrete sundial sculpture at the Berkeley Marina, where it had never been before, one day on April 26, 1997.
After brunch, we continued our conversation with a leisurely stroll around the marina.  I told my friends about some reality shifts I’d seen, and how much I wished that they could see one, too, when one occurred right there on the spot!
We were walking together toward the pier, when one friend asked us, “Do either of you recall ever seeing that statue here before? as he pointed at a giant sculpture of a sun dial.  My other friend replied, “No, I don’t.”  and I felt tremendously excited, because I’d seen that sculpture there, but never before when I was there at the marina with these two friends!  The sun dial seemed to rise up proudly to toward the sun to greet us, as we walked in awed silence, to get a closer look.
ArcherWe walked around the ten foot tall concrete sculpture as children sat and climbed on it.  This sculpture was clearly placed in a central location for people to notice it, right in the middle of a square at the foot of the Berkeley pier.  Amazingly, the sun dial sculpture’s absence had previously allowed us to clearly see another giant sculpture situated up on a hill above the sun dial, when we were on the pier and walking back toward the shore.  But now that the sun dial was there, we noticed that we couldn’t see the other sculpture as well, because it was partially obscured by the sun dial.  The other sculpture is a larger-than-life size oriental archer on horseback, with fully drawn bow, aiming his arrow out over the San Francisco bay–shooting over the sun dial sculpture’s spot.
I told my friends that the sun dial sculpture had always been here when I had come to the marina without them, but never when we were here together, until now.  The sun dial is chipped and worn, made out of concrete, and bears the inscription:  “The peoples of the bountiful Pacific Ocean are brought together by the sweep of time.  This sundial honors the citizens of Sakai Japan, the sister city of Berkeley.  United in warm friendship and goodwill, the peoples of Sakai and Berkeley strengthen mutual understanding and respect through the exchange of visitors and cultural programs.  This sundial is dedicated to the continuing friendship and growing association between Sakai and Berkeley.  1970.”
I was deeply impressed that something as large and majestic as this sun dial had vanished and reappeared, as I realized the magnitude of what must be possible if such large things can so easily be transformed or transported in time and space.  My friends and I marveled in respect and awe at this simultaneously new and relatively old addition to our shared experience of the marina, and I was inspired by the way the three of us were able to share a reality shift experience as we were in the midst of discussing reality shifts.
I subsequently followed up with Berkeley Marina Harbor Master Brad Gross on June 8, 1999, to ask him whether anything had been done to renovate or relocate the sun dial sculpture during the time he was employed as Harbor Master.  Brad replied, “I’ve been here for three years, and it hasn’t changed since I’ve been here.  I’m about to celebrate my third year anniversary on the 16th of this month, and we haven’t done anything to it for three years.  The sun dial does not need adjustment!”
On June 8, 1999, I spoke to Berkeley Waterfront Manager, Cliff Marchetti, regarding the sun dial sculpture at the Berkeley Marina.  Cliff commented, “It’s been here an awful long time, and we haven’t done any renovation on it.  I kind of remember seeing a plaque on it, stating when it was placed there.  I have been here for four years, and it’s been there the whole time, with no changes.”
I’ve learned this year that the Archer statue is a good luck archer god, riding on the back of a good luck lion god.  There is a plaque associated with this sculpture, that reads:  Guardian, Fredric Fierstein–To Protect the Life Spirit.  There is some wonderful historical back story in an article describing the origin of this statue, described in an interview with Fredric Fierstein from 2011.
Sun Dial Interpretation
When interpreting the above narrative, I create a list of key symbols, placing them with lots of room between them and to the right of them, and including them in the order they appear.  These key words would look something like:
Reality shifts
Shooting arrow
San Francisco bay
Sister city
Sakai, Japan
Chipped and Worn
For the third step of interpreting the symbolic meaning of this experience, we can do free-association brainstorming for each of the above key words we have listed from the original narrative.  This process is completely individual and personal, and has less to do with dictionary perfect definitions as whatever seemingly random associations and connections arise.  For example, here are some free-associations for some of the first key words in this narrative:
Brunch – nourishment; relaxation; at ease; resting & digesting; comfort; receptivity
Friends – emotional support; encouragement; confidants; mentors
Stroll – leisurely; moving forward; sightseeing; fresh air; sunshine; warmth
Marina – threshold between land and sea; bridging consciousness and the subconscious; gateway to other lands
Conversation – friendly dialogue; open communication; discussion; sharing new ideas
Reality shifts – mind-matter interaction; miracles; anomalies; metaphysical events; extraordinary experiences
Sundial – connection with time and space; attempts to measure time; connection between time and space
Concrete – solid; material; physical
Children – future; hope; potential; playfulness; learning; imagination
Square – plaza; society; shared area; community space
Archer – warrior; alert; protective; sharp, specific focus; keen perception; strong
Statue – respectfully honoring; legacy; important individual
Horseback – empowered; independent; sovereign; free
Hill – higher vantage point perspective; higher wisdom; ethical standing; spiritual strength
Shooting arrow – focused attention; specific intention; target
San Francisco bay – sheltered access to Pacific ocean; safe harbor; view of Golden Gate
Plaque – official acknowledgement; recognition; credit; honor
Sister city – friendship; community support; international positive relations
Sakai, Japan – seaport; tea; swords; castle; Asia; eastern thinking
Chipped and Worn – weathered; experienced; moving through time

“The Guardian” archer takes aim protecting San Francisco’s Golden Gate

Summary narrative of Sun Dial experience:

In times of ease and comfort, emotional support and encouragement occurs naturally at the threshold between conscious and subconscious thought. In such environments, new ideas about extraordinary experiences and miraculous events can be comprehended as they flow through time and space.  What appears to be solid in physical, material form appears where it had not been before, in ways that foster playful hope, potential, and imagination in a shared community space.  With keen perception and focus, as well as respectful intention, a sovereign sense of higher wisdom and spiritual strength ensures focused attention on ensuring a golden future.  Positive relationships of friendship and community serve to unite eastern and western ways of thinking, in harmonious movement through space and time.
Unfolding Beauty and Richness of Meaning
I am awestruck, humbled, and amazed by the beauty that unfolded as I revisited my experience from nearly 26 years ago, back on April 26, 1997.  After a quarter century, the inspirational message to me–and to all of us–from this Mandela Effect experience involving the Berkeley marina sundial sculpture has developed richer depth of meaning than ever before.  I now recognize greater significance, connection, and relevance of these two statues, with their special message of hope, strength, wisdom and steady focus on ensuring safe passage for humanity into a new Golden Age.

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Sundial at Berkeley Pier.  Berkeley-Sakai City Landmarks. 1970.

Larson, Cynthia Sue. Reality Shifts: When Consciousness Changes the Physical World. RealityShifters, 2011.

Whittaker, Richard.  “Interview with Fredric Fierstein:  An Outrageous Act.”  Works and Conversations.  23 Feb 2011.

You can watch the companion video to this blog here:


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