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Q and A with Joni McLachlan

Joni McLachlan

Joni McLachlan

I’m grateful to know a number of remarkably inspirational men and women who may not yet be household names, but who are making profound, positive changes on Earth. It’s my great honor and pleasure to introduce one such woman to you who I’ve known since 2009–Joni McLachlan.

Cynthia: I’m such a fan of yours, both as a reader of your wonderful Twilla books, and also as a grateful recipient of the shifting magic of Galactic Blue healing energy. Could you please describe what healing methods you’ve worked with prior to Galactic Blue, and how Galactic Blue came to you?

Joni: Well, I am Ususi Reiki Master, IET – Integrated Energy Therapy Master Instructor. I also have 3rd level certification in Dr. Eric Pearl’s Reconnection, as well as Quantum Touch, Energy Medicine, Emotional Freedom Techniques and several one day seminars in a wide variety of different modes. I like to call them all my Rainbow Toolbox. Now I find Galactic Blue takes up pretty much all of my healing time.

GalacticBlueStoneApproximately one year ago I was working with a client when I suddenly noticed something was different for the energy had vamped up and changed. I was going to stop but I clearly felt it correct to proceed so I did with the client none the wiser. When the session was over the client showed no ill effects and in fact was very  “mellow” and mentioned she was more relaxed than she had ever been in years. Later on that day I sat down by myself to experiment a little to see if this energy was still there and it was.  With just a thought I was once again running some very powerful energy out of nowhere. I played around with it a bit and was infused with the beginnings of Galactic Blue.

I later went on to develop a mode of bringing it in, a gauge to monitor the percentage of GB being used and several modes within the GB umbrella.  The percentage gauge being necessary almost immediately due to its’ strength.

Cynthia: With such an extensive background in energy healing, what is it about Galactic Blue you appreciate most, and what have you found it most useful for?

Joni: First, I need to share I am very humbled to have been given such a gift as GB as I affectingly call it.  I love everything about it and appreciate the many applications of GB for they are proving to be truly endless. My guidance constantly surprise me with new procedures as needed and the list grows daily.   Be they  MS, ALS, heart, lung, pain management right to the common cold or allergies.  There is a mode within GB for each and I really love this.

During this first year of working with GB, I have yet to come across a healing challenge where GB has not held true.  All healing work is special to me so its hard to pick one area.   Yet along with healing sessions, I so enjoy working in the global setting.  Taking global healing to new level for me and using the versatility of GB to work within our oceans, fresh waters as well as the entire planet.  It’s something that brings me great joy.  GB is working to and through me and beyond and to my mind, is most affective. My guidance has assured me this is so.

Cynthia:  I loved receiving a Galactic Blue healing session from you–finding it to be what I’d consider a true reality shifting healing modality. To me, this energy healing is very nourishing… very sustaining… very strong. It feels to me like Galactic Blue is resonant with the source energy from which our galaxy was formed. The term “doctor grade” energy healing is sometimes mentioned in the same breath with Galactic Blue–is there anything you wouldn’t recommend treating with Galactic Blue?

Joni: Short answer, I don’t know. I approach each client with the entire range of my toolbox yet find myself using GB almost exclusively now. Definitely for phone and distance work. Much of GB is this way. In response to the your question, as GB is so new I can only speak to what I have worked with thus far and on a case by case basis.  With so many possibilities I have yet to work with I really can’t say.  However,as it stands right now and leaving room for any future correction, things look very bright in this regard. GB  is so loving and natural. This blue energy is LOVE in motion and I feel  we are just getting a taste of its power as it’s about its work shifting magic.

Twilla and the Fuzzy FingerCynthia: Your children’s books, “Twilla and the Bumble Bee” and “Twilla and the Fuzzy Finger” are so down-to-Earth that any parent, teacher, or grandparent could read them, yet simultaneously so profound. What kind of feedback are you getting from children and adults about these wonderful books?

Joni: The books are being well received by all groups.  Be it child, grandparent, parents and teachers.  Teachers are leading the way actually.  They really enjoy the  transformational qualities these books bring to the fore.  And too, there is a genuine love of Twilla herself as she is quite a character. We are planning book launch for all three books in the set after  “Twilla and the Magic Mountain”  comes on-line.

Cynthia: I love how Twilla’s interests and fears make her such an appealing character–one everyone can relate to immediately–and I’m so grateful the Twilla books address deep subjects such as transforming fear into love in ways that show how simple and easy these things can be. How did the idea for these books come to you? 

Joni: It was never intended that I write a children’s transformational book series and it just happened that way.  I was set to write several other projects.   Yet Twilla kept coming to mind.  She is a gutsy funny character who, like almost all kids, has experienced fear in one form or another.  She learns how to deal with fear and turn it into love. The Bumble Bee story is a combination of my own childhood fear of bee’s mixed lovingly with an esoteric experience. In Fuzzy Finger, Twilla learns how to take that love and turn it into energy.  Once again, a childhood desire of mine to see a yellow bird combined with an ongoing number of esoteric experiences round out the story.  Set to arrive soon, Magic Mountain will see Twilla venture further into the magical realms yet always with life lessons on board. Lessons I would have loved to had as a child myself.

Cynthia: Thanks so much for taking some time to share all this wonderful information! What’s the best way for people to find out more about the Twilla books, Galactic Blue, and how to contact you?

Joni: To learn first hand about Galactic Blue contact me at:

Joni McLachlan 

Angelic VIbrations  
Find Twilla Books at:

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