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Most everyone on the planet is now aware that this year is like no other.  Humanity has dealt with pandemics before, such as Cholera, and the Spanish flu of a hundred years ago.  But this time, perhaps for the first time, people all around the world are sharing the collective experience of sheltering at home.

What was the question?

This year, 2020, feels to me like an especially interesting year of communication between Nature and humanity.  Physicists such as John Archibald Wheeler and Henry Stapp remind us that when we ask questions, Nature answers.  And if the answer we are collectively receiving is this novel coronavirus, we might well now wonder, “What was the question?” 

If we view this year as being a year of experiencing revelation–a year of experiencing “an act of communicating divine truth,” which is the definition of ‘revelation’ according to Miriam Webster. 

IMEC 2020:  Please watch and share new video shorts!  

Now that billions of people are focusing attention on prayer and meditation, 2020 is turning out to be a year when the majority of people on Earth are beginning to realize both a sense of deeper connection, and a dawning of awakened consciousness. When people wonder about how weird this year feels, and begin to wonder about the true nature of reality, they will start seeing reality shifts and Mandela Effects.

This year’s IMEC conference is live-streaming for free from Connecticut in the USA the weekend of June 5th-7th.  Fifteen speakers will be presenting insights into “Revelations of the Mandela Effect”:

Regina Meredith is our keynote speaker at this year’s IMEC event planned to livestream free on the internet the first weekend of June 2020.  Other speakers include:  Christopher Anatra (“the Quantum Businessman”); Sean Bond; author Eileen Colts; author Nicole DeMario; author Dale DuFay; Canadian artist Kimberly Lynn Hanson; Jerry Hicks (“DarkWolf”); Cynthia Sue Larson; Akronos Mago; Evan Maitraia (“moneybags73”); Eva Nie (“Once Upon a Timeline”); author Lauren Connell Pavelka; author Jan Engels-Smith, and author Shane Robinson (“Unbiased and on the Fence”). 

The International Mandela Effect Conference (IMEC) YouTube channel will soon begin posting one new short (15 second to about 1 minute long) video a day, and we’re inviting each of you YouTube creators to share these video shorts in your own videos. This is our opportunity to inform the world about our Mandela Effect community, forged in our individual dark nights of the soul, and now coming together to one brilliant combined radiant light.


I invite you to watch the companion video to this blog post at:



QuantumJumps300x150adCynthia Sue Larson is the best-selling author of six books, including Quantum Jumps. Cynthia has a degree in Physics from UC Berkeley, and discusses consciousness and quantum physics on numerous shows including the History Channel, Gaia TV, Coast to Coast AM, the BBC and One World with Deepak Chopra and on the Living the Quantum Dream show she hosts. You can subscribe to Cynthia’s free monthly ezine at:

Comments on: "Raise consciousness with Mandela Effect Revelations" (3)

  1. Jill Campbell said:

    Hi Cynthia Sue, I am intrigued by quantum jumping. For several years I have followed your interviews with Regina, purchased your books and read your newsletters. This is a subject that finds me believing our reality is shiftable. I had hoped for more reaction and dialigue on my FBPost where in my start I profiled your work website etc. Here is some of it… many thanks for continuing your work. I am thrilled to see a gathering of like-minded researchers will giving serious attention to our multiple exciting dimensions. Warmest wishes Jill On my FaceBook Posted March 15,

    Do you believe in Quantum Jumping? Cynthia Sue Larson talks about it here.

    An important component to Quantum Jumping as I understand it is that heightened FEELING emotion attracts our reality. In the past 24 Hours I had two personal heightened energetic events that for me are not coincidences. 1-Yesterday I had become overwhelmed with feelings of anxiety over heightened Corona Virus response. FaceBook friends, yes and Me too, understandably post and repost their thoughts while Media, Corporations and Governments respond to this event. Yesterday, I amped to a powerful energetic fear I respond by deleting my FB app on my IPad and IPhone. I decide I can cope better without addictive scrolling to see the latest corona update. A moment later Tara my daughter texted for my thoughts on updates she was doing on my Website. minutes later now in person we begin discussing web changes all the while my shoulders and ears ache while I transfer my energy to this new task. Ekkkk ! the link and FB content on my website are no longer on my site! I instantly thought by my deleting my FB app minutes earlier it had influenced and deleted all my content including three months of photographs and writings while in France. Gratefully after a bit of research Tara found the problem, she inadvertently had turned off the link at exactly the same moment I, upstairs had deleted my app. Coincidence? I believe a form of Quantum Jumping, a shifting into another reality using a mother daughter star-gate connection plus my heightened emotion. Gratefully we relinked FB and all my writings and photos Next unusual quantum jump 2-This morning we awoke to another gorgeous sunny day. Optimistically I asked Duart what the temp was outside. Several degrees below freezing, In a worried voice he commented on waterlines freezing and wishing he had turned off outside pipes. We both paused and considered the consequence, then he went off to the kitchen to start coffee. But! No water from the kitchen tap! Instantly he was in the bedroom again exclaiming ‘NO Water I’m going outside to see if any burst water pipes’. (A couple of years ago an irrigation line we had dug to the garden had developed a slow leak. Months later we noticed, fixed, then got the $1000. Extra water bill) I check main waterlines into the house, all taps and laundry area, take a few moments to breathe, find some calm. Next a bit of internet research I finally discover our waterworks had turned off the water. Relief! Yes I had stored many bottles of water for such an emergency. All good, coffee now on the way. Looking back at these two events they now seem small, pale to all the other moments of my day however these quantum jump thoughts and feelings persist enough to mention them here for the power that they are.

    I believe we can use this information to change our reality. I know we have imbedded crystals in our being, stored energy (as are crystals in computers and within our own fascia). I personally do a fair bit of energetic work with Tibetan Bowls, Qi Gong practice, drumming. I believe my internal crystals are getting active and now more charged with all energy including full moon energy and corona fear! The more energy I absorb and then put to something the easier and faster it manifests. Good, bad, awesome, terrible it really does not matter to a crystal, it just does crystal work and waits for energy. As an infant I bump into and feel corona fear as easily as I feel that spectacular sunset last night. Awareness to my thoughts becomes a practise. The more I practise the more it becomes habitual. My life has been a series of falling out of practice then waking up and beginning again. Navigating this one precious life I think it is good to share our learning, special incites, awarenesses that could possibly help another along their way. This Buddha quote comes more alive…. The thought manifests as the word The word becomes the deed So watch the thought as it’s ways with care Allow your thoughts to be born in love and compassion for all. Happy Dance, Jill

    Sent from my iPhone


    • Thanks, Jill, for sharing these thoughts, feelings and experiences. This time of the coronavirus presents us with a unique opportunity to listen deeply to our authentic gut feelings, heart-felt emotions, and where our ‘random’ thoughts may go–since how we integrate between these various levels of being makes a tremendous difference in how we channel universal energies through us, and what we subsequently physically realize.
      Sending you and yours all the best wishes and intentions with much love,

  2. Vivek narain said:

    Hereabouts people aren’t praying or meditating,they aren’t watching news or old movies or listening to songs.In a country with the hugest pile of vintage movies and songs.Most everybody is playing games on mobile,which anyways has been a trend for quite some years,only difference is a month long lockdown.Past and Future have lost meaning,the virus is not intimidating nobody except the news anchors of various channels.

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