Live your best possible life. How good can it get?

The Power of Soulfulness

There is an amazing connection between soulfulness, Mandela Effect and reality shifts.

I’ve been re-reading a book by Jacob Needleman, I Am Not I.  A key idea in this book is that Jacob Needleman has written a book about his older self, Jacob, meeting his younger self, Jerry.  The idea here is that different levels of self can–and often do–interact.  This book delves into the concept of soulfulness; it plays with the very concept of true self identity.

Awakening the Sleepwalkers

What Needleman recalls that Gurdjieff recommended most often to everyone was to:

“remember yourself always and everywhere.”

That’s a tall order, because following this directive really takes us out of our sense of self-definition by measurables.  In the realm of measurables, we might think, for example, “I’ve been a teacher for this many years,” or “I’m a student at this level,” or “I earned this many dollars,” or “I’m married,” or “I’m divorced.”

These types of measurable statements might be considered to be accurate descriptors of yourself, but somehow they don’t get to the core of a sense of intense “I-ness.”  There is an intense, transformative “I Am” quality.  When you have this intense quality, you know it.

Loving the Universe

Jacob Needleman writes about the necessity of loving the universe in his book, I Am Not I.

For myself, I feel a necessity of feeling reverence, which is a combination for me of love and real respect–respect at a very real, divine quality.  What Jacob Needleman and I share is that there has to be some level of divinity–of God.  There has to be some recognition of grand ideas, big ideas, good ideas.  This corresponds with my current fascination with the question, “How good can it get?”

The Power of Soulfulness

What happens next is that when we go there when we keep remembering that soulfulness–when we allow ourselves to go there–I’ve observed over and over again that reality shifts occur.  Our needs definitely will be met.

I notice myself in one state of measuring and observing–then I can drift my mind, and I notice that “I am”… with a grand sense of timelessness, infinite, soulfulness, meaning, purpose, value, and reverence.

From there, I’m not making small wishes of things I wish for my own comfort, but instead I’m getting to a place of recognizing that all my needs are being met.  They have always been met.  And when I give back by choosing to be of service to the highest, greatest place of goodness that I can possibly imagine, then indeed I do find out how good it can get.

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QuantumJumps300x150adCynthia Sue Larson is the best-selling author of six books, including Quantum Jumps. Cynthia has a degree in Physics from UC Berkeley, and discusses consciousness and quantum physics on numerous shows including the History Channel, Gaia TV, Coast to Coast AM, the BBC and One World with Deepak Chopra and on the Living the Quantum Dream show she hosts. You can subscribe to Cynthia’s free monthly ezine at:

Comments on: "Soulfulness, Mandela Effects and Reality Shifts" (12)

  1. Hi Ms Sue Larson,

    I hope you’re well, I’ve watched your latest YouTube video yesterday and it’s always a pleasure to hear you speak. Something I noticed lately that didn’t use to happen is that when I listen to meditation music with headphones and meditate the sound goes all funny when I have a strong joyful in-the-present reaction but it seems to occur when I release anxiety too. At first I thought my headphoes were broken, my computer is brand new but it always happens at key moments in my meditation, it’s like the vibrations that I emit have an influence on the sound, it goes all “fizzy” at very specific moments. It’ hard to explain and I know it sounds crazy but here we are.

    Greetings from France.


    • Thank you for sharing your experience noticing changes in sound quality in conjunction with changes in your energetic state. I’ve also noticed that as well, which I why I suggest to people who notice equipment is ‘blowing out’ or ‘going on the fritz’ around them to make sure to ground themselves. Ungrounded Qi / Ki can really cause quite extraordinary PsychoKinetic (PK) changes in equipment–such as computers and audio devices, speakers, and so forth. 🙂

      • Thank you for your reply. So do you think this is because of bad energy ? because I was wondering myself if this was a positive thing or not. I don’t mind hearing it means I need to be more grounded because it would make sense, life is in turmoil at the moment but I meditate a lot to counteract all the bad stuff. I wasn’t sure it the fritz sound meant I was doing well or not. I do feel a lot more content and calmer after each meditation session so in that sense I know it works and Iam on the right path. Funnily enough the spikes in the Fritz sound occured while I had a dispute with a neighbour, I was really tense and angry for a few days but I meditated like crazy to counteract the bad emotions.

      • Typically this general kind of thing tends to most often occur when we are feeling a combination of lots of internal energy (Qi / Ki) flowing, in a somewhat ungrounded or emotionally agitated state. Meditation is a good thing, and does help counteract the other stuff, so that’s good to continue. When feeling tense and angry, it might also be helpful to imagine you are actually running a grounding cord from your root chakra (at base of spine) to the center of the Earth, and releasing everything other than pure unconditional divine love.

      • Ok, many thanks for the grounding cord advice, I will surely try that. I was just thinking the spike in odd sound effects might be due to me trying to feel the fear lately. I’ve been very angry, sad, scared and lonely in the last few years and was ALWAYS tryng to escape those feelings and for a couple of weeks now I embrace the fear and the anger fully in the present moment and I find it cathartic, it seems that the body or the mind really, really, want to have those emotions so now I let it run havoc like you would a lively child and after it cried and whined and raged enough it calms down.

  2. And I’am happy to say that one of your advice stuck since the last time I wrote a comment here. You said to always take signs as positive signs and that changes a lot to think that way. Iam pretty sure many people, myself included, would tend to often view ‘signs’ from the universe with fear, perhaps Something to do with being “prepared” in case Something goes wrong, a kind of survival technique but to view them as good signs seem to enable the good stuff to come in.

    • I’m so happy to receive this positive feedback, and I suspect you’re correct–with regard to people who expect ‘the other shoe to fall’ not benefiting as much as if they’d felt good signs have now been received, and exceptional good fortune is here and on the way!

  3. Also, I find it hard to be mindful “on the go”. I meditate pretty easily now but being mindful of myself while out and about or at home (basically when not meditating sitting down) is very hard for me, I’ve been practising for a few years now and the progress in my meditation technique is a lot quicker than my progree with being mindful at all times. I’am not worried, I know it takes the time it needs to take to get that skill and my mind was and still is to some extent a hive of panicked thoughts so it’s understandable. But when I do succeed in being mindful for a long enough tie wonderful things happen. That source, the Universe or God seem to really like it when you focus on the moment yet it’s such a hard skill to master !

    • I agree with you that the Universe / God does seem to especially embrace and appreciate and reward us for focusing on the moment, and staying in a loving, blissful state of consciousness. I’ve found practicing such mindfulness does pay off eventually–it seems true that you’re developing new ways of naturally responding, and that can take time. Patience is key, and good practice is wonderful!

    • Sorry about the typos, I was too eager to reply I failed to re-read myself 🙂 And Iam just sounding off some thoughts, don’t mind me if you’re too busy to reply ! Iam grateful you replied so quickly already and for the guidance.

  4. Hi Cynthia, I hope life is good. I just discovered you also have guided meditation videos on YouTube. Usually I prefer just meditation music for my meditation but when I started to hear your soothing voice I had to do it. I liked the way you found an example of the Universe’s quality for (almost) ever letter of the alphabet ! May I propose a Xerox, a Yukulele and a Zebra for the missing letters 😉

    Wishing you a good day 🙂

  5. Thanks so much for letting me know that you enjoyed my meditation videos, and I love your proposals for the missing letters! Thanks so very much!

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