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Why are some of the rarest personality types more likely to experience Mandela Effects and reality shifts? While Myers-Briggs “Intuitive Feelers” account for only 25% of the overall population, they are more likely than other personality types to observe Mandela Effects, reality shifts, and quantum jumps.

While I was preparing to present a talk in Boulder, Colorado  about ETs, AI, and Evolution of Human Consciousness, part of the material I was presenting has led me to recognize patterns that I’d not seen before, linking personality with observation of Mandela Effects and reality shifts.

What I noticed was that personality types who were most likely to recognize Mandela Effects were the Intuitive Feeling types, as identified by the Myers-Briggs personality test.

Myers-Briggs Personality Test

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) personality inventory was developed by mother-daughter team Katharine Cook Briggs and her daughter, Isabel Briggs Myers.  Myers and Briggs applied some ideas and insights of Swiss psychiatrist, Carl Jung, to recognizing human personality characteristics.

The key principle underlying the foundation of this personality test is that much seemingly random variation in peoples’ behavior can be recognized to actually be orderly and consistent, because peoples’ behavior is driven by intrinsic differences in individual preferences.  The Myers-Briggs test is thus a test that one can take to identify their own individual preferences between such things as preferring to focus on the internal (Introvert) or external (Extrovert) world.

The resulting sixteen personality types thus present us with an overview of various personality types intended to capture the core essence of how people might view the world from those preferences expressed through their personalities.

It’s important to point out that personality type does not indicate nor represent character, and there is no ‘best type.’  While some types may be more or less common in various cultures and globally around the world, they are simply ways of viewing the world.

Within these sixteen types another pattern can be seen in which some people have “NF” at the core of their personality type.  This “NF” stands for “Intuitive Feeling” and INtuitive Feelers (NFs) are one of the basic temperance types, the others being:  INtuitive Thinkers (NTs), Sensate Judgers (SJs), and Sensate Perceivers (SPs).


Myers-Briggs Intuitive Feelers (NF) 

Some people call Myers-Briggs Intuitive Feelers “Catalysts,” and others call them “Empaths.”  These are people, like myself, who primarily experience Mandela Effects and reality shifts.

I’ve recently conducted surveys within Mandela Effect and reality shift experiencer groups, and found that while the overall population of NF types is about 25%, these personality types comprise the majority of Mandela Effect and reality shift experiencers, at percentages exceeding 75%.  While correlation is not equivalent with causation, we can nonetheless take note of this remarkable connection between people who have Intuitive Feeling personality types and those who are currently in the majority of experiencing Mandela Effects and reality shifts.

The Myers-Briggs personality test appears to be a good place to look when considering the evolution of human consciousness, to notice what kind of changes, if any, are occurring with the populations in the USA and around the world in these personality types.


Myers Briggs Personality Tests

If you haven’t taken your Myers-Briggs personality test, you can go to a website like HumanMetrics where you can answer a bunch of questions and get a relatively quick, free assessment.  You can also take the official Myers Briggs instrument online at the official Myers-Briggs website.  Once you get your results, you can see if your personality type looks right to you.  There have been many applications of Myers-Briggs personality tests over time.

If you’d like to participate in a survey, and you have experienced reality shifts, alternate histories or Mandela Effects, here’s the link to a survey for Mandela Effecteds and reality shifters:

If you’d like to participate in a survey and you have NOT (yet) noticed that you have experienced reality shifts, Mandela Effects or alternate histories, here’s a link to that survey for NON-Mandela-Effected folk:

You can watch the companion video to this blog post at:



QuantumJumps300x150adCynthia Sue Larson is the best-selling author of six books, including Quantum Jumps. Cynthia has a degree in Physics from UC Berkeley, and discusses consciousness and quantum physics on numerous shows including the History Channel, Gaia TV, Coast to Coast AM, the BBC and One World with Deepak Chopra and on the Living the Quantum Dream show she hosts. You can subscribe to Cynthia’s free monthly ezine at:

Comments on: "Myers-Briggs Intuitive-Feelers Experiencing Mandela Effects" (5)

  1. Iconoclast said:

    Reblogged this on Infinite Shift.

  2. Good post,
    I’m an eNTp and im 98% convinced. Defiantly remember having conversations specifically about the monopoly guy’s monocle and Ed McMahon, most im willing to say i dont know but those two cant be explained that away to me. This is a hard one for me because i either have to accept that the past “changes” OR i have no objective perception of reality and would be forced to become an complete existentialist which im not, at least not yet.

    • Thanks for sharing your perspective–and I agree with you about also remembering the Ed McMahon Publisher’s Clearing House presentation of giant checks. Scientists are recently showing (as I more recently blogged about) the discovery that there may be no underlying fundamental objective reality. Instead, subjective realities may be closer to the true nature of reality.

  3. DORON PORTER said:

    Hi Cynthia, I missed You on the RiponRabbithole monthly show with AJ & MB. I’d done a show with AJ, as we talked about Titors, and Doctor Andersen’s machines.

    Had I called in while, both, You & MB73 could gang-up on it, I’d have asked for a piece of information, I need, but am having difficulty finding someone that can understand my question.

    This question, not being exactly my understanding of what I actually perceive may have happened to us; If we had occupied a universe adjacent to another infinite number of realms beget by big/bane or big/bang, you chose; I can see we are no longer in Sagittarius, and even the Growing Planet Theory (GPT), can’t explain how the Canal is north/south, instead of e/w, as I am a sailor, and I saw it changed… meaning I’m not even in the universe I remember.

    In that regard, as my/our soul/spirt/energy entered this container, what became of the entity that occupied it previously? Did we/I vacate him? Did he/they move as I/us, approached? Did that soul bump to another container right next to us/we/me? Did I/We, enter a parallel timeline wherein this information could change several times in as many weeks? Did we move that many times? Why do you remember anything changing that far back, if so many didn’t see a change until later, and even more are joining today? Are these realities THAT bendable and fragile? Are we entangled with the one/several that we/I left? Do you know of any science theorem that may explain the residual artifacts, (as far as I can tell…) being mostly contained within a narrow media type, that being printed paper and film emulsion media, as opposed to magnetic anything? Why did I hear MB73 say Vancamps. He didn’t know that name. I sure do. Why does he have so many memories, but not all as we do… or as we don’t?

    I heard you mention that things change, but they still happen. True… example; Oswald and the two cops walking out the door, camera captures from 50-degrees oblique, shoulder high, with the white corner of the hall visible before the view moves in tight… we see the rear left shoulder as Ruby rushes into the tight close-up, but we don’t see the firearm, and Harvey died. In this reality, a car honked his horn, the film we have in this reality, is from Ruby’s back, directly across the drive from the hall, and directly in front of the armada approaching, as a white car pulls up into the scene, and our cameraman was forced to move, Harvey died… meaning that Lee Harvey died, both times… we saw it differently, but it happened, all the same. Where I came from, we never saw the film they have here. These people have films we didn’t have, and they’ve never seen films we had, and these folks have never been told information about the raw film, before it was developed by the FBI, that we knew right away.

    I am most upset about that Stunt-Man that stood atop a jet liner, as it flew through an unexpected rain-storm bursting south from Lake Michigan, forcing the air-liner to fly to Chicago to land. In the process, My memory is he survived, badly burned, and clothing tattered. My lady-love, until now having identical memories, said the guy died. What we agree on, about that, is “Wing-Walking” was outlawed, shortly afterward as a young woman fell at an air show in that area less than two years later. I’m a bit T’d, it’s legal here. I have heard only three people that remember that topic, circa 1970 I believe.

    I regret I’d not heard you earlier… if I had, I may have skipped the laborious (altho wonderfully fun, informative, and joyous) path I sojourned whilst studying Particle, Quantum, and Astro Physics. I was lucky enough to be better than average in math, and as I discovered my reality had changed, I memorized the Electron Mass, like a phone number, because I observed irritating changes on four occasions, all within 4-months. I tried to use the skull at first, but that started changing back. The optic nerve opening within the orbit changed no less than 4-times, and on one occasion, I had it on my screen on a Saturday night, talking to my Physical Therapist Son, and in the morning it had rotated outward 15-degeres. By the way, its a “V” now, where it was a round hole approx.=1.3cm. Hell, the entire skull is different, robust, for sure, different for the better, perhaps… but damn.

    I know the offshore hurricane on 9-11 provided wonderful conditions in NY, but I knew of the storm, because when you live in Florida, that’s what you do. I don’t see anything remarkable in that. I’m more interested in how the brain structure has changed, internal organs, skeleton, and GI-trak, how we got half way to the center of Milky Way, why Earth is smaller and we don’t notice it, and why South America is east of Easter Standard Time.. but can you help me with any of my questions?

    Do these questions reflect my personality? Probably… at this moment. Thank you for reading this far.


    • Thanks, Doron, for sharing your thoughts and questions! The question of “who are we?” and “Who am I?” really and truly matter, and seldom get the full attention deserved. These questions matter tremendously when examining the Mandela Effect, at which point we might notice aspects of ourselves experiencing various events as if they really and truly happened. It’s possible that how we pay attention–through what philosopher Leibniz called reflexive cognition–is largely responsible for the Mandela Effects and reality shifts we experience. Thanks to sharing human consciousness across the internet and the newfound ability to share how some memories of the past are different than the official history, we can now start to ask ourselves the kinds of questions you pose here. Keep in mind that if physical reality is more-or-less a construct (as Donald Hoffman proposes, and as he explained when I interviewed him in my podcast “Living the Quantum Dream”), then we need not presume that every conceivably possible physical reality is necessarily ‘out there’ and what we would call real. It’s possible that in the form of consciousness we are jumping from one physical reality to another, and the only manifest realities are those where we are fully engaged as inspirational, motivating spirit. Realities we have little to no interest in are not occupied by us–they are like empty daydreams we’ve abandoned in partially-imagined states. As far as residual evidence goes, I’d expect we will find residue in all kinds of digital media. In fact, when I was recently interviewed this year for “Open Minds with Regina Meredith” for Gaia, Regina was telling me that she’d experienced some flip-flops online while searching for the book “The Portrait of Dorian Gray.” She’d even seen a whole page full of results with that title, only to see it all change. Others have witnessed other kinds of digital residue as well. And sometimes I’ve seen books and old-fashioned photographic prints change, without any residue–just complete changes across the board. So personally, I’m not noticing a difference between media types. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts!

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