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“Great things don’t happen in tiny little increments. You know they happen when someone thanks completely differently.” –quote from “Shameless,” (season 3, episode 9)

While visiting Boulder, Colorado this month, I got to thinking about the idea of how sudden jumps and big changes can occur everywhere. I mulled this over while staying at the Hotel Boulderado, which is a bit like a museum. And while thinking about history, I got to thinking about how things don’t generally seem to happen in tiny increments so much as larger ones.

I looked at historic pictures from a century ago showing a great flood when Boulder Creek flooded in the “Great Flood” of May 31, 1894. That flood is now considered to be a 100-year flood, which at the time was the largest flood the city of Boulder had experienced. “Boulder Creek on a Rampage,” the Daily Camera reported, adding “The Windows of Heaven Opened and Boulder was Submerged.” The flood was caused by a dastardly combination of steady rain combined with heavy snow melt, which fed Boulder Creek so much water that bridges collapsed, train yards flooded, and Boulder was cut off from the outside world for several days. This flood happened suddenly, and Boulder residents at the time were caught completely by surprise.

Don’t Mess with Mr. In Between


I’m intrigued that we don’t see in-between phases between such things as horse and buggy and automobile, or firemen pulling their own fire carts and fire engines. Perhaps such in-between phases do exist. But most people probably moved to the next big thing, such as the automobile. Looking at old pictures hanging on the walls at the Hotel Boulderado, I contemplated the period of time in the 1800’s when guests visiting the hotel arrived in horses and buggies and carriages, long before invention of the car–at a time when even the firemen didn’t have fire trucks. They instead pulled carts with 250 feet of hose down streets to a water plug, where they attached the hose and nozzle to put out fires–all without help from fire engines.

It turns out that nature works similarly, with big leaps to new solutions, rather than steady incremental transitions. We find evidence for such quantum jumps with E.Coli bacteria that can instantly make a huge evolutionary change and basically evolve itself into a form of bacteria that could then digest the only food presented to it that it could not eat before–lactose–which is what the scientists were giving it. So if we think in terms of evolution, a lot of us have believed, as Darwin proposed, and according to classical physics it makes sense that instead of these huge steps–these huge jumps of evolution where there are missing links–you’ve heard that phrase–we would expect to see lots of little in-between phases, where a species would evolve gradually. That is not, in fact, what we’re finding in the laboratory right now, with bacteria. It’s not what we would expect.

When we think about how quantum computers are being built and we see evidence I’ve shared previously in this blog Welcome to the Quantum Age, and in my book, Quantum Jumps, it’s clear that all quantum phenomena are quite possibly occurring at every level of reality.

You can see the YouTube summary welcoming us to the new Quantum Age here:

We thus start to get an idea about how quantum phenomena are likely occurring at every level of reality–not just on the ‘quantum scale.’ Which means that when I get an email from someone, as I did recently, informing me that Willie Nelson died many years ago according to this person–while in our reality at this time both the person who emailed me and myself note that Willie Nelson is alive. So the thing to think about is how is it possible that we sometimes get different reality?

Reality ShiftsThe “Mandela Effect” phenomenon where we see someone alive again, such as I first reported in print in 1999 in my book, Reality Shifts: When Consciousness Changes the Physical World, has been noticed by people making reports of such things for many years. When we view the archaeological record and evolutionary jumps, we see possible signs that many evolutionary leaps might be quantum jumps. Biologists have noticed that instead of finding tiny little steps that make evolutionary changes look like a slope–they instead tend to see HUGE jumps that is more like a staircase with giant steps, rather than a smooth slope composed of much smaller intermediary steps. And the large evolutionary jumps we find is what we would expect to see in a quantum universe–a universe which primarily operates according to quantum logic, and in which quantum phenomena are observed at every level and scale.

The idea that people can “fake it til they make it” is being studied at Harvard at their new placebo research center. We’re actually seeing information coming forth from all fields of science now about this to support these ideas. And so what I’d like you to think about is the big changes in your life and the big Mandela effects you might have seen where you might have observed something that can’t possibly be true in this reality, because when you do the fact-checking, and do the google search, you don’t see that there’s been any kind of steady progress of, for example, Willie Nelson was reported dead–and “Oops! They made a mistake, and actually he’s fine.” No, there’s nothing like that. There’s not even any report that there had been confusion–aside from these Mandela effect videos, blog posts, articles, and so forth. What you’ll see is he’s always been here. There is a continuous history that goes all the way back. That’s also what I’m saying is happening in all fields of all of our sciences from cosmology, to biology, to chemistry–you name it.

I believe that we all have quite a great deal to be grateful for. And a good way to look at your life is to look back not with regret on the past, but with gratitude–especially for things you’ve had a part in. And to the degree that we can all keep asking, “How good can it get?” we can absolutely start seeing exactly that.


You can see the YouTube summary of this blog post here:



QuantumJumps300x150adCynthia Sue Larson is the best-selling author of six books, including Quantum Jumps. Cynthia has a degree in Physics from UC Berkeley, and discusses consciousness and quantum physics on numerous shows including the History Channel, Coast to Coast AM, the BBC and One World with Deepak Chopra and on the Living the Quantum Dream show she hosts. You can subscribe to Cynthia’s free monthly ezine at:

Comments on: "Sudden Changes, Quantum Jumps" (4)

  1. Hi! Was so thrilled to find your website and will be buying your books soon! It sounds as if you have been following the progression of the Mandela effect. I am a person that has been affected by this phenomenon to a great degree. And have been corresponding with a community via YouTube and can honestly say that there is a great deal of anxiety over The changes. Not so much About sayings from movies or changes to product names etc. but rather that human anatomy and the placement of the continents etc. on the map. Me personally, I am most affected by changes to the Bible. Can you give me a little more information as to why it would be affecting things such as geography and more importantly scripture. It’s hard for me not to believe that this is not being done intentionally buy some sort of evil force. Appreciate anything you can give me to go on and and so pleased to know that there is someone so knowledgeable and professional that can lend credence to this phenomenon.
    Thank u!
    Julie Holcomb

    • Thank you for asking this question about why we would be noticing changes to geography and scripture. What I’ve noticed from studying the reality shifts / Mandela Effects phenomenon for the past twenty years is that we are likely to see changes in all areas–not just one area. And while some people notice such changes, for each particular example, others do not. As a case in point, some people living in South Africa during the time of Mandela’s incarceration when many of us recall first hearing of his death only have memories of Nelson Mandela having died once. People who are on the autism spectrum or have obsessive compulsive tendencies have told me that they don’t notice reality shifts–perhaps due to their frequent review of all the facts they are aware of. Such constant review is akin to utilizing the Quantum Zeno Effect to hold a particular fact in one place. So we will probably not find many anatomy experts, such as surgeons, stepping forward to acknowledge that they’ve witnessed reality shifts / Mandela Effects involving human anatomy. And we’ll likely not see numerous Bible study experts telling us that there have been scriptural changes. For the most part, we are able to witness reality shifts and Mandela Effects in areas of our peripheral focus of conscious attention. And having said that, the exception to this general rule is amongst those of us who are open-minded to experiencing reality shifts, and who are witnessing them regularly.

  2. Hi,
    So great to read your blog, videos, etc. LOVE them. I have been living a metaphysical/spiritual life a long time, ha ha long time, so I was/am aware that we shift all the time all day every day. No shock there, as we are multi dimensional beings. I am also super excited that I have manifested/shifted to bigger differences, so that I can actually be aware of them past intuition, deja vu, or dreams, etc. The more I remember, the more I remember. I can remember so far more than two and often three or four timelines!

    What is shocking (and exciting too) to me though is all the mixed variety of people that remember different time lines lately. I mean, I never expected such a thing in MASS. Wow. They also remember more than two! How cool is that? I am not shocked so many have put a negative spin with negative religious or conspiracy themes on them because we all have different beliefs. I know that too is ok.

    So overall, I’m positive and excited. There are a couple that do rather ‘bother’ me. I’m not negative about them especially, just rather like one of my dogs tilting their head in bewilderment. I studied anatomy and physiology. NO WAY is this the skeleton and anatomy I physically had, studied, was tested on, and remembered. I actually miss the other one and continually tell myself that this one is just as ‘real’. I keep wanting to focus on positive aspects of this one, yet it’s more than a little alien.

    The other one that I’m a bit hung up on is geography. I don’t really know why I get a bit out of phase with these particular two. All the ‘smaller’ ones, movies, spellings, logo’s, don’t get to me. Although today I found out that in this timeline Abraham Lincoln had a son that LIVED, got old, and Lincoln’s legacy went to 1985! Wow! Totally new to me.

    So that’s what I do. I remember what you say when you say “How good can it get”? and just flow on. 🙂

    I am listening to your book Quantum Jumping via kindle. I love that you are in my current reality. Thanks so much for doing what you do.

    Ruth in Texas

    • Thanks for you thoughtful comment, Ruth! I’m grateful that there is growing awareness of public recollection of alternate histories. This is what I predicted would happen in my book, “Quantum Jumps,” in our new Quantum Age, and yet it’s still quite amazing to see it happening now. And as I’ve been posting since the 1990’s when I started the website and wrote “Reality Shifts: When Consciousness Changes the Physical World,” the more we notice and pay attention to these things, the more we see them.

      I can appreciate how observing changes to anatomy and physiology and geography can seem particularly unsettling–since we tend to assume some things always stay the same. Similarly, many people are unsettled by changes to the Bible, when such passages mentioning the “lion shall lay down with the lamb” now mention a wolf and lamb instead.

      One of the biggest things we all need to be aware of is that there is no ‘primary reality,’ but rather we get attached to some realities, and presume them to be foundational. There does appear to be optimization occurring overall, such that our cosmological scientists see how our universe supports life seemingly against all odds, with fine-tuning constants set just so (quite likely by quantum processes). Our biologists see how plants photosynthesize with an efficiency that far outstrips anything human technologies have yet managed to attain, thanks to quantum processes. All living things mutate according to quantum processes–that’s how DNA changes occur, and how our bodies process enzymes with protein tunneling (another quantum process).

      Thanks for mentioning that Abraham Lincoln had a child who survived childhood–that’s wonderful, and quite amazing!

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