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I just had a fascinating conversation with Dr. Bob Rich, who talked with me on his blog about anomalous events, teleportation, quantum technologies and consciousness.

Bobbing Around

I have reviewed Cynthia’s book Quantum Jumps, and found it so fascinating that I arranged this interview. Comments are welcome, at the bottom of the page.

BOB: What was it like to be a female Physics student at University?

CYNTHIA: I’d love to say “No big deal,” but the truth is I felt keenly aware of being one of a handful of women physics majors at UC Berkeley. I was painfully shy during my college years, so I mostly remember wishing I could just blend in, while knowing that was simply not going to be an option, when there were just five or six women physics majors total on campus. I remember having an initial sinking feeling with mostly subconscious doubts along the lines of, “Women must not be good at physics,” followed immediately by my conscious thoughts of, “Lots of women just like me are great at physics!”…

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Comments on: "Interview with Cynthia Sue Larson on the nature of the universe" (1)

  1. Cynthia, thanks for reblogging our post. People are welcome to come and comment. You might start reading my book “The Doom Healer,” which has 7 chapters there so far. Its hero is a young fellow who can do all the things Cynthia’s work has uncovered. Just a coincidence… if there is such a thing.

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