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cl2015apr1It’s one thing to notice a statue, tree, building, or empty lot where you didn’t recall one having been before, acknowledging that yes, such things can happen, when we expect to see occasional macroscopic evidence of quantum effects. It’s quite another to notice a person who you’re fairly confident didn’t previously exist. While I have observed and written about people literally showing up as if out of thin air in my book Reality ShiftsI had assumed they were teleporting from one spot to another, more than actually appearing with a complete backstory and history out of the blue, as if they’d always been here.

When we contemplate the relatively large number of first-hand accounts of having seen people alive again after previously having been reported deceased, we might suspect we would also occasionally notice people showing up who we’re certain weren’t there before. I am one of the 27% of the people recently surveyed who reported having “seen dead people and animals alive again” (Quantum Jumps: An Extraordinary Science of Happiness and Prosperitypage 98). I remember hearing the news of Nelson Mandela’s death when he was incarcerated many years ago, and again more recently. I also recall having heard news through the international news media of Jane Goodall’s passing away, shortly after Dian Fossey died, which struck me as such a senseless double loss of great primate researchers in such mysterious rapid succession–yet I was thrilled to learn she is still alive and well this past year, so I was able to see her give a talk in the San Francisco bay area when she came through on a recent book tour.

So if a person who we’re fairly sure has died can be alive again, why can’t a person we’ve never before heard of suddenly appear? There is a satisfying kind of logic to this phenomena, in the sense that just as one might suddenly find a lost item in an unexpected place, it’s just as possible to find a new person in our lives just when we need them most.

People Have Noticed I Wasn’t There Before

Over the past year, I’ve heard from two different individuals that I came into their lives as if out of nowhere. Both of these people separately told me, “If you had existed, doing what you’re doing, I would have known.” When conversing with me about the possibility that I hadn’t existed in previous realities, one person exclaimed last summer, “It may interest you to know that apparently you didn’t exist (at least not in your current version) in the timeline I came from;; because if you had, I would have heard of you A LONG TIME AGO!” I replied, “How fascinating that you hadn’t come across me, so I’d tend to agree with you that in previous realities you’ve come from, I didn’t exist as I do here. Cool!”

A second person told me she’d found me in January of this year, when she suddenly realized we’d been friends on facebook for quite some time, and had mutual friends. She felt certain that I’d popped up out of the blue, as it were, since she was positive she’d have contacted me much sooner. So now two people were both telling me within the last year that essentially they’re both fairly certain they’d been in realities in which I had not been writing books, publishing a newsletter, and conducting research in the field of reality shifts, quantum jumps, and consciousness.

One of My Favorite Quantum Cosmologists Appeared Out of the Blue

Part of the reason that these revelations from others that, “You didn’t exist before!” aren’t overly disconcerting to me is that I have had similar experience with this phenomenon. Even though I’ve heard trusted individuals, such as my daughters, or close friends, telling me they’ve seen me somewhere I know I hadn’t been (though typically I’d been daydreaming of being there), people showing up out of the blue seemed different. The difference mostly can be summed up as I can’t envision a world without me in it–or at least without a me who I’ve so come to know and love! I’ve had a similar experience with UC Berkeley’s Dr. Yasunori Nomura, who I first came across many months after having written my book, Quantum Jumps.

What’s so surprising to me about finding Dr. Nomura is that I did not come across any of his papers having to do with the Many Worlds of quantum physics being one and the same as the multiverse, despite my in-depth quest to find such papers while conducting research for my book, Quantum Jumps.  This is surprising to me, since I conducted a very thorough research search of original papers written in the field of quantum physics and quantum cosmology, and because Dr. Nomura is an especially prolific writer of top-notch papers in these fields that I’d been researching so extensively. Not only has he written an excellent paper on the subject of my greatest interest, but he is now shown to be the first to have published his ideas about the many worlds of quantum physics being the same as the multiverse, back in 2011. I appreciate his papers both for their clarity of presenting complex material, and for the way he utilizes graphics to help get his points across, and I loved interviewing him recently about his research work and ideas.

How Can this be Useful?

We can ask ourselves, “How good can life get when people show up out of the blue?” and discover the answer can be, “Very good, indeed,” since people are the true treasures in our lives. Finding a mentor, mate, friend, colleague, or partner just when you need them most can be one of the greatest blessings we could ever possibly receive.

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QuantumJumps300x150adCynthia Sue Larson is the best-selling author of six books, including Quantum Jumps. Cynthia has a degree in Physics from UC Berkeley, and discusses consciousness and quantum physics on numerous shows including the History Channel, Coast to Coast AM, the BBC and One World with Deepak Chopra. You can subscribe to Cynthia’s free monthly ezine at:


Comments on: "Meeting People Who Weren’t There Before" (3)

  1. Bruce C Revan said:

    Hm that is odd that people seem to pop in and out of your life who supposedly weren’t there before. It could be a product of our Americanization where we don’t really know who is around us in our isolated towns. Or… it could be something of divinity. Interactions by higher beings watching you gently. Hard to tell

    • I noticed while talking with Dr. Yasunori Nomura, and mentioning to him that he wasn’t in my previous realities, that he seemed not all that surprised. I followed up by explaining that if he had existed in my previous realities, I surely would have found several of his outstanding papers while I was doing the research for my book, Quantum Jumps. When I met him, I told him some of the specific parts in a paper he wrote that I most frequently cite and discuss when giving talks and workshops–so he knew the level of interest I have in these subjects. Perhaps the reason he didn’t seem terribly surprised is similar to the reason I’ve not been too startled to hear people tell me they would have known if I’d existed in their previous realities–Dr. Nomura and I both research, write about and teach about the multiverse! 🙂

  2. Vivek narain said:

    Meeting a match is a sequence that denotes that you are now prepared to meet him/her(now has nothing to do with time).Arrow of time is agnostic with fundamental laws of physics.Don’t beat time,don’t lag behind time, walk alongside with time,be friendly with time and time will cooperate with you.You can beat entropy and remain evergreen like Peter Pan or you may even go back in time if you so wish,depends on how friendly you are with time.

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