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CynthiaG2014sep16Gauging by some of the comments and questions I hear about reality shifts and quantum jumps, there is a fair bit of confusion about exactly what might be in store for someone contemplating making a quantum jump. Some recent reviews posted for Quantum Jumps at amazon indicate there are some pretty big misunderstandings about what it’s all about. Let’s take a look at the top myths about quantum jumps, and get some clarification about what’s going on.


MYTH #1: Quantum Jumps Only Occur in the Quantum Realm  

This misconception apparently comes about from the belief by some that the phrase “quantum jump” has been misappropriated, and resides only in the domain of quantum physics. As with many phrases in the English language, including many scientific concepts, what starts out meaning only one thing can often end up meaning much more. Some concepts are much more central than others, and can thus be expected to be encountered far beyond where they were originally intended. Dr. Warren Nagourney of the University of Washington described the palpable excitement felt by the teams of physicists who first witnessed quantum jumps with their own eyes,

“You have to hold yourself steady and look for minutes at a time, and then you’ll see it switch. You see the trapped ion blinking on and off, and each blink is a quantum jump. It’s a striking illustration that things occur discontinuously in nature.” 

While it’s true that in 1986 when the above observations were made, the quantum jumps being referred to were only those of quantum particles, there has been progress since then in terms of increasing numbers of physicists coming around to believe, as growing numbers of physicists including UC Berkeley University’s Raphael Bousso and Stanford University’s Leonard Susskind assert in their 2011 paper published in High Energy Physics,

“… the many worlds of quantum mechanics and the many worlds of the multiverse are the same thing, and that the multiverse is necessary to give exact operational meaning to probabilistic predictions from quantum mechanics.” 


MYTH #2: The Multiverse is an Unprovable Theory, and therefore Not Scientific

Very recently a method was devised by which the idea that the multiverse could be tested, using mathematical models that show what we would expect to find in our universe if bubble universes collided. Being able to prove or disprove a theory is essential in order for a theory to be considered scientific, so it’s big news that we will soon know what to look for astronomically that matches what computer models will show us we’ll expect to see when bubble universes in the multiverse crash into one another. Perimeter Institute’s Matthew Johnson is creating a computer simulation of our universe, which he says, “is easy.”  Thanks to computer simulations, it’s now possible to rule out certain models of the multiverse, so if we are living in a bubble universe, there is a chance we might be able to confirm this is actually so.


MYTH #3: Quantum Jumps Encourage Unethical Identity Theft

There is a concern that some people have that if many possible versions of you and many possible versions of me exist in the multiverse, then messing around with other possible realities is just looking for trouble, and we should keep to our own universe without engaging with others, thank you very much. I would not have even known about this concern, had it not been brought to my attention by an alert book reviewer at amazon, who voices a concern that my book, Quantum Jumps, is a how-to guide for cosmic identity theft. If you’re having trouble following what this reader is concerned about, they summarize the concern as, “If you are immoral enough to destroy another person’s life to benefit your own, then be aware that it could be YOUR life being screwed up by a version of yourself who is better at quantum jumping.”  The best way to straighten out this misunderstanding is to return to physics papers written by UC Berkeley University’s Yasunori Nomura, and also by Raphael Bousso and Leonard Susskind. The key concept is that while growing numbers of eminent physicists are coming to agreement that it looks quite likely that the many worlds of quantum physics are one and the same as the multiverse, the way this comes into being is a matter of probabilities. Put more simply, when you make a jump to another reality, you are not messing up someone else’s life by giving them a worse state of affairs so much as you are experiencing a different path down the decision tree of your life, based on new information.


MYTH #4: You Might Get Trapped in an Alternate Universe

Fears of becoming trapped in some alternate universe without any way to return home are unfounded, based on all reports I’ve so far heard from people who have experienced remarkable shifts in reality. The idea of “home” in a multiverse that exists in probability space actually implies that we are physically experiencing one particular universe amongst multitudes of possible universes, much the same way that while you might imagine many possible travel routes to get from one place to another, you only physically experience one.


MYTH #5: If You Don’t See Instant Results, Quantum Jumps Don’t Work 

Quantum JumpsMastering quantum jumping abilities at a level of proficiency some people expect immediately creates unrealistic expectations. There are skills involved, some of which require a body of prior practice and experience. Just as you wouldn’t expect to be able to be an award-winning chef after taking cooking lessons for a month, or be able to play first violin with the London Symphony Orchestra after a few weeks of training. Mastering the art of quantum jumping requires developing skills in honing your internal energy, or Qi; clearing your energy body of blockages and fears; and moving into a state of being-doing-awareness that is very different than the typical left-brain thinking based on categories and labels that is so prevalent in the western way of thinking and living.



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Cynthia Sue Larson is the best-selling author of six books, including Quantum Jumps, Reality Shifts, Aura Advantage, High Energy Money, and Karen Kimball and the Dream Weaver’s Web, and the Aura Healing Meditations CD, but you’re just as likely to find her meditating or practicing martial arts as writing books. Cynthia has been featured in numerous shows including the History Channel, Coast to Coast AM, and BBC. Learn how consciousness changes the physical world by subscribing to her (free!) popular monthly ezine published at:

Comments on: "Top 5 Quantum Jumping Myths — Busted!" (19)

  1. Thanks Cindy for this enlightening post. I just attended a workshop on parallel lives and quantum jumping. It was introductory in nature. mostly group discussion and reactions to some YouTube videos and scenes of What the Bleep?

    I would like to research this more, particularly parallel lives. Other than your book of course, what do you recommend? I did view more videos by Burt Goldman, but could not get into them.

    thanks in advance ( since we already did this in the simultaneous future 🙂


    • I’ve written two books on this subject: Reality Shifts and Quantum Jumps… and aside from some great movies illustrating the look and feel of parallel lives (such as Sliding Doors, Frequency, Next, Passion of Mind and Happy Accidents), I haven’t yet seen this subject explored in much serious depth in science-based nonfiction. If you’ve missed any of these movies, I highly recommend them, and have these and many more listed at my website here:

    • You’re welcome! If you didn’t click through to my link showing a whole bunch of reality shifting films, some of the others include: The Kid, Dark City, the 13th Floor, Lathe of Heaven, Family Man, and Waking Life. There are some good series on that page, too, such as: Wonderfalls and Tru Calling.

      • I will see what I have on On Demand. I loved Family Man, Somewhere in Time ( this topic has interested me since my teens,and Waking LIfe as I do lucid dream and am a big Linklater fan. I am unfamiliar with the other you list. I am hoping to manifest more material to explore. Not sure I am ready to initiate quantum jumping though. Yet as I have blogged, occasionally i have stumbled upon some unusual realms 🙂

      • OMG and then some. Just caught this exchange between you and BlueButterflies, and I, too, am a major fan of movies and books having to do with the multiverses and time travel (which is just another way of describing the multiverses). The 13th Floor, Somewhere in Time, Sliding Doors, The Time Traveler’s Wife…and Tru Calling was a favorite. Hated to see it canceled. Even Quantum Leap and Sliders were not-to-miss favorites. Lately, there have been books (The Door Into Summer and 11/22/63 are both favorites).

  2. Reblogged this on Sindy's Saturday Satsang and commented:
    Good post by my physicist friend Cindy Sue Larson!

  3. I will be back to enjoy reading this Cynthia. I just finished read Gwain and the Green Knight for my British Lit class that took me 4 hours. lol It was enjoyable but lonnnnng.

    I reblogged and tweeted it. ❤


  4. How does this tie in with Sam Harris’s assertion the self is an illusion and free will a pipe dream.

  5. Good stuff Cindy Sue. I think from a lay persons point of view, we have to start to un-define concrete reality. I am open to all possibilities. I believe. The identity thing is funny, but great fare for a SciFi movie.

    My personal desire to be fluid in movement through all quantum realities associated with my being, would be to coalesce all the best and highest aspects into one on the journey to integration. I have aspects in this reality that can be improved on, and since all probabilities are me, I can do with them as my Being/Higher Consciousness chooses.

    Funny just earlier today I had been praying to my angelic friends and masters, and I clearly heard, in my mind…You need to resume your Qigong practice.

    Thanks again, Cindy. I love when you post things of this nature.


  6. Peter Hamilton, like many science fiction writers, incorporates the theory of the multiverse into his novels, such as the Void series. His approach to FTL travel was very interesting to me, since it was explained in one of his stories. First, lightspeed is the ultimate speed barrier of the universe, and there’s no breaking it. So, FTL is a misnomer. Instead, humans in his story found a way to cross from one universe to another in the multiverse, and this is where you REALLY have to think to follow how it works… The multiverse is infinite. Which implies, there is a version of *this* universe out there where the only difference is with 1 electron. Another with 2 electrons. Another with 1 molecule. Another with 1 photon in a different state. That’s infinity, countless, and our finite minds really can’t grasp it so we must use analogies.

    He actually uses two forms of FTL: the multiverse for starship “warp speed”, and quantum entanglement for fixed portals. Starships are what fits in with Quantum Jumping. A ship has a portal device that allows it to shift to an alternate universe that is very nearly like this one, but the very same ship, very same crew, is 1 mile ahead. And, that alternate ship and crew is also portaling to an alternate universe at precisely that instant. (Again, you have to remember, infinity). So the ship really doesn’t “move”, it translates, skips ahead by trading places with a very similar universe in which everything else is precisely the same except for that ship.

    This applies to the comment Cynthia shared from a reviewer about messing with the lives of others. Not true. Like Hamilton’s starships, the person in that other universe wants to shift at that precise moment as well.

  7. Reblogged this on MetaRead360 Small Press presents and commented:
    Mythbusters visits Quantum Jumping…LUV IT!

  8. Vivek narain said:

    Lewis Carroll in ‘through the looking glass’ has alluded to quantum jumping,retro-causality,simulation theory and quantum tunnelling in very clear terms.

  9. This was an enjoyable article about quantum jumping, involving people that want to list this as the others messing up us, as in a dog eat dog existence. But there have been people trapped in a slightly different existence, with becoming highly emotionally attached to this other version of reality.

    • I recommend to people to remain detached while experiencing alternate possible realities, in order that we can ‘keep going’ rather than get stuck if and when experiencing undesirable possible realities. I thus advise adopting a ‘lucid living’ approach to reality shifting, as i describe in my book, “Reality Shifts: When Consciousness Changes the Physical World,” and also recommend that people maintain an attitude and perspective of demanding to experience, “How good can it get?”

  10. I find all your posts intriguing and full of insight. I’ve had numerous occasions of (what I call) conscious selections of realities. When I was child, I knew I wanted to be 5’4″ (exactly). And I “willed” myself to be that height. When still a child, I knew I wanted to be a writer. Then, as a young adult I met another version of me on a train. Same name, birthdate, etc. She was an author whose book was about to published. Meeting this other version of myself gave me the freedom to pursue another path with my life–one that garnered me other experiences and insights. So, just because we push/jump/choose ourselves into a different layer of the multiverse doesn’t mean that we’re going to “harm” or interfere with the life of another version of ourselves.

    • Thank you for sharing your experiences of recognizing the degree to which we can guide, shape, and sometimes redirect our lives. I love your perspective that our unique choices at any given point don’t harm or negatively impact other versions of ourselves; I agree!

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