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YTcslmuscletestMuscle testing is a wonderfully simple technique that you can use just about anywhere you go to tap into intuitive information we all have access to. You might notice sometimes you have gut feelings about whether a choice you’re contemplating will work out well for you or not, and if you’d like to find a way to better hear that “still, small voice,” muscle testing is a wonderful thing you can learn to do in just a few minutes that can provide you with intuitive information very quickly in almost any situation, any time, anywhere.

CynthiaFingerCirclesThis type of muscle testing is a one-person technique that requires you have both hands free. You start by putting your fingers together so both hands are making little circles between thumbs and the pinky fingers. What you’re doing is creating something like a daisy chain when you put the two links together, intersecting the circle you’ve just made with your left hand and the circle you’ve just made with your right hand.

You can actually make these circles using your thumb on each hand with any other finger you like–but I suggest using your pinky finger, because usually it’s one of the weakest fingers. The advantage of weakness is that for muscle testing, we want some minimal resistance, but not too much.

Once you’ve made finger circles with both hands and they intersect like two chains in a daisy chain, the next thing you do is ask a question that you already know the answer to. For example, I would ask myself, “Am I Cynthia Sue Larson?” and pull my daisy chain rings apart–and they hold together very firmly. I’m not really trying to do this, I’m just focusing on, “Am I Cynthia Sue Larson?” This is my “Yes” when the chain does not pull apart.

Now that I’ve seen what a “Yes” looks like, I can ask a question such as, “Is my name John?” and I pull the chain apart. I’m once again not TRYING to do this at all, it’s just a weakness in the muscle, so that’s why they call this “muscle testing.” It is a form of dowsing. The reason behind it has a lot to do with physics, actually, and the fact that when you ask a question, you are essentially entangling yourself with the subject of your inquiry. This is through the focus of your attention. I talk about dowsing in my book, Aura Advantage, which describes some other methods you can use. I describe the fact that we are in the Quantum Age right now in my book, Quantum Jumps, describing many of the principles behind quantum physics, such as entanglement, coherence, superposition of states, and teleportation.

You may wonder what muscle testing is useful for. You can use it for choosing things, when you want to know in advance before opening the package, is it good for you? Is this the right car to buy? You can say, “Is this broken-down jalopy that gets twelve miles to the gallon and costs twenty thousand dollars– is this the right car for me?” and see you get a very clear NO in reply!

If you ask a serious question, and you’re looking at different options for different cars, cameras, computers, or anything might want to figure out such as:

• where you want to live

• what kind of food is good for you

• which restaurant to choose

and so forth, you can get really strong indicators. You are connecting with your intuition; you are entangling with the subject of your inquiry.

You can also use muscle testing to locate things and people. I’ve used this successfully– this very same method, because my hands are always with me– to locate my friends and family when I’ve been in crowded environments. I just ask, “Should I turn? Are they to the right of me?” and then if I get a strong yes, I know to go that direction. And I have ended up able to just walk directly to a group that I’d gotten detached from when we were all wandering around the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

So have fun with muscle testing!

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Comments on: "Learn How to Muscle Test in Minutes" (2)

  1. Great read and it all makes sense!
    I stumbled accross this and thought its worth sharing…

  2. I’m curious if you’ve ever tested Shungite before with muscle testing? We’ve done it with several of these Shungite products but would like additional testing.

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