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YTcsldowsingIn just a few minutes, you can learn how to dowse with wire coat hangers. The first thing you will need is to get one one or two wire coat hangers. If you’ve got two wire coat hangers, this works a little bit better.

Secondly, you want to hold them this direction, so that your hand is on the flat bar, one hand on each. What you are doing is you are allowing these hangers to swing freely like this. You can see them swing one way, than the other. That means you’re not gripping too tightly. You want to hold on loosely, and keep the wire straight up and down.

And the third thing is you want to focus your attention on what it is that you are looking for. This means that for each time you are dowsing, it is essential that you maintain a clear and undistracted mental focus of attention on whether you are looking for subterranean water, ley lines, or human energy fields.

I learned how to dowse in the town of Royston, England, where the curator of the museum showed me that I could find both the energy lines–the male and female energy lines under the museum called the Michael and Mary ley lines, and I could also refocus my attention and look for water, finding water under the cobblestones in the courtyard. It was really amazing to me because it works so easily.


So here’s how you do it. Hold on to your coat hangers, making sure that you get the feeling that they can move freely, so you know you are not gripping the hangers too tightly. Make sure that you are holding them straight up and down, with both of them in hand.

Thirdly, once you’re holding them straight up and down, and they are in position–focus your attention. So if you’re looking for something such as water lines under your property, you can move around walking with these. They will be swaying as you walk, like that. That is very normal. When you hit the edge of water, if that’s what you’re looking for, you will get a response where the hangers swing together, or they might swing open.

As you cross across that water to the other side, then your hangers will go back to this swing again, and they will be swinging left and right with each step, pretty much. And that tells you are doing this very nicely. Other things you can dowse for as I describe in my book, Aura Advantage, is that you can also dowse for energy fields of the people around you: your family, your friends. You can also dowse the energy field of plants and so forth.

Why does this work? As I describe in my book, Quantum Jumps, this is basically one of the many quantum phenomena that we are increasingly noticing in this Quantum Age, in this case entanglement. You’re able to put your focus of attention on something that you can actually sense remotely and get a response with, because you’re entangled with it.

Have fun with dowsing!

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Comments on: "Learn How to Dowse with Wire Coat Hangers" (3)

  1. magnificent submit, very informative. I wonder why the opposite
    specialists of this sector do not realize this. You should continue your writing.
    I am confident, you have a huge readers’ base already!

  2. Lee A. Paquet said:

    We douse with coat hangers cut into “L” shapes, holding the short end of the wire and pointing the long end straight forward. When they cross, you are over water.

    • Yes, I believe this is the traditional method and technique. I first learned how to dowse in similar fashion in the town of Royston, England, by the museum curator there, and found I could indeed detect water under cobblestones in the courtyard at the Royston museum. 🙂 I write about this in my book, “Aura Advantage.”

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