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Reality ShiftsOur thoughts and feelings change reality around us every minute of every day. Most of us notice that time doesn’t always move in steady, sequential fashion… that sometimes it seems much slower or faster than usual, or like it has stopped altogether. Many of us usually get parking spots when and where we need them, find that traffic lights turn green at just the right times, and that friends will phone or write when we think of them.

These wonderful synchronicities happen when we’re feeling energized and flowing with the feeling of love, whereas we tend to notice more chaotic shifts in reality (in which our keys or purse or coat seem to move around by themselves) on days when we’re feeling emotionally high-strung and discordant. At times like that it’s easy to feel that

“my possessions are causing me suspicion, but there’s no proof”,

as in the song “Don’t Dream It’s Over” by Crowded House!

You don’t have to have ghosts in the house in order for reality to shift around you! Current research in the field of distant healing (or intercessory prayer) is scientifically validating the theory that our thoughts and feelings have non-local effects in the world around us. Two medical journals published articles on their double-blind studies of distant healing, with statistically significant findings that sick people get better when prayed for (December 1998 Western Journal of Medicine, October 1999 Southern Medical Journal), and Scientific American’s April 2000 issue sported a cover image of quantum teleportation machine! We’ve come a long ways from the days when non-classical behavior of quantum particles was dubbed, “spooky action at a distance” by Albert Einstein, and tomorrow’s technology (such as quantum computers) will be counting on what was considered to be quantum weirdness just yesterday.

Reality Shifts: When Consciousness Changes the Physical World

Reality Shifts: When Consciousness Changes the Physical World

When we consider the entire range of reality shifts from the “Shift Happens” variety (where that missing sock never comes out of the dryer) all the way to conscious reality shifting, we discover a wonderful smorgasbord of changes that we can create in and around ourselves. Don’t worry if you read through these examples and don’t feel that any of these things have happened to you — if you want to experience them and start paying attention to the possibility that these things can happen, you’ll be more likely to notice them in the future.

Here are the top five types of reality shifts (given in no particular order), with some examples listed for each type:

(1) Appearances
Groceries in the cupboards and refrigerator, letters in the mail (or mail arriving more than once in a given day), a book (or record or clothing or toy) arrives in a store that didn’t have it just a moment ago, a friend shows up or writes or phones who you were just thinking of.

(2) Disappearances 
A car vanishes in the road ahead of you or in the spot you need to park in, traffic clears up ahead of you (when moments earlier a traffic jam was imminent), household or personal items vanish without a trace for no apparent reason.

(3) Transportations
Things thought to be lost years ago arrive unexpectedly in mysterious ways, something needed from a distant location arrives without explanation or any apparent means of delivery, objects move back and forth between friends’ houses without anyone carrying them there, keys and coats and glasses and wallets move around inside our homes with nobody moving them.

(4) Transformations 
Cancerous tissues become well again, cuts and bruises and burns vanish, hair that was straight becomes curly, spontaneous remission of cancer, coming out of a coma, facial features change, traffic lights suddenly become green when they were in the process of turning yellow.

(5) Changes in Time
Time slows down, stops altogether, or speeds up… or there is a communication across time. Read my articles I Felt Time Slow to a Stop and Time Travel Reality Shift for some real-life examples of this.

Love always,
Cynthia Sue Larson
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Comments on: "The Top Five Ways that Reality Shifts" (6)

  1. jsharbour said:

    Dear Cynthia, I usually don’t feel anything unusual on new year’s day, but today is different, and the feeling has been building for a few weeks leading up to today. I feel that I’ve seen this year before, that’s it’s familiar to me. I had a glimmer of that earlier last year and shrugged it off, but now it’s here and I can’t dismiss the feeling that I’ve lived through 2014 before. No, it’s not deja vu from 2004, although that was a momentous year, as was 1994, and… 1984.  Maybe it is deja vu. “14” is definitely a marker of some sort and it feels good to be here…again. 🙂 Best regards, Jon Harbour

    • Wow, that’s really interesting about having the feeling be so strong that you’ve lived through 2014 before! It makes sense to me, though, from the perspective both of quantum physics and consciousness that this would be so–meaning that the most momentous times in our lives would likely always feel more intensely present, as if we’ve lived it more than once. When you think about it, we do relive times in our lives by remembering them, and there is such a thing as future memory, since from that quantum physics/consciousness point of view, all of time is accessible to us (it’s not just linear). Thanks so much for sharing these thoughts!

  2. happy new year!
    loved this post, plenty I can relate to
    thank you also for the follow!

  3. Can I ask how much variation a single life have. If there are endless realities could one have dozens of different spouses and families within a single lifetime?

  4. Yes, it seems plausible that nearly infinite possibilities exist for each of us, with respect to possible spouses and families. What we actually remember experiencing are just those possibilities that we sincerely most need, love, and desire. Those we feel most ambivalent about are also least memorable, and quite likely also least experienced.

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