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Cynthia Sue Larson

Today I received a lovely message from a reader of my blogs, who wrote in part:

Three days ago, following a personal tragedy, I shifted into this reality where there is a great deal of underground material on shifting between parallel realities. 

and also:

Then suddenly, from my perspective, the internet, including YouTube, was instantly absolutely saturated with this material, with related videos that never before existed suddenly having been there for many years. 

I sensed immediately while reading this message that its author was describing what I’ve alternately referred to as reality shifts and quantum jumps… essentially, the unmistakeable feeling of having freshly arrived on the shores of a new reality. Yes! I felt myself nodding, while reading this message, I know how this feels!

With a traveler’s eyes of wonder, I look around with newborn eyes, seeing the world as if for the first time. To me, there is nothing quite as extraordinary as the experience of recognizing one has just made a leap–as pure consciousness–from one world of physical reality to another. The signs are unmistakeable, as I find myself surrounded with histories people say “been that way all the time,” yet that I’ve never before seen or heard of.

The commenter on my blog continued:

This is different. This knowledge of quantum jumping, of course, existed in my reality (even though I wasn’t yet aware of it), yet this knowledge was simply not widely had amongst New Agers. And I can’t shake the feeling of how absolutely weird it is that I have come to realize, to deeply realize, that I have not been manifesting my reality, but rather, shifting into parallel realities, that I’ve not been changing my reality, but instead changing to different realities – ironically, though shifting into a reality where this information is readily available.

This reader makes an excellent point. There is indeed a difference between manifesting and quantum jumping, and as with all good things, the difference is found in ourselves–and who we think we are.

Manifesting VS Quantum Jumping

Are we manifesting… or are we quantum jumping?

How can we tell the difference?

It may seem at first a subtle distinction between a sense of “attracting what you wish to manifest” to “traveling to parallel universes,” but this distinction can be quite large. The so-called “Law of Attraction” (LOA) is based on identifying with a particular physical identity in a given universe of possibilities, in order that good things can come to those who manifest well. There is a sense in the LOA worldview that by changing your vibration through emotions, you can adjust your frequency to best attract that which you most need and desire. While it’s possible to do this from a pure spirit perspective, most practitioners focus on who they are as physical human beings, with an expectation that everything that matches the vibration they set will come to them.

Quantum jumpers, on the other hand, are individuals who learn to identify with existing in a state of pure being–of consciousness. They imagine other possible me’s and you’s in other parallel universes who we can tune into and receive assistance from, in order to make a leap of consciousness from one universe to another. This feeling of being pure consciousness is the state of mind obtained during lucid dreaming, and it’s also the state of consciousness experienced by many near death experiencers (NDE)–and both of these groups of consciousness travelers report amazing and astonishing shifts in reality in which things and people and even their own bodies make amazing transformations and changes. Such experiencers describe how their consciousness made the journey to new worlds in which what is sought also seeks, and in which histories change along with possible futures every time we make a jump to a given reality. Some type of meditation or other means to access a state of pure consciousness (such as lucid dreaming, or NDE) is required for successful quantum jumping, and it’s helpful to take action once landing on the shores of a new reality.

Here’s my video summary of this blog post:

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Comments on: "Quantum Jumping and Manifesting with Law of Attraction" (37)

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  2. I don’t think the two are mutually exclusive Cindy but that is just my perspective. Can you jump to a favorable dimension if you are in an unfavorable state? I think it might be different terms for the same thing. I am very into Ester/Abraham right now because….after a very emotionally negative event, I knew when I listened to her it made me feel better. Now that doesn’t mean I do not completely believe in multiple dimensions and existences because I do.

    I also believe in meditation, mantra, qigong, and a lot of other spiritual this and that. Tonight I communed with Source listening to Deva Oremal sing the Gayatri Mantra. My point is that I believe you need to match the frequency of the dimension you want to jump to. Just saying.



    • Deva Premal typo above.

    • LOA/Manifestation and Quantum Jumping are not mutually exclusive. One of the things I delve fairly deeply into in my book “Reality Shifts” is the value of “walking with feet in both worlds”… meaning the world of identifying with Consciousness, and the world of identifying with one’s Ego self. I do see additional advantage in meditating and lucid dreaming to help one reach a state of identification with Consciousness, especially since at that level we are much more fully capable of enjoying benefits of accessing Oneness Consciousness–where the most remarkable and amazing miraculous shifts in reality occur.

      With regard to frequency matching, yes, this is an important component of both LOA/Manifestation and Quantum Jumping. They both require it, much as lucid dreaming and lucid living both require that a person awaken inside the illusion.

      • Well friend with the most sincere respect for your intellect and wisdom, I am going to have to agree to disagree. Maybe it is just how I view LOA that differs, I don’t know. Much love and I always enjoy and appreciate your work.

      • I welcome your thoughts, especially if you are aware of something you sense I may have missed. Please know that I welcome your thoughts and ideas! I much prefer hearty dialogue that invariably contains disagreements–on the way to deeper knowledge and understanding for all. It’s my personal belief that if such dialogue happened more often in the realm of politics and religion, people would find they agree on much more than they realize! ❤

  3. thank you for this post. can you suggest some quality you tube or other free resources about quantum jumping? I want ot learn more and there is too much misinformation out there aobut this kind of material.

    thanks again, Linda

  4. Cindy looking forward to your next post. Is something coming soon? 😀

  5. Is it possible to travel back in time, say, ten years using quantum jumping? I would to awaken in 2004 with everything exactly the way it was at that time, except that I would retain memories of the future I left.

  6. Vivek narain said:

    Since the past 6 months,i have manifested 3 very tangible things literally out of thin air,and curiously all of them black colored.A pair of shoes,a radio and a miniature tv set.And the pertinent point is i needed all of them badly but not badly enough to purchase them legitimately,besides the fact that miniature analog b/w tv is no longer available in shops.

    • That’s wonderful! I’ve noticed that what I truly need, desire and visualize arrive in my life consistently, given that I’m also staying positively energized through meditation and prayer.

  7. Vivek narain said:

    When you confront such incidents,first you get stunned then you get stoned and ultimately the pursuit of materialism gets shaken.Synchronicity is only a word coined by Jung,defining that it works in 3 dimensions:concurrent,beyond space,and beyond time.But how it works was beyond Jung,beyond anyone so far.

  8. Vivek narain said:

    Richard bach has literally alluded to simulation,changing past,quantum jumping,power of thought etc in ‘Illusions’ publshed over 40 yrs back.Was he ahead of time or transcended time?

  9. Vivek narain said:

    Few days back i was just glancing at some photos on mobile,a thin horizontal moving line of tiny images appeared on one of photos,a brief shock that never repeated.On the same day channel on tv changed from 59 to 54.A couple of months ago two workmen walking and talking behind me simply disappeared,i looked behing when sounds stopped and no one was there,no lanes on that part of road where they could have moved.

    • Thanks for sharing some of your recent experiences with anomalous activity. While there may exist possible explanations for electronic device “glitches,” I know of no other possible explanation for two human beings to be there one minute, and gone the next–that truly sounds like a legitimate reality shift. And the photos and TV changes may also be shifts as well, once possible technological explanations have been fully reviewed to the point that they can be dismissed.

  10. Vivek narain said:

    Well Cynthia,the ticker of images again happened and can’t be repeated voluntarily,it’s a nokia keypad phone so no mystery in operating it.Previously what happened was things manifesting in unusual manner and in critical situations,like twice in 5yrs i procured 4k$ while in dire need and one of them was literal windfall.Right now i’m in similar need and a deal is in offing,but this time somehow i’m relaxed,without much logic though.

  11. Vivek narain said:

    Well,the ticker thing hasn’t happened since,infact nothing spectacular except for mousetrap banging shut by itself.But it’s a lull before some other anti-gravity like event,that suspends belief in physics.

  12. Vivek narain said:

    Yesterday i sent my staff to buy some groceqy from a nearby shop,within seconds of leaving the shop he saw the same shopkeeper coming on a scooter.An hour back a frained called immediately after he got a missed call from me,only that i hadn’t touched the phone and there was no record on my phone of outgoing call and we have no spoofing here in lucknow.That doppelganger thing sounds too corny,and now i am starting to wonder whether it’s even relevant to report these events anymore.

    • These events sound real to me, and are similar to cases in which I’ve seen a person enter a space and do similar or exactly the same things a second time–and when questioned, have no awareness they were doing this (it was the ‘first time’ for them). So yes, it’s relevant to report these events, because they are not yet commonly acknowledged by the majority of mainstream people–even though as you and I both have personally witnessed, these events are happening startlingly often.

  13. Vivek narain said:

    Sorry for the 2 typos.

  14. Hi Cynthia I’ve just discovered you, or, you may have appeared in my reality in a time of need. Perhaps you can assist me. I truly believe and am fascinated by quantum physics and that we are all energy, the possibilities of shifting realities, manifesting, meditation and the LOA. However, no matter how much I try I don’t seem to have any success in manifesting. Also, the fact that there is scientific proof of it working and that it isn’t just airy-fairy stuff is of great importance to me. However, I cannot seem to make the shift, possibly because of the subconscious beliefs I have which must be deeply ingrained. Any explanation would be greatly appreciated.

    • Fine-tuning your reality shifting ability is unique to each individual, just as fine-tuning automobiles is unique to those vehicles. We are all reality shifters, and can see evidence that our very lives depend on quantum jumps and reality shifts in order that the organs in our body work they way they do. I wrote a blog post packed with tips for enjoying more reality shifts at:

  15. Vivek narain said:

    I am leaning towards the idea of bi-verse rather than multiverse,bulk of MEs also imply it.Yesterday a very sharp RS occured,the decider 3rd ODI was being played out,and i was listening to the running commentary.Indian innings ostensibly ended at 221,but half an hour later it was 229.England innings started badly and they were staring at horrendous defeat,but then rear guard stood up and supported Sam Curran to bring England to the cusp of victory.Eventually England made 222 and lost by a slim margin.What if my earlier perception of 221 was true,in that scenario England won the match,and winning by 1 more run is the most common way,though it can be anything from 1 to 6.During the match once again a dual memory occured,a very glitchy and obvious instance of RS.

  16. Vivek narain said:

    Well,something is seriously happening.From 1950 till 2000,movies were the greatest source of entertainment for indians.For some 35 years i have watched movies of one star Shammi Kapoor the sensational super star of 60s decade,the fair tall blue eyed hunk.My mother,seeing my interest,used to tell me how after his first wife’s death he married a royal from Alwar district of Rajasthan state,Neela devi.Today i found that she is from Bhavnagar district of Gujarat state.I always knew that he was born in 1932,today it says 1931.

  17. Vivek narain said:

    Mandela Effect might be an indication that only 2 universes are almost identical.And those who have experienced ME have actually died in the other universe and quantum merged with the other self.All ME anecdotes point towards one other reality only.

  18. There are many examples indicating more than just two possible realities, including variations of Chick-Fil-A, as well as positions of Rodin’s “Thinker” statue having to do with where and how the hand is positioned. And many of us have also witnessed more than two possible realities in personal reality shifts / Mandela Effects as well.

    • Vivek narain said:

      It was just a thought that crossed my mind,even while i am aware of White Queen’s words indicating many realities.And Fiona says time asymmetrical realities also may exist.ME may just be one manifestation of MWI and as you point out multiple memories of single event do exist,i take my words back.

  19. I love your thoughtful comments, dear Vivek! And some people only have noticed dual possible realities, so there is some discussion along those lines that I have seen. All of our observations of this fascinating phenomena have great value, especially when considered collectively. This is why I have created the RealityShifters archives of first-hand reports in 1999, starting at this page 🙂

  20. Vivek narain said:

    Earth shaking synchronicity,most fantastic lucid dream,precognitive dream,manifestation,amazing personal mandela effect,i have experienced these many a time.And now i am working on something deliberate,reading the trivial bothersome events to know a profound future cause of them,retrocausality,when future is influencing the present

  21. Vivek narain said:

    If it’s not MWI then simulation is the only other logical fact to explain the myriad phenomena of reality shifts ME synchronicity or any other paranormal event.

  22. Vivek narain said:

    How do we know whether we have shifted to another timeline taking over our other self or the other self from another timeline has taken us over.

  23. The key to answering and comprehending this matter lies in deepening awareness of true levels of self. A good starting point is to align one’s head, heart, and gut–all with their own unique neural centers and ‘brains’–such that there is a developing sense of unity of being. We know we have it when what we want, love and need are all one and the same. At this level of self identity, we also have access to awareness of oneself across possible realities–and the ‘true’ or ‘real’ self is not necessarily one defined by physical being or identity, so much as one defined as conscious beingness.

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