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Trish LeSage

Trish LeSage

Some of the most interesting accounts of journeys to parallel universes I’ve ever heard come from Trish LeSage, author of several wonderful metaphysical books.  I sat down with Trish this past month to learn more of the behind-the-scenes story about her life and adventures.

CYNTHIA: I’m so glad that you’ve written a book about your experiences traveling to parallel universes, because your book introduces a topic that might at first seem impossible to many readers in such a way that by the end of the book leaves people feeling more curious, inspired, and thoughtful… wondering if perhaps they might occasionally have traveled between worlds, too. Have you heard from readers telling you that they suspect this has happened to them, too?

400000000000000624716_s4TRISH: Yes, ever since I published my book, “Traveling To Parallel Universes“, people have been approaching me to share their stories of traveling to parallel worlds with me.  Some of the people are completely sure that they have traveled to parallel worlds or that they are even from parallel worlds.  Others have told me that my book has helped them to understand what they have been experiencing and has made them realize that they have indeed traveled to parallel worlds.  Others have wondered whether they have traveled to parallel worlds, because they have had some unexplained experiences, and my book has opened their mind so that they know what to look for in the future when they have those experiences again.

CYNTHIA: One of my favorite things about your book, “Traveling to Parallel Universes” is the way you describe visiting a universe in which people can easily manifest whatever they contemplate relatively quickly and easily, yet due to lack of character-building through hardships, people are not very friendly, genuine, nor heart-centered. This sounds like a fun place to visit where we wouldn’t want to live, and I would love to know if you believe there may be a universe in which manifestation is fairly easy, yet people are compassionate, loving, and kind?

TRISH: I tend to keep my mind open to the possibilities.  So, I definitely think that there exists a place in which manifestation is fairly easy, yet people are compassionate, loving, and kind.  I have focused my intent on traveling to and living in such a place.

CYNTHIA: What is one of the biggest things you’ve personally learned from your experiences of traveling between parallel universes? 

TRISH: Many times, my desires have never manifested at all or have taken years to manifest.  Sometimes things haven’t manifested in the way that I intended them to or have manifested in ways that were undesirable or unusual.  As a result of this, I never realized that our thoughts can actually manifest into reality until I ended up traveling to the universe in which manifestation was easy.  I learned that our thoughts truly can manifest into reality.  Although  nothing undesirable manifested in that particular parallel universe, it did teach me that I need to be more mindful of my thoughts and try to eliminate the negative ones from my mind so that they don’t manifest into reality.

CYNTHIA: Do you feel that you and others who travel between parallel universes tend to keep moving on, more like gypsies passing through than settlers establishing themselves in a particular reality? Why do you feel that is? 

TRISH: For awhile, I seemed to stay in each universe for several months at a time, and then, it seemed that I was traveling more often.  I went through a period in which I was crossing over into a new universe every few days, never to return to the previous universes that I had visited.  I didn’t stay in any particular universe long enough to establish myself.  I did feel like I was a gypsy passing through several universes constantly.  Currently, I seem to stay in the parallel universes for a few months at a time like I used to, and it seems like I have even been returning to a few of the most recent universes that I had visited previously which rarely happened before.  When I stay in a universe for a few months at a time, I do start to settle in.  I get to know the animals that I take care, and I get used to how things are.  In those cases, I don’t feel as much like a gypsy.

I feel as though I am experiencing all of this in order to gain wisdom and knowledge about the true nature of reality.  I had never knowingly experienced traveling to parallel universes before until I finally began to piece things together and figured out what I was experiencing.  I also never knew that negative realities exist, and because of my experiences, I gained this knowledge as well.  I also seem to be in the right place at the right time to lend a helping hand to people and animals as a result of my travels, and I spread light into dark worlds through my work.  I think that I am sent wherever my help is needed.  Hence, I don’t tend to stay in one place for very long.

CYNTHIA: How would you recommend someone get started traveling to parallel universes–what tips, advice, or guidelines, if any, would you like to share to help ensure their experiences are most enjoyable? Is this something you feel anyone can do? 

TRISH: My travels to parallel universes happen automatically.  It seems as though spirit has been sending me wherever I need to be sent.  I do not use any rituals nor techniques to travel to parallel universes.  I have not even made it a practice to will myself to leave a particular universe, because I often get attached through love to the animals and people that I meet in each universe.  It is hard for me to abandon everyone.  So, I tend to not try to leave each universe.  Because I have traveled to some dark universes that are of a very low energy vibration, in those cases, I have made a statement of intent that myself, my animal friends, and others travel together to a universe that is of positive polarity and is of a higher energy vibration.  Therefore, the recommendation that I can give to others is that they keep their thoughts positive and focused on where they want to be rather than where they don’t want to be, and they keep the faith that they will be where they want to be.

CYNTHIA: How do you differentiate between manifesting and traveling to parallel universes–or do you view manifestation as an indication of having traveled to another world of possibility? 

TRISH: No, I do not view manifestation as an indication of having traveled to a parallel world.  Manifestation has been difficult in all of the universes that I have traveled to except for the one universe in which manifestation was easy and pretty much instantaneous.  So, I have found that manifestation is not a good gauge for me to use to determine whether or not I have traveled to parallel universes.

Many believe that with every choice we make, we are in another universe, but I tend to disagree with that theory because of the experiences that I have had.  The experiences that I have had are much more complex than simply deciding whether to have french toast or pancakes for breakfast and then thinking that I’m in a parallel universe because I chose one over the other.

The experiences that I have been through have been very profound.  Sometimes they have been very extreme and downright uncomfortable. When I travel to a parallel universe, if the universe is of a higher energy vibration, I feel my energy vibration being raised to match that of the universe that I’m traveling to.  I usually feel myself being healed and cleansed by spirit very intensely in order to raise my energy vibration.  When I travel to a universe that is of a lower energy vibration, I feel strong waves of negative and dense energy being sent to me in order to lower my energy vibration to match that of the universe that I am traveling to.

There are other gauges that tell me that I am in a parallel universe such as buildings not being where I remember them to be; people’s personalities, careers, etc. being different; details about the past being different; people who I remember being dead being alive again; etc.  These things are a better gauge for me to use to determine whether or not I have traveled to a parallel universe.

CYNTHIA: Have you ever noticed times that you’ve traveled to a parallel universe after having had thoughts or feelings that might have steered your consciousness to travel in that particular direction? I mention this because some of the times I’ve been to a place and it’s suddenly radically very different, and according to old-timers there has “always been this way,” I could see reasons why that would be. One such example was a time I visited a French restaurant with a friend who has pork allergies, and was shocked to see it was decorated completely differently–with all the previously prominent pig motif artwork now gone without any remodeling or redecorating, and when questioned “no pig artwork has ever been here” according to the waiters and waitresses… except for one small image. 

TRISH: Yes, I have had such an experience.  I have taken walks at least several times per week along the same path for nearly 18 years.  A few months ago, whenever I passed a certain spot on the sidewalk, I kept feeling like something was missing there.  I felt like an object of some sort was supposed to be there, but it wasn’t.  However, I never recalled anything ever having been in that particular spot for the past 18 years that I had been taking my walks along that path.  Shortly after that, I was out taking a walk again, and I noticed that there was an old metal box sitting on a cement slab to encase electrical wires in that exact same spot.  It looked like the metal box had been there for years, as it had some rust on it.  It was also cemented to the ground by a couple of inches of concrete, and the concrete looked like it had been there for a long time too.  Now every time I pass that particular spot on my walks, I always see that old, rusty metal box sitting there.  I am always amazed at how I felt as if something was supposed to be there but wasn’t, and then all of the sudden, something that looked like it had been a permanent fixture there for many years suddenly appeared there.

5235_300x0CYNTHIA: You’ve recently written a book about numerology, “Manifesting Success in Relationships, Career, and Business via Numerology.” What inspired you to write this book, and how did you first get interested in the subject of numerology? 

TRISH: In 2005, I began to go through a profound spiritual awakening, and a result of it, I suddenly became interested in reading books about Metaphysics and spirituality.  I was in a Barnes & Noble bookstore one day when I stumbled upon a book on Numerology that really attracted my interest.  I had never heard of Numerology before.  So, I didn’t know anything about it.  I decided to buy the book and became very interested in the subject.  As a result of it, I started to use Numerology on a daily basis in my own life.  After using it for many years, I decided to begin doing readings for others.  As a result of using it so much on a daily basis in my own life and after doing readings for others, I learned a lot about Numerology.  I realized that some of the information that I had gained as a result of using it so often is not in other Numerology books, and I dreamt while sleeping that I had gained some knowledge that was unknown to humanity up to that point.  So, I decided to share the information with people in hopes that it would empower them and help them to live more rewarding and fulfilling lives of success, happiness, and abundance.

Create_Space_front_coverCYNTHIA: Could you tell us a little bit about your most recent book, “Meditations for Past Lives, Starseeds, Soul Mates and Beyond” and why you feel past lives are important for people to connect with and understand?

TRISH: My book contains scripts for meditations that a person can have a friend read to them as they relax, or they can easily record the meditation scripts using a simple tape recorder, digital recorder, or even free software that’s available online and then listen back to them as they relax.  The book contains meditation scripts that allow a person to explore their past lives, future lives, and alternate reality lives; communicate with their spirit guide and their power animal; visit deceased loved ones; discover the planetary origins for those who are starseeds (originally from another star system); view particular moments in the Earth’s history; view the colors of their soul to determine their level of soul growth; discover who their ultimate soul mate (their twin flame) is, and much more.

Since I am also an energy healer, I have discovered that the root causes of many of my ailments and issues in my current life are actually events that happened in previous lifetimes.  As a result of exploring my past lives, I have been able to eliminate my fears, phobias, negative thoughts, and beliefs, and I have improved my health, and I have removed blockages that have allowed me to move forward in my life.  I have also been able to help others in the same way.  I have also read in several books written by other authors who are Hypnotherapists that use Past Life Regression that their clients have been able to heal and to move forward in their lives as a result of exploring their past lives.  Exploring our past lives can help us to heal and to remove blockages so that we can move forward in our lives.

CYNTHIA: Thanks so much for taking the time to answer all these questions. I really appreciate your sharing some of your amazing experiences in this interview. How can people best stay in touch with you and hear about your latest work and ideas? 

TRISH: Thank you for interviewing me!  The best way for people to stay in touch with me and to hear about my latest work and ideas is to sign up for my mailing list on my website at


Want to know how to tell if you’re living in parallel worlds? Check out my video review of Trish LeSage’s book, “Traveling to Parallel Universes” here:


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  1. i just finished her book on parallel universes and you were mentioned many times. I googled Trish LeSage and came over her. Small universe huh? 🙂

    peace, Linda

    • Yes, it’s a small world! I’ve known Trish LeSage for many years, and encouraged her to write about her experiences, and I’m so glad she did! She’s now written many books, and is such a wonderfully inspirational author and person!

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