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Cynthia Sue Larson
Cynthia Sue Larson

Happy Day!

I have some wonderful news for you!

I’m part of a free Mind•Body•Spirit telesummit happening now at Conscious Life News! You can check it out and hear my telesummit talk for free through the end of this month and receive over $500 of wonderful free gifts when you sign up for the telesummit when you go to the link at:

There are so many wonderful participants in this telesummit that you can tune in from anywhere in the world whenever is most convenient for you… and you can listen to all these wonderful authors and experts for free!

My special talk in this telesummit is, “Make the Leap from Accidental Manifestor to Conscious Creator” and you can listen to this program for free through March 31st. There is a very special package offer of a group of some very special items, such as both the e-book and audiobook editions of my book, “RealityShifters Guide to High Energy Money.” All the e-books included in this special offer through the telesummit are in digital form and will be immediately available for everyone who takes advantage of this very special offer.

CLNsummit2013sqI personally recommend many of the other wonderful authors and experts participating in the Conscious Life News Mind•Body•Spirit telesummit. Lynne McTaggart, Sonia Choquette, Steven Halpern, Swami Beyondananda, Howard Martin and Penney Peirce are some names you’ll likely recognize–and their presentations will uniquely inspire, educate and delight you from your head down to your toes! Steve Bhaerman (aka: Swami) talks about “Comic Consciousness and the Way of the Foo Ling Master,” Lynne McTaggart presents “Your Evolutionary Action Plan,” and Steven Halpern helps you “Harness the Healing Power of Sound for Total Mind, Body and Spirit Wellness.” Howard Martin shows you how to “Access the Power of the Heart to Create Coherent Alignment of Mind, Body, and Emotions,” and Sonia Choquette shares “Six Sensory Living in the New World.” There are over twenty presentations as part of this very special event–many that you won’t find anywhere else.

You can sign up for this telesummit and tune in to whatever talks most intrigue you–and if you’re interested in personal development, there will surely be much of interest for you here! Here’s the link with all the information on this first ever Conscious Life News Mind•Body•Spirit Telesummit:

I hope you’ll join me at the telesummit and listen to my special presentation, “Make the Leap fromAccidental Manifestor to Conscious Creator,” to learn practical ways you can make conscious creation an intrinsic part of a more prosperous, joyous, healthy life for yourself and your loved ones… as well as a better world.

love always,

Cynthia Sue Larson

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