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Dawn of the Fifth World


“There are as many worlds as there are kinds of days, and as an opal changes its colors and its fire to match the nature of a day, so do I.” — John Steinbeck

What I love about the above quotation is the reminder it embodies to us to choose our attitudes wisely and well. The way we respond to situations makes a tremendous difference in what reality… what world… we subsequently find ourselves in.

This reminder to live our lives according to our highest calling and ability is especially important now, as we move through and past the Information Age and toward a new as-yet-unnamed human epoch in history. It may seem hard to contemplate where, exactly, we’re headed when so many things are changing so fast.

If you’ve ever floated down a river on a raft and come to a place where the river narrows, you’ll recall that’s where the water moves most swiftly, rushing fastest through the narrowest rapids. If you’re feeling a bit like you’re speeding through something akin to rapids right now in December 2012, you’re not alone. Not only are we flooded with information, but some of us are noticing that what we focus on is moving from mere idea to reality faster than ever before. Many people have noticed that this past year has been one of the most challenging… and full of unexpected hardships and difficulties, and like me, are looking forward to a fresh start and new beginnings.

If we imagine that we are accelerating down a road in a car instead of down a river, we can visualize how as our speed increases through the rapids, we’d be shifting to higher and higher gears. We can think of the December 2012 gear change as bringing us to a state of consciousness between levels of awareness, while we prepare to move forward. While indigenous peoples such as the Hopi and Mayans see us moving to the transition between long calendar cycles, we might well ask, “Where are we going after the Information Age?’ and “Where do we want to be?”

The direction I’d most like to see us moving in is toward a world based on fundamental core values that make life most enjoyable, such as: compassion, kindness, integrity, harmony, balance, respect, and cooperation. People in this new world will understand the wisdom of making choices and solving problems without fear. Indeed, this is pretty much exactly what optimistic futurists have predicted is coming next, and it is through sharing such intentions that we can best now envision how to arrive there from where we are right now.

Dying to Be MeIf you’re wondering what such a world would be like, or what it would feel like to be in such a state of mind and heart, I’m fairly certain you’ll love a book called Dying to be Me. It’s the real-life story of how Anita Moorjani died of cancer… and then came back to life after an amazing near-death experience in which she realized she could be well simply by dropping all her fears and simply being herself. I love the way Moorjani describes the feeling of pure unconditional divine love she felt–pure agape–and the sense of fearlessness and Oneness she experienced from a state of consciousness that allowed her to watch everything unfolding on Earth… as well as see what was transpiring in the emergency room where doctors were doing everything they could to save her malnourished, cancer-ravished body. This book doesn’t just tell a story about overcoming cancer–it’s really about attaining prosperity and abundance and blessings by letting go of fears and moving into a state of allowing as you are fully 100% yourself. This is a book you’ll likely want to get more than one copy of, so you can loan and give copies away… it’s that good!

 Are you ready to celebrate the end not only of 2012 but the past 7,885 solar years as we move from the fourth to the fifth world at the completion of the long count of 2,880,000 days? Here’s a link to a live countdown to December 21, 2012… all you need for your celebration is your choice of guests, party food, hats, horns and confetti:

Reality ShiftsFor most people, December 21, 2012 and the days soon thereafter will likely feel like most any other day. Even if the biggest reality shifts imaginable occur, most people will  likely adapt to all such changes as if the world has always been this way. This seems to be a big part of the way reality shifts in general, and even with the most remarkable shifts, there is usually such a sense of normalness about all of it, as if some part of ourselves was always conscious to some degree in that other reality. When I’ve noticed reality shifts, as I’ve described in my book, Reality Shifts: When Consciousness Changes the Physical World, there is seldom any truly strange sense of things being wrong or even tremendously different after each reality shift, but rather a sense of “new normalness” about the shifted reality. It will be interesting to see how things continue to change and move forward post 2012, in the fresh new beginning of the new world.

As we ask ourselves and one another, “How good can it get?” we help to collectively envision the most positive imaginable future. This moment in time right here and now is ideal for becoming aware of all our possible selves. This is also the perfect moment to consider how we would most love to live our lives free from fear… and full of love and joy.

You can watch me discuss this topic on my YouTube video, Dawn of the Fifth World… and please feel free to comment with your thoughts and ideas here on this blog and in the comments under the video. I’d love to know how you feel!

Love always,
Cynthia Sue Larson
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Comments on: "Dawn of the Fifth World" (10)

  1. Russell Leslie Phillips said:

    Dearest Cynthia, John Steinbeck wrote the Short Story ; ‘The Joan in all of us’, which is all about essentially the ‘Peasantry’ of Joan Of Arc, which is an axiom, and a support, and a witness, to my ‘Phillips Fine Gold Thesis’, and to which I call as ‘expert evidence’. All my love and blessings, Russell.

    • Thanks for sharing this information about John Steinbeck’s “The Joan in All of Us”–I didn’t know he’d written a short story about Joan Of Arc. It sounds wonderful!

  2. I find it rather staggering that people still believe we are moving into an exciting new phase of the world’s existence. Right now, all I see around me is a world with governments conspiring against their people, acting against their best interests; destroying the fabric of family, marriage and society that we have all grown up with. Despite the best efforts of those who are spiritually awake, society is sinking ever deeper into a black pit, with gay marriages insulting our churches, male and female genders undergoing legal neutralisation, countries being robbed of their money and jobs by unelected bureaucrats and a whole agenda of “world government” bearing down upon all.
    New-Agers believe that world government is the answer to all prayers; unfortunately the kind that is currently hovering above us all, waiting to be implemented, is anything but benign.
    You ask “how good can it get?” I put to you, that it is more a case of “how bad can it get?”
    This is not the kind of fresh new world that people want. We could indeed be “free from fear” if we did not have politicians and tyrannical minority groups running and ruling our every move.
    December 21st only marks the end of the Mayan calendar. Nothing will happen. On the morning of the 22nd, we will wake up to find the same old world problems, getting worse and worse, despite our best efforts. The war has yet to be won; the new world might be forming but it has yet to become a pleasant place.

    • The saying “it’s always darkest before the dawn” reminds us that bad situations often seem to get worse before getting better. I recommend asking questions we truly want to get answers to, such as “How good can it get?” in order to focus our attention and imagination on getting answers to questions we’d most love to get answers to. This question, “How good can it get?” stimulates discussions with everyone–including those we don’t agree with–and helps us start envisioning a shared positive future reality.

    • Elizabeth said:

      I totally agree w you! Its just getting worse and worse! I cannot believe that people see us as about to transform spiritually to a higher level? People just seem more mean, crazy and more stupid then ever! The world is spinning out of control. Were collapsing globally in every way. The elite are killing everyone and everything. We are in the darkest age of human history as near as I can tell.

      I have grown to dislike and think very little of humanity goven what i have experienced as I have grown older. People are worse. The planets worse. I am blown away by optimists. How can one be optimistic at this point? I think feeling suicidal is more in keeping w the overall trend.

  3. I agree that it seems our world and principles/ethics/beliefs/customs are being torn apart, but I also realize that I see that only through the “eyes” of media. How is it really? I have discovered, to my amazement, that we get what we see. How do we want to see it. I also know that every good thing that revolutionized the human culture, was really rough around the edges. Each advance seemed terribly crude, even violent at the time it was born. Perhaps this step will be more chaotic than our world has seen ever in history. The nature of our world is chaos and insanity. It was never ideal, and never will be unless love (God) triumphs over ego (satan). Perhaps now is the time. Perhaps we are in for the revolution of all time. Perhaps, even, time will change. I don’t know, but I am in for the ride of my life. I hope to rise to embrace it.

    • Thanks for sharing that you’ve noticed we often get what we see. I find this to be very true as well, and this is what my book, “Reality Shifts: When Consciousness Changes the Physical World” is about. I appreciate your observation that advances in human civilizations have come through chaos and violence… and when I consider all our earthly struggles between love and fear, I get an underlying sense that in the future, Love has already won. 🙂

      • Vivek narain said:

        Cynthia, If your words are taken as a cue,it can indeed be proven that we are in for better times.Personaly,i feel that if we aren’t pretentious and condescending,we can live a relatively peaceful life.What i mean is that surfeit of cheap gadgets,thanks to china, and quite useful and practical moreover,we can live without the undercurrents of jealousy so harmful to the psyche,because everybody has everything,like phone or color tv or clothes or shoes or induction cooker infact most of the essential things at dirt cheap prices even off grid electricity is ridiculously cheap,at 1/2 dollar a watt the solar panel is literally everybody’s cake.Sorry for the diatribe but i was being lucid about the reasons for the better times.

  4. Age of Compassion?

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