Live your best possible life. How good can it get?

Cynthia Sue Larson

I’ve been feeling inspired this month after reading about a psychology study conducted at the University of Pennsylvania, showing that the more widely a person smiles on their facebook profile photo, the better the chances are that their next several years will be satisfying to them. If it’s true that Facebook Profile Pics Predict Future Happiness, and that fate smiles on those who smile most, it seems only prudent to find ways to feel happier now, so the next several years will be be good ones!

Not only does this smile intensity / life satisfaction research confirm the results of an earlier study from 2001, which found a link between smile intensity of a group of female college students in 1958 and 1960 and their self-reported life satisfaction three decades later… it also lends a fresh perspective on a research study from last year of baseball players that found those who smiled intensely in early-career headshots lived seven years longer on average than those with small or nonexistent smiles.

Wow! Who would have guessed that increasing the intensity of one’s smile could have such far-reaching effects on one’s life satisfaction and longevity? This news encourages me to keep on smiling intensely, even though sometimes I’ll see a picture of myself smiling so much I think I look slightly crazed… apparently, such smiling zeal is good for me in many ways!

I sometimes have smiled so much that people have asked me, “Why are you so happy?” and “What are you smiling about?” The truth is that I’m often feeling a great deal of bliss from my awareness of just how fortunate I am to be here right now, on such a wonderful planet in such an amazing universe. I frequently feel a nearly overwhelming sense of reverence for the great mystery that is life, and for a sense of eternal love I feel around me every day.

You can watch this video to join me in a meditation to feel eternal love, which I find to be the key to inspire me to feel happiest and smile most intensely:

I hope reading about smile intensity research encourages you to smile more, which in turn will likely encourage others to smile more… which can have a wonderful domino effect and help make the world a friendlier, happier, healthier place for us all.

As I love to ask… just how good can it get?!

Love always,
Cynthia Sue Larson
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Comments on: "Smile More Intensely for a Healthier, Happier Life" (10)

  1. Great article Cynthia! I once read that when we smile our brain releases endorphin’s into our system…So it’s very possible that smiling IS the catalyst to feeling happier! =)

  2. hey thx for that:)

  3. I have had weird reality shifts happen online actually where sites or items appear and dissapear without any explanation in which when I contact the sites they don’t believe me.

    I also seem to have a weird phenomena where if I am more vauge and as the bible puts it *speak in tounges* I tend to get more responses then if I try to be clear and precise in a post on the internet which is totally baffling but I believe may have to do with what your site calls a *Reality Shift*.

    The more detailed information I give on experiences the less people seem to understand me as if I am giving off some sort of resistance to attracting people’s aid to help me control these reality shifts more.

    If the universe can hear me:
    I really REALLY wish for a guide to help me harness my powers over reality shifts as I am having constant phlum attacks making my mind go blank.
    It happens once every hour I have a nasty phlum attack and I am left feeling wiped out and then attract bad reality shifts such as dissapearing items.

    I also wish for a guide to help me speak in tounges so I can attract what I want without being direct since I think when I am direct I attract negative forces that put a damper on what I ask for.

  4. Author of this website: Do you suppose do to my special circumstances that when I try to voice what I want outloud I might as well be screaming to the dark forces to screw me up on what I want?

    Is it better to keep my thoughts hidden as much as possible?

    I do believe that since there is multi dimensions that there could also be dark forces that love to feed on negative energy and simply ignoring them will not make them go away or more like: “The harder you resist the more they presist”.

    A person walks on an anthill and steps on an ant which then more ants come causing said person to panic thus wildly stomping no all the ants that are all over his feet which more and more seem to come while other people have walked over that ant hill just fine without any delay yet he is just attracting more and more negative experineces till he has holes in his shoes.

    • Setting boundaries is definitely important. Just as you likely have a very select group of people you trust as your inner circle of friends, so too is it wise to set boundaries energetically around you. The blog post and accompanying YouTube meditation are highly recommended for keeping your energy field clear so as to best attract the most enjoyable reality shifts … here’s the link to the wordpress blog post about “Set Energetic Protection”

  5. I am going to add your site to my favorites and really pay more attention to reality shifts for when they happen to brign what I desire.


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