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How to Change the Past

Cynthia Sue Larson

Cynthia Sue Larson

The future can only effect the present if there is room to write its influence off as a mistake.” – Yakir Aharonov

Most of us have at one point or another in our lives wished that there was something in the past we could change… yet most of us have been raised by adults who assured us that it’s not possible to change the past. Such beliefs are summed up beautifully  in the Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám,

“The moving finger writes, and having writ, moves on: nor all thy Piety nor Wit Shall lure it back to cancel half a Line, Nor all thy Tears wash out a Word of it.”

People who’ve experienced reality shifts are much more open to considering the possibility that the future and present can change the past, and that there’s some credence to physicist John Cramer’s Transactional Interpretation of quantum physics, and the notion of a “handshake” between future and the past that allows for the kind of symmetry in time we expect in space. Considering that space-time is a continuum, and physics fully allows for time-forward and time-reversed causality, a whole new world of possibility begins to open up.

A point worth contemplating is that in fact, quantum physics forbids a single history. This deceptively modest statement belies the enormity of its impact, which is that we never have just one agreed-upon history. We tend to not be aware of multiple histories, nor do we often accept the possibility of their existence… yet when we think about how it would feel to us if we were influenced by the future, we’d realize that we could experience Déjà Vu, future memory, precognition, premonitions, intuitive hunches, synchronicities, and exceptional situational awareness… as well as spontaneous remissions from injury and disease.

I got a wonderful email from a reader this month, who asked a practical question about changing the past:


Hello Cynthia
I am focusing on communicating a message to myself in the past using meditation and the mind techniques from your eBook and other sources, to alter a  choice that I regret. My regret is moving home and I wish to alter that decision. My work is about raising my vibration and activating my Pineal Grand in an effort to achieve this. I would appreciate any advice from you.

Here is my response:


Thanks so much for writing to me regarding making a change to the past. Every situation is unique, yet there is something you can do to give yourself the best shot at experiencing a changed past… and that is to meditate daily to raise your energy & stay grounded.

Meditation is actually the most important thing you can do. Your goal in meditation is to attain a state of mindfulness in which you feel detached from any particular outcome, with a sense of acceptance of yourself and the universe.

I recommend that you keep an open mind considering the past — especially with regard to any upsetting details — and stay focused on what you are grateful for.

View time as every bit as balanced as all of space, with a sense of being able to maintain a sense of hope for the past as well as the future. We are hopeful for the past when we feel gratitude and appreciation.

If you haven’t yet seen the slides from my talk on “Listening to Future Selves, Reviewing Our Pasts,” you can download the slideshow of my talk at:

I wish you all the best, and hope this helps!

I share some additional thoughts and feelings about why we might want to change the past, and how we might go about it in this video:

I’d love to hear your comments and questions about what you’d most like to change from your past… and any experiences you’ve had with retrocausality!

Love always,
Cynthia Sue Larson
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Comments on: "How to Change the Past" (17)

  1. Dear Cynthia,

    Thank you for sharing your monthly RealityShifters Blog.
    I am fascinated with a topic “How to Change the Past”.

    I agree about meditation, past-life sessions to change a past and everything which can help to experience real past changing experience at any Now moment.

    We may and can change a past at specific points of crossing of timelines.

    How to know that you are at specific point of crossing of timelines.

    Look for your emotional state, and feel at full range as much as you can.

    Anger, sadness, rage – feelings or emotions of shame, guilt, frustration. These are pointing for you that you are at specific timelines crossing, where you are remembering an original trauma from a past. You brain would go crazy to explain your feelings at any cost- blaming other or yourself.

    If you manage to stay in quantum observer position of neutrality and choose to redirect the energy of feelings to the most harmonic outcome without knowing what it will be, just intending.

    You will change a past trauma event at the spot of Now and see miracoulos effect in your Now – something will happened around you to prove that you just shift reality. You will know that you just changed a past and created a Miracle.

    I have done it many times, and continue to do with all my amazement. If you want to know particular stories and more detailes how I do it practically, send me a request to

    P.S. If you have difficulty to feel through your Core at full range and be aware of your unbalanced state, do not worry and practice, still not many people on Earth can. Work with intention to have a courage to feel everything through your Core at full range 1st.
    In energy of unity and joy of life. Tatiana.

  2. Dear Cynthia,

    this is a favorite topic of mine, so I am always very happy to read serious posts about it.
    I have had experiences that were nothing short of awesome, in the originals sense of the word, but at this point I have a question. (I have many, but one will do for now. :-))

    Namely, wasn’t “retrocausality” observed (possibly) at a micro level only?
    Is there any evidence at all that it could apply to the macro-level, the world of cause and effect (even if they are occasionally blurred :-))?

    Thank you for this wonderful blog!

  3. Oh, and thank you to Tatiana for that very interesting comment!

  4. I have made allot of mistakes in my life, does retrocausality work in the manner. I wish I could change life starting at grade four in primary school, and work my life to a different path. I think I have altered my life once before, now I totally screwed up somewhere. I believe it started at grade four. All my dreams and thoughts are totally insink with my current life. Some dreams I have that I am living in the same place, but place I live is under rule of another country. These dreams that I have seen alternate versions of my life, have been happening since I was eight. There are ten versions are completely different of life, I could remember only a few of the them. I still confused I wish I could understand them much better, one alternative life is my sister is still alive. The other one is I am married to friend of mine, but in this reality the friendship never happened. I ignored one person who adored me in grade four, I see visions of myself being married to her living in Northern BC, also having three daughters. The thing is I have not had a dream about BC in over thirty years, and hearing a Bob Dylan’s song Lay Lady Lay, brings up this town called called Fort Nelson BC. Which I start to imagine in my mind, now I start to look at a you tube video and I see things in the town that I just imagined almost like deja vu but on the most utter un explained scale. About thirty years ago I wanted to move to this town, and looking at the town on a map, and the Bob Dylan song Lay Lady Lay was playing. This town in my mind was very lovely, and researching it now turned out to be one of Canada’s prosper towns with employment of good paying jobs. As far as the girl went along, we got along pretty good. But things never went further from that point, I ran into several times from then in 1984 to 2000. Still I never thought of her in any special way, but she had different ideas which I never took the hint. After failed and failed relationship I have totally given up searching for this soul mate, I never thought of her as my only soul mate until I started to write this comment. Outside relationship my life is fallen apart, and totally not insink with reality, like something is totally out of place. Every decision I have has been a total disaster, the house I live in, not my choice. The job I work not my choice, the lifestyle that I live not my choice. I personally not too sure how retrocausality could ever work, or have been here before and this could be twelth time in trying to sort myself. As I am getting the impression as retrocausality can make time flow backwards to the point where you can change the past in the same manner as erasing the a paragraph on paper as long as you got a good erasure and pencil. I do not expect you to understand this comment, as I do not understand these fundamental alternative parallel universe life’s in the multiversity universe we life in.

    Best Regards

    • The times I’ve noticed I’m in different realities, it’s more a matter of recognizing that very different things are happening around me and are present in my environment than I remember from before. I’d suggest focusing more on being “Now-focused” rather than ruminating over past decisions, especially since those past decisions can have turned out quite differently than you currently recall. In order to enjoy such changing pasts, it’s necessary for you to relinquish tendencies to hold onto hurt feelings over what went wrong. Rather than ruminating, attain a detached, peaceful state of mind and emotions. Just as you wouldn’t dare shift gears on your car from 3rd gear directly into reverse gear–because if you were to do such a thing, you could seriously damage the car–so too is it inadvisable to change realities without first disengaging from the reality you feel so attached to. Detached mindful awareness can be attained through meditation, where you can achieve a state of feeling at peace right now. And that’s what you need in order to experience different and more enjoyable realities.

  5. TimeTravel said:

    I want to change to a timeline in another year and relife the last years.
    Sound this possible ?

  6. TimeTravel said:

    Ok, thank you, and if i change the past, is a change in the physical world ?

    • When people (including me) discern changes in the past, they involve events and physical people, places and things. What changes are the memories of various people–some who might remember the way things used to be similarly to you, and many who do not.

  7. OK so here goes. I’ve never openly discussed this, not really knowing where exactly to categorize this experience because it is related to a different reality.
    In 2006 I “dreamt” would be the word (however it did not feel like a dream and I am sure it was not a dream) That the twin towers were still standing. I remember it being 2006 and seeing them.

    I was working in the city and had managed to meet up with my husband and my father walking around and getting ready to sit at a cafe for a bite to eat. I remember it was summer and hot and could smell the scents of the city. They went ahead and sat down and I decided I wanted to buy a pack of cigarets. So I left them and went looking for a small convenient store. I was about half a block away from them when all of a sudden, above me I saw and heard large planes, not passenger planes, but army planes it seemed. They were flying low. remember hearing sirens, people were running and screaming everywhere. We all knew something was wrong.
    I remember running inside this small convenience store for cover, the owner looking up outside at the planes. I ran and hid inside, what I could only describe as a metal refrigerator. I was trying to shield myself from them.
    Then, I heard it huge boom. I knew, I would never see my father and husband again. That I was going to die.
    It was a bomb. A huge sound. I felt and heard a very high pitch sound that was hurting my ears. So high pitched that it shattered my teeth, I felt my teeth expose in my mouth, I felt the pain of the explosion in my body.
    Then I was dead. I knew everything had blown up, that NYC was gone. That a plane had dropped a bomb.
    I remember thinking to myself, “This can’t be it. I can’t die now, I’m not done, I never got a chance to have kids”

    The next think I know I am in A ROOM, blinking up and looking at sealing. I say A ROOM, because for the first minute or so, I did not recognize it. I had no idea where I was.
    The first thought that went through my mind was , “I have another chance” this was it, I knew it from the bottom of my soul. I never felt and knew anything as true as that.

    After I got up and looked more. I “remembered” it was my bedroom. Almost like a veil was lifting and I could recall things from this place. We had lived there for a while. Everything however, felt off.
    The fear I felt in my “dream”, and the feeling in my body, I could still feel it, the tension and my ears felt strange. They had a weird pressure and a ringing.
    That whole day felt like I didn’t belong. It took me a while to shake off the intense fear.

    Now, 2015. My life is very different. After that experience, I left a prominent career, and decided to have kids and stay home. To be honest with you,
    I am not sure I would have made that decision, would it not have been for that experience. I am happy and feel it was the right choice.

    What do I think? I think that I don’t belong in this timeline. That somehow, I don’t know how… or why. I shifted and ended up
    in the closest possible reality. Thing happened that didn’t make sense. My father passed away a little after that. Yet somehow I feel
    that was not supposed to happen. Like, something is amiss. There are years from my life that honestly feel like a blur. And childhood
    friends recall things that I don’t ever remember happening. I too remember Jane Goodall dying and a number of other people are around that should not be.

    So, here is my burning question. If my experience is even slightly possible. IF i died in some reality and popped up in this one… does this open
    a new possibility? That once we pass on, we just venture off into another parallel reality?


  8. I can empathize with the regret you feel about how you could have done things differently on that one day when your fiance called you. While it’s true that I have personally experienced changes to my past, and also have heard from many people who have witnessed alternate histories (historical facts are now different than what they personally remember)–all these examples most frequently occur with respect to areas on what you might consider to be “peripheral attention” rather than primary focus. It’s almost as if when we’re not looking too closely, the past can change.

    The relevance of this for you is that while it may be possible for you to remember something different from a changing historical evidential past, my advice to you is to emotionally detach yourself from obsessing about this one particular day to the point it feels like such a primary focus. For best results, you’d instead focus on gratitude about supportive elements from your present and your past, feeling emotionally thankful for all the good experiences and events to the point that your primary focus moves away from this particular day.

    I can’t guarantee success or tell you that there is a definite way you can achieve a change, but I can let you know that many people have noticed changes in historical facts compared with their memories–and they have done so while fixing full emotional and intellectual focus of attention elsewhere.

    • Rather than recommending a course of action to you, I am indicating that many people do observe the past changing–yet those who do observe such changes are typically noticing them at the ‘periphery’ of their awareness, rather than in their focal area of attention. Depending on who you are, and how developed you are at a variety of mind-body-spirit skills, such as developed by some yogic masters, you might be able to exert gentle influence in how you next experience ‘history-the-way-it’s-always-been’ as unfolding. What I am suggesting is that even as we ‘move forward into the future’ we are always also simultaneously moving into various new pasts, though we seldom are aware of such things. Many people are able to learn how to enter into a state of mind in which they become aware that reality is much like a dream, and just as we can learn to awaken inside a dream (lucid dreaming) we also can awaken within conscious daily life as well. I actually suggest that if you are truly interested in pursuing these topics, you will study the realityshifters website (all freely published monthly copies of every ezine are there), and read articles on that website, and start to develop your open-mindedness with regard to such reality shifts being possible. I also suggest you stay positive, and focus your attention first and foremost on your awareness of and love for your highest conceptualization of Nature / Cosmic Mind / God.

  9. Hello Cynthia,

    I have a question, if I start to meditate to go back to where I need to change a past event will it actually change to prevent from what I said be taken back or is it just to clear my head.

    • The short answer to this is, “results may vary.” How the results vary will be based on variables including: your subconscious needs; your inner energy (Qi or Ki) levels; the attention and intention of others involved in these events; what you believe to be possible.

  10. scifimike70 said:

    I have a meditation mantra in this regard:
    “I create my past and my future from the now with love and light.”

    Thank you, Cynthia, for all your wisdom on retro-causality. How good can our pasts, futures and today get?

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